Apr 282015

Geravind wrote:
Katia, remember: your role here is a “support”.

Geravind wrote:
You even can quickly return Ra’Jirra’s spear to her, if it would be knocked off her paws… Just follow the situation and correct it on the run. Commence final assault!

torcado wrote:
Watch out for any shit the imps leave on the ground after you eye-of-fear them.

Anonymous wrote:
Dodge the imp. DODGE THE IMP!

Death wrote:
Defy me. I dare you to.

siggity_swoogety wrote:

OptimusRhyme wrote:
Pretty shitty pity kitty and gritty witty city kitty, attack! The itty bitty imp commitee stands no chance against you and your kitty titties.

Claire-voyance wrote:
Katia, you suck as a khajiit, and you always will, Rajira proves that. But you can still show the word what a amature, semi-decent witchhunter with about an hour of puzzle based training can do!

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Additional resource credits:
Ryavis – programming
Ch’marr – also propgramming
Silence – more music
MyUsernamesMud – less music (the song from the old Shop flash)
CynicalCanasian – voice
MikeyTheFox – auxiliary spriting
Ftpalad, KevinKace, M1a2t3z4, Mentalsanityoff,
Omar, Planman, Rivernile7, Srehpog, Wjl, Timbre,
Stjin, Skyklan47, Richerlandtv, Readonly, Ramston, Martian,
Lollosound, Joelaudio, Headphaze, Cgeffex, Aetherspire
– sounds
Metal Hurlant – additional code libraries
Cider – backgrounds, animations
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk