Jul 282014
8/13/14: Sorry about the next update taking so long, some stuff came up. But on the bright side, I completed summary pages for all the animations! Check that out if your device couldn’t run them before.

Wobuffet3 wrote:
Try letting it go and picking it up again!

TouristicRoom37 wrote:
Throw it in the air and hope it lands on the right side!

rylen wrote:
Solve the puzzle like a witchhunter. Change the rules. Take all the pegs out and put them back in the order you want.

Scin wrote:
> Katia, see if you can move stuff with your hands intead of your eyes

Fui wrote:
Maybe change the puzzle’s rules so it solves itself?

Kytin wrote:
You know what? Forget about the stupid peg puzzle. You already solved the real puzzle: how to do telekinesis.

IceColdTabasco wrote:

Kaninludd wrote:

Rhea wrote:
Flip the table!

smuggles wrote:
burn the puzzle!

Yuriy wrote:
Be happy! Look you did a thing!

alekksandar wrote:
Make a wizard beard out of snow, Katia!

You find this situation disconcertingly arousing.

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Or, if your device cannot play Flash, view a summary here!

Additional resource credits:
Ryavis – programming, including the AI that
shoots you in the back repeatedly.
DragonXVI – music (“Hope For You Yet”)
OrchestralDesign – music (“The First Snow”)
CynicalCanasian – voice
MikeyTheFox – auxiliary spriting
CTCollab, ehproductions, samueljustice00, mallement,
Werra, Gutek, jobro
– sounds
Dapperpixel – a background that I have like completely
covered with snow, but you can still see maybe four
pixels of it.
Squiggles – ghost faces
Cider – the usual
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk