Oct 312015

4/4/17: Not dead! I wanted to end the hiatus on April 1 to cause maximum confusion, but problems sadly came up.

Barring disaster, updates should still resume this month. Trying to create something good enough to make up for a hiatus is a dangerous, slippery slope.

PickleLoaf wrote:
Am I missing something, or is 10 gold kind of expensive for a regular outfit?

It’s a nice outfit.

…Also, you might’ve requested a few long-desired additions that drove its price up a little.

Sakeraz wrote:
This is all very lovely, but shouldn’t you be on your way now? Not trying to rush you, but the night won’t last forever.

CoolKid wrote:
Yo Katia, how are you going to carry all of that stuff?

reversalmushroom wrote:
Are you really going to go through with this?