Oct 312015

11/01/16: Was hoping to have the really big update out by now, but it’s taking (way, way, way) longer than anticipated. In the meantime, I’ve finally uploaded the merchandise receipt comic to the Side Stories page. Check it (and the others) out if you haven’t!

PickleLoaf wrote:
Am I missing something, or is 10 gold kind of expensive for a regular outfit?

It’s a nice outfit.

…Also, you might’ve requested a few long-desired additions that drove its price up a little.

Sakeraz wrote:
This is all very lovely, but shouldn’t you be on your way now? Not trying to rush you, but the night won’t last forever.

CoolKid wrote:
Yo Katia, how are you going to carry all of that stuff?

reversalmushroom wrote:
Are you really going to go through with this?