The only reward you shall receive is eternal pain and maybe a comment or two.


Katia_Managan Khajiit artist:KillerfishSG bartender confusion ear-tilt muscles my_sexy_clone now_neither_of_us_will_be_virgins Katia_Managan Kvatch_arena_armor artist:Ho7y5hoXX fire magic_fire Katia_Managan artist:Ho7y5hoXX magic_fire 420_blaze_it BLUNT_TRAUMA FAT_BLUNT Getting_Leener-eeno HIGH_COMMAND Katia_Managan Toke drugs ganja getting_wavy skooma_is_a_hell_of_a_drug Katia's_wizard_robe Katia_Managan artist:Oksidzhen competence confident magic magic_staff smiling Gharug_gro-Upp Katia_Managan Kvatch_arena_armor artist:Taco-Calamitous blood criticism death dialog fansnark spoilers sword text unrealistic_expectations Aggy Higuera_made_me_do_it Katia_Managan Like_a_Witch-Hunter acrobatics animation edit puzzle skooma_is_a_hell_of_a_drug surreal witchhunter_logic Katia_Managan anachronism anatopism artist:Man_Of_Mer futuristic space_shuttle spoilers stars unrealistic_expectations Hood Katia_Managan adorable double_amputee kittens painfully_cute Katia_Managan artist:ThePaperMage Katia_Managan crossover red transistor Katia_Managan artist:sebastian future hope looking_badass magic_fire magic_staff unrealistic_expectations Katia_Managan artist:Man_Of_Mer cat_puns edit smiling Katia_Managan adorable double_amputee kittens painfully_cute pineapple Katia_Managan dance fire i_hate_making_tags pole_dance random_wise_quote text wallpaper Katia_Managan acrobatics dance dancing deep fire i_hate_making_tags pole_dance random_wise_quote text wallpaper Katia_Managan MS_Paint despair dream dreams dualism fear hope horror king magnus moonlight purple_paint quest_book reality silhouette stylized Katia_Managan artist:sparton2005 derp Katia_Managan artist:Armael artist:alekksandar modern poor Dmitri_Argoth Katia_Managan Skeleton artist:Mediocre_Scrublord necromancer Katia_Managan Prequel artist:Prophet_Lord fire scream wallpaper
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