Apr 302011

Healy wrote:
> Ask for the whereabouts of the Khajit mage

Origamiman wrote:
Probably worth asking where you can safely practice magic without risking a fire.
Also might not be a bad idea to get more info about this magika absorbing thing, and how you can restore your magika (for free).

Kraft wrote:
> Ask if he knows anything about the mage-oriented goings-on in Kvatch.

Ryavis wrote:
Actually, speaking of, does he know what the Kvatch mage guild specializes in? I’ve always wondered.

Heh, you actually have a lot of questions, you say, but you’ll try to make them fast.

You ask him if his friend Zahrasha lives around here. You’d love to make a new friend, but also admit that you’ve also done things you’re not proud of and wouldn’t want it to reflect poorly on any other Khajiit in town. The wizard says not to worry about that; she lives at the Arcane University far to the northeast of here, just outside the Imperial City. You’ll meet her if you ever make it into the University, though.

You also consult with him for a bit regarding how to safely practice magic. He says that safety isn’t TOO big of a concern for someone of your beginner ability. He suggests simply finding an open area where you can try to get some control over the fires. One usually has to understand the basics before they move on to more advanced spells.

Restoring your magicka will no doubt be your greatest hurdle. Plenty of alchemists sell potions that will restore some, but that can become very expensive. Sometimes you’ll be able to absorb spells cast on you, so you may want to have a non-Atronach friend hit you with a few healing spells in the hopes you’ll take in a few of them. Ayleid wells like the one you found yesterday are your best bet for when your friends are unavailable, he explains (gracefully sidestepping “or if you have no friends”).

Speaking of that Ayleid well, you tell him that you found it while you were on the way to Kvatch. You understand that there is a Mages Guild in every city, but when naming the nearby guildhalls he didn’t menti…

We don’t talk about the Kvatch Mages Guild.

Anyway it’s probably about time you leave, he tells you. There is plenty of work to be done around here and he’s sure you have things to get back to as well. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and he hopes he’s had a positive impact on your life and get out.

You follow the wizard’s straightforward command.


Overall, that was…

COMPLETELY AWESOME. Wizards are about the coolest thing ever! And now you can make things happen with your mind. At least sort of.

It will totally be super-expensive for you, though, with the whole Atronach thing. For the time being you should probably just focus on employment. But still! You’re a real wizard! This is kind of exciting!

Sputnik wrote:
Hey, shouldn’t we be getting back to Quill-Weave? I don’t want to mess up our relationship with her any more than it is.

You’ve got about another half an hour to kill. You don’t want to rush her or anything. You understand she’s making some hard decisions about whether it’s even worth being your kind-of-friend.

You should probably find one more place to check out before heading back.

  • KC

    Those wounds keep pretty good time. Precise, too.

    • Zerp

      How futuristic, as stated earlier

  • Cactus from outer space

    Love, the “we don’t talk about Kvatch Mages Guild” thing :]

    Also, wound watches !

  • FoaL

    You’re a wizard, hairy.

    • dow

      Well she is a hairy wizard, actually.

      • NoriMori

        Lol at both of you. XD

  • Asmodean

    For some reason I really feel like pressing F5 every time I leave this website

    • Woundedkneecap

      That is a refreshing idea

  • Shrike

    Hmm, I believe that “Wizards about the coolest thing ever!” should have be “Wizards are about the coolest thing ever!”

    Otherwise, I’m overall liking this so far and glad that things FINALLY seem to be heading at least somewhere in the general direction of “good” for Katia! It was getting a bit disheartening before.

    • Kazerad

      Wow, how did I/nobody catch that? Good eye, fixed, and thank you!

    • kizmut

      Hmm, I belive that “should have be” should have been “should have been.”

  • Manny

    Clearly Kvatch specializes in thaumaturgy.

    • Would this go to explain that necromancer? Hey, Katia may have some friends in Kvatch yet! (Or jealous enemies, but hey.)

      • egg brother

        well since every guild hall specializes at 1 type, the dark arts(necromancy) is the only thing left for the kvatch guild

  • NoriMori

    “It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and he hopes he’s had a positive impact on your life and get out.”


  • Skunkplush

    This makes me want to play Oblivion again as a female kajiit called Katia and make her life full of awesome & yay <3

    • Seanmyster6

      Same here!

  • Hands down, serious mode.

  • Anulra

    Wonder if the mages guild in Kvatch was for necromancy? That might explain the strong reaction.

  • PersonPerson

    Peheh! That mage sure is animated.

  • Seanmyster6

    I’m so happy for her right now! 😀

  • Uknown

    Still seeing the occasional green noses kaz

  • Zero

    Isn’t it just assumed Kvatch didn’t have one, as Bruma didn’t either?

  • dtlux14

    See, that second to last panel made me smile. I love this story, and Katia finally has something to look forward to. 😀 I probably should go to bed, as it is 4:20 AM and I have been reading this for hours, but it is just too good to stop.