Jun 162014

Right then.

Jad wrote:
First things first, get rid of everything you know about magic. Sit, meditate, clear your mind of any distracting thoughts.

Brussel wrote:
Katia, realize that there is a force acting against your own attempts at telekinesis that will forever pull that peg and everything else down.

Brussel wrote:
The peg is a peg that does not do anything on its own. You cannot bend the peg. You cannot move the peg. You can only bend the force that pulls the peg down.

Rakadishu wrote:
Well. . . I know I’m looking at this wrong too, but perhaps try. . . well, not lifting the peg, so much as. . . make it stop falling? I’m all jumbled up here, but see, gravity’s keeping this thing down.

Scrambles wrote:
Aggy’s been saying a lot of logically contradictory statements, but what if that’s the key? What if he’s talking about contradictory states of being for objects, and instead of changing the object, you change the rules governing how it exists?

Scrambles wrote:
Concentrate on the magic around you, shaping it like you did when making a fireball. But instead of moving the peg, move its rules. Lifting a peg might be hard, but what if it’s not being held down?

Scrambles wrote:
What if you changed it so it’s being held where you’re looking? If you can focus on that rule, use your magic to hold that rule in place over the “natural” ones, all you’ll need to do is

Scrambles wrote:
look up.

I… I did it! I… did the thing! I’m… telekinesising it! It’s floating! I’m telekinesising it and it’s floating and… eeeeeeeee!

I followed the magic and I could see, like… things about things! Like a skeleton behind the world! And I could move the bones and… and… did you see that thing I just di-

Whoops. Sorry about your face. I forgot I’m, ah… holding it with my eyes. How am I holding it with my eyes? No, wait. How much magicka is this using?

The ghost says that with close-range telekinesis like this, probably none at all. You’re not actually burning magicka, or doing anything a silencing spell would stop. You’re just holding a simple chain in place. Heck, with practice, an Atronach like you could even use it as a siphon.

O-oh, you say. That’s… that’s shockingly not-bad. Huh.

Right. I… think I’m kind of getting this. I’m gonna… not flip out, and solve that puzzle now. I guess. With my mind.

Shouldn’t be hard. Just have to… get this turned the right way. To get in the little hole.

Additional resource credits:
Cider – some inking and also all the
huge animations that would have only
been 20 frames without the snow.

  • Unclever title

    Lol. This is a little truer to the mechanics of the game than I was expecting.

  • Vincent Vasquez


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  • Yazuaru

    It’s every thing I ever tried to move in Oblivion… right down to trying to spin it on the edge of the table. OwO
    I laughed until I peed. TwT

  • Sir Gawain

    Oh, god. Yeah, that’ll never work- I’ve knocked over enough cups in Rosethorn hall to know that much.