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furnut: Whenever the stream goes offline, people scream NEKKED LIZARDS. Nobody knows the origin of this phonemone.

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bluedraggy: Never understood this one. This should be the phrase when the stream comes back online. As in, "Draw Nekked Lizards!" But... it's not so, information is power to the newbies! (But can they triforce?)

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Rick2tails: naked lizards is all well and good but what about naked kitties?

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Jersh: I made a profile soully to explain the meme. One time when the stream was really bad and it froze, when you refreshed it said kaz looped saying naked lizards. After telling the world of my discovery, they started using it as a way of saying streams down.

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Boaty: The amazing thing is that the "apples" mini-meme was also born during the same stream as "nekkid lizards".
Both stuck, and now new stream viewers are completely confused about both, wonder why the hell everyone is saying "nekkid lizards" and "apples".
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Morbidjoke: What is 'apples'?! I know NEKKED LIZARD but what IS 'Apples'.

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Rukkaru: Apples is what everyone says when the stream goes up again. Also, people sometimes say variations of nekkid lizards, like "Semi-nekkid lizards" when the stream is lagging or almost going down