Hey guys! Quick update on the orders-

The good news is that everything except for the playing cards has arrived from the printers. The bad news is that the playing card company ran out of plastic and won’t be getting more until the beginning of February. This means that if you ordered something that included the playing cards, I’m not going to be able to ship it until a little ways into February. I am really sorry about that.

If your order didn’t include cards, though, you will likely receive a shipping confirmation email in the next week or so. I was hoping to get the largest packages out first, but I don’t want to delay the tapestry and candy packs when I have everything needed to send them. Anyway, you guys need to see the confectioners’ slightly-derpy interpretations of the directions I sent them. Every piece looks slightly more distraught than intended, except for this one, which went a weirder way:

In the meantime, I made a video showing myself dropping off the toys! With $1-4 of every preorder going toward Lego sets, we raised a total of $632, which I used to buy $1051.46 worth of sets. If you want to meticulously pore over the receipts and criticize my every choice, I uploaded them all as promised. Or you can just watch the video, where I show pretty much everything.

And if you want to feel good about buying things, here’s the letter the hospital emailed me a few days after I dropped the toys off:

If you have any questions (in particular, “hey, I need to change my shipping address!”), don’t hesitate to email me!