Aug 202022

Corro wrote:
Embrace elitism! Enjoy the upper crust >:D!

oneoftheelites wrote:
Embrace elitism

Bookmuncher wrote:
Show that book that your the boss !


K10 wrote:
Embrace elitism. Crave power. You are the new god-queen of this land, your limits boundless, elements bend to your whim, and so too will the masses.

Vous wrote:
I mean, why not both? Be offended that this inanimate book with some author who has almost certainly never met you and might just be dead does not recognize your majesty of being able to pull of lightning as well as fire.

You decide to go for the safe middle ground of being mildly offended while also recognizing that you are pretty cool.

Vous wrote:
Also you should be celebrating this occasion as hard as you can as a responsible adult as you can manage being. You don’t just have a new spell, you have a new damage type. Most magical resistances aren’t straight up full spectrum resistances, much less your Attronch absorption. They’re just elemental resistances. If the Encyclopedia of Deadly Creatures you read on the boat ride to Cyrodiil is something you still recall well enough, try to remember if it mentions resistances for the off chance that you run into something resistant to one of your magic types so you can not waste magicka by using a resisted spell. Also Dunmer are resistant to fire so you now are slightly less fucked in the event that a slightly competent dunmer tries to attack you!

Protecting yourself against dark elf bandits would be handy, yeah, if they didn’t basically all live on the other side of the country. The chances of you running into something fireproof are pretty low.

Plus, if you remember The Encyclopedia of Deadly Creatures correctly, the only creatures particularly vulnerable to lightning are Daedra, which aren’t even native to this plane of existence. Someone like Sigrid might pull them here from time to time, but it’s not like you’re going to get accosted by an angry Daedroth on the city streets. In practical terms, you’re probably better off spending time practicing your fire.

Still, learning a new type of magic is an accomplishment. Maybe you can celebrate by treating yourself to some…

… cake.

Alright, maybe not more cake. You could do your other favorite thing and…

… read a book about magic.

Oh gods, you’ve hit rock top.

Lacking other options, you give yourself a celebratory low-five for becoming a master of the arcane arts. At least you’ll be able to show it off to Asotil when he arrives.

BorgnarII wrote:
Btw, wasn’t he supposed to arrive like several hours earlier? His whole thing was following Imperial Protocol, and now he’s not been seen at all for a huge amount of time. Ya think he was killed by some b-hopping freak of a guy?

TheFluffyBoi wrote:
I can already see stars, hasn’t it gotten late?

He said he was getting his schedule shifted six hours.

That could have meant eleven in the morning, or it could’ve meant eleven at night. And since he didn’t show up at eleven in the morning, he’ll presumably be here in two hours. Or maybe a little earlier or later, depending how many potentially-dangerous wild animals he had to stop and kill.

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened yet. You’ve just been waiting out here all day to be absolutely sure you don’t miss him.

Ooze wrote:
You have the perfect source of uncertainty right at your fingertips! To cast more lightning magic all you have to do is worry about when and if Asotil is going to arrive! Imagine that something terrible has happened to him, and you’ll be able to cast enough bolts to burn through all that magicka you’ll need to make the journey on your own!

Again, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. You’re sure Asotil is fine.