Mar 122011

Today is the beginning of the new you.

One month ago you made yourself a promise: you were going to turn your life around. You were going to get a real job, stay out of jail, and not get into any more trouble with cults. Nobody thought you could do it; they said your questionable reputation, lack of any useful skills, and flagrant alcoholism would always hold you down.

But you had a plan.

You were going to start over, far from home. You pawned off your belongings, withdrew the rest of your inheritance, and narrowly managed to buy your way onto a merchant ship bound for Cyrodiil.

And now you have arrived, alone and penniless in a foreign country. Rounding up to the nearest week, you’ve been sober for an entire seven days. This is your chance to be whatever you want to be. Whoever you want to be.

You think you’ll start with a new name. Something less ethnic, maybe suitably Imperial, to fit in in your new home.

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  • Austin

    Wow, the site looks absolutely fantastic! I was wondering how it would work with all the text and spoilered images, but looks like it all worked out great

  • Lieutenant Fish

    Time to re-read the whole thing! I kind of waited a bit for Kaz to un-scale all of the images, but now I have no excuse. I fully anticipate picking up all sorts of things I missed on the first go.

  • LiquidDinosaur


    From there you can click the Next button to go to the next story post, just like you can here. OR you can just read through the thread.

    Kazerad edit: some people were getting confused by this post and not knowing if they were supposed to read at the link or not, so I moved it down on the comments a little. For anyone wondering, Liquid Dinosaur’s link goes to the original forum thread, before the whole story was copied to this site.

    • Thornclaw

      I know everything. :))

      • Miguel

        Oh bull crap u do thornclaw

        • buttnuttz

          BULL CRIPES

  • Lisa

    I haven’t played oblivion, but a lot of friends recommended this comic so I am looking forward to reading this 😀

    • Suraru

      same here, im thinking of getting oblivion because of this comic.

      do i have to play the first ones to understand the story? or what

      • Tallgrass

        Not at all. The most you’d get from playing all the games is knowledge of the lore, culture, etc. Otherwise, each game can be played standalone, with its own story.

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  • Benjii


  • The Rabbertarian


  • Pogiforce


    At least I think it is…

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  • Wase


  • I tried to “Enter my name” in IE and Firefox and in both browsers got a “Internal Server Error” redirect. I’d love to see what this is about but it appears the link or script is broken.

    • MiG

      stick with it, the site seems to have gone down at some point today, It was up just a day ago. Maybe he’s posting an update, i’m not sure, but the comic is worth waiting for.

  • seelcudoom

    so this confirms katia
    1. has done somthing illegal, and somthing bad inuf to end up in jail(likely involveign a pinnaple)
    2. has had some contact with a cult, just wonderin which one/

  • when is the next update?

  • Brandon


  • eternity08

    “You think you’ll start with a new name. Something less ethnic, maybe suitably Imperial, to fit in in your new home.”
    See anything wrong here Kaz?
    I’m not expecting to go to sleep anytime soon. Still a little bit tweaked off the coffee. So I’m just going to look through each and every page and search for every single typo you have ever made.

    • eternity08

      Also, I a 4-month old typo fills you with shame (, what does a year-old typo do to you?

    • Kazerad

      Nope, it is supposed to be that way! The repeated word is inelegant, but grammatically correct. “Fit in your new home” would just imply her old name was too fat.

    • Vincent

      I thought you were getting at the inherent racism of suggesting a new name that’s not so ‘ethnic’.

  • Sakuveii

    Katia Managan is by far the best looking khajiit I’ve seen……..but shes an idiot

    • Thornclaw

      Just sad!

  • Rambo Dash

    And thus began the adventure of a lifetime. :’)

    Godspeed, Ja’khajiit.

  • Jack

    When I first came to the website, it was in the middle of the second dream sequence, after the king went into really scary mode, and it kinda looked to me like the adventure had finished, with evil prevailing. like, It was a reeeely scary thing dominating the page, and a link for new readers.

  • lolhomestuck

    Homestuck is better.

    • Homestuck is not better. Got boring after it got to the part where it introduces problem sleuth. Problem Sleuth was very irritating and annoying.

    • Katt

      Fagfottttttttttttt alert

  • Doge

    And so begins the greatest and slowest updated webcomic of the Internet I know of.

    • Critanium

      Bitch please, Lackadaisy.

    • stupidjellyfish


    • ecuador

      i remember when it updated regularly.

      • Bob

        Wasn’t that back when this shit was on a forum?

        There, it was an obligation to continue the story, lest have the entire thread deleted for being “Dead”.

  • DukeBammerfire

    I just found a link to a page of this today and decided to read it, and have inhaled the entire archive. It’s given me the feeling mspa stuff has given me, and stuff like RubyQuest. I’m now a dedicated fan and just wanted to say that this story is one of those ones that change you as a person after experiencing. It’s, kind of silly but I’m kind of stunned and emotional, but I know it’s in a good way.

  • Tygrahof

    Soovana Sotonaya lives again!

  • ronin1337

    Wow, an MSPA style adventure comic in the world of the Elder Scrolls games? This is going to be great 😀 ! Now let’s get readin’ !

  • Ch'marr

    This is a test message! Meep! bloollop! fleepble!

    • Unidentified BA

      ♫That means I love you♫

      (someone, somewhere will understand my shitty Jetsons reference)

      • Actua

        That “eep op ork ah-ah.” What he said has something to do with his exhaust port and a virus. Good luck.

  • Moo?

    I am from deh future! New readers beware the awesomeness prequel has to offer!!!

    • Moo?

      And the SEX

  • TheNoobzTubez

    To anyone just starting this web comic, there are so many plot twists, the story practically tied itself in a knot. Also, if you get attached to Katia Managan like I did, you will want to punch Kaz in the face soooo bad

  • Ata

    I just finished re-reading this, and I have to say that it is absolutely 100% fantastic, and just as wonderful as I remembered it to be. <333 Keep up the good work.

  • Acidicfriend

    “better than homestuck”

    • Gedarmestomp

      that’s a good one


    To think that this is where it all started.

    • Bob

      Returning back here sometimes truly is like taking in a new breath of fresh air.

  • ecuador

    as it turns out, 4 and a half days is the equivalent of 3 years.

  • LPrulez54

    I am also from the future, but farther! Can’t flip a table with an unfinished puzzle on top. Remember that.

  • dtlux14

    I love this story, I started 3 days ago, and I am all read at the part where ******SPOILER****** The guard breaks into the dinner. ******SPOILER OVER****** I love this story, and I can’t wait to continue reading.

    • Guest

      This story is so good. :3

      • dtlux14


    • Guest

      Very tasty.

    • Well i am starting again today.I will see how long it takes me to get to end :3

      • As I Cry, ‘Dat Cat’

        Neato, should we have a reading party? Today’s as good a day as any I suppose, I’ll go get my feels ready for crazy extremes.

        • Shit!I missed my oportunity!Man that is totaly awesome idea.

      • dtlux14

        I finished about 4 days ago. It was great 😀 THEN AN UPDATE TODAY! YES!

  • Bobanook

    I’m going to 100% reread this entire thing and hope by the end a new update comes out (and I’m gonna enjoy every page of it.)

    • dtlux14

      As I need to. I need to comment on every page, even the ones I commented on when I read it before. I think I only commented on 85 – 90% of the story. I need to do it all again 🙂

    • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

      Sounds like a good plan, I think I’ll do that to.

  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    The rains of CATsamere

    Who are you, Kazerad said,
    That I might know your soul.
    Only Khajiit of yellow coat,
    That’s spent her savings whole.
    With eye of fear and eye of night,
    And Suthay still have claws,
    But name unknown or hid, Khajiit,
    A new one will be yours.

    And so he wrote, and so he wrote
    That Lord of Prequel ‘Venture
    But now the cat waits on the dock,
    with no one there to hear.
    Yes now the cat waits on the dock,
    and not a soul to hear.