Some of your 'photographs' are plagued by the curse of 'incorrect rotation'. You may want to do something about that.


Kvatch_arena_armor character:Katia_Managan character:spongebob inconsistent_rendering knock_off meme text Festive_Holiday_Disaster Katia's_Thief_Tunic artist:Andrew_Kovnat artist:Kazerad character:Katia_Managan chiaroscuro fansnark redraw text updates Katia's_wizard_robe Night_in_the_Woods character:Katia_Managan character:Quill-Weave crossover friendship impure_thoughts redraw text Festive_Holiday_Disaster character:Katia_Managan character:Quill-Weave comic friendship khajiit_racism meme missing_tail text character:Katia_Managan drugs khajiit_racism missing_tail modern_clothing smoking text accidents_waiting_to_happen animation artist:Kazerad character:Katia_Managan character:Kazerad crossover fansnark firearms modern_clothing text Katia's_adventurer_outfit artist:Petrified_yo-yo character:Katia_Managan lined_paper_club photo sketch text League_of_Legends action_pose adorable braids character:Gnar character:Little_Katia crossover royalty text character:Katia_Managan dwemer_technology modern_clothing musicality text artist:Furomone character:Katia_Managan death fansnark skeletons text lined_paper_club text birthday cake pineapple text VESTS artist:RPK artist:Suta character:Katia_Managan character:Kazerad iconography knock_off organized_religion pineapple text updates Khajiit monochrome sketch text artist:GoodIdeasAreOverrated character:Aggy character:Katia_Managan monochrome sketch text Ransom character:Katia_Managan monochrome sketch text Ransom artist:Cyrus_Blacksword character:Katia_Managan destruction magic magic_fire silhouette telekinesis text Ransom artist:Cyrus_Blacksword character:Katia_Managan magic silhouette telekinesis text MS_Paint character:Katia_Managan fansnark text Witch_Hunter character:Katia_Managan fansnark looking_badass monochrome text Katia's_wizard_robe artist:EKToRNo books character:Katia_Managan comic reading skill_book text tutorial acrobatics artist:Kazerad modern_clothing monochrome sketch text
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