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Bluedragon: Ok, now this one really doen't need even the Questionable tag I don't think. Aggy "The Banshee" wailing on the sax. He's cool man... ice cold.

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sHiiNe: being awake six in the morning have never been so amazing as today.

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XenoYparxi: So we have typical rock band with a sax player... interesting combination
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BadReligion: Update

We'll never get update

We'll never get update

In mounth

Or year

We'll see it

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Bluedragon: @XenoYparxi Somehow I don't think this is any way a typical rock band. But yeah, they have a blues influence so a sax was needed. And they already knew the guy so...
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BadReligion: Put "never" before "see" in last line, I forgot. >_>

and entire meme went to hell...

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XenoYparxi: @Bluedragon:
That's blues rock then!
(I don't quite sure if this is blues rock, but it sounds a bit like blues rock)

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Enheldor: I just keep hearing the song sexy sax man plays.