Brevity is the soul of wit. In essence, make anything the comes from your whelpling fingers be succinct, and that you don't overstay your welcome. Writing for too long can...


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Describe This Image As Dramatically As Possible

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GoodIdeasAreOverrated: Ayyyyy, day 2! Was relatively fun to draw this!
Quill Weave won the poll next to "that one kvatch guard that stopped Katia from smashing Stephanes face in with a rock"
Like always, you can vote on the poll. Link in source
You can still join! Just start from day 1: which was Katia, or not idk do whatever

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XenoYparxi: I think you should start from drawing from nature (just a simple figures, like cup or something) to better understand the forms and other stuff. I think it would be helpful for you

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Dugar: I like this. Nice enough job.
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Osrs_life: Day 2 and already 300000% percent better than i can draw. Keep going!