Mar 172011

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Examine book also… please tell me that’s purple paint and not something worse.

It’s purple paint, yeah.

It looks like you tried to write a book last night. You can’t really bring yourself to read past the first page.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Check under the bed and make sure the orc is still alive.

The orc is breathing. That’s a good sign. You peek under the bed.

Is that… a pineapple and a yoyo? Oh gods, it is. So much for a good reputation.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
You have access to both bedsheets and claws. If you can’t find any clothes, why not make some? Even if modesty is no concern, getting arrested for indecent exposure is so embarrassing.

You attempt to tailor the bedsheet into clothing, receiving an unpleasant reminder that you have no trade skills. You really should find some clothes though, before someone shows up.

  • Hurrington of durr

    heh. behind the purple paint the original writing goes “This is just a book, end of story”

    • Chris Nemo

      “Words words words”

      • FrancisYorkPatty

        Sounds like it was a book by Tim Buckley.

        The purple paint was definitely an improvement.

  • Will

    I’m afraid to continue reading because I’m in a starbucks.

    They’ll think I’m looking at censored furry porn.

  • Michael

    Even the unicorn looks embarrassed.

  • egg brother

    minor mistake in th picture. #2 the pineapple is behind her head

    • Alex Franklin

      That portion of the pineapple is in the background; it’s supposed to be behind her head.

  • Djinnfest

    I think even the Unicorn is a little embarrassed to be in the room at this point.