Mar 122011

The_Codfish wrote:

N.. no… NO!

There is something far too… royal about that name. Something that strikes fear in your soul.

You’ve never understood why kings scare you. Maybe it’s those crowns – jagged rims glistening like a dozen metal teeth burst forth from their skull, a vestigial maw seeking to devour any so unfortunate to find themselves upon it. Maybe it’s their clothes – an ocean of sparkling purple silk dragged behind them like the vicious tendrils of an unholy carnivorous plant. Maybe it’s their very expression – the way it oozes that solemn, dutiful dedication to their country.

“Scare” might even be too weak a word. Dukes terrify you, as do Princes, Counts, and Barons. But Kings, Queens, Emperors… you don’t know what you’d do if you ever found yourself face-to-face with one. Probably curl up and cry.

You used to have a recurring nightmare where you were trapped in a small, dark room with a King. There’s no way out. No one to help you. And he just stands there, being a king. Luckily, you’ve mostly taken care of your nightmare problem through heavy self-medication. Though you guess the self-medication became the bigger problem.

Plagorath wrote:
> Katia Managan

This name sounds pretty cool though. You like the way it rolls off your sandpapery tongue. You jot it down and hand the immigration form to the guard.

The guard says you can keep it if you want. They don’t actually keep track of immigration, and he only brought the form because you asked. He’s just going to throw it out.

You tell him you don’t care. This has symbolic value to you. It makes your new life feel official. He obliges and accepts the document.

Not many people out here; everyone must be inside. Looks like there’s some shops near the dock. One appears to be a general store, the other some kind of restaurant.

  • Cam


    • Cam

      Right? I actually poo-pooed my panties looking at this. I don’t think it is entertaining. This one guy i’m talking to right now does. Why? Its just going to be the same story. No diversity. Boooooooring.

      • Kazerad

        Poo-pooing your panties is a really unusual and slightly troubling reaction to boredom. =o

        • Anon44

          Also, it’s really really unsanitary.

          • Hurrington of durr

            and/or severe mental illness. and for the guy who found this boring …. shut up.

      • Pseudoboss

        You’re on page two! If you can read it should take you about 30 seconds to read to this point, and if you have an attention span of thirty seconds; then congratulations! You’re on par with a goldfish!

      • Gig

        …did you just reply to your own comment?

      • Spinney Adamant

        It’s…clever, but isn’t replying to your own comment with a supporting statement like “I know right” at least a liiiittle weird?

  • Suraru

    To the people who think its boring… ya it is, you have to force yourself to read it for the next few pages, then it starts to get really good

    • Ruki

      Same as homestuck.

      • Ruki

        Just homestuck uses a more accurate version of the agatha christie method.

  • Spiffy

    pfft all of you are a bunch of whiny bitches. I like this. alot.
    frankly because i know the story will get better, the writer is just trying to set up the character’s personality and wants us to see what she is like: Kind, Gentle. i can tell by the way she handled talking to that guard. and NOT snapping his neck off. or thinking about it. She’s an Immigrant who is trying to make a better life for herself. I can respect that.

  • munky

    No, you haters are right. This is boring. If you’re going to rip off the format and setup of another well-known story, then at least make the art interesting or the jokes funny. This just has people that are also cats.

    • Kazerad

      If you can tell me where you find the art and humor lacking then I will try harder to satisfy your tastes in the future, Mr. Munky! That is, assuming it doesn’t conflict with any other mechanisms at play.

    • Meowrvelous

      Dude, nobody is ripping of the format of MS Paint Adventures. People are encouraged to make their own adventures in the MSPA forums, which is where this story started.

      The humor is a little different here, but that’s because this isn’t Homestuck. It’s a different story. I would argue that it’s a different genre altogether.

      And I think the art is adorable.

  • Segnaro

    Fistbump guard adventures!

  • Micah

    “unholy carniverous plant”
    Should be ‘carnivorous’.

    • Kazerad

      Oh man, tens of thousands of people have seen that misspelling by now and you’re the first to point it out D=. Corrected, thank you!

  • patrick

    i just caught up to the recent update and re-reading the first quarter since i read it on my phone and never knew there were .gifs at first haha
    but to all the people saying this is boring: it’s the second fucking page. that isn’t even considered giving it a chance. it gets good, trust me.

  • Beano Curufinwe

    Is it really that bad? I agree it gets better, but I think this is a pretty fantastic opening.

  • Dihydrogenmonoxide

    Haters gotta hate…

  • eternity08

    Mr. Plagorath… You are a gentleman, a scholar, and now, a legend. I tip my hat for you.

  • BisharpTheBoss

    Toodledumforoporeium Lucipher Townstead Esquire the III.

  • OatmealAssassin

    This is only the second page…why are people hating?

  • thefirstonethere

    In the area for “sex” there shouldve been a “sure” or something else humorous crossed out before female. haha/

  • Nice story. But it’s cool lol I’m new here

  • Bisqui

    Realmente cadelas choronas, devem estar acostumados a ler dc ou mangá hahahaha arte mastigada…
    Eu amei sua arte, Kazerad (mas amo Skyrim, sou suspeito a falar hehe). Bom enrredo, personagem cativante e incrivel iniciativa da sua parte. Congratulations ! =D

    sry, I dont speak english.

  • Deodesu

    Lol. Was “favorite color” really something that need to be on an immigration paper?

  • Shhh I love the name :3

  • Bobanook

    Royalty man… scary stuff.

    • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

      When they’re involved you’re royaly screwed.
      ‘Nother one, what do you call it when a King shits; a royal flush.

  • dtlux14

    He’s brofisting himself again…

  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    Wait… I don’t think we ever learned what Katia’s favorite color is; I must know this secret.

  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    Another song for those rereading the comic, or first timers. From The Age of Aquarius
    The Age of The Managan

    When the quill is in the writing paw
    And the form it gets filled out
    Then peace will fill our dreamings
    And hope will guide our lives

    This is the dawning of the Age of our Katia
    The Age of The Managan
    Our Katia! The Managan!

    Sober and good reputation
    Really free and off probation
    No more royals or bad visions
    Recur creepy dreams of prison
    Anvil’s sea port destination
    And the dream king’s abdication

    Our Katia! The Managan!

    When Khajiit is in the first province
    And all the cults are left behind
    Then peace will fill our dreamings
    And hope will land us jobs

    This is the dawning of the Age of our Katia
    The Age of The Managan
    Our Katia! The Managan!
    Our Katia! The Managan!

    Let the cat live, Let the cat live here
    The cat lives here
    Let the cat sleep, Let the cat sleep well
    The sleep sans king
    Let the cat friend, Let the cat friend you
    The friends to care
    Let the booze go, Let the booze spill out
    The booze, don’t need
    Let the voices, Let the voices in
    Voices to guide
    Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in
    Shine warms our fur

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