Apr 232011

Squiggles wrote:
I’m proud of you.

No, not for the drinking. For keeping the name Katia. It tells me one thing, you still have hope. At your at the time worst moment of despair in a not so long while you still had hope you can pull through even if you weren’t fully feeling it. That’s something to work with. You haven’t given up. We can’t climb out the proverbial hole until we hit the bottom any way so perhaps that was the bottom and we’ve begun climbing!

Thanks. You guess it’s kind of nice to believe that things can still be okay. You appreciate the sentiment, anyway.

Plagorath wrote:
I’m dissapointed.

When I first looked at you, I saw hope, i thought you really wanted to climb out of your previous life and change. I thought you could do it, I trusted in you and had faith. But that’s dead now, you are right, people cannot change, and you are not an exception. It doesn’t matter how many times you try you’ll always end up falling back, it’s useless to keep trying again. Surrender.

oidip wrote:
Just look at you. You had to do one thing, you had to deliver a letter.
Even the lowest rung of society can do that and you couldn’t. Don’t think you can turn your life around.

Also valid ways of looking at this, yeah. You have some serious thinking to do about your life, and you’re not looking forward to it. Luckily, you have more pressing issues to deal with right now.

Like figuring out what the hell happened here.

kitmehsu wrote:
Kat:Take inventory

Zaffa wrote:
…And apparently booze makes things simpler. I’ll believe it when I see it, honey. Poke around for your stuff… Hopefully you didn’t lose EVERYTHING this time around.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Check status of those cuts you got on your hand, as well as that rash you got from poison ivy, as a rough gauge of how long you were out.

All of your stuff is gone.

The cuts on your hand have scabbed over but not healed much beyond that, implying only about a night has passed since you got them. The poison ivy rash on your wrist has gotten a bit worse, too.

Something about this method of checking the passage of time feels incredibly futuristic to you, but you’re not sure why.

Crazy-8 wrote:
wait, before you do anything, do you still have your Lockpick?

You already said all your stuff is-

No comment.

Wessolf27 wrote:
> Katia: Talk to the nice skeleton manservant please

You attempt to strike up a conversation with the skeleton, but he appears to be nothing more than a simple automaton whose only function is to clean this room. He dutifully goes about his work while completely disregarding you. If you want answers, you’re going to have to find them yourself.

Crazy-8 wrote:
check that strange pendant thing on the gro-oh god its a ball gag isn’t it

Clearly, that is a Pendant of Silence!

Yeah, just kidding, it’s a ball gag. You’re just gonna leave it there for now, since you don’t have anything to carry it in and it might be kind of embarrassing to be caught walking around with bondage gear.

Solifuge wrote:
Take a furtive glance under the bed. Are… are the Yo-Yo and Pineapple still there?

No pineapple this time, thankfully.

You found that fishbowl full of peas, though.

ewar wrote:
Oh cool, presents!

It’s a box of Nord chocolates! This is a rather extravagant gift. I mean, for you anyway. There’s a note and bottle next to it.

Dear Katia,

Thank you for the good night! Us necromancers don’t get much ‘live action’ if you know what I mean, so I’ll definitely be the talk of the crypts! Though you may want to steer clear of Garlas Agea in the future, since my comrades tend to be a jealous flock and there is a small chance they may kill you on sight. I must say, though, their jealousy is warranted! Intercourse with you was very enjoyable and the fake underwear made it even hotter.

I apologize that I could not bid you farewell in person, but the guards in this city have some questions about how I acquired several of those skulls – questions to which I lack legally satisfactory answers. Hopefully some confections I purchased next door will suffice in the place of a true ‘goodbye’. I also mixed a potion of Cure Disease and left it on the dresser. While I don’t wish to imply anything negative about myself or my kinsmen, I will say that you’ll probably want to drink that as soon as possible.

Thanks for finding me!

P.S.: Your argonian friend seemed rather upset when she came home this morning. I offered to help clean up the mess we made, but she still wants to talk to you when you wake up.

  • Suraru

    “and the fake underwear made it even hotter”


    • Vincent

      Weird people have weird fetishes. Let’s leave it at that.

    • SpazzyHyena

      Hint: that underwear isn’t exactly cloth.

      • WiseWoodrow

        Its paint, to be exact.

        Remember the firs time she woke up, naked?

        She painted herself underwear ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Scy

    … Fuck

  • dow

    Where did the chair go?

    • TehSenshi

      dow says:
      November 7, 2011 at 7:23 am

      Where did the chair go?

      • Uknown

        Nooo not this again

  • Ghnaggi

    I just noticed that she practised spelling ‘merchandise’ again while drunk. Only this time in blood.

    • Wow, didn’t even register with me the first time (maybe in part to that being one of the first images I saw). Wow, what a complex.

  • George

    honestly, i don’t like this part, in special the letter

  • Curse

    Hey! What do you know, an upside-down pentagram. Or is it, in fact, a pentacle?

  • Worm Anchorite

    Heh. Cool.

    • Worm Anchorite

      What a charmer!

  • Snout

    “automaton” ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Also, just started reading this from the start! … Kinda disappointed in her returning to waking up in this place again, but otherwise a really cute’n’sad story so far.

    • Kazerad

      Typo repaired, thanks! And glad you’re enjoying the story!

  • Tigersong

    Okay, seriously. Drinking doesn’t usually lead to you-know-what in the middle of the road, right? We know she used to be a loose woman; get on with the story!

  • Eating


    Trust a bloody necro to try and kill her.

    • Uknown

      Actually khajiits can eat regular people food

  • MadDad

    “Something about this method of checking the passage of time feels incredibly futuristic to you, but youโ€™re not sure why”.

    My guess is that it has something to do with Harry Harrison’s “Stainless Steel Rat”

  • Thane

    (The last panel) OH FOR FUCK SAKES

  • Odette

    Wow. I really wanted to like this comic, but this is just fucking depressing. Maybe my sense of humor is malfunctioning. I just can’t stand to read anymore about how Katia is such shit at existing that everything she ever does fucks up and leaves her even worse off than she was before. I couldn’t even read past the second panel on this page, and I don’t care anymore if things improve for her in the future. Thus far the author has shown that it doesn’t matter; any improvement will just be taken away from her.

    So… good job making me empathize with and care about the character, but not so good job making her so pathetic that I can’t stand to watch her fail anymore. This is just a cheap way to get the sympathy of your audience and I hope eventually this comic leaves it behind.

  • MentallyUnstable

    *facepalm* Just…

    Just go try to be a prostitute so you can fail at that too and finally stop fucking everyone.

    *deep breathe* well, what are you waiting for? Time to go start over.

    For the who knows how many times.

    In the same city.


    …third day’s the charm, maybe, hopefully?

  • dtlux14


  • Djinnfest

    LEG IT