May 182015

McBelly wrote:
Use your lockpick like a screwdriver and unscrew the doorhandle.

This thing you just did, in addition to solving nothing, had the unique effect of making this entire situation slightly more inconvenient in every conceivable way.

Moons wrote:

AbrahamLincoln wrote:
Try to use telekinesis on whatever is on the opposite side of the door.

After making it through that entire fight without any of your fire spells hitting the walls, you aren’t going to burn the building down to get through a door.

If it’s just something jammed through the handle, though, it should be no problem to…

Oh. Right. You guess if builders hadn’t foreseen this, anyone with the slightest bit of magical ability could go wherever they wanted by simply unlocking doors from the other side.

From the mark on the door, you’re guessing there’s a silver ribbon or something running between the boards. You’re more than capable of jostling the door itself with telekinesis, but the magic on the other side of it feels all weird and distorted. Telekinesis probably isn’t gonna help you here.

Lockpick wrote:
I’m not done yet! I see four screws on the door handle, and there’s gotta be hinges on this side of the door! They’re flatheads! I can unscrew them!

That, on the other hand…

The hinges are definitely accessible, but you don’t think the lockpick could survive the 24 screws necessary to take them off. If you want to tackle the hinges, your best option would be to find something pointy and sturdy you can use to pound the pin out. Maybe a proper turnscrew, or a chisel. With the pins out, the disconnected door should slide right toward you.

You just exploded a giant fire demon in a room full of landmines by punching its head off with a burning fist. You felt unstoppable. You hate this wooden door so much.

You guess you’ll go look for some tools.

Niara wrote:
Huh… Looks like your gloves ran out of durability. Fancy that. Guess that makes your arena raiment illegal. Guess you won’t be able to enter that dance contest now. You were so looking forward to it, too… what a shame! Oh well.

Yeah, that’s… honestly, you think you were already planning to just keep the armor set and never compete. At least the “incomplete raiment” will give you an excuse so you don’t have to feel bad about bailing. Heck, the Arena Master would probably even appreciate it, knowing that one of his suits was damaged in actual life-or-death combat.

Bon voyage, leather gloves. We barely knew ye.

Then again, that dance competition is going to be your only way to pay Quill-Weave back if this Mages Guild heist goes horribly wrong and backfires disastrously, which we can all agree is absolutely, undeniably going to happen. If your raiment is incomplete, the Arena Master will probably charge you for replacement parts, which you can’t really afford.

But you can, ah, probably fix these gloves? Yeah. They just need a little TLC.

You put the shredded scraps of charred leather in your inventory. And mark them as broken gloves to remind you what the heck they are supposed to be. You’ll find some way to solve this later.

Langway-Bouz wrote:
Didnt you needlessly jump out a window at Quill-Weave’s home? why not do it now?

yoburg wrote:
You are experienced second-floor-height jumper now. It’s time to use that skill and keep proper level of badassery.

Jumping out of Quill-Weave’s window and spraining your ankle gave you just enough acrobatics experience that you now know not to jump out of second-story windows. This lesson was further reinforced yesterday, when you broke both legs jumping off the roof of a two-story building.

Seriously, falling off buildings these last two days has taught you two very important things: first, you always land on your feet, and second, your feet hate that. If you want to get safely out through the window, you’re going to need some kind of rope.

TheBrain’sStupidityGland wrote:

If you want to get out through the window, you’re going to need some kind of rope.

Weeg wrote:
Use the rope you got from the well to climb down from the window.

Ooh, right. With your inventory bar as packed as it is, you almost forgot that you picked up… that…

Oh come on! She called you a “racial stereotype” for stealing that off the ground and then pickpocketed it from you?

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