Sep 212017

Nicoles wrote:
Become invisible!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikola wrote:
Well, I would suggest buckling up for a wild ride, and prepare for the worst. I mean, only so much can happen in one night……..right?

iamnotaking wrote:
Katia: read the book until 4AM, shes an alchemist right? you gotta know at least the basics to (try to) defend yourself from her tricks

Uhrwerknacht wrote:
Night: be cold, lonely and calm. Everyone is asleep and certainly won’t suspect a Khajit to break into any of the houses you engulf. The guards are sleepy and bored.

Mister_Twiddles wrote:
Before you decide to go heisting like the conniving Khajiit you are, you may want to find a way to keep your hood from accidentally coming off. That would be a catastrophe!

Gravi wrote:
I don’t think confronting Sigrid in front would be a so good idea, because she has all of Kvactch at her boot, not entirely but with this pheromones thingy we cannot be sure.

I think you should use a sneaker approach, and don’t be heroic, just take the book, some gold for good measure and that’s all. That’s will be your first successful mission.

therealCoffeeWizard wrote:
Dunno if someone else has already brought this up or not, but a passage that leads from the previous lair of evil necromancers straight to where all the corpses in the town are held can only mean one thing: ZOMBIES! or ghosts, or skeletons, or wraiths, or litches. Okay come to think of it there are a lot of bad things that could be down there.

Cynder2251 wrote:
Katia: Consider finding out Where Sigrid keeps that perfume.
It could be useful for you later(especially if we run into that Gharug gro-Upp again)

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Additional resource credits:
Makkon – environmental art, intro art
Flaise – programming
Connor D – more programming
Kobalstromo – even more programming
Silence – music (“Weregilded”)
OrchestralDesign – more music (“Just Your Average Day”, “Summer Nights”, “Uncharted Territory”)
Rawrunes – window closeups
Cider – talk graphics, closeup poses
AMKitsune – particles
MyEmeraldTears – eyes closeup
Squiggles – talk graphics
Ryavis, Bropocalypse, Whimbrel: carryover resources from Katia: Excelsior
Samulis, Ali_6868, georgisound, sagetyrtle, natemarler, pfrazen, Tristan_Lohengr, j1987,
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yottasounds, rombart, Pastabra, 140178sound
– sounds
QuiMoritur, Stupidjellyfish – sound hunters
FriSha – the intro sound, which might be better described as music
Samuel Adler – basic arithmetic for tedious image positioning
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk
And a special thanks to Jemmysponz’s (now late) Dakota the Golden Retriever for
modeling. You know an update has taken too long when a collaborator dies of old age.