Jul 212022

C.J. wrote:
Holy sh*t it worked!!! But, how magicka did that cost?

Wightcawk wrote:
Try that again, but project it forward.

Deecomposer wrote:

Nevermind, forget pessimism! You know exactly how you’re going to spend the next two hours until Asotil shows up.

Alright, wait, nevermind again. You’ve apparently lost your internal conflict and uncertainty, and now lightning doesn’t work.

If nothing else, you’ve at least set a new record for how quickly your hopes can be raised and dashed. If being happy you learned a spell is all it takes to steal it from you, you don’t think you’ll ever be able to do it reliably.


That’s the trick. All you have to do is keep your fuzzy mess of crippling self-doubt there so you have something to drag the magic through, and you have this in the bag.

This form of magic really isn’t compatible with your style of thinking.

TheProneStranger wrote:
See there, who says pontificating fancy-pants are dumb? Now act like a sophisticated witch-hunter and read some more flowery poetry. And don’t forget, pinky out!

SwizzlyBubbles wrote:
It seems like your lightning magic could use some work Katia. I’ve heard the best way to unlock the inner machinations of someone’s mind is through one’s stomach, and it seems clear that the overexcessiveness of sweetrolls is rotting your brain and/or magicka.

But hark: there are learned tomes awaiting consumption upon that rock! For your brain!

And your mouth.

What I’m saying is: eat the book Katia, unlock its wisdom. BE THE READER!

If the intro section alone was enough to let you cast a lightning spell, then the other two hundred pages can probably help you get a better handle on it.

You pick up the book and read it like a normal, sophisticated person, rather than trying to eat it.

The dancing arc is a river. It does not crash in waves as the sea, or hold its form as the glacier. It is the partner of the riverbed, and she alone decides where it ought wander, and whether the journey will be smooth or tumultuous. Her banks give it shape, her stones danger, and her narrows speed. To lead in this dance is to take the role of the river. The arc flows where and how it must.

But as all that invokes the scrape of one force against another, even the riverbed is subject to friction. If not carefully maintained, its rapids smooth and its banks widen. To wield the bolt is to shape oneself as needed and be the conduit through which force travels. It is a task to which not all are well-suited, and those of weaker will may find more success among the mud-caked savages spewing flame and frost.

You’re on the fence as to whether you should feel offended by that because you mostly do fire, or embrace elitism because you also managed some lightning.