9/13/19: Everything is shipping! You should be getting it in the next week or so.

One of the most common criticisms I received on the Cloak of Gray Tomorrow hoodies was that they were not actual cloaks. While everyone seemed to like the colors and fabric, many readers disapproved of the modern enhancements such as zippers, pockets, and actual sleeves. They craved something more classic.

Well, this desire for archaic clothing can now be sated thanks to the Katia Managan Wizard Hood! Unlike the hoodies or T-shirts I’ve sold the past, this isn’t just piece of regular clothing printed to look like Katia’s outfits: it’s a straight-up reproduction of the mantle she wears in the comic. I have no idea if there’s a market for this sort of thing, but I’m curious enough that I had a clothing company make a piece of medieval apparel that hasn’t been in common use for over 200 years.

You can wear it with your favorite green dress for an easy cosplay or Halloween costume. You can throw it over pretty much any other outfit and have something suitable for a renaissance festival. You can even turn it into a fancy hat, according to this video Youtube recommended me as soon as I started thinking about making a hood. The one thing I haven’t been able to do is turn it into a backpack like Katia does in the comic, but I’m convinced I’ll get it eventually.

Plus, to complete your wizardly ensemble, the hood also comes with an authentic Amulet of Silence! Just like in the comic, you will be completely unable to cast magic spells while wearing this amulet. Unlike the comic, this is normal and not actually that impressive. But you can hopefully still appreciate the accuracy.

Preorder yours today! They should ship toward the end of June SEPTEMBER I GUESS, with the ordinary number of secrets and surprises. And yes, I promise to have someone help me with the shipping this time.

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