Jul 032011

Healy wrote:
>Katia: Seriously, take the gag ball. What if the guard actually apprehends someone rather than kill them? The gag may prevent shenanigans from happening due to the hypothetical criminal talking. Aside from that, anything else you need aside from the reason you are going to Kvatch in the first place?

That is an awfully thin justification, but fine, what the hell.

You reluctantly acquire the ball gag.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
> Katia, I know you have a weapon already, but try to take the sword out of the wall again (like a good King Arthur).

No dice. It’s stuck in there pretty good, and your flimsy noodle arms are unable to dislodge it.

Armok wrote:
> make sure QW isn’t suffocating over there… how does argonian breathing even work?

Don’t worry, she’s fine. She’s just in a deep sleep.

And to answer your question, you’re pretty sure Argonian breathing works about like Khajiit breathing does, except with gills somewhere in there too. Quill-Weave’s chest is still rising and falling, so you assume she’s doing okay.

TA_ wrote:
”Anyway, you are not bisexual”. You sure about that? Maybe this weird Khajiit in Hammerfell wasn’t bisexual, but you’re Katia Managan now. Take a close look at her spread out like she is and reconsider.

Doomkiwi wrote:
And for the love of Akatosh put Quill back in the damn bed, she’s gonna be extremely sore in the morning if you leave her like that.

ChicagoTed wrote:
Put QW back on the bed! It doesn’t have to be very good, but it’d be much better than leaving her half off the bed. That can’t be good for her back!

Rarborman wrote:
Ja’khajiit you tuck the Bos-chi-jo in before you leave, it must be cold in there without that window.

Squiggles wrote:
I’m agreeing with the kobold on this one, tuck Quilly back in bed because she can not be comfy laying like that.

Mikhail wrote:
Get Quil back on the bed before you head down and pack, she looks mighty uncomfortable. :\

Okay yeah on second thought that’s a very good idea you guess. You hoist her back onto the bed and cover her up. I mean, the window is open; she might have gotten cold.

This has nothing to do with TA_’s command moments prior.

FredMSloniker wrote:
> Check what time it is before engaging in any shenanigans. It may or may not be time to RUN LIKE MAD.

You don’t really have any way to check the exact time. But according to your alarm clock (the ton of water you drank before going to bed), it is not yet time to RUN LIKE MAD. You have some time to kill before setting off.

Doomkiwi wrote:
> Katia, turn hood part of your robe into a temporary bundle or pack to carry things in (since it’s detachable)

Good idea. You successfully fashion a makeshift backpack out of your hood and the leather strap.

It took a few tries, but this is pretty much the coolest thing you’ve ever created. Ever. You even wrapped the shoulderpieces around it vertically so it has a little clasp on top. You can’t wait to fill it up with stuff.

So you don’t wait. You fill it up with stuff.

You double- and triple-check that Quill-Weave’s letter is in there, since it would suck to leave without the letter.

Speaking of Quill-Weave, you guess you should write her a short note before leaving.

Bropocalypse wrote:
Katia: Write Quill-Weave a thank-you letter before you go.

Squiggles wrote:
Oh~! And Bro’s got a good idea, writing a thank you note is a perfectly lovely thing to do. :3

Eismo wrote:
You may also want to leave a note saying you left early, or that you thank her for all she’s done.
Take your pick Katia, just let her know where you’re going and that you are thankful for what she’s done.

Doomkiwi wrote:
leave a snazzy dress design for Quill on a piece of parchment/paper of your own design as payment or sign of friendship

You’re not very good at letter writing. You quickly compose a rough draft in light pencil so you can read over it and make changes.

“Dear Quill-Weave (dear in the platonic sense),

Thank you for letting me spend the night here. It was really kind of you and was probably much better than sleeping on a pew at the chapel. I’m sorry if I made last night awkward for you but if it makes you feel better I’m not gay so any subtext was probably unintentional.

Also did I mention I used to have these really bad nightmares about kings? I had one again last night, but you were in it. I thought the king was going to hurt you so I tried to stop him, but then he turned into a big monster and tried to kill me. I know dreams don’t actually mean anything but I just kind of wanted to tell someone about it. I am worried there might be some reason I am having this dream so much, so while I am in Kvatch I’m going to look for someone who knows stuff about dreams.

By the way I’m going to Kvatch in a little bit to deliver your letter, if that wasn’t implicit. I don’t know how long finding a dream expert will take so I’ll try to be back within, say, four days if that’s okay? It’ll probably be less. I just don’t want you getting worried if I don’t show up for a little while. Not that you would get worried or anything, I don’t know if our friendship has reached the point where worrying about people is a thing that happens, or if that’s just something that characterizes friendships in general. I’m not very experienced in having people care about me.

But yeah thanks again for all the help you’ve given me, I really appreciate it and wish I had some way to repay you. Oh I did notice that you wrote yourself a note to buy more clothes but everything you wear is really bland and brown, so I thought maybe you’d like some suggestions on what to wear? I mean I know gay guys are supposed to have really good fashion sense so I am assuming like the opposite applies for gay women? Sorry if that is horribly offensive, I don’t know these things. I drew a picture of an outfit I think would look really good on you, maybe you could try to find something like it? Or if you don’t want to that’s okay too, I understand, it seems really weird telling someone “hey you should go spend money on this”. Sorry if it’s weird like that.

See you soon,

Katia Managan”

You’re not entirely sure what to draw on it. You want to come up with some classy attire suggestion that will really impress Quill-Weave.

  • Latencess

    TA_ is a freaking homo. Let that khajiit be straight will ya!?

    • Loopholes

      How old are you? 12? Calling someone a homo as an insult is one of the most childish things ever.

      • Watson

        So? He has his own comments and you have your own opinions. Ain’t nothing wrong here.

        • MentallyUnstable

          But in the TES society most prequel fans belong too, all sexual preferences are accepted. Calling someone a homo is just wrong.

          Haters gonna hate.

          • Xshu

            Also, “everyone has their own opinion” doesn’t really work when the opinion in question is that TA_ shouldn’t have an opinion.

          • fascist homphobe shitlord

            Of course it works. Latencess is just commenting that they don’t the writer to forcefully make Katia gay. Nothing weird about that, the vast majority of people are straight.

      • Matt Smith

        ^^ this

    • nodanaonlyzul

      Latencess is a freaking homophobe. Let people (or Khajiits) be gay if they want to.

      • meulin

        that doesn’t make them a homophobe. although, yes, that “insult” they directed toward TA_ could have been rephrased.

        • Nepeta

          Meulin! Eeeeeeeee! How are you talking to us from your dream bubble?

      • trolleymouse

        Evidently, the Khajiit doesn’t want to.

      • Paul Simons

        I think she would of been better off bisexual at least though. Kinda gives chance for guys you know :T
        she’s kinda cute 🙁

      • cis shitlord

        But Katia is clearly not gay and doesn’t want to be, as she’s said multiple times. You are the ones who want to make her such.

    • Lineo

      wow, that was really unnecessary and rude.
      watch your language :/

    • dtlux14

      NO! If you look at internet, then it will make the ship much more better (double use of a word) I like ship, and oh god, what am I becoming after only 3 days of reading this…

  • BlaireIndaryl

    Nooo, maybe he/she is just a fan of ‘yuri’. To be honest, I think it would be pretty impressive if they managed to stay just friends despite their differing sexual orientations. Think of the delicious angst it could cause! <3 Even more succulent and juicy than the chocolate cake.

    • Thedudewhodisagreesandagrees

      Go to hell.

      • MentallyUnstable

        Stop sending peeps to me.

    • pallid

      It’d be super nice if people would stop fetishising gay relationships. I would honestly rather put up with outright hatred for my sexuality than “OMG THATS SO HOT LOL ITS JUST LIKE ONE OF MY ANIMES”

      • Whatsisface

        Thank you for saying this. I always want to say this. So much.
        Fuck everything about yaoi/yuri fangirl types, they’re harder to deal with than bigoted super-religious types.

        • MentallyUnstable

          Just no.

          No one is harder to deal with than a zealot.

          • Xshu

            Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and agree here. Fetishizing gay and lesbian relationships is annoying, but I don’t see any of our brothers and sisters in arms murdered by yaoi fanboys. Outright hatred is way worse than objectification.

      • Reiza

        Putting whack on sense of taste and idealism?
        Yeah, how’s call of duty going?

      • Yaomo

        But the outward perseption of lesbianism is TRULY loving another person. We know that gays are just normal people but the hope of gay love, two people who are willing to try love regardless of physical limitations, warms our hearts.
        With the fucked up actions of humanity it allows us to sleep at night.
        It give us straight people hope for our numb lives!
        And lesbians are of the highest regard.
        If two people are willing to try to make love without penises it shows a astounding amount of arousal.
        We’re human, that’s something to hold in the highest regard!

        • Jack


          This right here: “If two people are willing to try to make love without penises it shows a astounding amount of arousal.”

          This is the most ignorant thing I’ve read in a while. Living in Arizona. In a year where Santorum ran for president.


          • Rik

            How is that ignorant?

          • MentallyUnstable

            I dont get it.

    • _Axel

      Gagarin ?

      • SomeGuy

        Japanese for lesbian

        • seelcudoom

          i thought it meant lily or somthing like that

          • MentallyUnstable

            Just be glad they are not half russian, half jap.

            6 foot tall bearded man with a bottle of vodka named Yuri living in tokyo.


      • Bombzinski

        Gagarin fans on the Internet are the worst!

        • kotekzot

          the fact that there isn’t a significant number of people spending grey afternoons writing gagarin fanfic: proof we aren’t living in the best of all possible worlds.

  • Tubbdawgs

    I’m a gay guy, but for some reason I really, really want Katia and Quill Weave to be lesbians. They’d just be so CUTE together and it’d be such an interesting relationship and I want to see them happy together and ARGH!

    • 300 Wingwangs

      *rolls eyes*

    • cyril

      I’m a gay guy, and for some reason I think you’re being ridiculous.

      Obviously Quill-Weave has something going on with Casta Scribonia, her writer friend from Chorrol.
      Even if Katia were a lesbian, it’s not like she’d want to jeopardize her friendship with Quill-Weave, anyway.

    • SotiCoto

      I’m a necrophiliac and I really want to see Katia and Skeleton in a relationship together.

      … Okok, bein facetious.

      • Salamore

        +1 for out of left field

  • TechUnadept

    *watches arguement while eating popcorn*

    • herpaderp

      indeed my friend indeed

      • Weji

        I came for the popcorn but stayed for the argument.

        • That’s funny because while you were watching the argument TA_ came on the popcorn.

          • TechUnadept

            [chokes on popcorn]

          • Sheogorath

            Lol needs more cheese

          • Salamore

            Haskill no get cheese…Not yet…

  • Felix

    I lol’d hard to this comment.

  • Felix

    100% agreed, I don’t really want to see “stuff happen” <—-(if you know what I mean) but I would like to see them as some sort of couple, they'd be sooooo freakin cute together.

    • Felix

      I keep trying to reply to people comments, but it doesn’t work sad face, I hate this computer ='(

      • Kazerad

        You’re not the first person to have problems replying to comments; it might be some bug I have yet to work out. Don’t blame your poor, innocent machine! (yet)

    • SpazzyHyena

      i mean yea, if it was a relationship and didnt just go sexual instantly, I’d find it really adorable!

  • VideogamePony

    There is larnyx/larynx typo on the Argonian anatomy picture.

    • Kazerad

      Ooh, good catch. Usually I jump right on typos, but might put this off a little since it’s in the image itself and that makes it more annoying to fix. I’m quite surprised I didn’t notice the error though, given it has “nasopharynx” with a properly spelled prefix right above it.

      • Kazerad

        Wow, I mean suffix, not prefix. Me from 9 months ago was such a dumbass.

  • herpaderp

    i got light headed after reading TA_’s comment god i love this story and all the hilarious comments

  • ArtiLove

    Geeeeeeze I love the letter. It is like my thought process put all together. Oh, and I agree, leave the Khajiit to her straight ways. It isn’t necessary

    • MentallyUnstable

      Who said she is straight. Even she doesnt remember half her encounters.

  • Lochcelious

    Or just everyone hush and let the creator tell the story.

    • kizmut

      Normally I’d say: “You must be new here.”

      But look at the dates of our posts.

  • sigfloyd

    I’m guessing Uriel must be having similar dreams about a monstrous Khajit woman chasing him through a dungeon.

  • SplinteredReverence

    Guess I’m the only one who thought the “reptile tits” bit worth not. Lol.

    • SplinteredReverence

      Aww, eff. I meant NOTE*

    • Burgrus of Corgi

      No, you aren’t. I was waiting for someone to comment on this, but everyone seems intent on arguing about shipping.

  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    They could still have a good friendship relation, which maybe could build to a point where the see each other as sisters.
    How about that? Sounds good, does’nt it.
    Cause to me, that might be what Katia and Quill-weave friendship will build up to.

    • Actua

      Thing is with Quill it just seems like there’s something else going on there.Something just a bit more. It’s one of those things I can see building over time, maybe a surprise kiss or else some secret that Katia doesn’t remember. Maybe while she was drunk, Katia kissed Quill-Weave…or vice-versa. See I’m still wondering why exactly she ended up at Quill’s house. There’s something to it anyway.

  • ZStarlight

    lol @ reptile tits

  • Jacob

    I do not know if this is mentioned in any other comment but Argonians have a bit of well… they live two lives. Changing sex at a certian age. This is why the Book sellsman in Cheydinhal is actually a women and called an old man becouse he is going through this change. I hope this helps with understanding Quill Weave.

    • Kazerad

      This doesn’t come up much in the comments because it’s actually an old piece of “fanon”. It first came about from a line in Morrowind that talked about Argonian life-phases, but it got somewhat Jossed when later games/books implied this had more to do with Argonian beliefs about reincarnation. I try to stay as accurate as possible to the lore, which means I back-check a lot of sources on Wiki pages and stuff.

      QW is just a straight-up boring lesbian.

    • creeperbro

      “This is why the Book sellsman in Cheydinhal is actually a women and called an old man becouse he is going through this change.”

      When I read this sentence, Dax from DS9 comes to mind…

  • It’s so “off” to read this for an extended period in the first-person perspective. Refreshing, though, to read something in the second-person.


    About as much rage as I would expect in the comments from a situation like this.

    I personally have no problem with homosexuality and think it would be interesting to say the least if there were even a slight love interest, but then again I am only this far in.

  • Rik

    Am I the only gay person who doesn’t care whether people are into yaoi/yuri or not? Jeez people are annoying in this comment section xD

    • Kazerad

      As a human it is your job to be really upset about everything other people do, and you are failing at that simple task!

  • Tormuse

    Personally, I’d like to see a friendship develop (and nothing else) 😉 between Katia and Quill-Weave for no other reason than the fact that Katia really needs a friend right now!

    Katia’s comments above about not ever having people care about her before and not knowing what it’s like or what’s supposed to happen in a friendship is really sad. 😐 I don’t think it would benefit her to get into a romantic/sexual relationship with anyone, regardless of gender, nearly as much as it would for her to have a friend that she can count on to help her adapt to her new life. I think that would help her character development more than anything else.

    And I really want her to pull through and finally deliver that letter for Quill-Weave and be able to pay QW back for all the kindnesses she’s shown her.

    • zee

      Thanks for being just about the only sane person commenting on this page.

    • Alex

      I don’t ship characters, but I do frequently hope two characters become platonic best friends.

  • CynicalZombie

    Why is everyone freaking out about TM_ saying that weird crap. He’s just one creepy dude, get over it and ignore him.

  • Bewarethecarpenter

    Why is the sword still in the wall; didn’t the orc take that when he left that first morning?

    • BaandarTheInevitable

      im glad somebody else picked up on that, PLOT PARADOX

  • dtlux14

    Not sure if should be streight or Homo, but I am going for second (not trying to be offensive)