Mar 162011

SNeakyRobot wrote:
> Sudden resolve! You will not be railroaded into the despicable life that the narrative seems bent on putting you in! You made zero septims yesterday and you made one septim today, if you continue at this rate you’ll have 28 septims by the end of the week! Find someplace free to sleep for tonight even if it’s just the sidewalk. You’ll show them. You’ll show them all!

ewar wrote:
It’s time to make an investment in becoming a criminal.

Because lets face it you’re a massive failure so you might as well start stealing from successful people.

Vissia wrote:
Pay one Septim for a good hug.
good ofc so that you can pickpocket him while he isn’t looking

You are in no mood for heroics. It’s been a terrible day, and right now all you want to do is bring some little spark of happiness into your otherwise bleak life.

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Water or ale, water or ale… Don’t give up hope yet! Settle for water tonight.

You appreciate the encouragement and promise your next Septim will be toward something productive, but now just isn’t the best time. You’re sorry.

You give the elf your coin and ask for whatever alcoholic drink that can buy. You ask him to water it down a bit, please. You don’t want to get wasted, you just want to drink enough to forget what a failure you are.

You are apprehensive to succumb to your addiction, but you know you’ll feel better afterwards. That’s what matters right now. Maybe tomorrow will be better, if you can renew your spirit.

Maybe if you can bring back that feeling that you can do anything, then quitting again will just be another simple challenge to surmount. Then things will be better. You’ll make sure things are better next time.

You’re sorry.

Bottoms up, you guess.

You fucked up.

  • Smitty

    who else wants a uncensored version XD

    • Ourordinary

      Heyyyy that will work

      • Hurrington of durr

        shush you horny toads, the can unicorn hear you.

    • Lysander

      There’s a mod for that.

    • JaekovKurosaki


      so long as she doesnt mind working for a young male brenton dark brotherhood darkbattlemageassassin with max personality and appeal with a thing for sexy khajiit ladies!

    • Thane

      I DO I DO I DO!!!

  • Samuel

    I’d rather people stopped being creepy about a perfectly nice story. D:

    • Hurrington of durr


      • Chris


        • xwinnor


          • patrick


          • Jackal


          • stupidjellyfish


          • SoPoR SyCoPhAnT


          • Matt Smith

            C-c-c-c-c-combo breaker


          • Gonzoso

            What kind of fun is that?

          • Actua


          • Samuel McAfee

            It seems we’ve come to a disagreement

    • Erik

      People wanting an uncensored version of her is not creepy.

      Grown(?) men that is totally addicted to MLP is though.

      • A Different Crazy Cat

        Oi. Don’t start with that, we don’t need that kind of BS here. This is Oblivion fanfiction.

        Edit: Yes, I am aware I have a pony avatar, please do not comment douchily on it.

        • douche

          Douchy comment about your pony pic.

  • matty406

    Enjoy your Goblin Herpes.

    • Moonwalker

      that’s a Orc, so it would be Orc herpes..

      • chestercat

        That’s an orc with goblin herpes.

        • Zerithos

          Dun dun DUNNNN!!!!!!!!
          Okay enough.

  • BradNeko14

    I haven’t noticed the chair in the ceiling XD

    • Rage Inducer


  • TheChaosBadger

    So I’ve been playing as a female Khajiit in Skyrim and got to the quest called “A Night to Remember”…

    When my character blacked out I was momentarily afraid that this might happen. :3

    • Skelitor

      Omg me too! Same, exactly the same, a female khajiit and “A night to remember’
      Cept i hadnt read this story yet. Now its giving me some ideas. xD

    • Colourtastic

      Oh well I’m not very far in the game but I’m playing as a female Khajiit and now I’m curious and just a tad worried.

      • Kagji

        guy at the grey mare’s bar. ask about a staff. its another “find my shibbledibble” quest, but kinda fun and really funny.

  • eternity08

    Here’s one thats gone uncovered for a very long time Kaz.

    “You are apprehensive to succumb to your addiction”

    • Kazerad

      “To” added! Thanks!

  • tech

    Drink! Feck! Arse! Guys!

  • George

    A big hug????…. poor katia… alcoholism is a cruel destiny…

  • Curse

    I think she got her hug, though she may regret it. She should get paid for it…

  • BlueBelle

    I laughed.
    So hard.
    That last part, xDD

  • That caused a SHOUT of laughter. 😀

  • dumbfurry

    what happened that night…
    caution, you’ve been warned…
    Woah, not appropriate linkins’ there!

  • egg brother

    merchandise on the orc, the fish bowl, the unicorn, HEY SHE CAN SPELL IT NOW!

  • Tygrahof

    lol, Hey, aren’t unicorn horn worth a lot!

  • Reharl

    I enjoy her passive-aggressive preoccupation with her misspelling of “merchandise”. Clever. That ended up being why I read the rest of the comic.

    The unicorn is so ripped, he has ABS on his NECK.

  • Samuel McAfee

    Whats dat green thing on the ground O.o

  • nah

    I just finished the comic and I had to come back to this page because I just got the pun here.

    You see, we later find out the orc’s name is Gharugg Gro-Upp.

    she really fucked Upp

  • Rly unexpected outcome

  • Djinnfest

    Wha… is that a real Unicorn!?
    Aren’t those things dangerous?

  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    Katia and Chemicals

    As the eyeballs leak all over tears of sadness
    You fail to fix the sign
    When you went three sheets into the wind-y
    And all the alcohol was dancing in your brain

    When you did timidly buy dilute
    Because you thought it would help somehow
    And the things that you saw when you woke up
    Inside that house with the broken window pane

    Oh, de-virgined cat please to heed it
    Subconscious messages given in between
    Advice and comfort and some trolling
    Cause I don’t want to see her cry ‘cept tears of joy

    Now the Khajiit seems to wind up in a strange bed
    And the paint unicorn on her left
    Well the Gods, they are obviously speechless
    ‘Cause the up got fucked faster than light.

    Fun fact, Katia could get home before the song ended, if she had a home to get to.

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