Mar 162011

frostedWarlock wrote:
Orc: Be named Up.

MalkyTop wrote:
>Find his-and-her tattoos in an embarrassing area.

Well, he has a tramp stamp but you’ll need to find a mirror if you want to check yourself. I mean, maybe he already had that one when you met him.

Kandel wrote:
Try to find clothing. Then, figure out what that stuff is in the bowl. Cash? Oh yeah, and ride away on the unicorn.

You have no idea where your clothes are. But this appears to be a fishbowl full of peas. Evidently the fish couldn’t breathe peas. They truly are the worst fruit.

You consider riding the unicorn, but to be honest you’d be kind of embarrassed to be seen on it. Are those flames on the side? You are pretty curious what it’s doing here, though.

  • Anon44

    The flames are for making the unicorn go faster.

    Also the abs help it look studly (geddit?).

    • Suraru

      i see what you did thar

    • Peyton Lehew

      “And what’s your scientific basis for thinking that?”
      “I’m twelve”

      – Futurama

  • patrick

    i am sorry, but is this correct?

    “But this is appears to be a fishbowl full of peas.”

    should that ‘is’ be in there? i am probably wrong. it just does not sound right to me.

    • Kazerad

      That is indeed incorrect, and has now been corrected!

      • patrick

        ah, okay. i wasn’t sure because i checked three online grammar checkers and they all came back fine. you lose internet!

  • Kagji

    just noticed her munching on the fish. priceless