Mar 182011

TheBoyd wrote:
> Hey, you’re a decent painter. I guess that goes with the whole penmanship thing. Those are marketable skills!

> Paint some pants and turn that bra into a shirt

Hey, thanks! But you don’t really have enough paint left to do anything more, and really don’t want to invite “catsuit” jokes.

frostedWarlock wrote:
Wrap the tapesty and pin the end with your arm in a way that it looks like a strapless dress. Only ever use your other arm until you can find something to fasten it with.

Doable, except the strapless part.

You hear a door opening downstairs.

frostedWarlock wrote:
Go downstairs and see who it is. Worst case scenario? You’re now a mistress. And even that counts as a paying job.

Someone is coming in. You figure worst case scenario, in your drunken state you inadvertently sought employment as a prostitute. Maybe this is the brothel proprietor returning?-

-Whoops, or not. This woman has some very valid questions about what you’re doing in her house.

  • George
    she`s adorable, if you think, paint clothes is not a bad idea…

  • creeperbro

    Omfg its Keerava before she became a vampire >:o

    Ummm… Keerava’s not a vampire…