Mar 192011

Jacquerel wrote:
Hit her with the book!

I am 70% sure that bows don’t work very well at close range!

Yes… you should be able to use the book to swat her bow out of the way and maybe deflect the arrow if she releases. Then you can threaten her with the shard of glass before she draws another oh gods who are you kidding she has a WEAPON.

Between panicked sobs you attempt to explain that you have no idea how you got here. You had a little bit of ale at the docks and the next thing you know you woke up naked upstairs in bed with an orc you’ve never met and you think you really made a mess of her room and you’re sorry but please don’t kill me. If that orc was her husband you’re also sorry but you admire her progressive thinking on interspecies marriage and also you have very nice scales and please don’t hurt me I’ll do anything.

Woah woah woah she cuts you off.

It’s okay.

She just wanted to make sure you weren’t robbing the place, and she isn’t married to an orc. She admits she feels partially responsible for your predicament, since she was the one who got you that pineapple last night. And it was all pretty much downhill from there, once you did that thing with the yoyo and pineapple. In the town square. In fact, you probably shouldn’t show your face around town for a little while. You’re kind of a big conversation topic right now.

But it’s okay. People won’t remember it forever. In her line of work, she explains, she knows firsthand how quickly you can be forgotten. How did you end up in this town anyway?

You tell her your story, about how you came to Cyrodiil yesterday without any money, thinking you could make friends and get a job and start over from the ground up. But you just messed up everything you tried and at the end of the day you felt so awful that you started drinking again. You’re really sorry and will do whatever you can to pay for the room you trashed.

That’s good, she says. She was already planning to ask if you’d pay for anything you broke. Now, what trade skills do you have and how much damage did you do to the room?

  • adam

    To me this is better than homestuck i love this comic so much…does any one else enjoy this more than homestuck????

    • Jamie

      I do!

      • creeperbro

        Homestuck sucks. This comic rules. 8D

        • homestuck is cool
          and so is prequel both are v chill webcomics
          ACTUALLY prequel is kind of similar to homestuck in a way

        • Eric

          Fuck HomeStuck, go Prequel.

          • Nop

            This is BASED OFF OF HOMESTUCK retard.
            Without Homestuck this wouldn’t exist :I

            Hey! Be nice! -Kaz

          • Alias X Beoulve

            You fuckasses, Homestuck is vastly superior to this very entertaining Hussie-inspired webcomic based on the world of the Elder Scrolls series. You’re only here because you played Elder scrolls and don’t have the patience or intelligence to keep up with the convoluted grand scheme of plot-laden masterpiece that is Homestuck.

  • asdfghjkl

    Homestuck is much better in my opinion but this is cool too.

  • TheWolfandtheRose

    I read homestuck and about half an hour into it I got bored and left. By comparison, this is my 3rd time reading this.

    • Lionax736

      You really have to go farther into that… it gets really good. I like these both though :p

      • Alias X Beoulve

        It REALLY isn’t hard to get into Homestuck. If you give up before Act 3, you’re a waste and should feel bad for even BEING here.

  • ronin1337

    Why would be one be inferior to the other? Both Homestuck and Prequel are great comics on their own right! This is just sily.

    • Erik


  • A Different Crazy Cat

    Why do people feel the incessant need to compare things…?

    All these people bitching about Prequel or Homestuck being better has thoroughly put me off of Homestuck. Thanks very much.

    • Alias X Beoulve

      Then you’re a fucking retard obviously who doesn’t deserve the glori– Wait I’m sorry I didn’t mean it please come back and read Homestuck it’s so much better because it actually has a point and ideas rather than solely focusing on humor.

    • Peter

      I’d like to apologize for the shitty, useless argument brought on by my fellow homestuck fans. It seems some of us just can’t help but feel like it’s superior because this was based off of it, I just started reading this an I have to say, compared to the earlier stages of homestuck, this is much easier to get into. Despite the incendiary comments, I think you should give it a shot, though that is for you to decide.

      • Terezi

        So true <3

  • Tigersong

    Okay, who or what is Homestuck?

    • Kazerad

      Homestuck is a webcomic that established the idea of using large-scale sprites and gif animations with a command-line format. Prequel has a lot of homages to Homestuck and draws most of its stylistic cues from Homestuck’s art direction.

      It’s a pretty good read, if you have a spare three months to dedicate to it.

  • She should have sell her that unicorn

  • Because Why Shouldn’t Name

    … Am I the only one REALLY interested in what happened with that yoyo and the pineapple?