Mar 252011

chimericWilder wrote:
Big-eyes-cutie-face, go.

Then, quickly reach for the potion and drink it while he is distracted.

Okay but you’re KIND OF flipping out here. This guy is waving a fucking SWORD in your face and acting like you’re supposed to be all calm and businesswomanly about this and to make matters worse you’re about to try to outsmart him or something.

You tell him okay, you are reaching into your bag to get the money. The money that you’re going to give to him. You put on your best kitten-eyes, trying to either distract him from your potion or make him feel sympathy. Heck, you’re kind of hoping for about any effect at all here.

Gharug doesn’t seem all that fazed by it. What’s that sticking out of your bag? Is that a potion of invisibility? Those are expensive. They also make you so hard to see.

Luckily, he always keeps a magic scroll of Detect Life packed between his angular, rock-hard abs. Do you know how handy this is when someone tries to hide? It’s incredibly handy. That’s the answer.

So let’s not start bringing our magic crap into this, Apricot.

acerbicAves wrote:
> Reach into your bag as if to retrieve your money, throw all those plants you picked up into Captain Jerkface’s stupid jerky face then ruuuuuuuuuuun

Plagorath wrote:
> Use the Eye of Fear.

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Katia: ‘Drop’ sack of items in surprise. Hope that the potion of invisibility broke and has covered most of your items. Give Gharug any items that didn’t get covered and really hope you don’t get raped here.

MayorSillyBiscuits wrote:
Seduce him in order to distract him!

Rune wrote:
Break down crying, rubbing your Poison Ivy hands all over him.

You don’t exactly operate well under pressure. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, you try to execute every fallback plan at once.

Suffice to say, none of them are very effective.

Gharug is getting tired of this though. He has other meetings to get to. He tells you to get down on the ground or else he’ll just lop your head off and call it a day.

  • lugosh
    • Kazerad

      Ooh, good catch. Fixed, thanks.

  • Cassandra

    -_- Good for you…

  • anon

    Minor malapropism: “fazed”, not “phased”.

    • Kazerad

      Huh, I never even knew “fazed” was a proper spelling! Fixed now, hopefully never to be repeated.

      • Anonymous

        Hardly anyone seems to know this. But now you do, and can surprise everyone who makes the same error!

        It’s a magical gift.

  • George

    poor katia

  • Wow, wow, wow! XD

  • Vicky

    I lost it at the last panel.

    My sides omg I’m dying. XD

  • ronin1337

    Poor Katia is life is so miserable, that bringing about the end of the world would be a huge improvement in her life. And I suppose her life only going to get worse from this point.