Mar 302011

Wessolf27 wrote:
Katia: Realize your latent pyrokinesis.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
(Oh, and check that SICK FIRE you made… Perhaps you have some kind of hidden power… who knows? ๐Ÿ˜› )

Latent pyrokinesis? Hidden powers? Cripes.

Listen, if you had something like that, you would’ve figured it out by now. It’s not like you’ve never met a wizard, or have never read a book about how some down-to-earth peasant suddenly discovered their latent mystical abilities. When you were younger you even went through a phase where you really really tried to learn how to use magic.

But it just didn’t happen. Even the wizards didn’t sense any significant amount of Magicka in you. So you looked at everything you had seen in wizards and everything you had seen in yourself and concluded that the difference was beards. The only other explanation you can think of is that there’s just something wrong with you. So beards it is, and you try not to think about the alternative too hard.

Seriously now, you’re quite sure those fires aren’t magic. They’re just… a thing. That’s probably not your fault. Anyone with half a mind could tell that.

You have more pressing matters to deal with at the moment.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
FIRST: Build a weapon – it’s not that difficult, even monkeys can do it xD : grab your broomstick pole and a shard of glass. Crack the tip of the stick, so you can get to halves between which you can insert a shard (or two, three shards, who cares!) of your glass, just like a machete. To turn it more sturdy, wrap the shard arround the pole with a vine or one of the laces of your outfit – there, you have a deadly weapon, not very difficult to use, just wave it arround and you’ll eventually hit something or someone pretty bad, cuts, bruises, that kind of stuff.

SECOND: Gather some rocks, or pieces of debry to throw – this could be vital when it comes to making swift runs for your life: with this you can distract your opponent long enough to disappear… Can… you do that?… o_รต

THIRD: Try to find something you can use as a shield. Those often come in handy, specially in ancient ruins full of traps and critters.

FOURTH: Grab a vine. If you fall in a pit, you can use one to get out.

Schazer wrote:
if you are good at climbing trees then that’s the easiest way to investigate without approaching potential danger.

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(Music credit: Lorena McKennitt – Mystic’s Dream)

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    Nice Flash! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • SoPoR SyCoPhAnT

      Half way through it I was thinking: “I wonder if it will have the Home Stuck flash arrow to tell me that it is done…”

      The arrow pops… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • AlishaShatogi


    “The Mystic’s Dream” is by Loreena McKennitt, from the album The Mask & The Mirror.

    Unless what you used is a cover. Sounds like the original, though.

    Btw, really enjoying this. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Kazerad

      Ooh, good catch. Looks like I accidentally put the album’s name instead of the artist. Fixed, and thanks.

  • FaceBread

    Wow! I was just expecting an explanation on why Kat couldn’t do all those things! haha. I really love this comic…

  • FancyPantsxD

    It really kills me to see Flash animations. I don’t own a laptop, so the majority of my web comic reading is on my iPod; which, unfortunately, doesn’t support Flash. There goes my chance of reading this comic.

    • You this read wrong.

      In right there with ya on that one.

      • Kazerad

        Curse you, Apple, costing me readers with your failure to support one of the most popular browser plugins D:

        • SplinteredReverence

          I’m viewing this from an iDevice as well. But regardless of Apple’s inability to sustain Flash on a portable, I’m too damned hooked to quit.

          • Silphias

            My laptop is just poop, so I can’t view the flash animations either – I really wish these would be uploaded on Youtube or something.

  • George

    very nice with the link =)

  • First comment posted, though many of my reactions have been expressed by others.

    But charm of the comic aside, that o_รต emoticon is great.

  • gf

    oh y god is this story creepy

    seriously its like some kind of fucking fear and failure fetish novel

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  • Tygrahof

    Grab the power and flee!!

  • Erik

    Dat flash!

  • manarim

    Dat flash. Dat’s pretty awesome.

    Also, you are an expert at plumbing the depths of low self-esteem. Some of that stuff is like, OW.

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  • Salamore0

    Ayleid magicka well! ^^