Apr 012011

Armok wrote:
> use those melon sized things in your head and determine what that is!

Well, it’s obviously a sparkly-shiny-magic-thing. You don’t know too much about ancient cultures, but you can tell from the pretentious, swirly architecture that these ruins were built by some kind of elf. They also look pretty damn ancient. This fixture seems just as old as the rest of the ruins, yet a steady stream of misty blue flame continues to gush forth from this opening. It’s actually quite pretty.

You’re not sure if you are supposed to touch it.

Zaffa wrote:
Doesn’t seem to be anything around. Looks like it’s fire-poking time.

You’re not sure if you were supposed to have touched it.

ViniVidiVici wrote:
Katia: You should first inspect the dungeon entrance, and let the Well be – for now. Cut the vines with the machete and use your nightvision to take a look inside.

Yeah, you’re on a time limit here. You pat your fur flat again and head down the hill to inspect the old stone door.

You quickly discover your machete is a cheap piece of shit. To be honest you’re not even sure it’s a machete. Whatever it is, it can’t cut these damn vines. You settle for just pushing them aside.

  • Zerp

    Woah, she actually looks kinda badass in that last panel

    • SplinteredReverence

      I believe the word you’re looking for is “very” as in “very badass”.

      • creeperbro


  • Last panel=Win

  • Whiteshadow467

    Man what’s with all the elf hating in here I mean shit no race in TES is any better than the others there’s o need to propagate the hate…

    • Edmond Dantés

      I feel that this is simply a bias of Katia rather than a bias (or hate) of the author. It could be both but imagining it as a character bias than an author bias gives katia a little more depth (there’s probably a good reason why she doesn’t like elves and thinks they are pretentious) which can later lead to backstory as opposed to simply being bigotry.
      Also all the races of the TES universe don’t get along and they each have their own biases, good and bad, towards each other.

      • manarim

        B… but bigotry is so much more fun.

  • egg brother

    i feel this outfit looks better without the string

  • Gordion

    If you think about it, this is extremely impressive. Level 1 and she already has a glass axe! *BA-DUM-TSS!*

  • palindromia

    so is she right-handed or left-handed? all the way up to the third panel she seems left-handed and then in the fourth panel she’s right-handed! WHY MUST YOU PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS! also she looks badass in the last panel.

    • kizmut

      She gave up on utilizing the “machete”