Mar 142011

Vissia wrote:
wait wait wait THATS IT! ask the nice guard men if there are any open slots for guard duty! you will most likely be given gear , a guard’s cabin, money, and prolly food! and ofc stay whit the guard , honestly he is the only friendly face you have seen in this damn town , make a huge cute/adorable cat eyes if he refuses to give you info. :3

After spending the last several hours cowering behind the guard, you decide that this is an opportune moment to inquire as to whether you can join the city watch. You explain that you don’t have any experience and have never held a weapon in your life but you have a willingness to learn new things and will work very hard. One day, you say, you will be the best guard. What do you think?

The guard looks at you with a troubled, uncomfortable glare, like that of a man who must explain to his paraplegic daughter that her dreams of becoming a ballerina will never come true. He struggles to find the softest words, some gentle way to let you know that you’re not exactly what they want in a guard. You’re scrawny and unintimidating; nobody would ever say “hey, you should consider joining the guard”. They just don’t need you.

Your astute senses pick up on his internal struggle. It is time to up the ante.

Maybe you could be a guard, he says. Usually guards are tough and brave but sometimes there are exceptions, perhaps? If you work hard enough you can accomplish your dreams, whatever they are.

He doesn’t have the authority to accept you into the guard, though. You’ll have to go to the castle and speak to the Countess.

Suddenly becoming a guard doesn’t sound like such a great idea.

Kandel wrote:
Promptly meow to the gaurd, and awkwardly shuffle to the general store, trying to hide the fact that you are so scared and your eyes are the size of dinnerplates and you really need a litterbox.

You don’t really want to invite any cat jokes. You don’t know if your fragile ego can take it right now. May as well check out that store, though.

You enter the store with the terrible sign.

The owner welcomes you to Lelles’ Quality Merchandise. He invites you to look around, and offers to answer any questions you might have.

  • Tom

    Ask the owner if he needs any help from a maid.

  • Actua

    She has got to have fire powers cause that smolder is friggin deadly.

  • Tormuse

    I’m re-reading this comic for fun and I’m surprised that no one has commented on the fact that the third panel is just the cutest thing ever! 😀 (as of this point in the comic, of course) 😉

  • Ano

    Rather, Homestuck-Like…
    don’t you think?

  • lolzawsomness

    i think this is weird ._.