Apr 232011

Whew, at least it looks like you guys didn’t wreck her hallw-

CranialHeartache wrote:
You are such a huge disappointment I have never been so disappointed in my life stop being a scaredy cat and face her


Okay, this cat pun thing is getting out of hand. You’ve got to find someone who can help you with this.

You’re right, though. Sneaking out would just be cowardly after everything she’s done for you. Time to do this.

Solifuge wrote:
Don’t run from your one (maybe still) friend.

You find her in the kitchen. You totally could’ve snuck out without any problems if you had tried.

Too late now, anyway.


Hey, you say.

Hey, she says back.

You kind of messed up, you explain. In fact you messed up pretty damn hard. You’re really sorry and you understand that she’s probably really mad at you. If she wants, you’ll just leave right now and never come back. You’d understand.

Quill-Weave tells you she is mad, yes. But she also wants to know what happened.

You divulge the whole story. You tell her about how Gharug gave you money to hire a repair man and you didn’t tell her because you wanted it to be a surprise, and how it turned out to be a trick and Gharug threatened to kill you and took all your stuff. You were really sad and cried a little but you kept going toward Kvatch, because you didn’t want to let anyone down more than you had to, but then you saw some ruins and thought maybe you could find something valuable in there so you could still buy the new book. And you did find something valuable, but then there were also monsters and you accidentally set some stuff on fire and the place collapsed and you broke everything you found and in the end you were so sad and confused that all you could think to do was drink.

You don’t know what happened after that but it evidently involved having drunken sex with a necromancer and maybe a skeleton. Somewhere in there you even lost the nice clothes she bought you.

It was all your fault, and you’re sorry. You should’ve told her about the repair man, or followed her advice and stayed on the road. Everything that went wrong was because you kept trying to do a good job and failing. Maybe you’re just worthless.

Quill-Weave says she is still disappointed in you. You made mistakes that could have been avoided if you had played your cards better, and you gave up when things got too hard. But you’re not worthless.

You have aspirations. You really want to make your life into something better. Something significant. You might not be worth much now, but you’re also not satisfied with who you are.

Sure, you’ve done nothing but screw up, but your intentions were good. Everything you did was because you wanted to help make things better. You failed, but at least you tried and that damn well counts for something.

You ask if this means she’ll give you a second chance. Maybe you can still get that letter to Kvatch. You’ll be carefuller this time. You can prove to her that you can be different.

Quill-Weave admits she is apprehensive. She isn’t just giving you work out of pity. She really needs things done, and she really wants you to repay her for the damaged room. While she recognizes you are enthusiastic to help, you still haven’t shown much success. Employing you is risky.

She has to think about this. It’s not a decision that can be made on a whim. Maybe you could just… come back a little later, after she’s had time to think about it? If you can find someone in town who is willing to employ you instead, that would probably be better. Feel free to borrow the sheet until she has a chance to get you a proper shirt.

You ask if she forgives you. She’s the closest thing you have to a friend, you explain. And you really need a friend right now.

She has to think about it.

You try your best to smile as you offer her the chocolates the necromancer gave you.

This certainly puts you closer to being forgiven, she says, but she still needs time to deliberate. Maybe reconvene in an hour or two? You agree, and say a quick goodbye.

You guess that went better than you were expecting. She doesn’t hate you, but thinking about how much you let her down still puts a knot in your stomach. At least what’s done is done; you’ve confronted her and told the truth about everything. You just wish you could feel better about it.

StoneWera wrote:
Turn that blanket into a cape before anything else.

Well okay this actually makes you feel a little better. You look ridiculous, though.

  • Nick

    Ok, so real talk…

    When Quill-Weave held up the book of Katia’s drunken ramblings that said “Katia is the best wizard and has all the magics! Everyone loves her and she never has to be a stupid worthless whore!” I honestly teared up a little. That is so… sad. God, i just want to hug her so bad.

    • Ninjamaster_255

      me too i really hope things start coming together for her soon

      • SplinteredReverence

        It really is tear-jerking to see that innermost desire displayed in such a childish way. Throws a lot more impact behind it as it bares an air of innocence in a very mature situation.

        • Jacob English


          • Jacob English


    • Tormuse

      This, so much this.

      • WaveDash

        Well it’s not that sad, I mean, she illustrated herself with a pretty sick beard. I think. Yeah, she can’t draw well either.

  • Jeiluifang

    Should have made that sheet into a toga.

  • Johnny the Hedgehog

    So… When we make cat puns, fire spreads… Maybe we can control where the fire will burst?

  • Worm Anchorite

    She gave away the chocolates. She just gave away the chocolates…

  • NoDanaOnlyZul

    what the fuck is with MERCHANDISE written on everything?

    • Tormuse

      Near the beginning of the story, she lost a lot of money by misspelling the word “Merchandise.” I guess it’s made her a bit obsessed with showing she can get it right.

      And on an unrelated note, I’d guess from your username that you like to sleep above the covers, amIright? 😉

  • Drey97

    I think she was practicing how to write ” merchandise”

    the word is written in the top of the right page of the book

  • Uknown

    Hey kaz katias nose is green in some of the panels

  • Bewarethecarpenter

    How the ****** does Katia keep ending up in Quill-Weave’s house? how did it even happen the first time? At the beginning I assumed that the orc was some kind of border renting a room or something, but when two drunk people wake up together, I’d suspect they’re in one of their houses, or the house of someone one of them knows, and to have it happen twice in two days, both times crashing the same stranger’s house?

  • flyingtoast

    Why does Katias tear turn orange?

  • MentallyUnstable

    I would have refused to look at her.

    But given her a hug. Sat her down at the table with a plate of food and went and got her some new clothes.

    I don’t care that she screws up, whats pisses me off is that she give up as well. And id make sure she knew that.

    I still love her, but I am very disappointed in her. That probably what her family feels too.

  • dtlux14

    It’s sad. I like this, but it is really sad.

  • Djinnfest

    Passive Ability: Inferno
    Errant thoughts ignite nearby flammable objects to provide light and boost the power of Fire-type moves.