Apr 242011

Rufus wrote:
Go to the fighters guild. You’re a cat, it should be easy to kill some rats.

Okay, have you ever actually SEEN a Cyrodilic rat?

You saw one once at a travelling circus. They had it fighting an alligator.

The rat lost, but it was still pretty terrifying. Basically, if someone is willing to hire trained fighters to kill something, it’s something untrained people should avoid.

… actually, maybe they were just feeding that alligator. You were like six when you saw it. But your point about hiring trained fighters stands.

Aelyrin wrote:
That’s the spirit.
However, you might want to wrap it up into some kind of short toga.

Yeah, you’re fond of this cape but you should probably make some effort to actually cover your breasts.

How’s this?

  • Doxyc

    ADORABLE! <3

  • Jeiluifang


  • GentleCorgy’s#7COMBO

    Your bringing the toga back into style! 🙂

    • Brandik

      I’m sorry, I just honk that spelling is important to prevent English from bastardizing into unreadability

      • Pedant


        Ahem. *think, unreadability.

      • Tormuse

        I also frequently honk about these things.

      • MentallyUnstable


        What they ^ said.

  • Erik

    No moar boobies?! What blasphemy is this?!!

  • Khajiit

    katia i feel sorry for you because well having dry paint pasted to your breasts and private area that must suck

  • kizmut


  • Thane

    DOSE EYES THO (OMG so cute, so cute)

  • Djinnfest

    Actually a pretty good combo with the crimson trousers.