May 272011

GeneralMister wrote:
Well, it looks like you have a better grasp on reality now. You’re thinking logically. Logic can sometimes help overcome fear.

Dermonster wrote:
…so what? Your drinking Water. Your looking, honestly, much, much better, and the countess has been kinda neutral, but positively neutral. You just got through a bit of small talk, and even if you were imagining her to be a card, it was still her. It’s fine.

Okay, before you completely flip out you’re going to try to be logical about this.

You were doing alright just a moment ago, and technically nothing has changed since then. You were in a castle, eating with a countess, not panicking at all, and you were fine. You can keep doing that, and you’ll keep being fine. The Countess isn’t even that scary.

And sure, all the drinks here make you a little uneasy, but as long as you only drink from your own glass you should be fine. And if you absolutely have to grab someone else’s glass for some inconceivable reason, you’ll just grab Quill-Weave’s. You are certain that action would have no negative ramifications whatsoever, other than being a little rude.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
…Also now that you’ve stopped maintaining that admittedly impressive delusion, could you answer a question for me? I mean I thought that it was your recurring nightmare which caused your phobia of royalty, but what you told me about your childhood makes me a bit suspicious.
I mean, sure that dream would greatly exacerbate a fear of royalty to almost-crippling levels, but it wouldn’t create that fear.
From what I understand the king in your dreams doesn’t actually do anything threatening or harmful towards you, and was in fact just kind of standing there.
I submit to you that you would only find the dream terrifying (instead of boring, or at most uncomfortable) if you were already at least somewhat afraid of royalty in the first place.

It’s an uncomfortable topic, but what the hell, you’ll explain.

The nightmares did come first.

At least, that’s all you could ever figure. You don’t know why it happened; you lived in a noble’s castle, but you had never actually met a king – or even seen one! But when you were about four, the nightmares started.

Every night it was the same thing: just you and the king. When you tried to be brave – when you could look him in the face and think it’s just a king, the dreams got scarier. He got twisted, fanged, and gnarled. Night after night, it became the same choice: be afraid of the king, or have reason to be afraid of the king. You swear you tried to be the bravest goddamn toddler there was and it only made things worse. Soon even the castle itself scared you. You couldn’t function. You couldn’t get out of bed, you couldn’t even open your eyes. Royalty and anything associated with it had become terrifying to you, and you never understood why.

So your family moved. The transition from castle workers to farmers wasn’t easy for them, and they always let you know it was your fault.

You wish you had some reason. As horrible as it sounds, you wish you had some teary, traumatic childhood story where you were sexually abused by a king or something. But there just wasn’t anything like that. No good reason for you to have your phobia. It just came out of nowhere and everyone else had to accommodate it. Just another instance of you ruining everything.

Hopefully that answers the question.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
And hey, your robe is lovely and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And besides, Baeralorn, Orrin and of course Quill-Weave are all dressed quite modestly as well, so I’m vetoing you feeling ashamed of your clothes if the only people dressed better than you are the countess and her steward.

Okay, you admit you were probably a bit hasty with that “everyone is better dressed than you” remark. Thanks for the compliment, anyway. It means a lot.

And yeah, you’re pretty sure the Countess knows you were the one who did that pineapple performance. You guess it’s pretty cool that she seems to be playing along with the lies regardless.

McFrugal wrote:
How’s the salad?

It’s pretty good! But it looks like everyone else finished while you were spacing out.

Quill-Weave is busy saying something about how it was a one time trip to Chorrol to exchange writing tips with a colleague.

It sounds like you just missed an amazing conversation.

  • Zerp

    Lizard people (or whatever Quill-weave is, I’m not trying to be racist) can blush? I mean, a blush is basically extra blood in the capillaries of your cheeks, right? But reptiles have cold blood, and scales, so… does that even work? Also, noooo, we want to hear that story she missed. What MADE Quill-weave blush?

    • Cassandra

      We have a talking cat, elves, and magic. Surely a blushing argonian isn’t that weird.

      • CaspianRoach

        She’s not a cat, she’s a Khajiit!

        • dtlux14

          Cat, Khajiit, same thing. Though, I didn’t even know what a Khajiit was 3 days ago…

    • SplinteredReverence

      Try clearly expressing embarrassment through a character in a still image. Been there and trust me, there’s nothing that feels as natural and/or relatable as rosey cheeks.

    • Kagji

      actually, Argonians have been specified to have warm blood. in one of the in-game books it says “Argonians, the warm-blooded humanoid reptilians native to the province Blackmarsh…”

      • SotiCoto

        Argonians are practically plants.
        A difficult concept to explain… but they don’t just come from Blackmarsh, so much as they’re extensions OF Blackmarsh.

        Its weird… so I won’t bother.

        Also they’re scum… for what they do many years AFTER this story.


    • MrXler

      As long as the blood pressure is strong enough the scales are stretched and become thin enough to let the blood vessels below being visible.

  • NoriMori

    Their blood itsef isn’t cold, that’s just a term for animals that don’t generate their own body heat, needing to rely on environmental heat sources. But regardless, I’m pretty sure real lizards can’t blush. But then again they don’t talk, either, or walk on their hind legs. So…yeah.

    • ApocalypticCritic

      Plus, I’m pretty sure Argonians are mammals. They have breasts, after all.

      • Yep. Also, these magical Khajit cat-women have only one pair of breasts instead of like 6 or 8 or whatever. Which, while that would allow for equipping several magical bras, would look immediately ridiculous.

      • benenator

        As far as I’m concerned, only the Morrowind-style Argonians are canon. They don’t have mammaries. ^_^

        • SFLegend

          There have been five main elder scrolls games, and only the third one had titless argonian females. Therefore that’s the only version which is canon?

          • Woundedkneecap

            Morrowind was the odd one out as far as all the games go, the only reason people revert to it as the baseline of lore is because the lore was just so deep.

            People will fight over their lizard tits, it’s the only (il)logical thing to do.

      • Spatzist

        They also lay eggs, which isn’t a very mammal-y thing to do. Personally, I’d just put them down as ‘confusing’, and call it a day.

        • Antaeus

          One word: Platypus.

          • Elzipper7

            One word: Australia.

    • Greg

      Check out the species of lizard known as the “green anole”. It has a dewlap that can be extended and becomes flushed bright red with blood.

      Green anole, dewlap extended

    • Ponty

      just a note lizards don’t generally walk on hind legs, that doesn’t mean they can’t. Watch a frilled neck lizard charge a predator and you’ll know what I mean.

  • RedRockRun

    I’m sure this is unintentional on your part, but I have an ad hoc explanation.

    The king with the red diamond on his chest could easily be Pelinal Whitestrake, as seen in Knights of the Nine. Historically he was both a valiant crusader and also a murderous madman with crazy power. He was a spirit taken the shape of a man however, and one of his odd characteristics was a diamond-shaped hole in his chest that radiated light.

    The dream could have been mystical in nature, possibly a message that she was bound for greatness, but as a child, the vision scared her creating a phobia.

    • djw175

      That’s am interesting theory, but it’s unlikely. That “king” appears to be an emperor of some sort. The diamond is likely the Amulet of Kings. You can just make out that he’s wearing an Emperor’s Robe. What interests me is the detail. While anyone in Cyrodil likely knows about the Amulet and the Robe, would someone who lived in Hammerfell, especially a four year old?

  • Someone Somewhere

    “But you when you were about…”

    I think that first “you” isn’t suppose to be there.

    My idea on the dream is that, because of the pendent it was the dude you meet in the jail cell when you start the game. Heck, it even looked like the jail cell when we first saw the scene. My guess? Dagon is trying to mess with her to prevent her from actually fulfilling her “free-to-write” destiny. Deadrea can reasonably do this, I’m pretty sure Azura does it with her followers all the time, if I remember. Seems up his alley anyway.

    • Kazerad

      Ooh, thanks, typo corrected.

  • Flodos

    “pretty in a wierd cat way” i have just got a new favourite compliment! :3

  • sigfloyd

    It’s a bit of a stretch, but the king in Katia’s nightmare does look kind of like Jyggylag wearing the Amulet of Kings. That dream kind of hits two birds with one stone.

  • George
    she looks pretty when she blushes =)

    • creeperbro


      • creeperbro


  • Is it just me or does the evil king in the first pictures look a lot like the Underking?

  • Uknown

    That gem… its so pretty!

  • woah

    wow she actually sounded like a real person here

  • dtlux14

    I want to hear that story…

  • fredsite

    “weird cat way”? why does being a cat make that weird?

    i am really behind (especially considering i just started reading this today and it seems as if this has been running for a good 3 years now).

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