Jun 262011

epoxy wrote:
> It must be your birthday. The guests must be hiding because it’s a surprise party.

Who could be throwing you such a party? Why, your childhood friends, of course! Barry, Hannibal, Orrin, Dairihill, Matt, and the rest of the gang! you’ve known them for years. A surprise party is just the sort of trick old Lelles would pull. What a cut-up.

They’ll probably come barging in any moment. Orrin will probably be carrying a big armload of presents and dramatically throw them down in the middle of the room.

Uh-oh… what if they’re dressed better than you? It would be embarrassing if you were the only one naked. Maybe it’s an underwear party.

And you hope Gharug doesn’t show up. He got drunk and made a complete ass of himself at Quill-Weave’s wedding, and things have been really awkward with him ever since.

Martusino wrote:
Take off the necklace and practice your fire magic on the candles!

Fakeimposter wrote:
Katia imagine some clothes for yourself!

Doomkiwi wrote:
>Do not touch the cake, it’s on the floor, that’s unsanitary.

TheFinalWraith wrote:
Make a wish and blow out the candles.

  • Suraru

    i just love how she flips off doomkiwi

    • tech

      yeah, that would be my reaction too.

    • Oh, thought it was a small knife (scalpel?). Or maybe her lockpick…for whatever raisin.

      • kizmut

        CURSE you for putting Futurama in my head now.

  • matty406


  • Moonwalker

    evil king in background, and now we know why they assassinated him, they knew of his eviiiiilll lschemes!

  • NoriMori

    Aw shit that’s the king isn’t it?

    Omg I lol’d so hard at her giving the finger. XD

  • Somebody

    Nectarine? You are too grand.

    • Chainsauce

      Ahahaha, I guess I’m not the only one to notice it was a colovian fur helm!

      • Kenneth

        Nope. You’re not the only one. I had a good laugh at that.

        • M’aiq the Lier

          M’aiq longs for a Colovian Fur Helm. Practical, yet stylish. M’aiq is very sad he does not have one.

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

    a WHITE colovian fur helm, no less! Moon sugar, anyone?

    • Nameloc

      I’d love some!

      • creeperbro


        • Uncle Sweetshare

          He he! Ha ho! To the workshop he will go!

          My Uncle’s candy is so sweet! It’s such a yummy winter’s treat! When the sugar is warmed by the pale hearth light The happiness spreads throughout the night!

          He he! Ha ho! To the workshop he will go!

          Uncle Sweetshare is coming near To spread his candy and his cheer! It’s better than trinkets, games or toys So say all the little girls and boys!

          He he! Ha ho! To the workshop he will go!

          Candy, candy — he makes so much! Uncle Sweetshare has a magic touch! So it’s back to the workshop in the snow! With lovely lanterns all aglow!

          He he! Ha ho! He he he ha ha ho!

  • SplinteredReverence

    I have fan art that I’ve made on my iPhone, but I’m not sure how to get it to you. I tried to email you but apparently it failed.

    • Kazerad

      I didn’t get any emails with fanart, no =o. You can try again if you’d like: my primary email is [email protected]

  • ZStarlight

    Oh, god, that scared the shit out off me…

    I just hope you’re happy by torturing us all the time… God, how I love you and hate you at the same time….

  • Cicero

    Colovin fur helm?…. M’aiq the Liar reference?

  • zes


  • Worm Anchorite

    “M’aiq longs for a Colovian Fur Helm. Practical, yet stylish. M’aiq is very sad he does not have one…”

  • Tormuse

    These people talking about seeing a picture of a king here make me feel like I’m missing something; Maybe it’s just my monitor, but I don’t see anything. 🙁

    • zee

      He appears on the left side after the candles are blown out.

  • Blackie

    That’s a great surprise.

  • dtlux14

    Oh, fire magic in a dream after taking off the amulet? Hope you didn’t set the bed (and house) on fire. If you did, hope some stuff still works.