Sep 172012

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Ch’marr – javascript zombie

  • Neuronyx


    That happened.

    • Evil Argonian

      By the Divines…

      • creeperbro

        best name ever

    • Skuggi


  • stupidjellyfish


    -Rolling Stones Magazine

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    My my! And what are those lovely notes that were resting on your body / face?

    • Ch’marr

      Notes? These are just some minor scales!

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        Considering how small they were, I thought they were diminished.

        • Octane

          Oh, give it a rest.

          • wolf

            Watch your tone, octy.

          • I wonder if she’s in treble

          • Kestrel

            She should take careful measure of the situation.

          • Sixaxis

            She’ll be okay, the fire was just accidental.

          • Supercheese

            Gentlemen, gentlemen, stop compounding the situation, or the fines will increase from double to triple.

          • OldSchoolRPGDude

            No need to take such a sharp tone. We’re all just concerned that our heroine is in major trouble.

          • Alceister

            Hm… I dunno about that.

            What do we know of Cyrodiilic law that we can bass our assumptions upon? For all we know, she could be arrested and thrown into the Imperial Prison.

          • “A Major” Annoyance

            C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER (or is it?)

          • OldSchoolRPGDude

            Katia’s powers are reaching a crescendo! Let’s see if she burns Kvatch flat.

          • NoriMori

            Today, after reading this for the third or fourth time, I finally understood how the first comment led to music puns. I didn’t understand that the second post was referring to musical scales, or that they were interpreting the first comment as referring to musical notes, so the progression into more obvious puns was confusing for me.

            And now…let’s see if Katia can get a HANDEL on the situation and get BACH into action.

          • Anonymous

            Wait. Don’t horrible horrible puns make her cast spells?

          • TreeScaled

            Someone didn’t think this through.

          • This could be trebble.

          • Curtisimo

            If cat puns make her start fire and fish puns let her flip stuff over, what kind of tubabule powers will be unleashed now?
            I’m not proud of that, but couldn’t think of anything better.

      • Ch’marr

        By the 4/4s, what have I created?

        • SaeédNiitsévia

          A rather melodious composition of musical elements, which made my day might I add.

        • NoriMori

          Wow…only just clued in that it was YOU who started all this… XD

          • Ch’marr

            I am immensely proud of my class of incorrigible punsters. They have surpassed their master!

            Let us incorrige them further!

      • Goldcat99

        Dude what are they realy?

    • Music-chan

      You are all AWESOME.

      • NoriMori

        Aren’t they? 🙂

  • dude

    Me before getting to bottom of page:YES!

    Me After:WTF!?

  • cyc

    katia, yer a wiz–err mage

    • The Whicher

      a Wizz-Air mage?
      That explains everything!

  • avy D

    well at least you’re alive.

  • Fox Eternal

    Oh, YES!Thank you for te new~ page!
    …Is that…Money I see?In a little pouch?

    • Jirky-Kake

      With Katia’s luck. Hell no.

    • DoctorHam

      It’s probably a pair of goat’s testicles intended as a threat. …or as candy.

    • Artemis

      Someone planted moon sugar on her, and the papers are letters from her skooma dealer.

  • M

    Katia’s alive!

    And the chapel does NOT seem to be besieged by Daedra, even though she’s in Kvatch!

    Except… now I wonder about the significance of that nightmare. It seemed to communicate now.

  • Zennmaster

    By the nine, Katia’s alive! I thought that would be the end to our great Khajiit.

  • Shinden

    Christ…anyone noticed that she…deteriorates while on fire? That is just plain alarming.

    • That other guy

      Studies show that having your flesh burned away can lead to your flesh burning away.

      • Shinden

        I am well educated in these learnings but I am speaking in a webcomic perspective. Like…the flesh burning from her bones was actually drawn for us to seeeeee

    • Marvelous TK

      I… didn’t notice that. I’m uncertain whether to thank you for bringing another level of detail to my attention, or hate you forever. I’m sort of leaning towards the second though.

      • Kelsier03

        Same here. The effect was amazingly cool and incredibly disturbing at the same time.

  • Useful Dave

    Now that’s certainly one way to wake everyone up and keep the division between dream and reality. Notice how the communicating King still managed to stab Katia before the dream ended though?

    Also pouch and notes, lots of notes. Dream scribblings or helpful Martin?

  • Niall

    I’m so damn impressed. Every time a new update comes round. Every damn time.

  • Atosen

    And now I’ve caught up.

    New favourite comic? New favourite comic.

  • Novago


  • Mike

    Whoa so, this thing’s still going on? Thought I’d stumbled upon some long finished piece of awesome.

    • NoriMori

      Surpriiiiise! 🙂

  • Bladix

    “ill be back later” thats a nice though XD lol i think that voice wasn’t that…thing after all 😀 that’s good

  • Nunnsey

    Kaz and Ch’marr,

    You two magicians have taken this well beyond the realm of a comic. I applaud you sirs.

  • nic


  • Ellert

    Absolutely brilliant. As usual Kaz and as of late Ch’marr. As others have said, this is not longer just some comic. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank goodness Sigrid forgot to take Katia’s sleeping catapault!

    • IgnisSolus

      You did *not* just link to tvtropes.

      • NoriMori

        Oh yes they did! And why not? It’s perfectly applicable! XD

    • Vulmen

      You know what the most silly thing is? There’s a friggin’ trope for everything. I mean come on; I have jumped from bed before myself. :p Probably like only one time, sure, but regardless it can happen. Especially when your dream doesn’t end and lets you burn to cinders before getting impaled by a nightmare king. o.O

      • NoriMori

        Point is, it’s not common in real life, but it’s quite common in media. Thus the trope. It’s not like “People Sit On Chairs”.

        • John

          I’ve done it before. I’ve also shouted myself awake. I shouted ‘help’ and woke up. I guess it happens if your dream is terrible enough, and

          I guess this one qualifies?

          • NoriMori

            Yes, yes, I understand that there are plenty of people who’ve done it before, but the point is, when you look at the overall human population, it is a very uncommon thing.

      • Ampersand

        I’ve done this several times myself. Actually jumped upright so quickly I broke through the bed and wound up on the floor before with all the nails in the frame sticking out at me on either side. Wasn’t pleasant.

    • Edmond Dantés

      Thank you for helping me waste away an entire day. 😀

      • Ch’marr

        TvTropes really needs a click-through disclaimer: is not responsible for lost time, lost productivity, loss of employment, loss of spouse or loss of neurons. Click responsibly!

  • Daniel

    I’m so confuse. What happened wile she was sleeping?

    • 65534

      We don’t know yet.

  • KeyFox

    Is it… is it over? Is the site back to normal?
    What happened?

    …Christ, that was epic.

    • Zerithos

      Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

  • General Buttercrust

    Katia, you REALLY Need to see someone about these dreams.


  • Taco

    Okay I was pissed when the mage bitch stole all of Katia’s valuables [and less than valuables]
    but this totally makes up for everything! Let’s root around in that kitty brain and see if we can’t find out what’s causin’ them thur nightmares!

    • Miauw

      Not really, i think that this is supposed to be a normal nightmare. Except mayby for the voice waking her up. But i think thats just somebody that found her and brought her to his/her home and is now running for a bucket of water so his/her house doesnt burn down.

  • Ransom

    I wonder if a priest, or someone who left her the blanket, note and pouch, was trying to help her out through some magical means. Perhaps that was one of the Nine, and they just speak in a lot more casual language than we would expect?

  • RikunFrances

    Well at least she woke up, but that big scary dude doesn’t seem all that scary, he seems like a bro more than anything. Too bad everything was on fire.

  • Jeizar

    Kazerad and Ch’marr, awsome work :p

  • Duck,duck,Katia

    That’s a nice letter you have there,shame If deadra had invaded.

  • Catnippie

    I detect akatosh be a trolling…

  • Kelsier03

    That was great. I had to watch it several times just to take everything in. I liked the fade effect to bring us back to the original site layout.

  • Ho-
    shit. Wow. That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in a webcomic.

  • Lunis

    Ooookay…..anyone mind filling me in on what happened? >.>

    • Zerithos

      Katia had a bad dream, but now its k.

  • Draco18s

    Might want to go look at some of the more recent strips and their navigation.
    From the main url I was able to go back to the previous strip, but that strip’s “previous” button was hidden behind the comic and was non-functional.
    I had to use Firebug to dig out the URL for the strip prior to that to verify that I’d already read it.

    • Ch’marr

      Yeah… we’re going to have to work on that a bit.

      • Zerithos

        I noticed that and was so focused on it I had to go back and rewatch the page.

  • NoriMori

    Holy SHIT that was awesome!!!!!

  • Derp

    You guys are awesome. Still not sure what or who was speaking though.

  • AndyMac

    Had ‘Mad World’ playing in the background when I saw the update. The whole thing went very Donnie Darko…

    Fantastic work. But now we must have MOAR!!!

  • easyd

    Since we’ve already seen Martin appear in this comic before, I’m really hoping Uriel happens to be the friendly voice, just because it makes it that much more surreal and hilarious to imagine the casual and blunt statements made in yellow having the voice of Patrick Stewart behind them. And it makes sense, too: “Wait, I know you. I’ve seen you in my dreams”. BAM. Dreams, a khajit that very honestly will most likely end up in prison, the amulet of kings appearing every which way on the nightmare royalty, it all makes purrfect sense.
    From now on I’m just going to assign Patrick Stewart’s voice to all yellow text in the story. I don’t even care if its revealed to just be Katia’s subconscious or some other character. Its done. Cemented. Credits: Mila Kunis as Katia, Wes Johnson as ASOTIL, Betty White as Quill Weave, Terry Crews as Gro-Upp, Gilbert Gottfried as Sigrid, Patrick Stewart as Yellow Text. Book it, close up shop, we’re done here.

    • Derp


      Holy crap, all those voices fit…fairly well actually…

      • Zerithos

        The problem is that the yellow text doesn’t speak like the Emperor would. Can you imagine Patrick saying ‘Kat?’

        • Kathi With An I


  • 34

    It’s obvious.
    That amulet is cursed.
    Cursed for being stuck with Katia

    • stupidjellyfish

      These things have been happening before that amulet, dog.


  • Hortatar

    Well, judging from where she was when she passed out compared to that last panel, she hasn’t moved anywhere, just survived the flames somehow.

    • Vanguard

      though she is a little charred, she has burn marks on her ears.

      • Zerithos

        THE EARS MAAAN. Why is it always the ears?

  • moo?

    I think I watched this 6 times now because it be so coo’! if I made movies I’d do bioshock and prequel…

  • Vanguard

    An update is awesome. An update with Ch’marr’s coding sorcery, is even more awesome, as I am impressed every time. Not just by the coding wizardry, but by the animations as well. Well done.

    It is still a little disturbing to see kid Katia burning up like that though…wonder what will happen next.

    • Ch’marr

      Thank you kind sir (and to all the others that have commented… positively or negatively)

      I will say that even though I know what was going to happen [1], doing all the coding on Katia’s murder, and burning up in the fire, all along with the desolate “fade to white”, I was feeling sick to my stomach. Those scenes were horrible and awesome in their way. Really, if Kaz had not planned this to be the finale of the nightmare, I would have objected strongly! There is such a thing as “too much horror!”

      [1] – I didn’t actually see the final panel until about 12 hours before it was published.

      • Vanguard

        I agree with you when you say that there can be “Too much horror” I think this every time I watch certain horror films. Seeing our beloved Katia burn up like that was both horrifying and amazing (as weird as that sounds) at the same time.

  • Neow

    Jesus the updates are far better then some homestuck updates already.

    • Zerithos


  • unclecho

    lol, Nice comic strip when you click on ch’marr. XD

    • Scout


      • Zerithos

        I think that your roles/names are mixed up. Anyway, that was fricking awesome. All I have to ask is who drew that?

    • Ch’marr

      That is pretty much how the conversation went 🙂 (Although, it might have taken a life of its own, now… but… perception IS reality, right? 🙂 )

      As far as I know, Kazerad got the idea that fancy things could be done with Javascript from http:// … go read it, it’s marvelous! Many of the visual ideas that came out of the nightmare sequences were a lot of “Hey Kaz, see what I just cooked up” followed by “Wow, I can’t use that, but could you do this other similar thing?” followed by “Sure… but wouldn’t you like this other thing instead” followed by “I didn’t before, but I sure do now!”

      And, if you can see how this exchange could, somewhat, lengthen the time it takes to get an update out, then you’re pretty well right.

      • NoriMori

        That’s hilarious and awesome…

  • Zer0DusT

    soooooo… we done with the videos? are we back to a normal comic schedule- the fuck am i saying!? if this comic were normal that wuldn’t have just happened and the updates would be predictable

    (Zer0 compliment kaz on his nice hat)

    … nice hat? (ugh! all these voices, i have got to get off the interwebs once in a while) B[

  • Jackal

    Keep up the good work guys, this is phenomenal! Love it!

  • Dagoth Purr


  • Dagoth Purr

    Is it too late or too early to tell Kvatch to stop being on fire?

    • Zerithos

      Maybe if you licked it. Then Kvatch would probably heed your command and stop being on fire. Or keep burning. Burning is nice too. Maybe, though, Kvatch isn’t burning at all, and that’s the real dream. Or Kvatch WAS burning, and the Daedra can just say, “Oh, well that was easy.”

  • Uzi_Man

    Oh shit l’m sorry.

  • Unclever title

    That was one EPIC dream sequence. And I mean that in the sense of the word Epic before it became a somewhat overused word.

  • The riddler


  • Marty

    Well… that was terrifying…

  • N

    As super awesome as the dream sequences are, I’m glad it’s back to normal.

  • Zorpike

    The Emperor Worm Nightmare (cough Emperor Septim cough) seemed just as confused by the Light Words as Katia was, so I assume it was someone else, either a Divine, Deadra, or perhaps……….Kazerad himself?

  • Darkguyver2020

    Of course! I f***king called it! The moment there is a beacon of hope. A ray of light starts to pierce the darkness. Kaz’s sadist instincts kick into overdrive and we watch Katia get impaled and incinerated. In great detail, might I add.
    What the Hell is wrong with you?! Do you delight in this pure show of sadism!? Your work is outstanding, but at least let something good happen to the poor girl for once! Is that too much to f**cking ask?!

    • NoriMori

      We don’t know something good hasn’t happened. Don’t forget that this was just a nightmare. A horrific nightmare, yes — but it wasn’t real. What actually happened here was that she just survived a horrible fire, and possibly has been helped out in the meantime by some unseen being. How is that not a good thing happening?

    • tronn

      I, for one, enjoyed how right after the voice told her to stop worrying she burnt down to a crispy skeleton 😀
      I’m certain that if we readers just pull together we can reduce her to a nervous wreck before end of the year!

      • Darkguyver2020

        I hope, for your sake, you don’t have any children. ಠ_ಠ

  • o^o
    ಠ~ಠ I can do anything.

    (Ch’marr’s face makes me lol every time)

  • Kajex

    “Making a Cat Cry: The Adventure”

    … I think you’re only making the audience want to cry. <=(

  • Dovahkiin

    Katia, assess surroundings, you appear to be somewhere other than the chapel, and someones kindly put a blanket over you, your possessions seem to be around you, even though you gave them all away. so ummm, money, a letter, some drugs in that smaller bag!?!? and errrrr a scroll of drain shield/ward spell? Check your hand, maybe theres a ring of resist fire? Well now you have the letter back, do you want to leave now? I think you feel something drawing you to a ruin that you may have spotted in the distance on your way here. But first, you may as well sell that amulet of silence, seeing as you are more powerful than it. But first, check where you are, how did you get here, what happened, and who saved you.

  • unclecho

    Wait, Could all those things left for Katia be from the same person who was talking in her dream?

    • NoriMori

      *clap* *clap* *clap*

      Oh GOOD. My slow clap modulator made it into this thing. So we have that.

  • Ichi

    better than homestuck. I’ve promo’d the comic on my tumblr and just…GOD THE JAVA WITCHCRAFT. THIS IS SRSLY AMAZING.

    I keep clicking my prequel tag throughout the day hoping for an update and have a heart attack when I see one!


    so glad I found it just a couple days ago!

  • Brafisra

    During you’re ‘dropped-acid-tripping-the-fuck-balls-out’ episode, you were sleeping on your tail. The wrong way. It hurts a bloody frak ton.

  • creeperbro

    Stop burning yourself! Stop burning yourself! Lawl

  • Rambo Dash

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Kaz made the next Elder Scrolls game? 😀 Or, like, maybe a “Katia: Excelcior”-esq spin-off downloadable on Steam and stuff? x3 I mean, the atmosphere in that game was AMAZING. It was the first time in a long while a “game” has just made me really /happy/! ^_^ And not just happy, the amazing music, the dialogue that was simultaneously hilarious and clever, yet created a bunch of awesome, unique characters at the same time, just all the DETAIL he shoved into it… Like, I love how you can just talk to EVERYONE, and they’ll have something awesome to say. All this stuff just gives the game a “feel” that….. jhhhhnbvfdcxsdfrredd X3 It’s a good feeling.
    To be completly honest, I loved that one game even more than I loved Skyrim… ^_^” I mean, Skyrim’s obviously way bigger and longer. But… I dunno, I never really laughed, even chuckled once, I didn’t even really meet any characters that had definitive personalities; much less ones that I liked, or could relate to…
    BUT YEAH! Without turning this rant into a Skyrim-Hate rant, that little minigame was awesome, I would totes play a full game like it, and I know it’s neigh-on impossible that Bethesda would hire Kaz and his team, or even give them permission to do such a thing! Or maybe they wouldn’t even if they could!!!!!!
    …But a guy can dream, yeah? :3

  • Shumba

    Is it me or is that thing dragging her in closer rather than impaling her? Kind of freaky.
    I can’t help but look at her cute little paws as she awakens!
    Lets hope you did survive this and haven’t just been resurrected by that creepy guy with a kitten fetish!
    Also you might want to say sorry to Akatosh for incinerating his little window thing.

    • NoriMori

      It more so looks like it’s pushing her farther away. Possibly shoving her into the ground.

      • N

        He’s lifting her and slamming her back into the ground.

        • NoriMori


  • The DragonBorn

    One word describes this moment…. ” Da fuq?”

  • BlueCat

    Kat. . . you need a stronger Silence or magic drain amulet or pendent. . . that thing around your neck is not cutting it. . . and you need to see some real experts on this kind of thing. but first things first, assess your situation, check out those letters make sure all your fur is still there and see if who ever it was that left those is still around. Have faith in the nine and all will be well!

    Of course this all could be Mehrunes Dagon work as well hehe!

  • Dekudude

    Start fires more often, May lead to spiritual enlightenment.

  • PinkiePie

    Are You okay?

  • AgileWolf

    “AVG has detected high memory usage from the following application: Firefox”
    With this being the only page I had open…. AWESOME xD

    • Ch’marr

      Yeah, those smoke objects are pretty brutal on the CPU… but on memory? Is firefox leaking memory when DOM objects are being created and destroyed?

      Actually, that wouldn’t surprise me terribly.

      • xKiv

        With all the javascript and DOM interactions, events, addons and whatnot, there are bound to be references lying around to *something* all the time.
        At least lastest versions of firefox are supposed to throw away *everything* from a tab when the tab closes. I think I even saw that happen.
        I also saw a 8G allocated memory once (got enough that it wasn’t a problem, but it was surprising – I am usually around 1.5G VIRT)

        • Ch’marr

          Hooray for cyclic references! Actually, I’ll just bet money that FF doesn’t bother releasing the resources even though it could.

          I’m going to release a minor tech update that stops the smoke playing when its not in view, or at least stop the smoke when the animation is “paused” (when you see that up arrow at top right). That smoke is pretty brutal on resources (with all the movement and layering of partially transparent images) and if the animation’s paused there’s not really any need for it.

  • Bahb

    King is supposed to be a spiritual guide, Katia’s fears are what makes it seem hostile, not the actual guide itself. The king was the one talking, but Katia is the one who caused the fire (both inside and outside the mind) the king just wants it to get under control.

  • insightfulfuck

    If you right click the image, there’s a frame that never plays. She closes her eyes.

    • NoriMori

      It plays. She blinks.

  • lemonbuttgrab

    Pretty sure that wasn’t the king communicating, but someone who walked into that Katia bbq. BUT WHO?

  • Iivaitte

    Look for a priest and ask if any of them know what happened to you after you passed out.
    Beg a divine for guidance, you need to know what these dreams mean!

  • Leo

    Holy SHIT that was cool.

  • Leo

    Katia: Its obviously a Daedric Prince that’s fucking with you. Feel free to freak out. Both at the “Daedric” and “Prince” parts.
    But “Why?” Is the real question. I have a theory. People like you are always picked to go on epic, spectacular adventures that alter the very fabric of reality for forever. This Daedric Prince, being all Daedric and Princely, obviously needs you to do something for him, and has sent you into the horrible maelstrom of despair that is your life to fulfill some prophecy.

    Like, a 110% percent possibility.
    Trust me, I’m a doctor.

  • Leo

    Another Theory:
    You absorbed a metric DICKLOAD of magic from Sigrid’s charm.
    And you have a retarded huge mana bar.
    Something to do with your willpower or some nonsense.
    It makes nothing but sense.

    Again, Doctor.

  • wolligepoes

    Thanks kaz! I’m gonna thank kaz for every update to come.

  • Sunny

    Are you alright, Katia? Don’t worry though, it’s just a dream. It seemed to try to communicate with you… Did you notice that?

  • Motherfucker

    Wow good thing Katia’s crazy is contained inside her dreams.

    If all that crazy got out nobody would be spared.


    But that’ll never happen~

    • Vulqostrun

      Naaaw, never.

      And Sheogorath certainly won’t come to watch the show, either. Never.

  • theplunderking

    If katia doesnt feel acomplished for this she never will. She lasted way longer than last time and faced her fear alot more than last time she had a dream. And she has woken up with stuff and under a blanket, with someone who is obviously gonna help her. Thank god, we seem to be pulling out of this emotional nose dive. I think i was getting diabeetus

  • Well that was an intense couple of months.

  • SuperGnome

    *We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.*

    I wonder how those fish in the well are doing.

  • pheonixflyer

    By the Eight and One! That got out of hand quickly, and like the others, I am curious as to who that voice was.

  • DustyMuffinsss

    I don’t know if anyone else has said this and how stupid of a theory it is, but maybe the whole king thing isnt evil. Maybe it’s just her fear of royalty that makes it appear evil, and hes been trying to talk to her the whole time, but her imagination keeps pushing him away.

    • Vulqostrun

      Nah, that’s not stupid. It’s actually a good theory, and one I expect might be a real possibility.

  • Hotpotato

    ….Okay…that whas the most f*cked up thing ever…But now i suggest you should check your surroundings like the notes and the bag (maybe money?!)

  • The Stick

    Holy crap that Javascript stuff is awesome.

    If there’s ever a third dream sequence, then might I suggest that you add music and/or interactivity outside of scrolling the page? I mean, not to be, yannow, a greedy bastard or anything – just a small suggestion that would potentially one-up even this amazingly well-crafted dream sequence. It was done Page 3 of the aforementioned Hobo Lobo, so I would only assume it could be done here…

    …also, that Javascript stuff has put my own coding skills to shame given me something to aspire to. My first reaction on the steps was, “Wait, is that Flash?” One right-click proved me wrong, and that alone gave me the believe that Ch’marr is one kick-butt guy girl person.

    I’d definitely look forward to seeing the next dream sequence with even more kick-butt coding. Until then.

    > Check yourself for any potential injuries. Check all the notes. Check the contents of the bag. Check state of room.
    Optional> Check faith in subconscious. Check state of reality. Check faith in reality.

  • MiantCub

    Carefully read the notes on the floor and be totally oblivious to the cloaked figure outside the window who probably left them for you.

  • what are the notes that are on you??

  • Cepheus

    Long-time reader, first-time poster. Just wanted to say that reading this comic, ESPECIALLY the last few of this nightmare sequence have been a real thrill-ride. My narrative-loving side fangasms at the story being told, and my nerd-loving side fangasms at the code wizardry that’s been going on.

    Thanks Kazerad and crew. Definitely THE highest-quality webcomic I’ve read to date.

    • Raemon

      Long-time listener, first-time caller :3

      God I love the Mr. Obvious show.

  • Dfenderpro

    Well, at least you didn’t burn to death, right? I mean, it could be worse, it could’ve been real.

  • Raemon

    My theory? If you look at it the right way.. that yellow text could hav been -her- talking.

    Crazy, I know. But plausible, perhaps?

  • bobucles

    Waking up after a strange night with your clothes intact? Quick, pinch something, you must still be dreaming!

    • Tom-Tomy

      That’s body paint lol. A very durable one, if I might add. I guess she should feel lucky anyway that a random person didn’t decide it was time for it to be cleaned off her fur. That would have been embarrassing.

  • Hide-of-Scales

    Oh hey, nightmare’s over, and Katia woke up with stuff around her that wasn’t there before. Maybe it’ll lead to something interesting happening? I like it when interesting things happen – it would be awesome if that happened and Kazerad would be awesome for letting said interesting things happen.

    (Okay, so maybe I’m still bitter over that boring, needlessly flashy nightmare sequence… is it really terrible of me to want to see something actually happen?)

  • Ratzmaus

    Mmph by the way I really like the small detail that she slowly turns skeletal by burning to the ground 😛

  • creeperbro


  • creeperbro


    • Koravel

      It’s like reading a book, but you can’t read the next chapter because the author is still trying to get the NEXT chapter just right.

      Anticipation is anticipation-ing. (not anticipating, because that would mean the anticipation would anticipate itself. and that doesn’t make sense)

      Will Save v. WIP Cliffhanger of Personally Well-Liked Story (DC: 53): (d20)+(Will Save(Wisdom Modifier+ Base Will Save))=(result less than 53)
      Will Save DC not met. Anticipation level increased by (d%)%

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        This needs to be permanently pinned to the top of every update.

      • Ratzmaus

        Do I get a bonus on my willthrow when I think “Well, at least it’s not as big of a waiting time like once before…” ?

        Reaaaally it’s like what? A week maybe? Java Programming takes time and right now he has to draw like a thosands of orders and comments and nearly everything needs a new picture…. unless there’s universal consent on “READ DAH PAPERZ IN YOUR FACE” but I doubt that somehow.

    • Ch’marr

      Oh, like, the next update is totally ready, but our super secret select team of beta testers haven’t finished laughing over it and preparing for a flood of suggestions in the MSPA threads!

      We’ll post it as soon as we get through this case of tequila.

      • lp

        Be Ch’marr: Drink.Tequila until Awesome>9001.

        • The Stick

          while(chmarr.awesome <= 9000) {

          …er. That might be Java, not Javascript. But who cares.

          • Laser Sandwich

            Hmm… your implementation is flawed. Clearly Ch’marr is awesome enough that they belong the heap, not the stack, and so should be accessed via pointer. Also chmarr.awesome should be a private or at least protected class member, accessible via a getter function.

            while(chmarr->getAwesome() " is same as a dereferenced '.'
            chmarr->drink(tequila); //ie: *chmarr.drink(tequila)

            Granted, the above is c++, but I think Java supports pointers, too.
            Brought to you by Beings for Data Structures Pedantry.

          • xKiv

            @Laser Sandwich:
            Actually, Java (and javascript) doesn’t support not-pointers. The only stuff you get on the stack is primitive types (including “pointers”, except those have some black magic in them so that garbage can be collected).

            So The Stick is correct (in both java and javascript).

          • The Stick

            YISS. I’m right on something for once!

            …granted, I didn’t know I was right… but BOOYAH.

            …*ahem* Uh… yay. I was right and didn’t even know it… go me…

          • 65534

            chmarr is global (but within a namespace).
            And accessor functions for simple members are for pedants who love singletons and other ridiculous stuff.

          • Ch’marr

            Mr. 2^16-2… them’s fighting words, those are! 🙂

  • AnonymousDragonWolf

    Well, at least she has nightmares. I have dreams that could only be considered nightmares.

    Being chased by zombies? They’re not really that scary. Just… gross. And they’re all in shambles, their speed crippled by rigor mortise, and they moan and groan, making them impossible to be surprised by.

    Naked in public? I’ve had those dreams so many times, it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. It used to be, “Ah, fuck! Someone, gimme a shirt!” And trying to avoid detection. Now, it’s, “Crap, this again? Alright, people have seen me, now I just have to be seen by as few people as possible.” Which doesn’t work. Last time, I ducked into a room to avoid being seen by a group of people being toured around a building, and they ended up being toured right through the room I ducked in. I was just, all, “Fuck, fine. Just get on with it.” Lounging in a computer chair. And they’re just glaring at me. Not lecherously. Like, “I hope you’re proud of yourself. Naked in public.” And, “Really? Are you that starved for attention?”

    It’s so… dull. Really, my varicose veins are the only things keeping me from being completely colorless. XD

  • Scott

    I accidentally clicked “open image in new tab” and wat.

    • Ch’marr

      Well, depending on where you clicked, you could have got a piece of fire, of the king, of a smoke… almost anything!

      That’ll teach you to go clicking with wild abandon!

  • BlackVolk

    Holy Squid that was awesome damn cool scene!

  • Xavven

    Okay Katia, You’re awake. Check yourself. Are you okay? Are you hurt? Is there anything around you that’s different than when you fell unconscious?

  • Nate

    I wonder if Katia will ever be able to kill the king that always haunted her dreams. More importantly: WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?!?!

  • Degu

    I’m quite glad that we’re getting back to the more normal sorts of storytelling.

    Don’t get me wrong, Ch’marr is all of the awesomes, but my simple little peabrain couldn’t handle any more of this sorcery. Also, I’m not too sure what the yellow text was about. Permission for what? Am I missing something, or is it supposition time?

    • Ch’marr

      You? I don’t think I could handle much more of this sorcery either!

      • The Stick

        Oh, yeah, and maybe a small suggestion – some way to skip all of the animation (ie if you’ve seen it already) – maybe some small flag in the URL, if that’s possible?

      • xKiv

        Next update: turns out you can.


  • Ostrava

    I think I’m having an issue with these. They’re great, but I don’t think that most of them are actually…finishing, for me. I say this because I’ll wait, nothing will happen for five minutes, and then right when I move to the next button, something happens. So I never know if the strip is frozen, or has actually completed.

    I have Javascript enabled, I’m on Chrome, but I still seem to be having problems. Anybody have some troubleshooting tips for me?

    • Ch’marr

      If you’ve scrolled down too far, the animation will block until you scroll back. There’s an arrow top right that tells you this. Can you check for that?

      If that’s still not working then… I’d like to get to the bottom of this.. since you’re not the only person using chrome claiming the same thing.

      • The Stick

        I’m using Chrome, and I’ve got no issues…

        • Nothing related to the animation, anyway 😉

  • Fasdaff

    Well, I’m finally here. This is going to sound stupid but I fell so in love with this story when I first found it I tried to savor it as long as possible- managed to take about two months to catch up. Just wanted to throw in my voice and let you know how much I adore this comic; please keep on doing what you’re doing Kaz.

    • dude

      Two months? What,adore,you are full of lies that I do not believe.I mean if you love this story take it all in in a day.No,no,no not even a day, an hour.Yes quit being a bitch,read it all in an hour and then get addicted, look every two hours for an update and kill yourself because Kaz is a jackass and doesn’t give you your fix.I mean I read it all in a little bit (about an hour accumulated),oh yeah that was about a year ago that I did that.Wait wasn’t that just a few updates? ZING!

      (That last part was gay as hell, I know)

      • Fasdaff

        I have great self control, and am used to rationing. It gave me more to look forward to.

  • el_gato_bandito_LynX

    Katia: question you existence. THEN check yo self, befo yu wreck yo self. nahh mean?

  • Kazu-ohki

    Just caught up to this point.
    Nice work with all these effects.

    Loving the art too.

    I find the character awfully cute, hard not to want her to do well.

    Curious what the next update will be, looks like there’s a new character to meet?
    Just hoping its not a bunch of bills for the damage.
    Bout time things work out for her somehow.

  • Red709

    we should really be trying to figure out how you have so much goddamn magicka
    We get that you’re an Atronach sign but

    You seriously used that much fire, abused the hell out of telekinesis for a bit, and you still didn’t run out?
    What are you, a living Welkynd stone?

    • dude

      I bet that she subconsciously used telekinesis for a bit when she was out and that is why we don’t know where she is because she didn’t get drunk, she got High On Fire

  • VonRidel

    This is a Cat-astrophe!

  • waffles

    There was a pineapple involved some how

  • Critanium

    The text at the end seems awfully like a human talking to the unconsious form of Katia. A person who actually cares for her?

  • Anonymous

    Style over substance, it feels. Not that I didn’t like those last panels, but… What now?
    At any rate, there is no failing from this point onward. Surely she’s hit rock-bottom already. Nothing left for her but to go insane, set everything on fire, or die. Very possibly all three at once. There is nothing to lose but much to gain.

    Those were quite grandiose nightmares for someone as insignificant as a Khajiit whore. Imagination is a powerful thing.

  • feonixis

    I think I may be missing something here… Yeah, because all that’s happening on my screen is a flamey flaming fire and a big old scary king staring at her. She isn’t being impaled or uh, burned to death. Is that a thing that happens? Why can’t I see it? 🙁

  • Relth

    Am I the only one here who wants to see a horror game based off of Katia’s nightmares?

  • ross

    I’ve dreamed about mudcrabs scarier than you

  • SotiCoto

    Is anything supposed to be happening on this page?
    I just see her staring aimlessly at a big, burning skull… and nothing else.

  • Mzuark

    Sooo, did Kaz just break the 4th wall and bail her out?

  • Stump16

    ok. what im thinking you just saw in your dreams was the sha of fear, which is a manifestation of fear its self.

  • Wew Lad

    Is it just me, or do all the comments turn white afterwards?

    • Alex Franklin

      Yeah, I can’t read them either.

  • Freezeflare

    Kazerad, heads up, the comments section on this page is…invisible.

  • dtlux14

    White text… Nice…

  • Djinnfest


  • Dragon

    Everyone’s comments are whited out now that the scheme is back to normal… can this be fixed?

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