Sep 272012

rainPi wrote:
Just take a deep breath and calm yourself. It was just a dream.

Ransom wrote:
Katia> Wow…has the dream ever gotten…that intense before? Also, that voice, what could it be? Could someone actually be trying to talk to you in your dreams? Maybe help you out?

It’s been that intense before, yeah.

The king has changed into scarier things, you’ve been trapped in worse situations, and – as of yesterday night – you guess you’re no stranger to being violently eviscerated.

But… that’s the first time something in the dream has ever tried to communicate with you.

NightFox wrote:
Shake the burn marks off! That’s what other cartoon characters do.

DavidArgall wrote:
Time to find out where you are and what is all this stuff around you. Plans for the rest of the day will have to wait. first you will need to find out how much of last night was a dream. So look over the local clues and see if they tell you anything.

refinder wrote:
Katia, take a moment to do a quick check on yourself, look for any burns or puncture wounds or anything else out of place, also take a deep breath and see what shape your lungs are in.

It looks like you’re still in the chapel.

The place is a little scorched and wrecked up, but it doesn’t look much worse than the last time you saw it. You guess the fires went out when you lost consciousness.

You’re fine, other than a little burnt fur.

woundedkneecap wrote:

You apparently got some mail.


It goes on to explain the Thieves Guild’s pro-beggar stance and how they’ve left you a free** food bag (food not included).

“Heeeey kid ~

I have certainly never met you before, but I stuck some oranges and cheese into your little bag thing. These foods have many health benefits, such as helping to more quickly regenerate lost blood. You should probably eat them.


A male dark elf vampire who doesn’t even LIVE in this town

PS. also I left you a pouch of cilantro. I don’t want to be picky but the next time you are going to sleep in a public place maybe you could just sort of swallow that a couple hours beforehand. Thanks.

PPS. also I changed your bandages.”

It is a cultist.

Capt. Gaius Atrum, Kvatch Guard.”

Slinker wrote:
Hmm, so Katia how do you feel right now? Okay, that was a hell of a night, even before you fell asleep. But lets look on the bright side, at least you are still alive and not a pile of ash. And you didn’t get drunk.

Honestly, you just feel… kind of numb.

You fucked up. You lost everything you earned, were discarded by the people you looked up to most, gave away the package you were supposed to be delivering to pay your friend back, completely lost control of your powers, and after passing out naked in a church have probably ruined any chance you might have had at a good reputation in Kvatch. You were a wreck last night when this was all happening, but now… you guess it just feels like you’ve run out of sad. You’re just confused.

But hey, you’re still alive. You didn’t burn to death in your sleep. And, congratulations, you’re two days sober.

Ransom wrote:
After checking those things: Contact a priest and apologize for crashing at their place. Maybe mention your plight with Sigrid, if you think he or she isn’t under her spell, as well as the dreams. Maybe they have some advice?

After that, review priorities:

1. Get clothes.
2. Get replacement letter to give back to Quill-Weave. Either ask the book seller for a replacement or…
3. Investigate how one might get something back from Sigrid.

You… guess there’s nothing to do now but move forward. One foot in front of the other, picking up the pieces and seeing what comes next. You might be bad at everything you try, but at least you’re turning out to be pretty bad at giving up.

You think you can still make this better, but you’ve got plenty to do. You have to get a new copy of the letter for Quill-Weave, find some clothes, apologize for the damage to the chapel, see if there’s any way to get something back from Sigrid…

In fact, now that you think about it, you need some way to mentally keep track of all this…

  • M

    Well.. no Daedric Siege Engine there yet…

    And she has a quest log!

    Now to find out how to save and load… ;D

    Seriously though, there’s some hope to move forwards here. (I also loved the ‘don’t touch it’s a cultist!’ note from the captain.) I like how she said at least she was bad at giving up.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      “Now find out how to save and load”

      YES YES YES! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Tacohawk76

        People have written essays in which they propose that saving and loading is an actual magical power in The Elder Scrolls. Normally people with this ability use it to do amazing things. Like Tiber Septim. Or the player character in all the main games. Search “The Elder Scrolls Dragon Breaks” for more info on the theory.

        • FiveForty

          I never knew this, very interesting. It certainly would make sense and it explains why the player character and some historic characters are damn near immortal.

        • lp

          Yeesh. Just my play of any Elder Scrolls game would have so many tangent timelines. It boggles the mind!

        • Asiyd

          …Wow, people take this game seriously, don’t they? Why can’t the save feature just be… because it’s a video game? XDD

          • FiveForty

            Elder Scrolls games are the last games I would take ‘seriously’. They are way too easy, the design leans heavily toward making the player ridiculously powerful to the point that combat isn’t even really fun anymore. I play them for the exploration and finding stuff. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun thinking about things like this while I’m bored off my ass at work.

          • Nerevarine

            Well it helps that the theory is sort of supported by Vivec’s sermons. Or whatever.

            That’s actually the origin. Vivec talking about how he became a god by breaking the fourth wall.

          • DD

            -And didnt Katia just actually DO that? Walking through it in her dream. In her subconscious at least, she knows how to do it!

          • Amy

            Honestly? I’m okay with theories like that about these games. I mean, the crazy amount of lore is the primary reason I play them. I’m certainly not doing it for the well-structured leveling.

          • Dreadmaster231

            @Fiveforty Ironically I like to often see this concept on how we live our lives… though it kinda gets a little complicated… because it’s like quantum physics and the mutliverse theory all revolving around billions POI’s that are both stationary and moving at the same time with opposite and simmiliar events affecting them at all times.

        • seelcudoom

          i like to think of it as a sort of vision thing
          your character subconsciously sees a possible future and so makes different choices

          • Dr.Derpful

            Aren’t you that guy from funnyjunk?
            You know cinnabonne?

        • N

          Saving and loading + console commands are jokingly referred to as the player character’s achieving CHIM and their use of it. I guess if that’s how you want to look at it, that works.

          But storywise, the only characters to achieve CHIM are Vivec and Tiber Septim. No player characters have in official canon. Except possibly the Nerevarine.

          • Dagda Mor

            Any player that can use console commands has achieved CHIM. So… Every player character.

          • Dragon

            What is “Chim”?

        • Tech

          Kinda like Planescape: Torment?

      • Anonymous #69105

        Considering the player characters are Elder Scrolls made flesh within the world, saving and loading is just perfectly natural for them.

        • Goldcat99

          When does it say that pinke?

          • N

            Absolutely nowhere. Elder Scrolls are fragments of time, not people.

  • Raymond Warbucktooth

    First! And epic list keep it up Katia. One step closer to success, like me.

    • Raymond Warbucktooth

      And damn the refresh lol

  • 535

    Be slightly cheered by how official your Quest Log looks. Things may not be going well, but only real adventurers get Quest Logs, so you must still be doing something right.

  • FlamingMook

    Huh Katia might just want to scrounge up a potion of cure disease. Take it from a former fancier of wine.

    • Stankloid

      Can’t praying at an alter at a church cure disease as well?

      • Richard

        Apparently only the Heroes are able to be blessed and cured by the shrines.

        • Wolligepoes

          She IS a hero. Okay, she is a bit clumsy and her quests will not change much for most people in Tamriel but damn me if she ain’t the hero of this story.

          • Edd

            Not necesarilly a hero (at the very least not yet) but she IS the protagonist of this story. I mean, she hasn’t done many heroic things yet, has she?

          • That Guy

            That’s not what the divines say…

            whether you can get the blessing is based on what or not your fame outweighs your infamy… far we we know she hasn’t earned any fame yet. As for infamy. 1 word: Pineapples.

      • M.

        Probably need a response from the gods for that to work, with which Katia hasn’t been having much luck so far.

  • Kasye

    Awwwww yeeee, now we’re becoming a real adventurer!

  • stupidjellyfish

    Well, everything’s awesome-er now. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • NoriMori

    I don’t really understand the “DO NOT TOUCH THIS! It is a cultist” thingโ€ฆ

    • Kazerad

      Check around the southwest corner in Katia: Excelsior!.

      I’m debating whether I should have some way of signifying when something refers back to K:E, since that had a lot of content in it that people probably missed (such as the guard captain, the dance minigame, the vampire, etc).

      • seelcudoom

        i think one of the gods will take pity on her this once, if for no other reason then if she was a vampire she might live far longer and then the gods got to deal with her shit mor

      • Edd

        Wait, that vampire was male?

        • xKiv

          You have somebody who isn’t a vampire, is female and is living in this city (all according to what she says).
          Here you have signed somebody who *is* a vampire, is *not* female and is *not* living in this city.
          Obviously, somebody completely different.

          • Edd

            Oh… I feel kind of dumb now.

          • Hakaru

            I feel like vampire was too specific, and the way they capitalised ‘LIVING’ makes me think they were referring to vampires being undead.

      • Hakaru

        ‘Why was the guard captian afraid of the cowbell? Because it one belonged to a colt!’

      • Kaze’aze

        Speaking of Katia: Excelsior, why didn’t she notice the paintbrush floats we she isn’t touching it?

        • Kaze’aze


    • Rambo Dash

      GUYS I Don’t get the cilantro joke. :/ Was he insulting her breath?

      • outlawwolf

        No, since he is a vampire, he wants Katia to eat the cilantro an hour before passing out randomly so her blood can have herb flavor.

        • Or maybe he’s saying that her blood is gross? >.>

        • OldSchoolRPGDude

          “He”? Oh, come on. Just like Nah was going to “just lick some grape jelly off of her neck”, and was “just staying in the shade for no particular reason”… I’m surprised she didn’t sign it as “Totally not the chick vampire from earlier.” At least she’s getting more… creative (?)… with her attempted diversions…

      • Trance

        The vampire just wants Katia to taste nice.


    Katia just invented the scrollbar!

    • Farrier

      And that’s totally the scariest part of the quest log. The fact that the poor thing might eventually have too many things to do to hold all of them in mental view at once.

  • TheVengefulGoddess

    Okay, Katia, you can do this. You have a Quest Log now; a big step up! Why don’t you ask around to see if someone has any clothes for you, first. Maybe that Argonian woman sweeping up?

  • SwarmOfBees

    That’s not how you use a broom, silly lizard person.

    • k9mouse

      putting out some fires?

  • Shinden

    Gotta…beat that dust into submission…eh, random Argonian?

  • Ransom

    Hooray for updates!

    So the intensity isn’t new, but the voice is. Good to see she plans on following up on it.

  • Your Mother

    ROUNDHOUSE KICK the first ASSHOLE you find. Make sure to roll a strength check first.

  • gyromorgian

    She invented Slide to Unlock! Call your lawyer, Katia – you’re gonna get rich.

  • Canuhearmenow

    Looks like Kat’s gonna have to lick the foot of a Dremora soon, we don’t want her turning into a vampire on us!

    • Canuhearmenow

      Clannfear, I meant Clannfear.

      • Expresate

        Not sure anyone has ever tried licking Dremora feet before. Katia already invented two things in this update, so maybe she can introduce the potentially useful (and mayhaps a bit inappropriate) dremora foot licking!

        “DIE MORTA- wait, wait, what are you doing!?”

    • Hide-of-Scales

      C’mon, being a vampire isn’t that bad; I don’t know a lot about Cyrodiilic vampirism (outside of it making the characters in Oblivion somehow even uglier than usual), but I’m gonna guess it’ll give you some cool abilities (the power of which amplifies with each day you go without feeding). Not only that, but you get to live forever so long as you don’t let anyone kill you.

      Sure, she’d have to feed on human blood regularly to ensure the townsfolk don’t shun her (and to ensure the sunlight doesn’t absolutely destroy her), but Katia always struck me as an outcast type, anyway. May as well make it obvious.

      • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

        Cyrodilic vampires are nothing like skyrim vampires, they take heavy sun damage constantly- in skyrim it weakens them but cyrodilic vampires will die if out in the sun for a few seconds plus Katia doesn’t have time to waste feeding with all she needs to do already.

  • Krystalkitty

    Well at least she has a quest log to go along with the item bar now. One step at a time and she’ll be a great adventurer soon enough.

  • pikachu

    well, it looks like you need new cloths…again

    • Novago

      why the khajiits needs cloths in first place anyway? she look great whit that underwear-paint <3

      • foreshight(out-o-character)

        You know that’s just painted on right?

        • ChasingWagons

          He said “underwear-paint”, dumbass.

          Be nice! -Kazerad

          • ChasingWagons

            Oh, sorry. I mean to type dipshit.

      • She is essentially naked. As good as she may look to the casual observer, it must embarrass her something awful.

    • ChasingWagons

      Why is Pikachu reading Elder Scrolls fanfiction?

      • Pat

        He finished all the Baldur’s Gate fanfiction?

        • ChasingWagons


  • Thatnerdyguy

    Now you just need a self-updating journal that tells you what to do, like all the other heroes have!

  • tech

    You didn’t burn to death and you’re 2 days sober. Golf clap, golf clap.

    • Hakaru


      • ChasingWagons


  • outlawwolf

    Once again, Katia passes out somewhere and fucks shit up all over the place and some poor Argonian has to fix it up.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      HAHAHAH! [Like]

    • ChasingWagons

      I too like. [Like]

    • patrick

      Good call!

  • Dagoth Purr

    Hey don’t request porn in the comments section. As punishment, your typo correction below will now be out of context forever.

    • Dagoth Purr


      • Uzi_Man

        Our kitty already has a lot of porn art, just search around (ahem… 34… ahem..)

    • Kaziren


      In his defense. the request porn section was pretty well hidden. :p

  • Carbisari

    I don’t think it’d hurt to apologize to the gods.

    Surely they aren’t the angry type?

    • Pat

      My inclination is to think that nothing short of becoming an evangelist would help her, really.

      “Hello, citizen. Have you found the Nine?”

  • David Argall

    So much for my idea she fell asleep as soon as she got in the church. So what’s wrong with her magic and her control on it?

  • Armael

    Well, at least now, with the Quest Log, we KNOW she’s getting shit done.

    (at least I think so)

  • Ger

    “A male dark elf vampire who doesnโ€™t even LIVE in this town ” <- Wait I'm confused, is that Nah(???) poorly trying to disguise in that latter?

    • Bluedragon

      Don’t be confused. It’s clearly Nah. Undoubtedly Nah. She is not male, not a dark elf, (not a vampire?), and does live in this town. Therefore, Nah. And she prefers southwestern flavored blood.

      As for the cultist ref, I’m guessing the guard put that on her while sleeping to keep others away from her. I guess.

      • sabata2

        Vampires won’t overfeed.
        Nah was satisfied with Katia’s wounds from the Slaughterfish. She wouldn’t openly go after her again.

        What we NEED to do, is check for bite marks.

  • Morgan

    If all else fails, scream and jump out of the window, screaming bloody murder and asking for your stuff back

  • Tendoking

    You know, Katia, there’s always the option of reloading a previous save. It would mean a lot of work gets undone, but if you go way back to when you were fleeing from the imps and make sure you don’t drop all the valuable items, you’d be better off in the long run.

    • Squiggums

      Katia will never achieve CHIM. This is a sad but true fact.

      • woundedkneecap

        But… does that mean she is not the player character? Or just not yet?

  • Daniel

    So many problems with so few expectations of success. This is quite depressing.

    Although I really liked the animations, I’m glad we returned to this form. I feel that the story develops more quickly that way.

    • but wait the old way was months between updates with the cinematics it was merely weeks.

      its like waiting for updates to the slightly more depressing comic warbot in accounting.

  • A Pink Poodle

    For clothing, why not cut out a head sized hole in the middle of that blanket you have with your claws and put it over your head like a poncho? I’m sure you can find a bit of string or rope somewhere to tie it off around your waist.

  • woundedkneecap

    Yeah, she listened to me… oh no, she listened to me!

  • Snarf

    See what’s up with the Argonian chick.

    • Grounder the Genius

      Ask if she knows Quill-Weave ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Kaziren

        Racist. :<

        • Grounder the Genius

          I think that would be ‘speciest’ if it were true, actually.

          Well, they both seem to have constant awkward expressions, and seem to be the only 2 argonians in the city…
          I still stand for my comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Kazerad

            Quill-Weave is in a completely different city! Unless you are saying all cities look the same.

            You cityist.

          • Grounder the Genius

            Lesbian lizards. All I’m saying.

          • Pat

            Races = species. That’s actually one reason why racist theory and racial supremacy is so terribly wrong on an academic sense: humanity really isn’t split into separate races.

          • Grounder the Genius

            Lesbian lizards

  • IndigoNeko

    Yay! Scary dream sequences are over, and we’re back in the land of the waking and living. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hope Katia is learning from all these experiences:

    – Pretty faces can hide an evil heart.
    – Don’t trust those in a position of authority.
    – Drinking alcohol can ruin your life.
    – Always have a backup plan, in case something goes wrong.
    – Don’t eat cilantro. Vampires will drink your blood if you do.

  • sabata2

    I find it funny that you just did exactly what most fantasy RPers never do, and openly present your quest hooks.
    Typically it causes the “players” to avoid such blatant hooks, but looks like your fanbase has completely accepted the Quest Log.

  • Akatosh

    Look up, Katia. Look Up and see the stained Glass Windows.

  • Ikearat

    You need a bath, food and some “real” sleep.
    Go see the Captain of the Guard and thank him for checking-up on you. Briefly, describe what happened to you… don’t expect any sympathy, but do ask him for a meal. I would imagine anyone who spends his life in service to the Guard won’t turn you down for a simple meal. He might even let you get cleaned-up in the barracks washroom.
    Go back to the church and offer to clean and do repairs after your “flare up”. Wait ’till after you are done to ask for a night’s lodging.
    Do these things, do these things and go to the Moon… not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.

    • like none of those could go wrong. besides if she does go to the moon she would catch it on fire then how would the npc’s tell the time to do their scripted jobs? they wouldn’t know day from night.

  • dude


  • Derp

    Man, every time I see an update, I get a big stupid jellyfis – er grin across my face. I love the frame where Katia shakes off the burned fur.

    • M

      I love that panel too, it’s adorable.

    • stupidjellyfish

      Kaz’s art style, in my humble opinion, is pretty damned charming and memorable, as shown by that animation alone.

  • someone with too much time

    Finally we can move on with the story! The dream sequences are nice, but take way too long.

  • miscre

    Judging from one of the notes, you might have sanguinare vampiris – and you’re in a church – so you might want to go ahead and pray to stendarr while you can (because if all of the other gods won’t touch you with a ten foot pole, stendarr is bound to feel sorry for you)

  • The_Thief

    Join the Thieves Guild it is your new destiny!

    • she should first check to see if she still has the lockpick or was it already left somewhere?

  • lp


    • hey its a union evangelist.

      yes unions are good but they can have some pretty odd policies.

  • Trance

    Somebody enlighten me here: if in Oblivion you are bitten by a vampire, does that turn you into a vampire? If so, is there anything that can be done to reverse that condition, or is it permanent?

    • Siguard

      in Oblivion as well as Skyrim you get Vamprism through a illness that if you don’t cure withing 3 days then you become a vampire. in Katias case it would be mostly permanent because if you don’t catch it early then you must do a ridiculously long quest chain to get the cure. as well as get on good terms with royalty, specifically the Count of Skingrad

    • theraphos

      Yes and no. It is entirely possible for a vampire to feed on a sleeping person without infecting them; if the player character becomes a vampire they can feed on half the province and never, ever, ever infect anyone. It’s not really clear what the difference in “procedure” is, since if you accept one friendly vampire’s offer he will bite you while you sleep and then you DO get infected. (If they didn’t have some control over giving the gift to other people, then every vampire would be infecting at least one person every night and the entire continent would have plunged into vampirism ages ago.)

      The Oblivion-era cure is described above. 200 years later in Skyrim, there’s a conjurer who researches undead and has discovered a ritual to cure the condition…if you’re willing to murder someone and stuff their soul into a black soul gem to suffer as a sacrifice.

      • Trance

        Good to hear. After consulting the UESP Wiki it confirms what you’re saying: vampires that are simply feeding do not transmit vampirism.

        Makes me wonder, though, if there might not be all that much harm to agreeing to Nah’s offers if she’s paying. The wiki states that vampires can’t feed on other vampires, so Nah would have reason not to infect Katia (unless there’s some other counterpoint I’m not seeing). It’s easy money, and there are common (and most likely very cheap) foods that can be consumed to restore that lost blood, so why not go for it?

        • theraphos

          Fear and revulsion, probably. You’re still letting someone infected with a Daedric curse put their fangs in your artery and steal your precious blood, and you have only their word that they don’t have any good reason to do real harm to you in the process. Or enslave you.

          Being infected with vampirism usually has some pretty negative supernatural effects on your morals and personality (again, you’re infected with a curse from MOLAG BAL who is very bad news) even if you were a decent person to begin with. Even the friendly, polite vampire in Oblivion only controls his urges because he loves the Dark Brotherhood and you are a fellow assassin. So being an Elder Scrolls vampire is a lot more serious than just getting some cool new powers and disliking the sun. You tend to develop a taste for torture, cruelty and subjugation sooner or later. Skyrim especially gets pretty gruesome in its vampire lairs, with its more advanced graphics.

          Of course Prequel tends to randomly swing towards light-hearted comedy so vampirism may not be quite that level of Serious Business here. Especially considering the jokes about the vampire girl already.

          • Trance

            And I suppose it IS pretty much selling your body to do that, which is the sort of thing Katia’s looking to get away from. Oh well. The grueling quest for the honest dollar continues.

  • Anonymous





    • The Stick

      That would be a negative, Anon. She most definitely lost it to the “donation.” And it was asked before.

      • Expresate

        Clearly you don’t know of the lockpicks shenanigans. One always has a lockpick in Tamriel. ALWAYS.

        On an unrelated note, I wonder if, now that Prequel is back to normal Kazerad magic, updates will be more frequent. Unless Kazerad suddenly contracts every disease known to man.

        • ChetBetera

          Or TF2.

  • Lucien Vox

    Why not learn some skills fight on how to resist arcane effects placed or used against you that might help a little with yout predicamanet and why not see who else has this happened to as well.

  • katia, talk to the argonian woman who is sweeping!

  • tronn

    Quest Log woo-hoo!

  • k9mouse

    Is it just me, does others want want her eye to heal faster to get rid of the ugly eye patch?

    • Ikearat

      I want that thing off there too. Katia is too cute to go around with that patch on her eye!

      • see she just needs to paint it black and wear a pirate hat. It may increase her luck from -100 to only -99.

  • Slovier

    Woah, just started to these series the other day and it’s fucking amazing. And those last nightmare pages… Man, those were f**ked up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Darkguyver2020

    Okay. Aside from Kazerad’s sadism fetish, I have to question the inconsistency with the artwork.
    In panel 5 and 9, she looks pretty good. I like the shape of her face. Then skip ahead to panels 11 and 12 and she looks like a freakin’ Muppet.
    Is there any reason for this? Just stick to one or the other rather than switching between them. It’s annoying as fuck.

    • stupidjellyfish

      Circles are easy to draw, copy, and paste. It’s a tactic that allows the author to get shit out at a faster rate. Want quality animation or drawings? Watch a Disney movie or read a monthly webcomic.

    • Trance

      The ones from panels 11 and 12 are older assets that Kazerad can reuse with minimal modification. The art style depicted in panels 5-9 didn’t show up until quite a ways into the series.

      (Is series even the right word? Doesn’t sound right. Comic? Story? What’s the best term to describe this thing?)

      I don’t know exactly how much of a job it is creating new assets in the newer style, but if reuse of assets resulting in inconsistent art styles (neither of which look bad IMO) means faster updates, then I’m absolutely fine with it.

  • Cole

    Seems her luck is taking a turn for the best. Right Katia? RIGHT?

    • That Lunatic

      Don’t Jinx it!

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    First thing figure out where your supposed to meet up with the IL officer. Then say that you need his help to beat up some illusionist criminals (sigrid) and see if you can get your stuff back, then join the mages IN ANVIL after you return quill weaves note and book.

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Like my username try not to let your own dreams break you. Just keep moving on

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit


  • booty lover

    whatever happened to ch’mars (sorry for butchering the name) flying cheetah add at the bottom of the comics?

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Speaking of flying cheetahs.. (If you’ve listened to drunk guy in cheydinhal you’ll get this) Flyyyyy’n Flynn in da sky cliff racer fly soo hiiiigh flyyyyyy’n!!!

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    o==[:::::::::::::::> HUZZAH!!! ONWARD!!!

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit


    • foreshight(out-o-character)

      Good plan, except for two factors

      1. katia is no good at sneaking
      2. the amulet of silence maybe no the fitz.

      Even if katia got help ( from maybe the thives guild) she also has to figure in sigrids lacky( i forget his name) into the equation)

      • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

        1. She snuck (I think that’s the plural for sneak) pretty adoquitely in the ruin until she decided to drag along the 300 pound blade/trap
        1. I’m pretty sure the necklace will fit sigrids pencil neck.

  • Leita

    Katia, I’m really proud of you. Last night was terrible, you know that. You obviously knew that. But you stared down that bottle and you said ‘no, I’m not going to stoop to that level again’. I know that in the light of everything that’s happened, it doesn’t feel like a huge accomplishment, but I am SO PROUD that you didn’t give in to the drink. You rose above it, even though none of us could’ve blamed you if you’d given in and drank, but you just showed all of us that you’re stronger than that. You’ll find a way to get that letter back and get back on track, don’t worry.

  • Vins

    Nice. Well, I first took a look on Prequel when she was at that dinner where Asotil busted in, in the update where she was talking with that “wonder-gel” mage and the blacksmith. Sadly, my english was pretty poor back there, and text longer than a small speech balloon would easily besume me and lose my interest. Months later, got to remember about Prequel and gave it a second chance (yay, Katia got le second chance) and read it from the start, being much more fluent with written English.
    By the time I caught up, Katia was an update or two from giving her stuff away to Sigrid. To be honest, every new day felt like a fresh new start, and with this update I feel like I’m starting with Katia in helping her around. Let’s see how it goes…

  • Vins

    As we say ’round here, I “took the moving tram” in joining Katia’s subconscious while she had already gone through so much, but I have to admit; Prequel does give the feel of a fresh new start every time the sun rises yet again upon our protagonist, and that we just caught up to start again with her.

    Your webcomic is fascinating, Kaz. Keep up the splendid work, bud.

    … And heck, the animation I had planned would serve to display my suggestions for Katia’s next wardrobe, but the comic took a faster pace than I predicted (not that I’m wholeheartedly complaining, of course). I’ll do my best to do something on time, you bet!

    Welp, now that I have internet only on Sundays it’s a tad difficult to keep track of Prequel, but I’ll make sure to check on it ASAP. ‘Till next week, see ya! ( ^_^)/

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Hmmm, Mabe you could always find help from anvil guild mages to dispell the barrier then if you get stuck inside use your telekinetic spell to break down doors or perhaps even Lear how to cast a silence spell and see if you can all band together an cast it on mass aura to bring the latch guild to justice. Better yet if your pissed at sigrid, than just pull the whole damn house down…

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Hey uh guys, how often does PROLOUGE get updated? Just curious I’m guessing it varies a lot.

  • Some dude

    Boy, this is some pretty extreme deja vu I’m having here

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      I tend to get that when I’m on prolouge…

      • Trance

        What the hell is “Prolouge”? Is that some designer drug? I’m thinking you might be meaning “Prologue”, maybe because you’re trying to refer to this MSPA, but it’s called “Prequel”, dude. The terms are related but not synonymous.

        • Kazerad

          I’ve seen this called Prequel, Prologue, Prelude… I’m not picky really, they’re all close enough.

          It updates about weekly right now. I keep meaning to make it faster. )=

          • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

            Simple mistake sorry. I misspell it and auto correct makes it PROLOUGE in caps too. I need to fix it. Sorry.

        • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

          Oh and thanks. I’ll check weekly then. Oblivion was actually the first elder scrolls I played, and I loved it. Now I’ve played all of the elder scrolls games. But I love to play oblivion and see things like lells sign and see quill weaves house because you definitely matched all the scenery.

    • Ch’marr

      I’ve had this feeling of dรฉjร  vu before!

  • Rold

    When I’m feeling sad, this comic always helps me feel just a bit better. Thanks~

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      Agreed in the upmost way.

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    Great story so far can’t wait to read more ps can anybody recommend any other stories similar to this story

    • Hakaru

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      There is NOTHING equal to this.

      • TheUnbrokenKhajiit


    • well if you just want the depressing portion go read warbot in accounting it is possibly on a depression level that superseeds this one.

  • Welgaea

    Well, now that all that is taken into consideration, why not steady yourself more by affirming that your body is in shape? You can’t walk over and speak to the only other person in the room if you can’t use your legs.

  • Pyro1096

    first things first, find out what the hell happened to your amulet of silence

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      ? It’s on her neck… I think you may be looking at the pics where the towl/curtain/thingamajig is covering it. Scroll upz.

      • Trance

        I think Pyro means that Katia should find out why the amulet didn’t do its job and stop her setting fires everywhere.

        • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

          Oh, herp de derp *face palm*

  • Morgan

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    Havent you ever thought that you met someone PURR evil?

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

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    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      letters: spontaneously burst into flames

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Katia! What’s this ‘lost any good reputation in kvatch’ buisness? You even got a vampire in the town to come change your bandages and a guard to place a note so no one would mess with you – both after you burned down a chapel! I say youre pretty liked in kvatch!

  • Rage Inducer

    Glad to see another update. And I’m also glad you had the strength to get away from TF2 to make it. I got stuck for a weeg gathering weapons so i can craft me a hat. “The Familiar Fez” to be more exact, the last part of the “Saharan Spy” set. I spent 73 WEAPONS for a specific hat that barely does anything besides being part of a set.

    Anybody who wants a challenge join the nightteam servers. They give some cheatlike features for a premium account you can buy but every 24 hours you can have a free trial. Very usefull in changing the outcome of the game. You can even play as a Sentry Buster. Servers with 24 players or more give insta-spawn for some extra mayhem.

  • The DragonBorn
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      • Derp

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  • The DragonBorn
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  • Squiggums

    I speculate that Katia might just hightail it up north to Chorrol, just to run away from it all. Little does she know, however, that Quill-Weave makes a monthly trip there to visit her NOT LESBO buddy Casta Scribonia, hilarity (not really actually) ensues.

  • Fgs

    I’d suggest taking a potion to prevent contracting vampirism.

  • Pig

    Katia, go get the pyromancer you met outside of town to help you kick Sigrid’s ass and get your stuff back!

  • SuperGnome

    Umm, Am I the only one that has thought that the voice, and the necklace are connected? It did light up, and shake a **** ton before you blacked out.
    But… animals don’t talk. Could the necklace have a human soul attached to it? Er… in it?
    Think about it though, the necklace is designed to keep your powers under control, and it does seem awfully convenient that the voice happened to show up just as the dream ended. It may of even put out the fires, or somehow helped you put out the fires subconsciously.

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      I think sigrid might be able to have charmed the dog soul into dispelling the constant silence spell on Katia in the worst time

    • theraphos

      No, the necklace has a puppy soul in it. We “were” the amulet for one panel a while back, and it confirmed that it was a puppy.

      • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

        Puppy, dog- makes no difference to what I had said. Same thing anyways.

        • Trance

          His reply was to SuperGnome, not you. Otherwise his reply would have nested inside yours.

      • SuperGnome

        I forgot about that. The rest of my statement still stands though.
        Could it be possible that we heard the thoughts of the dog? They were pretty similarly written?
        Before: Rock on mother f***ers, yeah!
        Now: Oh, crap. Hold on, I’ll be back. *click*

  • k9mouse


    Sorry I don’t how to reach you on steam to tell you this. Just to let you know there are two groups that support your work on steam:
    1) Khajiit Lovers ==
    2) PREQUEL Fans! ==

    I am following your work about a year now and thanks!


    A Fan,

    • Kazerad

      This is a perfectly fine way to get in touch with me! (doubly so if you put two or more links in the post so it is held for moderation, because then I literally have to look at it =P). Thanks for the heads up; I’ll join the Prequel one next time I boot up Steam. I guess I count as a fan of my own work?

      • k9mouse

        lol — I guess so =)

  • dude

    less than 200 comments have been posted which is crazy because lots are the same people, I like it this way
    also UPDATE!

  • Leo


    Nah is in the Thieves Guild.

    She changed your bandages.

  • Nall

    Hmmm… maybe the dream is the reality, and the reality of her failures are the dream? Or in the factor of “luck” -touchy subject I know- maybe the dream is telling her that in all other dimensions save for one she’s got the worst luck, and the dreams are there to remind her that “hey, at least you’re not dead. That would be the worst luck of all.”
    Also, maybe she had a pre-save before she entered the Mage’s guild? Or is she just plowing through the adventure and attempting to see just how long she can last before the enevitable?

    • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

      I highly doubt that it’s reality. When you have a nightmare you brain can trigger your fear scences and can take a ‘physical form’ in your dream to be the scource of the emotions. In this case, the fear takes a physical presence as the figure we know as ‘the king’. Such an irregular being i doubt is a part of reality other than a nightmare figure.

    • theraphos

      She doesn’t know how to save-reload. She only just discovered how to have a Quest Log! baby steps.

  • Kyu

    Katia: ==> Get some proper water into your system and maybe some free food from the Church?

  • Motherfucker

    Yay it’s time for the good stuff to happen again.


  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    The divines may not help you but you can alway seek help from narima, she smiles apon the wretched

    • theraphos

      …you know, this is true. And not just because Namira is my favorite prince anyway. Oblivion!era Namira worship didn’t have the unprovoked murder going on in the Skyrim!era cult (likely after centuries of harassment by Arkay), it was just sort of harmlessly weird. Even Namira’s ring was enchanted as a defensive item, and she’s the patron of beggars too.

      You take a risk with any Daedric Prince, but you can certainly make worse decisions than turning to Namira when you find yourself wretched, rejected and pitiful.

      (For those of you not familiar with the lore, here’s a book about Namira and the beggars of Tamriel. )

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Not to mention the vamp lady might know were a shrine is located (I know that Rey r from molag bal but narima influences cannibalism )

    • Expresate

      But it’s not really cannibalism. Vampires aren’t human.

  • marioheatfox

    Go toward the argonian with the broom and ask her how did the fire went out while you were unconsious.

  • KeyFox

    Wait a minute, is that Lifts-her-Tail? The Argonian?

  • Peyton Lehew

    Not a quest log, please. We’ve done so well without a quest log, and I don’t think it’ll do much for the story. All the generic webcomics and stuff have quest logsand inventory screens. It just feels unimaginative. Otherwise, good to see Katia out of crazy, acid-trip dreamland again. Keep up the good work.

  • Keaoden

    That’s right, don’t let them win. Just pick yourself up and get even fix this. You messed up, what important is you can still do something about it.

    And you have all kinds of power now that your magicka is restored, plus those jerks are mages, you eat magic.
    Do the math.

  • Kain222

    Katia, girl. I’m proud of you.

    You didn’t really fuck up. I mean sure, jumping down the well of slaughterfish was pretty damn stupid, but… Um…

    Okay let me start over.

    You didn’t do anything YOURSELF to get into this situation. You entered a mage’s academy which was secretly headed by a dirty scammer. That dirty scammer was most likely a vampire or a master-level charm magician: How much experience have you had with magic, like, ever? Especially charm magic! It wan’t YOUR fault. It was THEIRS, even an experienced wizard wouldn’t have stood a chance. You did nothing wrong for a change. All of this was brought on by others. Not to mention it was pretty damn heroic of you to smash that bottle on the ground. You were a responsible adult in a round-about, set everything on fire kind of way.

    Do you know what Katia Fucking Mannagan does when she’s scammed, proceeds to freak the fuck out and passes out naked in a church whilst setting things on fire? She gets her fucking Mannagan payback. Add “Revenge” to your quest log.

    Find some clothes first though, you loveable skank.

  • Pretty sure everyone has already noticed this, but, we know that the “Male Dark Elf Vampire” (Who I totally think we should call M’Dev if we every meet him/her) changed her eye bandage, and probably removed her hand wrappings – hope he didn’t reuse them. But, who put the Amulet back on her?

    – The Golden Voice? The likeliest suspect. Just ‘cos really. He sounds like the helpful type.

    – (Lusty?) Argonian Maid? Most likely. She looks like the helpful kind.

    – Gaius Atrum? Very unlikely. For more than obvious reasons.

    – Thieves Guild? Most unlikely. They would’ve stolen it. And if they didn’t, why didn’t they say that they left her her amulet? Brownie points for truthfulness!

    – M’Dev? He just said that he changed the bandages and put food in her bag. Nothing about putting an amulet back on her person.

    • Trance

      The general consensus is that the “male dark elf vampire who doesnโ€™t even LIVE in this town” is Nah.

      Fair point, though, about the Thieves’ Guild. Why DIDN’T they steal Katia’s amulet?

      • pheonixflyer

        They might have attempted it, but more fire could’ve sprouted up when they tried.

        • egg brother

          more likely thives guild members steal from the rich and help beggers. im pretty sure a naked woman sleeping in a church is not considered rich

  • TheUnbrokenKhajiit

    Update this weekend! Huzzah! o=[:::::::::::::> onward!

  • Warsun99

    Technically the letter was not hers to give.So she has to get that back.Also i think there is a reason why no one goes to that guild.It could be she uses hypnosis on others.Or Illusions.Which is why she was specifically told NOT to go there.I think if she brought the vampire she bumped into earlier she can see through illusions an help find out whats going on.

  • back to the land of the conscious i see and also the vampire could be dmitri, oh wait dmitri is a redguard.

    • egg brother

      and dead. dont forget dead.

    • Mediocre Scrublord

      Also, “A dark elf vampire who doesnt live in this town” That sounds suspicously NOT like Nah

  • Expresate

    Guys, I do believe Kazerad has been playing too much TF2, and “this weekend” has fallen into Valve Time.

    • Dynablade

      It hasn’t, truly. Kaz was away dealing with some heavy stuff IRL.

      • Vaultdweller

        It’s Sunday night for me. Hoping I won’t have to stay up too late.

    • Trance

      Of all the times I caught Kazerad online this weekend, he was never playing any video games. In fact, in his Last 2 Weeks Played section, he’s got more hours logged in Oblivion than in TF2.

      Sometimes it isn’t procrastination.

      • Expresate

        Was just joking around.

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    damn, i hoped it’d be out today, anyway thanks for great comic, i’m kinda new here so all i can say is great work so far, and keep it up ๐Ÿ˜€

  • MAMA?! LUIGI?!?!

    Eh, well, I live near as west as would be a good standard, and it’s already 7:00 PM, hoping it gets up today, and 1 in the morning doesn’t count >:(

  • egg brother

    a dark elf VAMPIRE
    oh gods, i hope she hasnt contracted vampirism

  • egg brother

    i will point this out for everyone:

    lifts-her-tail is an argonian maid living and working for a noble. that is obviously weedum-ja, who we met outside the chapel in the walk around

    • Kazerad

      Weedum-Ja works for a chapel, sir! Not all argonian maids are lusty.

  • Sheogorath

    She’s still alive! This calls for a celebration! CHEESE! CHEESE for everyone!!!!!!

  • Mzuark

    Alright it’s official, she seriously needs to get to the bottom of those dreams.

  • Mediocre Scrublord

    About “Nah”‘s letter, What has “cilantro” got to do with that?
    Does it do something to blood? What

  • Stump16

    you no. im thinking that monster in her dreams was the sha of fear.