Sep 112012

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Additional resource credits:
Ch’marr – wizardly codewrangler

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  • Excellent, now we can sit this one through with a cup of tea.

    Oh, yeah. You might still want to consider waking up.

    • Ch’marr

      This is a test reply! Kaz… plz bahleet.

      • Kazerad


        • NoriMori


        • wolligepoes

          Hey kaz, I have a question, It might be a bit off topic but how long has it been since you start writing the comic? because for everyone’s favourite khajiit mage it has been, what? five, four days? She must have lived for ages before this.
          Also, your artwork has definatedly improved since, good job! keep it up :3 I’m a big fan of ya.

      • AndrewNeo

        Darn cats!

    • Georgie

      It is too simple to just wake up now… WE NEED TO GO DEEPER

      • You’re gonna need a bigger screen!

        • Ratzmaus

          24 inches should be about enough, huh?

          • Thurgood Jenkins

            That’s what she said. BAZING!

          • Hakaru

            What, the pineapple? Isn’t that a.. little big?

          • Ratzmaus

            For a screen? Naaaah if you really wanna play newer games you are supposed to have a big screen, also helps with this website here haha. Plus I have my XBOX on it and we all know how much developers like their small fonts for XBOX games :3 (Dead Rising, The Last Remnant)

            As for the other thing, yeah that would be most likely too big πŸ˜›

        • Georgie

          that can be arranged

        • DK3

          Just zoom out πŸ˜›

    • Serene Peace

      shhhshhshsh this is YOUR dream, you can make the king into a bunny or something, or give yourself major magic and scare
      him away.

  • stupidjellyfish

    This was toteslly awesome, Kaz!

    • stupidjellyfish


  • Zalgo

    Well that’s a relief!

  • Well, time then to screw it at some epic proportions… and get new traumas.

    At the end, that is what everyone wants xD

    (By the way, you have did some awesome work with the last entries)

  • Well I love his series and how good you’ve gotten at it! Totally spooked me when the big guy dropped in, now I’m very interested in what part of her psyche she is talking too.
    Best talk to the light Kat it could be instrumental on your path to self greatness!

  • OldSchoolRPGDude


    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      (add “silly inflection” HTML tags to the post above)

    • tronn

      My thoughts exactly! I didn’t come here to read some feelgood, happy ending, letting her keep her dignity and not crying at all nonsense, I came here to be entertained.
      I sure hope that Kazerad didn’t drop the ball with this one!

      • PepperMintFlux

        Well, I’ve seen nothing feel good so far, so that’s definitely not a worry. I mean, that thing is TERRIFYING! Just sit back and enjoy the ride because this story has a ton of ground to cover. C’mon this story is addicting, right?

  • Krystalkitty

    I’m still a bit worried about the surrounding fire, but everything seems to be getting better! (At least I hope.)

  • Fancypantsman


  • Tanshin

    One big problem I’m having is that I’m never quite sure when the thing is /over/. So I tend to spend a lot of extra time clicking on everything and waiting, scrolling up and down. Maybe you could add a symbol or something that displays discreetly when it has told all it is meant to tell?

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Same here — I always wonder if I’m missing something.

    • Red

      There already is: it’s a little grey arrow in the top right of the screen. When you scroll down to Katia, if something new appears above, the arrow flashes; now more arrow, no more changes.

    • NoriMori


    • 34

      A lot of this.

    • ievolve


    • ievolve


      • ievolve

        …or maybe, the submit button won’t work and will post a double-post of my post. Sorry about that. If there’s a mod or janitor of some time, please to be deleting this and the other thing. Thanks.

  • The animations and overall artwork just keep getting better… It’s like a zombie invasion of amazing work!
    No, back you incredible gif! No! They keep spawning! GYAAAAAAH!!!! XD

    Honestly, I kinda laughed pretty hard at this one. The last animation sorta reminded me of a certain fairy friend in a certain game involving certain godly triangles, but this one’s just outright funny. The constantly flickering fire is nice, too. I think it might have been cool had the “king’s” tentacles been animated as well, but that’s not strictly necessary. Overall, a great piece of work.

    • NoriMori

      Lololol! I love the first paragraph of your comment. It makes me want to quote it in a Facebook status for all my friends to scratch their heads at.

      • Michaleon

        lol, I know, right? The best part is that was just my half-asleep ramblings! XP I posted that just after I woke up and was starting to get ready to go to college for the day… kinda like I am now… just a bit more sleepy… So looking back on it now, it was pretty funny and confusing if you didn’t get the reference, like a random facebooker (that’s a word… now…) or something.

        • NoriMori

          So does that mean I can post it?

  • M

    All this time I just wanted to play! But you where always scared of me!

    • NoriMori

      Wouldn’t it be hilarious if that turned out to actually be the case?

      • Kaze’aze


        • NoriMori

          Yeah it would.

          • Jebediah Oldenheimer

            I second this, that would be funny,

    • wolf

      Sounds like the first Pajama Sam game.
      Man, Pajama Sam was awesome, I hope I’m not the only one who played it.

  • Hati

    Fire is yours to wield, and you are no longer afraid, this is your world, take control.

  • Vins

    “like it’s totes ok”?

    Sorry, my engrish is no good, wut?

    • AD

      totes means totally

    • NoriMori


      • No, totally!

        • NoriMori

          Well played, sir or madam.

    • ChasingWagons

      I really hope you didn’t intend to say “engrish”.
      That was a lie, and you are hilarious.

  • Sokanas

    Dat Dere Engrish

  • Atrus


    “lolno” *brutal dream-murder*

    • tronn

      Oh god let it be so, it’s ages since the last dream sequence guro fest.

  • Chthon

    There seems to be a problem with the comic. I’ve viewed all of them fine up until today, yet now, all I get is a still image of the not-emporer and no Katia. Nothing seems to happen. Also image seems to have broken out of normal image borders on the page.

    • ievolve

      I don’t know your system stats, so I can’t be certain, but I think the following steps may assist you in fully appreciating this cutting edge comic.

      1) Check to see if you’re using Internet Explorer.
      2) Stop using Internet Explorer.

      • Kazerad

        It should work now, unless the person is using IE8 or older. But I mean, come on, even if you’re an adamant IE user, you could at least upgrade to 9.

        • xKiv

          Not if you are still stuck on XP for whatever reason.
          Which is still more people than it should.
          (my work computer is stuck on XP for certain XP-only drivers that didn’t work with the USB keystick from within virtualized PC)
          (but then I don’t use IE except for work reasons)

          • Bladix

            im on xp.i simply use mozilla firefox.solves all our problems :3

      • patrick

        The most common use for Internet Explorer: To download any other Web Browser.

        • NoriMori

          That’s all I use it for. XD

          Also, I was looking up Firefox on Wikipedia to see if it’s the most used browser yet (COME ON, HUMANITY, RESTORE SOME OF MY FAITH IN YOU), and I found a map that shows that Firefox is the most used browser in Africa and Antarctica, whereas Google Chrome is the most used one in South America, Europe, and Asia. Just us North Americans and Australians that insist on using IE. (As for Opera, it’s the most used in one country in Europe, but I fail at geography so I don’t know which country it is.)

      • NoriMori

        Hahaha. *high five*

  • Does this work for anyone with IE9? The previous javascript animations worked fine for me, but this one doesn’t do anything.

    • Chthon

      I too am having an issue with this. I also use IE9 and have javascript enabled, yet it does nothing for me as well.

      • Kaze’aze

        Haha, people still using internet explorer. You know the difference between HTML and HTML5? Open it in internet explorer. Does it run? No? It’s HTML5.

        • Chthon

          Couple things there Kaze-aze: Why are you so worked up about HTML5, when they haven’t finished even a working standard for it yet? It’s been 2 years since they proposed they’d have one, yet it’s still just a draft.

          Microsoft simply won’t implement a feature that is not complete, due to security complications that come with it. If you want a browser with exploitable security holes due to implementing half finished features, be my guest. I’ll take one that gets regular security updates and doesn’t implement risky code.

          • Kaze’aze

            I don’t need to give credentials over the internet, it’s honestly not worth it, but trust me when I say security risks don’t come from what type of browser you’re using.

          • TSED

            Did you just make an argument from authority without providing the authority?


          • Kaze’aze

            Web browsers as an infection vector for vulnerable hosts is based and dependent on malicious content being rendered by built-in interpreters such as HTML and JavaScript or plug-ins such as Flash or Quicktime. Since all browsers incorporate at least some amount of these potential vulnerabilities, malicious content can be executed on any web browser. Strictly speaking though, Internet Explorer is actually more vulnerable than Chrome as of now.
            Having a career doesn’t give you authority, and I’m arguing on the internet, not looking to change jobs. You wouldn’t care to credit a resume even if I posted one.

        • Congratulations. Your e-peen is way bigger than mine. In the meantime, a third of the internet is using IE, and I doubt most of them are going to install a whole new browser just to look at one comic, especially when there’s plenty of crossbrowser methods of doing animation.

          • Irishish

            A third of the internet needs to learn.

          • cephalostrum

            Seriously now. It’s one thing when we’re talking enterprise rollout ‘need to reach every eye possible’ type stuff, but this is a freaking webcomic. Most people who read such things are technologically savvy people, by in large. If you can’t view it, why don’t you try any one of 4 other major, secure, HTML5 supporting browsers temporarily.

            Since, you know, it takes at most a few minutes to download it. Yes that would be ladies and Gentlemen:

            The Elegant and Closed Source Safari 6! – Located in your ~/Applications folder for you OS X users
            Sporting reasonable HTML5 support, nifty graphics, and a not-so-shabby JavaScript engine, Safari’s probably your default browser – and one sure to serve you well.

            The Robust, Wisened, and Free as in Speech FireFox 15! – available at your local neighbourhood!
            Featuring support on anything that even so much as smells like a motherboard, more extensions than you can possibly fathom, and time tested stability.

            The Shiny, Sandboxed bleeding edge Google darling, yes it’s Chrome 20! – Found at the reasonable price of free, and hosted at the always accessible Google Download Page!
            Topped to the brim with super-powerful NaCl, WebGL, and robust extension support. Incredibly secure, and friendly to use, you can’t go wrong with a little Chrome in your life!

            Last but certainly not least, the Underdog, but swift as they come – Opera!
            Again found at the low low price of FREE at Opera’s Download Page
            Featuring a unique graphical style and interface with smoking fast JavaScript support, Opera may not be the most popular choice but it certainly gets the job done.

            OH WAIT. Did I mention all FOUR of them come with advanced CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 support?! Now you too can view the Interwebs in crisp, clear, fully rendered clarity!

          • Michaleon

            This is from

            Browser Statistics Month by Month

            2012 Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
            July 16.3 % 33.7 % 42.9 % 3.9 % 2.1 %
            June 16.7 % 34.4 % 41.7 % 4.1 % 2.2 %
            May 18.1 % 35.2 % 39.3 % 4.3 % 2.2 %
            April 18.3 % 35.8 % 38.3 % 4.5 % 2.3 %
            March 18.9 % 36.3 % 37.3 % 4.4 % 2.3 %
            February 19.5 % 36.6 % 36.3 % 4.5 % 2.3 %
            January 20.1 % 37.1 % 35.3 % 4.3 % 2.4 %

          • NoriMori

            @Irishish and @cephalostrum

            I love you.

        • Kazerad

          These updates actually aren’t HTML 5! It’s just a mix of pretty vanilla CSS and Javascript, and should run on any modern browser. If you are using a browser that hasn’t been updated in over four years, there are plenty of websites that will give you warnings.

          • Kaze’aze

            This originally wasn’t even about HTML5, that was just a bad joke on my part about Internet Explorer.

    • Kazerad

      It seems to work here on IE9… can you give me any more info about what’s wrong or what you’re using? Does a refresh fix it?

      • Chthon

        Just started working for me just now. Likely it was a problem with the formatting of the HTML, and not what extensions of HTML5 implemented (believe it or not IE9 does implement a few extensions deemed finished and functional, just not the ones currently in development)

      • Yes, it’s working now for me as well.

      • someguy

        Hey, I’m one of the readers that’s currently stuck using IE8. That’s not changing anytime soon either. I don’t suppose anyone wants to tell me what the pretty pictures are doing up above. Because that would be pretty cool.

  • Darkguyver2020

    Katia: “That’s right! I no longer need to be afraid anymore! I just need to stand up for myself and *cough* and be more optim *cough wheeze!* optimistic and….. *choke* and….. *passes out from smoke inhalation and burns to death in the fire*.


    Whoah!…. Excuse me. I thought I was Kazerad for a second there.

    • NoriMori

      Hey now, you be sweet.

  • Kimahri_the-Kajhit

    Because it’s so easy to not be afraid of a giant, black, spiked, red-eyed figure staring at you.

    • Hakaru

      Giant, black, spiked red-eyed NOBLE at that.

      • NoriMori

        Not just NOBLE! He’s…*gasp!*…ROYAL!

  • Shinden

    Im really starting to get confused. Is the internet leaking into Katia’s mind…?

    • Lowblock

      The Internet IS Katia’s mind!

      • andwhyisit

        No. It’s only her subconscious.

        • wolf

          Do we imagine Katia, or does Katia imagine us? It’s the whose-dream paradox of Alice and the Red King!

      • …That explains so much…

  • Revereche

    Oh god, this is so precious. <3

  • Ransom

    The smoke effects, wow!

    I’m lost, but hey, this is great!

  • Edd

    yeah kat. go on now. go defeat the demons.

  • Derp

    Wait, what!? …I was not expecting that. WTFBBQ. Why would the king torture her for almost her entire life and then just go like “HUH HUH LETZ HAV A BBQ GUIYZ!!!1!!”?

    I do like those smoke effects, though.

    • NoriMori

      We don’t know it’s the king talking.

  • IgnisSolus

    Is it over after ‘totes ok, you have my permission’? COnfused.

  • My vote is the vampire girl… what’d we call her? Nah?

  • Eatsfalconpunch


  • Ransom

    You heard the man.

    Time to stop beignet afraid.

    Time to start being awesome.

  • orsinox


    • NeoDarklight

      I thought the same thing.

  • ChetBetera

    Is it just me or does the Nightmare King look a bit… confuzzled? Like he’s all, “What the hell are these golden words glowing above me?”

    • +1 Observation Skill!

    • Kelsier03

      Yeah, he has his head tilted to the side as compared with the last update. Good eye.

    • ChetBetera

      Yes! Now I only need to spot 5 more typos so my Observation Skill is high enough to observe the magical wizardry behind Ch’maar’s code.

  • Shumba

    Ooooo its toying with her!
    Permission not to be afraid? Evidently this creature is trying to be very controlling.
    But so far all its been doing is threatening you in your dreams with, what it wants you to think it ‘could do’ in the real world.
    Its a bully, deep inside its just a cowered trying to control you. Don’t let it!
    Don’t ask it why you need its permission, tell it you don’t need its permission.
    Be brave! Whatever happens its just given you permission to be. Don’t let it control you or your never get your life straitened out!

    This is neat! But it dose not appear to be optimised to suit my wide screen.
    Rotating my display leaves things the same size so ill hazard a guess and say your using fixed sizes?
    This is not so great and I have 1200px of height, I can only imagen it being worse on a smaller resolution.
    I would suggest swapping to calculated fixed sizes based on screen height. Its great but id like to see it all at once with out having to rotate my screen!

    • Yes, the “fixed size” is intentional. There’s no activity off to the sides. The intention was to make this “so encompassing you can’t ever get it all in.”

      Devices with very narrow screens, such as mobile devices, have a distinct level of scaling built in, so on those devices it is shrunk down to, I think, the equivalent of a 900 pixel wide window.

      • cephalostrum

        I like it, neat effect.

  • cephalostrum

    Since apparently IE is still a thorn in the internet’s side, I’d just like to say it runs lovely in every other major browser. I absolutely adore that you/your scripter are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a webcomic without it fully being an interactive interface/game/.gif/animated cartoon. Straddles a really weird and nascent area of the internet that could use some love. Plus the comics cool too :).

  • Sounds like drunk Kaz.

    Or probably Vaermina on her moe moods.

  • Mao

    Well, that can’t be Martin, he wouldn’t talk like a dere school girl.

  • Bove

    Kaz or Ch’marr, suggestion:

    You should put a up vote/like system in the chat. So that we can see if a certain comment is popular. For example, a response that solves a viewing problem or contains a good explanation (etc) can be more readily found. Or if a certain sentiment is popular we can “like” it.

  • Ankoku

    The king looks confused…
    this gonna be good

  • unclecho

    Oh no.

  • Derp

    You know, I just had a thought. You know, right when she passes out, you can see the stained glass portrait of Akatosh. Maybe those golden words are his?

    • Bladix

      oo000ooo i think your onto something!

  • sabata2

    Hey Kaz, why did you lock the suggestion thread?

    Is this one of those multi part ones like how Katia dealt with the booze bottle herself?

  • RKeno

    The demon-king’s face looks familiar here… maybe it’s just me, but he/it looks a bit like a black Katia with with spiky teeth, protrusions and an extra eye… look closely at it’s eyes and facial expression. Would make sense if this was some sort of “demon/evil inner-self” situation.

  • SJpaladin

    Can’t view this on my computer (I use internet explorer). Tried to get it up on my iPad using safari. It went as far as “like it’s totes ok you have my permission” and then nothing. Is that it? It really is hard to tell when some of these are over. I appreciate that you are putting a lot of effort into making these original and cool, but you are getting the same complaints from multiple readers. If I have to download some new program everytime you put up a new page, I’m definitely NOT going to be continuing to follow this comic. I’ve enjoyed it so far, and I will try back in a few weeks and see if it is a page I can read. If not, I will probably not bother again. It kinda sucks that you don’t care that a significant portion of your readers are having difficulty.

    • Kazerad

      More info on your IE version please! This is a really crazy bug, as far as I can tell. I’ve managed to get it to malfunction a few times in IE9, but when I bring up the console (F12) to assess it, it starts working correctly.

      • Chthon

        Funny, I didn’t bring up the console prior to getting it working. I refreshed many times and it wouldn’t work, then now it does. Maybe you fixed it before I noticed.

        • Kazerad

          We just implemented a minor change, yeah, still testing if it is fixed. This bug was really baffling; it would start working whenever we brought up the diagnostics to assess what was wrong!

          • Oh no, the dreaded Heisenbug!

          • Chthon

            Well thanks for Supporting us IE9 users πŸ™‚

          • Chthon: We’re trying! We’re trying! πŸ™‚

        • SJpaladin

          Looks like it is working now. Glad to see you that you were working on it. Looking forward to seeing what happens when (if?) Katia wakes up.

    • Ransom

      Wait, I thought after the “totes ok” and ‘thumbs up” that WAS the last bit of text. Is there more I’m not aware of?

  • Hey Lil katia cat it’s me, your lovable insane side of things.
    Don’t worry, you can trust the dark thing, just as you can trust me, as well as that rock thing over there… although it did ramble on a little bit about something of impending doom earlier. But is ok, I trust the rock. πŸ˜€

  • TwistedLogic

    XD Even the king-mare is looking up at the light with a ‘huh?’ expression on his/her/its face.

  • Unclever title

    Well, it looks like the suggestions thread is closed already. Guess that means the next update is already planned. Which is fine by me.

    My guesses for what’s going on now.

    Either one of the Nine Divines is a seriously cool dude or dudette or a certain nearby bastard has a very calming voice and/or presence.

  • Novago

    another WTF/LOL moment for the eternity

  • Zer0DusT

    she is going to see martin isn’t she? i mean when she wakes up? but i know somewhere in these infernal pages someone does call her Kat when they talk to here, i just can’t find who, but someone did call her cat sometime at the beginning and i’m wondering if they’re there now too?

    *ugh! there’s too much info in your head Zer0! stop writing before you make a wall of text!!*

    Zer0DusT:(looks down, clicks submit)

  • Jessica U. Ingmann

    … lawl. Wuhduhfuh.

  • Dovahkiin

    Well, i suppose you are about to lose your fear, and get some power unlock/level up!
    and then……
    ~katia: realize, since as an atronoc [excuse spelling] you absorb magic, you could simply absorb the magical barrier, letting you in AND supercharging you!

  • NeoDarklight

    …Okay, that text is making me think that Roxy Lalonde is the person speaking to Katia. Also, why was the suggestion box closed?

    • unclecho

      As you probably noticed the last 2 updates haven’t had any suggestions used. There’s probably going to be one or a couple more updates like this. Then it will be open again. That’s what I’m guessing.

  • JJA

    Just noticed that the white flames look like a huge, Grinch-grinning face. Cool!

  • Next time, the monster will grow out of your screen and eat your face. I’m sure Ch’marr can do that o.o

    • Ch’marr

      I think I’ll need a plugin for that, and I’m trying to avoid those πŸ™‚

      • Even magic requires plugin? MAGIC RUNS ON A NPAPI ARCHITECTURE O.O

  • even the king is like ‘wtf’

  • Cyph

    This is the best update ever the end. Nothing will top it.

    • Bladix

      besides that stair thing.that was cool

  • Alceris

    Well that just brutally tore apart the mood with a chainsaw lawnmower.

    • Trance

      Agreed. Still holding out to see if these last two updates make any sense at all in future context. Hopes are not high with a line like “it’s totes ok *thumbs*”.

  • Newbienice

    I really hope this webcomic doesn’t turn all meta like homestuck

  • TheTurnipKing

    So… what’s the deal with the mspaint forums thread?

    • Ransom

      I’m assuming Kaz already has the script for the next page up and isn’t taking commands.

  • R’Becca

    Didn’t he mean PURRMISSION

  • Scout

    Wow, this dream sequence was amazing. Quite memorable, actually!! Great job dudes, the wait times were worth it! That being said, I won’t be expecting cool effects all throughout the rest of the story. I am already satisfied. C: But stay in touch with the wizard!! He can work unthinkable magic. Really appreciate your input, Ch’marr!

  • Keel

    … I spend the last 24 hours catching up, and suddenly

    Best No sleep night I ever spent.

  • Kitty Monroe

    Listen to the shiny text. It sounds nice. It seems to be trying to help. You’re not even hurt now.

  • wolf

    Didn’t you hear me? It’s TOTES OKAY! TOTES! You have my PERMISSION and a FREAKING THUMBS UP! Oh my GOODNESS, STOP being AFRAID or I will MURDER YOU in your SLEEP.
    Yeah, I bet you don’t feel so scared NOW, huh? You had better NOT. >:(

  • Pegashush

    I think it’s time for you to wake up, little one.

  • SuperGnome

    I’m fine with that too. ^^

    I still think you should kick him in the face though.

  • Canuhearmenow

    So… Is that the Emperor-Monster speaking, someone in the material realm, or some as-of-yet unseen force?

    Or could it be the manifestation of the gestalt intelligence that is “Submit Commands.”

  • lrregular

    Ok, that voice is obviously familiar to you and obviously not from the creepy king beast. Who is it?

  • KatenRala

    I’ve been hitting the lore hard to help me write a story for a Skyrim mod, and I’m wondering: was Katia born in the “Warp in the West” when time could have been so messed up during the dragon break she may really be 19, older than 19, a version of her own mom maybe even great grandfather born female from another dimension, or was involved with the Underking, the Mantella, Zurin Arctus, and Tiber Septim or somehow begat as a part of the interaction of Aetherius with the mortal plane? She could even be some weak-ass Daedric Prince whose “realm” is just wherever she happens to be, or the lap kitty of Lorkhan or is a Ka Po’ Tun. Or eff me a Kilrathi or Kzinretti (it’d explain where her smarts came from) if this turns out to be a crossover of some sort.

    I was told a while ago that somebody in the forums figured out the exact date of her birth but I was given no answer as to or when and no directions and searches aren’t coming up with anything like her birth date. ): I’ve been much to sick till now to get back into things. Hopefully this dream sequence will reveal more clues.

    Considering her dreams, something else occupies her mind/brain/soul, however it works in the TES world and possibly she is a resurrection of a Daggerfall character or earlier, wholly or in part. I unfortunately hadn’t played Daggerfall and can only read lore articles and game books about it.

    (My mod has more to do with events that happened from Morrowind and Oblivion, yet before Skyrim starts though, no pre-Morrowind dates either, but I get side-tracked reading the in-game books and stuff when I get tired; and nothing about the mod save maybe a possible easter egg reference will have anything to due with this comic.)

    Anyway if anyone knows a definitive answer may they share it?

  • KatenRala

    sorry, I forgot to close a tag only something else should be that way.

    • Fixed for you!

      • KatenRala

        Thank you. πŸ™‚

  • StolenMango

    Awesome sauce,i’m done! Now i can also contribute to this great story with comments…or at least try to…

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    Is that the equivalent of her “id” speaking? As some pointed out earlier, this seems (deliciously!) in-tune with the drunken scrawlings in that book she ruined.

  • Ohhithere

    Fight back.

  • Kit

    I wish I could use that background as a wallpaper. It looks so cool!

  • Apollo

    Hey Kat.

    It’s time to stop being afraid.

  • BlackVolk

    Good God! ! that is awesome!

  • Seka

    “Well… maybe you could stop being so damn scary?”

  • Scott

    I’m also stuck on the “it’s totes ok” thing. I use Google Chrome.

    • Ch’marr

      Which version?

      And, can you open up the javascript console (developer tools) and tell me if there’s any errors showing up.

    • Kazerad

      If you see the thumbs up, that’s the end of this update.

      I should probably define those more clearly >:

  • Karhs

    The King has no idea what to make of this

  • filipater

    He better not be playing games with you Kat!

    And if he isn’t trolling you right now….THEN WHAT THE HELL MAN? All those years of nightmares and NOW he says something?!

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    I just had a thought. The king gets more and more horrific whenever Katia tries to be brave, but only seems to attack her when she attacks it first. Maybe it is some horrorterror from Oblivion, perhaps one of Vaermina’s underlings, contacting Katia’s dreams, and actually totes wants to be friends. Its true form is just horribly frightening. So when Katia shows bravery, it grows closer and closer to its true form, trying to ease her into being okay with comprehending that form.

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  • Katia, you have strength to overcome it. The king is merely a metaphor for your cowardliness (or however you spell that) and only you can stand up against yourself.

  • rainP

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    • Zer0DusT

      random considering when kaz puts a normal page out versus a coded page

      if you’ve read through the comic up to this point you know what i’m talking about

      *cough, cough*, stair way, *cough*

    • There’s a number of factors here at play:

      * The amount of effort the current update took (ie, recovery time)
      * The amount of effort in the new update, which includes number of pixels, colours (or colors), length of the page, and how close we are currently to the sun to account for gravitational effects
      * The proximity (in either direction, temporally) to the latest TF2 or TES update or DLC
      * Current legal limits on voltage for taser devices.
      * Alcohol content, and quality of tequila, for assisting programmers
      * How many “awesome but ridiculously complex” ideas the programmers have suggested.
      * How much grief Kaz got for the usability of the most-recent 2 updates (how can I tell if that’s the end? I can’t make this go! Why does this not run on IE6? Why should I have to update my buggy browser? I can’t play this game on my iPad!)… this is exacerbated by tequila or whiskey quality, too.

      Now, put all those factors in a bucket, add in a generous sprinkling of squares and cubic operations, coefficients and random astronomical constants… and stir. If its not mixing well, add more tequila. (Yes, _more_… if you didn’t START with tequila, then you’re doing it wrong).

      Then bake at 3750 degrees Kelvin for 3.5 fortnights, and ignore the bashing on the door from the police or child services. Then, if done correctly, your answer will be “it’s already updated! Where have you been for the past 2 months??!”

      • Bove

        I love you with the very core of my soul.

  • MirrorMirror

    Stop trying to assert control over everything. You don’t have to go through life making everyone happy. Learn to just lay back, and let things go where they may. Instead of fighting this fear of yours, accept it. Acceptance is a powerful thing. You’re in a dream, so just dream a little.

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      • Zer0DusT

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    • IgnisSolus

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      • …I don’t get why the burning church has anything to do with the Thieves Guild.

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    *Obnoxiously long “No!!!” of anguish*

  • Hide-of-Scales

    Ugh, is this nightmare sequence still going on? I’ve been super-quiet about this so far, but I have to speak up now: Kaz, what is the fucking point of this nightmare sequence? It’s already been established that Katia has an ungodly fear of royalty and nightmares involving a Septim-shaped monster (a monster that obviously reacts very violently when people decide Katia should confront him – something that was also established in the previous nightmare sequence). Unless you plan to do something with this sequence that gives Katia some sort character development (or at least, some added backstory; seeing how Katia appears to be a child here), there was no reason to make the nightmare last this long. And if you are planning to use this sequence to give her character development/backstory, then you took for-fucking-ever to get there and as a result, I’ve become so disinterested in learning it that I’d rather the nightmare just end so the story can actually continue and go somewhere.

    Everyone else here may be wow’d be Ch’marr’s “wizardly codewrangling” and give you asspats for it, but if you want to keep me interested, you’re gonna have to give me a reason to care about all of this and stop dragging this sequence on.

    • Uzi_Man

      Speech skill decreased to 1

      • Hide-of-Scales

        Okay, maybe it wasn’t the nicest way to tell Kaz his comic is getting boring and he needs to give us less style and more substance (skimming the comments, AwwYiss said it best in that these slow updates that do fuck all to progress the story aren’t cutting it anymore), but I’m fed up with waiting for something to actually happen. Maybe I should’ve spoke sooner and not let my impatience grow, but seriously… it’s been over a month and nothing’s fucking happening (the slow pace of the updates themselves really isn’t helping matters, either).

        While I know could leave at anytime, I’m staying and I’m commenting because I liked this comic, and I want to keep liking it, but that’s hard to do when the story’s going nowhere and nothing’s actually happening despite Kaz actually updating it.

        • Uzi_Man

          Well, it’s true that the comic is becoming boring. l miss the lesbian and necrofilic jokes and the travel scenes.. and her adventure in the ruins, that was awesome.

          But now, this story is just about a cat with existential problems.

      • Kazerad

        Aww, don’t be like that; Scales guy is entitled to his opinions. And really, negative opinions are very important to help me ascertain the range of reader perceptiveness. Oftentimes I put in details that end up being so subtle that absolutely nobody notices them – I think my most shameful example is this update, where the ruined bucket moves a couple pixels after Katia tries some non-cat burns. Somehow I actually thought people would notice that and go nuts speculating.

        If you can’t see plot progress in the current sequence, it is because I have once again utterly misjudged how much readers pick up! Live and learn, I guess – that’s why feedback is important. In the “moving bucket” instance, the lack of people noticing that detail led to it being explained a completely different way shortly thereafter. Since a couple people are having trouble picking up things in this current sequence, most of the plot progression will likewise probably be reiterated more overtly in time.

        • Ransom

          Huh, there you go.

          That said, I’m not sure how you could not see that something important is going on here, with the glance into Katia’s past and the sheer gravity of how horrible the visions are, combined with the “wha?” nature of this post. Clearly something important is going on here, not just fancy coding.

          • Hide-of-Scales

            Well, it’s easy to not see something important happening here because, well… nothing’s happening. All I see from these updates a horrible case of “style over substance” that has nothing else to establish outside of “Katia has another nightmare with evil Septim monster… oh, but she’s a kid now even though that has changed literally nothing about the nightmare sequence thus far!” I mentioned this before: The gravity of how unpleasant the Septim monster is was established in the last nightmare sequence. Remember? When it murdered her friend(?) and then decided to rip Katia asunder, forcing her to wake up in a cold seat? Having another nightmare tell us the Septim monster is horrifying (and proceeding to drag it out like such) is just redundant.

            Also, what has making Katia a little kid explained? That she’s had this phobia since she was very young? I’m pretty sure this was already established early on in the story. Right now, having Katia as a child seems pointless unless we get an actual glimpse into her childhood, and as I also said before: If that’s the case, Kaz took so long to get to the actual substance that I don’t even care to hear it anymore if it means getting the story back on track (where stuff was actually happening).

            If something important is going on, then let’s actually see it and stop dragging this largely pointless and boring nightmare out.

        • ChetBetera

          Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the hell?! Am I going to have to re-re-read the whole story again and do .gif comparisons of each and every frame? How did I miss that? How many more of these imperceptible changes whihc add oh-so-much to the story have I missed?

          • weweh

            Just think if we noticed that bucket move, Katia could’ve learned some type of telekinesis spell, which totally may have helped her get her stuff back.

            Now I have to make sure I examine every still image/gif frame by frame for now on…

        • Hide-of-Scales

          Well, it’s good to see you acknowledge all feedback is important good or bad. As someone who also likes to make drawings and post them online (sorry, I’m not comfortable sharing them here), I find that you can learn alot about an artist based on how they react to criticism, not just with replies that embrace or shun them, but also if it has any effect on their future works; actions speak louder than words, after all. It separates the real artists worth their salt from the hacks, if you ask me.

          There’s nothing wrong with subtlety; but it’s not exactly the best tactic to use when presenting important plot devices because they can be very easy to miss depending on how subtle you make things. Mind you, that’s not always a bad thing; the super-subtle path can make for a real effective mind-screw or two later in the story that could blow all of our minds… or it could so long as audience doesn’t catch on to what you’re doing and reactions can be less than favorable when the supposed mind screw comes. Getting the right message across to your audience isn’t always that easy – in fact, it can be really hard at times, but you probably already know that.

          Anyway, I’m getting off track. The point I’m making is this: If you’re trying to tell us something, it’s important to make sure we can actually hear you, otherwise… well, you’ve read my angry comment a few posts above: We don’t get the message and wind up seeing something else instead (in my case, it’s a case of redundancy that’s going on for far longer than it really needs to).

          • Kazerad

            I appreciate the advice, but don’t worry; I’ve been at this longer than you have and have a pretty good idea what I’m doing! I could always go with methods I know will work from the outset, but there’s sadly not much fun in that.

          • John

            Also there are those of us who don’t really mind that it’s taking a while. Or at least do not feel as indignant and jilted as you do.

          • Crav

            How in the hell could you not see something happening? We just had a mysterious voice with a golden light tell Katia she doesn’t need to be afraid any more. That kinda screams plot development to me.

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  • maybe this is Emperor Uriel, and he is trying to tell you something. Maybe he wants your help (or, spoiler alert, this is a symbol for his impending death?)

  • John

    Out of interest, do you need an extra help with this? Not that you don’t seem like an eminently capable enough artist to cover this, but if any help would let you work faster and worry less, I believe you will find I am quite competent.

    • Kazerad

      Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got it under control! Most of the time consuming parts are just planning/tweaking/trying to figure out what I named a file I need. I’ll keep your name in mind next time I do one of the game segments though, since I usually end up outsourcing a lot of those resources.

      • John


        Also! I am like twelve months into a course on animation

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    Burn him, envelop him in the flames of your bravery and courage. No matter how strong he is, no matter how scary, YOU are stronger. Don’t let him control you, turn him into ash.
    Let your fire consume all of him.
    If you don’t, then one day he might actually hurt your friends.

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