Dec 162012

Crazy-8 wrote:

hostergaard wrote:
Katia, train hard, train well. You did great last time you had someone to teach/help you learn. Maybe that is the secret to unlocking your potential? To have someone train you?

Gavinfoxx wrote:
Remember, with a mace or a club — don’t aim at the shield. Aim at the head and the arms (or equivalent striking limbs, to lower their effectiveness)!

– and remember: guide with your arm, force with your body. Push off against the ground more!

That’s right –

Practical_Thoughts wrote:
Katia, focus. You are getting better with a club, but you’ve mostly been standing still. Remember to move and swing with control.

Gavinfoxx wrote:
Yes, you need to focus on moving in, dealing damage, and dancing away from retaliation. Otherwise you are leaving yourself open.

– and lead right into the next swing, don’t stop and wait. Vary your lines of attack!

Keep moving! –

LtBartram wrote:
Try holding it with both hands when you swing. Like your about to obliterate a big rock with a sledgehammer!

Norkkom wrote:
I wanna see you smash that shield cat, put some oomph into it

– if you’re coming in two handed, spread your hands out more, right, like that –

Welp, Ilden continues, he reckons that’s probably enough for one day. Frankly, he’s surprised that twig lasted as long as it did, being something that fell out of a tree.

You were hoping to get a bit more practice in, but yeah, you tell him you probably have some other stuff you should be concerning yourself with.

That felt good, though! Like, learning to do something and being able to let off a little steam in the process. Just knowing that you can kind of do something you couldn’t before, there’s something really… confidence…ing about that.

He tells you not to let it go to your head. Having a passably decent swing is important, but there’s a lot more to proper combat. Blocking, responding to attacks, moving around, breaking through defenses… not to mention keeping your armor in shape, keeping your weapons sharp and whatnot.

You nod and tell him you understand.

After a bit of hesitation you half-chuckle and confess that while you’re no fighter, you actually tried your hand at armor repair once, years ago.

You read about it in this book and thought, like, maybe it was something you could handle. So you saved up a week’s worth of stolen silverware and got one of those little hammers for pounding dents out of metal. Figured you’d repair some things, get some practice, maybe get really good at it someday. Eventually you even managed to find some knight who wanted his armor fixed up while he went barhopping.

You were all excited about it, and then as soon as you try to pound one of the fasteners back into shape your little hammer snapped in half. You spent like two hours freaking out and trying to fix it before the knight came back, got mad that nothing was done, took his armor and stormed out. So, yeah, armorer wasn’t for you.

‘Course, it wasn’t a total loss. You did manage to pocket a gauntlet before he left, which found its way to a pawn shop and, soon, was converted into a couple rounds of ale.

But really… thanks. You know, for treating me like an actual human being. Er, not human, I mean… two-legged… thing. I think I need that every once in a while.

Ilden says it was his pleasure. Just try to take what he taught you and use it to not get eaten by monsters. You tell him you’ll try, but can’t make any promises.

Anyhow, it’s gettin’ late. Old people late. He oughta head off. Good seeing you, Desert-Cat.

Likewise, you say.


See you.

And, ah, “Desert-Cat”, you ask?

Just seemed fitting, he says. Got a tinge of old Alik’r in your voice.

Oh, you say. You hadn’t really heard that before, and aren’t sure what it means, but you guess it sounds cool.

HeadSix wrote:
Katia: If you’re thinking about killing Stephan, you should start thinking about how you’re going to dispose of the body.

StormyDragon wrote:
> Don’t do what you’re thinking of doing to Stephan. He’s not actually done anything to you; does he deserve to pay for Sigrid’s crimes, especially when he may be under duress as well? You said you wanted to be a better person. Murderer is not an improvement.

Alright, back down to business.

You are not planning to kill anyone. But you’re thinking this through and it is likely you might have to defend yourself. If you are trying to circumvent Sigrid’s evil machinations and get that package back, you risk causing her some big problems. And, not gonna lie, you probably come across as pretty killable already. You can’t imagine that will get much better once you start giving someone an incentive to get rid of you.

You’re committed to this, though. It probably sounds like a bad idea, but Quill-Weave is still counting on you to finish this job and it would be a good idea to show her you can. So, technically, this plan is more like a good idea with some rough edges. Extremely rough edges, that involve being murdered. But you’re sure you can figure out some way around those.

Draegur wrote:
1. Find clothes (COMPLETE!)
2. Retrieve Quill-Weave’s Package
3. Learn about Unusual Dream

Even what you’re doing now needn’t go in the quest log; it’s just a side quest or even a stepping-stone for Entry #2.

Do NOT forget to learn about that dream!

Yeah, the dreams aren’t something you easily forget about.

It’s probably about 3:16, and you don’t really have any direct leads on Stephane right now. You could check for him at the chapel, but you didn’t see him there this morning and you’d rather catch him when he’s alone, if you can.

For the time being, you feel like your biggest priority should be finding someone to analyze these dreams, finding some references on alchemy so you can maybe counteract whatever Sigrid has in store, or finding out what’s up with your amulet so you can… not burn to death when you least expect it, you guess.

You’re not sure what it says about you that these three things are roughly of equal importance in your mind.

  • Anon

    Oh god, finally.

    • Deimos

      Gods, bro. Gods.

      • Denis

        He almost lost the subject while waiting

        • Almost asked Obama for a emergensy package

          • Emer Gensy

            I don’t send packages to nobody nohow, damned you all thinkin’ you’ll get Christmas stuffs outta me.

          • Lucien

            no no Emer Gensy he was going to send you personally to “Take care of the problem.”
            not make you give a gift.

  • Larrs

    Man the panels of Katia trying to get a hug were adorable. I wonder how Katia is going to deal with Sigrid on her own?

    • Cyph

      I have to agree. Very cute.

    • DD

      Maybe she needed help getting up after all that training.

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      • Chaplain Kenchi

        How in the world did he resist!? Those outstretched arms? Those eyes on that adorable face?
        Who needs Telvanni Bug Musk when she has those? XD

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        Would have gotten extra points if leaving cat was entirely black.

  • Ragnvaldr

    Oooo. Those animations look great. So smooth.

    • Rambo Dash

      I look foward to the day when Bethesda sees the true potential in this and hires Kaz to lead the production of “Prequel: The Animated Series”.

      • Deimos

        Fuck. Yes.

        • Araph

          SO yes. You cannot describe how many ‘yes’es there are. The sheer number of ‘yes’es will cause them to merge and form the Yes Singularity, which shall traverse the planes to the desk of a Bethesda executive, and to his cartiligous sound hole they shall spake thusly: “YES.” And he will greenlight the project.

          • DarthLucario

            That was beautiful.

          • Loon

            Admittedly, I just read “cartiligous” as “catiligous”.

            Those puns scored me far more deeply than I had initially assumed.

          • MeltingData

            except it’s bethesda so nothing will get done, or the footage will mostly consist of white noise once they get it on the air

          • Lerigonith

            Except it’s Bethesda, meaning like their games it’ll be one of the damned greatest things to ever grace your television with bogglingly vast amounts of content, the shear amount of which would be far too much for any mortals to get all the kinks out of before the final product. But despite a few people bitching over things that don’t matter, it’ll receive the highest awards and acclaim, and drown out any possible competition for the rest of the year. While it may have a bug or two, it’ll still be leagues ahead of everything else like it.

          • Lerigonith

            *also, sheer

          • Araph

            Well said, Lerigonith.

  • someone with too much time

    Wow finally an update, so happy to see more! I’m glad she isn’t getting ahead of herself, it would be bad if she tried confronting Sigrid right away, she would be vastly outmatched.

  • Jerzu

    Great animation in this update!

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    I had a good day today.
    Just before going upstairs I decided to check the site… Now my day is much better.

    Thank you Kazerad

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    It’s here. It’s finally here.

    Amazing animation by the way. Looks great!

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    Took some time.

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    Finally, it tool long enough, (im not trying to be mean just pointing out a fact)

    anywayz nice animations and shiz, i like how you didn’t make her cry by getting a splinter in her eye or something silly that would make her blind 100% keep it up kaz you’re doing great!

  • Araph


    Just out of curiosity, how do you go about animating like that? It’s still made with Flash, right?

  • James

    All the ‘finally’ and ‘took you long enough’ comments are a little ungrateful, I feel.

    Honestly, Kazerad, thank you so much for releasing another page of one of the most awesome webcomics on the entire internet.

    I would suggest, though, that in order to avoid stuff like this, you rein back on the animation a bit. I’m not saying it’s not good (it’s great), but what really makes this webcomic special is your awesome writing and art style. If we have to wait another week because of animation problems, then that just winds everybody up.

    Seriously though, thank you again, and I hope you have a merry Xmas 🙂

  • Araph

    Holy crap, Kaz has drawn 1336 images for Prequel. That’s… more than I have drawn ever. Wow.

    • Miauw

      Remember, alot of those are animated!

    • Vulmen

      heh…I guess that means that his next page release will be “1337”? =]

  • Fallbrook

    “as soon as you try to pound one of the fasteners back into shape and your little hammer snapped in half”

    Extra “and”. Comma, maybe? Hey, if all the other pages have nitpicky grammar checkers, I want in, too!

    Er…and thanks for another update, Kaz. This is the only site I bothered to keep an RSS feed for so I don’t miss any Katia. ^_^

    • Kazerad

      You found today’s Typo! Fallbrook is the winner!

      (but seriously thanks)

  • anon

    The animations are fucking sick! Completely worth the wait. Very impressive.

  • Eddy

    Hurray, an update 🙂
    The animation was brilliant, thanks for all the work you put into this, it is so amazing. A couple of comments: No cuddle for Katia, that tugs at the heart strings! Also she broke that ‘twig’..and then set it on fire while she is still wearing the charm. Look out world!

    • ikearat

      We may have to start thinking that Katia is carrying around a tiny dead puppy soul in that charm. (yuck)

  • Goph

    Inb4 it takes another month to update.

  • Dr. Curiosity

    Yep. They don’t make armour repair hammers like they used to.

    • Twoflower

      Damn novice hammers.

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    Holy update, Batman!

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    Oh god, I’m dying here!
    Love the animations, their stylized…style reminds me of Samurai Jack, a bit. Well worth the wait, I’d say!

    • The Hooch

      Samurai Jack kicks ASS.

      kicked* :'(

      • Wraith Siddy’an

        He’s still kick’n in my DVD player. B-)

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    Absolutely worth the wait, thanks for all the effort you put into this Kaz!

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    The animations were worth the wait. :3

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    These sands are cold, but Khajiit feels warmness from your presence Kaz, may you walk on warm sands and your sugar always be sweet ~ (Merry Xmas all) 🙂

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    And then Kazerad redeemed himself.

    Thus, all bitching ended.

    • Zerithos

      Then an actual female dog trotted up and destroyed the entire Elder Scrolls universe.

  • M

    I would dare say finding out about Vaermina would be the key point to getting a lead on those dreams. But not quite sure how Katia would come across this knowledge. Although some cursory knowledge of the daedra is probably folk knowledge.

    The amulet, that’s a tricky one! Because I don’t think there are any friendly mages in this town who could figure that one out.

    So… references to alchemy might be the easiest one? Then again can that be had outside the Kvatch mage guild?

  • dude

    I’M So OveR Joyed

  • Actua

    “Risin’ up back on the street….”
    Then I read it….Alik’r
    Alik’r…you son of bitch.

  • Jeizar

    Awesome !
    Nice animation and all !
    It’s good to see that Katia meet good people sometimes.

  • Is the first frame supposed to be a non-animated image of the sky? That one isn’t doing anything for me, even though most of the others are.

  • Gorgeous animations!! Just superb quality. Better than Bethesda’s, honestly! 😀

  • An onion bagel

    Just an idea of mine, how about for in ‘in-between update-update’ you show a quick glimpse at what Quill-Weave was doing at the moment, like wondering how it could take this freaking long to deliver a book 😛

    • Jackal

      YES. PLEASE.

      It would be nice to see how quill is getting on!

  • Freud

    See, I would much rather have long comics like this with simple drawings than some overdone Java animation.

  • Warden

    Yay! Prequel is back, and just as good as ever!

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    Oh god, the branch peices bursting into flames made me laugh way harder than I should have!

  • Surge

    Boom, oblivion gate, she dies, the end. Right?

    • A Random Dremora

      With her luck she would get dragged through the portal to some random plane of oblivion for all eternity.

      • Zerithos

        Until those people that were sent into the gate showed up and told her how to get out of there?

  • Felidire

    *pant.. pant..* …

    I dunno why, but I laughed so hard at that part.

  • Dagoth purr

    I hope Kaz completes the series before the end of the world.

    Or at least continues working after we loose the internet when the solar flare fries all electrical components, so that after the internet gets reestablished,, the survivors can log on to find like 100 pages worth of updates.

    • Killer Door Mouse

      I don’t think the world is actually gonna end though. It’s just something stupid that we can’t imagine because the maian calendar stops. It’s not like they even thought of making a new one.

      • Expresate

        One calender stops. One. They’ve found ones that go far beyond it. The only reason that one particular calender stops, is because it’s the end of a normal cycle. There’s absolutely no truth, not even the slightest, in the Mayan prophecy.

      • A Random Dremora

        Also someone did the math and since the Mayan calender doesn’t factor leap years the world should have ended like 7 months ago

  • Hide-of-Scales

    “Yeah, the dreams aren’t something you easily forget about.”

    Tell me about it, Azura knows I’ve been trying to forget about them since the last nightmare sequence (albeit for all the wrong reasons).

    But seriously, I really dig the animations. Real smooth… I get the feeling you didn’t use MSPaint for those despite this being an MSPaint adventure. It’s okay if you didn’t. And hey, it’s nice to see Katia learning the way of the warrior. Never liked the magic class myself, so it’s good to see Katia trying another class type (though I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried wizardry again in the future). Are we eventually gonna see Katia learning the ways of the thief/archer, too?

  • Killer Door Mouse

    Don’t worry, Kitty. It just means you have a little trouble making up your mind. I have the same problem. At least you have us to help though. First you should get someone to analyze the dreams. You’ll probably be able to find learn about alchemy that way too. And maybe even figure out what’s up with your amulet. :3

  • Blezmo

    I wonder what Ilden thinks about Katia setting the branch on fire? Its kind of funny he’s probably thinking that Kat sure was angry.

    First she brakes it then she has to set it on fire

    • Iorah

      I like to think that the fire didn’t come from her. The stick was just that weak that it spontaneously burst into flames.

  • Whoa!


  • Zeldanigma

    That was cool. Now I want to buy Skyrim again.

    • Fancypantsman

      Why? Did you burn your copy when you finished the game?

      • Zeldanigma

        No, I gave it to one of my friends after i got bored of doing all the quests.

        • Jackal

          One does not simply give up playing Skyrim. TELL THE TRUTH!

          (Seriously, it is the most addicting game I have ever played).

  • Alex

    Well worth the wait, thanks for all your hard work and happy holidays.

  • DetectiveBuddha

    yeah it updated on my birthday. thanks

  • Nall

    Did anyone else feel disappointed that the kitty didn’t get a hug after all of that? It was so obvious that you could read it in her eye. You could almost see a teardrop forming under the patch when all she got was a handshake. You would think there would be more hugs given to the kitty with it being so close to the festive seasons (regardless of religion).

    • Nall

      Also with the pendant issue. Me Da’ gave me one o’ those once. When I was a wee kitten, I thought it would stop me from losin’ me temper… but it was a no go. It jus’ helps prevent things from gettin’ too far out o’ hand. They’re never one hundred percent… otherwise ye’d never have the ability to shatter artifacts and the like. Tis magic one o’ one. Did ye skip on high school basic magic or somethin’?

  • Vivix

    It’s never a bad time to learn how to use a lockpick.

  • Kain222

    Those metal pieces in your armor don’t look too vital, and if (Chances are) you’re not going to return it, you might be able to pawn it off to the local blacksmith for melting down and re-use. To avoid suspicion, you could batter them a bit to make them look as if they were peeled off the corpse of an unfortunate adventurer you found dead whilst spelunking. It shouldn’t affect the quality too hard and you could get a few gold.

    If you manage to scrounge some coins, you could check in the book shop for some spell books on charm magic. Whilst you might not be able to learn anything (and certainly won’t be able to combat Sigrid’s charm spells) it’s better to know thy enemy.

    Find Steph. Maybe play on your natural innocence – perhaps tug on his heart-strings by acting confused, disheartened and obviously manipulated by her charms and see if he ends up sympathizing enough to give you some information or, even better, some help.

    As for the amulet? Save that for when you return to Quill weave. It seems to only do that in moments of EXTREME stress, so so long as you keep a cool head it shouldn’t be a problem. Ask the mages guild on your return.

    You can do this, it’s all about preparation.

  • Not a bad combat exercise considering the lack of depth perception Katia has.

  • Sithis


  • Catnippie

    Well shit, the branch set on fire after it broke.Hope that Katia only has droplets of magicka left or else the certain future of kvatch is going to come sooner than predicted.

    • Graknorke

      I just noticed that too.
      She’s not wearing the amulet though, so it might just be that.

      • xKiv

        The frame after the fire, it looks like she’s checking that she’s wearing it … abd she is. And she doesn’t seem to be too happy about it.

      • Kazerad

        She has the amulet on, it’s just hidden under her shirt in most of the panels.

  • Link

    Katia looks so damn bad-ass in those silhouette animations =D
    The patched eye makes the bad-ass reach even higher levels =P

  • SuperGnome

    Woo! now we’re ready to do some damage… to a small rodent perhaps. (Cat and mouse pun intended.)
    In case you haven’t figured it, we should find out about those dreams, fire, and necklace. They’re probably all connected.

  • Pseudo

    Panel 5… LOL!

    • Araph

      I laughed more than was probably warranted at the picture of Ilden in that panel. The sudden cartoonyness caught me off guard.

  • Hiccup

    Aw yes bby it’s here


  • motherfucker

    Heh, that denied hug.

  • honestman

    Whats about talking to Steve first? it´s not bad finding out what he thinks about sigrid or if she influence him with some of these alchemic potions or something like that

  • honestman

    Stop drink Alcohol!!!!
    Drink skooma !!!!

    • Graknorke

      She’s allergic.

      • honestman

        Ohhh yes allergic against moon sugar . sry i forgot it =)

  • that one drunk argonian

    we are amused, thank ye for your awesome timing.

  • Shadow86

    that look like a 3d model to anyone else? the shoulder plates seem to express it

    oh shit that would be fantastic to have kazerad’s model as a skyrim mod

  • someone with too much time

    Today would be the perfect day for an update where the oblivion gates open up and destroy the city.

    • Nex

      indeed it would but i think kaz got something else planned.

    • Uzi_Man

      No world’s end today. Only God knows when will it happen.

      • MrFlimsy

        *ahem* Gods

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    I’m waiting for Katia to shed her fur.=D

    • Trance

      Why? Do you have a hairless fetish?

      • honestman

        i mean katia need to shed her für to get these “underwear“ off =)

        • Tech

          Kaz’d only censor it.

  • 8bitplaya

    Hey Kaz, just wanted to say that I’m really liking the continuety of the animation panels. It seems Prequel has a bright future ahead.

  • GatesOfOblivion

    Just so that I know, does Prequel there a regular update schedule or does it just update two-three times a month whenever? Not that I mind the wait. The animations are totally worth it.

  • Edgar Algae

    Perhaps the dream was about you being capable of facing your worst fears. Like a preactice.

    Also, perhaps you should see if anyone wants to train you in smithing

  • Landromont

    holy shit update faster

    this is VGcats-level of update speed

    • Araph

      Number of VG Cats updates in the year 2010: 9

      Number of Prequel updates this year so far (with animations ‘n stuff): 40

      Yes. I absolutely see where your totally validated complaints are coming from.

  • Willhelm

    I love getting to hear about katia’s criminal past!

    • BaronVonSomething

      Me too!

      Plus, it’s so interesting hearing the little tidbits here and there, like how she went to jail and was once in a cult. How many gallons of tears did she shed being trapped in a dingy dungeon? And ehat kind of cult was she in? Was it a Daedric Cult?

      I did some research on Daggerfall (Which takes place in Northern Hammerfell) and found there are things called Witch Covens, where almost all of the worshippers are female and half of them are nude dancers or chant in the nude, completely uncensored in game. Hell, even in some temples of the Aedra(Nine Divines), there are nude 10/10 prostitutes, male and female, just sitting naked in a room.

      Tell me, Kaz, was Katia in one of these covens? I really want to hear more about her past, like how, on the first page, it is subtly implied that her parents are dead (“withdrew the last of your inheritance”), and what she did for living situations since she had no friends or money.

      • BaronVonSomething

        Also, by in Daggerfall, I meant the game, not the kingdom in High Rock.

  • The Gray Fox

    Huh, why doesn’t she just find a way to the Arcane University? There she can probably learn about her dreams AND find some way to counter Sigrid’s magic. The mages there doesn’t like Sigrid anyway, and they will be happy to help you take action against her.

  • honestman

    Katia as Dragonborn savin Skyrim from Dragons (Hero Position) =)

  • GuyIncognito

    Read the update with Guile’s Theme running. Epic!


  • woundedkneecap

    Merry Christmas, Katia (12:08 am on the east coast)

  • Jackal

    Merry Christmas Kazerad!

    (from the UK, 08:35)

    • Trance

      Good tidings we bring to you and your kin. Merry Christmas, Kaz!

  • AwesomeFish

    Is there a chance we are going to see Martin again?
    *Proceeds to nerd all over the floor like an idiot at the thought of seeing him again*

    It’s okay.
    I’ll escort myself out.

  • DrStew

    Remember that Christmas(or some Tamriel equivilent) has passed and nobody has gotten you a present ever. Because you should always be sad.

  • Chaplain Kenchi

    Hey, Kazerad, if I may ask; are we limited to being known to Katia as “voices in her head?” To clarify, do we all sound like one individual entity to her? Or are we just a mess of voices, each one a little different than the rest? For example, I believe Vinn has made a few commands to Katia, so if he offered a command would Katia react and say “Hey! I know that particular voice! I’ve liked his advice for me in the past.’ I apologize for how confusing this may be. ^.^”
    I suppose what I’m trying to ask is, if a voice made itself unique or distinct to her for example: “Hey Kat, It’s Kenchi, I just wanted to compliment how beautiful you look in that new blue reignment. Smile girl, the world will benefit from it.” Would all of a sudden, Katia be able to distinguish my voice as an individual from the rest? Or is it best that Katia will only ever recognize us as a plethora of “voices” or “entities” that are divided in either supporting her best interests and being her friend, or just the opposite?

    Please forgive me in advance, I know this is deep. I just had to ask.

  • sonicw555

    katia: 1. for learning about your dream i think martin the preist on chapel of akatosh could help you to understand better what the nightmare king does want. note: why the nightmare king has the amulet of kings does means anything? has it something to do with the septim emperor lineage?

    2. if you actually considering on murdering Stephane you should hire profesionals, call the dark brotherhood by doing the black sacrament, then you should pay them with the money on kvatch mage guild since sidgrid stole it using that charm spell. or you could get someone of thives guild to steal the key to mage guild or even steal your stuff back paying in same way of course.

    3. i think you could try to become nah´s friend, i mena having a vampire friend would be useful due vampires are really sneaky, so could help you get in the mage guild. note: nah may notice if sidgrid really is a vampire because well her fangs are quite suspicious she could be really a vampire using mortal mask spell to hide her identity

  • honestman

    Kazerad. It´s one of the best comic i´ve ever read !!!! and chill your life if you cannot update this comic if you haven´t got the time for that 🙂
    Just keep the story interesting and funny and the comunity can wait some weeks for some fabulous animated pictures :DDD
    and some interesting story, of course =D

  • dude

    Did you get a WiiU or something? Is that why you’re taking so long?

  • JEiK66

    +1 reader. I’m just here to say this is a great comic. Thank you for making it!

  • Lesair

    Hey Kaze. Im glad i found this webcomic. It makes me look forward through getting through days of the week at school and life. Thanks man,i love it.

  • Pancakez

    Does anyone happen to know this took place AFTER the Oblivion invasion? I think it’s this because in one page the imperial guard said the Kvatch did get totally destroyed once….Just wondering if im right….

    • Derp herpskins

      It takes place right before the oblivion crisis, hence the cultist right outside kvach, and people from the game being alive. and kvach has burned down once before i think

      • Pancakez

        Ah, alrighty then. It makes me wonder then if Katia will meet the Champion of Cyrodiil.

        • Pancakez

          * Or atleast pre-champion

          • Lesair

            Keep in mind that Kvatch did get destroyed once because in the loading menu in games it says someone in kvatch-blahblahblah Although gravely defeated,was placed a statue of himself in honor.

          • Derp herpskins

            I think that was during the second era or something, while the empire was conquring everything

          • Derp herpskins

            also: he/she is called the hero of kvach

  • Anon

    I’m starting to get curios about what her stat list would look like. If this was D&D she would have terrible stats in everything except Dex and Cha with an average Int score… Would explain the yo-yo/pineapple trick and how she always gets people into her bed though <.<

    • Uzi_Man

      Let’s put an end to the pineapple debate, in a step-by-step explanation.

      First of all, Katia is naked. Then:

      1- Katia puts her hands on the floor, and her feet are pointing the roof.
      2- The pineapple is attached to her tail with an elastic cord.
      3- She starts playing yo-yo with her tail.

      Ever seen the movement of a yo-yo? It goes down-up-down-up. Katia is happy when her yo-yo goes down.

      I will leave the rest to your imagination.

      • Uzi_Man

        Oh crap.. l figured out OP was asking something else. I misreaded.

      • Lesair

        I love the flavor of pineapple….Just sayin’.

  • Therris

    Какой (-ая) же вы ленивый (-ая) сукин (-а) сын (дочь) , Казерад. Вам не надоело постоянно извиняться и объясняться? Вам не хватает собранности и порядочности? Вам знакомо “дисциплина” слово?
    Я пишу на этом языке не случайно. Дмитрий, Катя, Нах – одни из наиболее распространённых имён в Руссии

    • Trance

      Little hypocritical to bitch about someone else’s laziness when you can’t be assed to complain in their own language.

    • Ikearat

      Translation provided by Bing as the old AltaVista Babelfish seems to have been lost.

      Which couple do you lazy couple of a bitch a son (daughter), Kazerad. You are tired of constantly apologize and explain? You lack responsibility and decency? You know the word “discipline”?
      I write in this language for a reason. Dmitry, Kate, Nah – one of the most common names in Russii

      There is no language which should be used for insults such as this.

    • The Whicher

      Why not respond in a binary code then? 😛 After all the whole site is the representation of 0’s and 1’s

      • rua’iri


    • Uzi_Man

      Who the fuck does this guy think he is? Are you paying Kazerad for his work? NO, you have NO rights no claim, neither do any of the readers here. He is NOT tied to this story, so he can do anything he desires to. Or you think he will spend all of his time making a comic he is bored of just to satisfy his fans? Don’t forget he is making this for free, you narcissist motherfucker.

      • rua’iri

        binary dude binary its best to 01110011011000010111100100100000011010010111010000100000011010010110111000100000011000100110100101101110011000010111001001111001

        • The Whicher


          or russ to eng translators 🙂

  • Razor

    lol Awkward hug x3

  • Drakue

    I’m um… I’m new to this whole thing, but I just read through the entire archive in about four hours. Maybe more.
    I’m not sure, I get lost in good stories sometimes. I’m lovin’ it so far; the only thing I can compare this to is Ruby’s Quest, which this has so far surpassed. Even if it isn’t complete yet (I’m an impatient fuck. D: )

    So, thanks for starting this, and sticking with it. I’m surprised how few sex-request there are in this so far, considering.

    • durr

      Wait until you stumble across all of the rule 34. Seriously, there’s a bunch of crazy inflation stuff. The characters in this story are fappable, but not THAT fappable.

      • Uzi_Man

        I saw what you did there

  • Kelroe

    Will you please give Katia some good luck? Please? She’s been through hell and back! Maybe have her meet a couple people who are actually willing to help her and not in it for personal gain (unless one is in love with her)! She’s trying sooo hard and it never works out! MAKE IT WORK OUT!

    • Derp herpskins

      Yeah! dont let something like Dimitri happen again

    • stupidjellyfish

      Kazerad? Giving good luck?!


      • Derp herpskins

        Again: Dimitri

        • Lesair

          I missed Dimitri to Derp herpskins, ); (tear shed for lost)

  • Guest

    Still no update? i thought if i left it for 2 weeks after you said u was gonna update there would be at least 2 new pages… seems i was wrong

    • Show kazerad some respect, he has a life too, updates are not easy.

      Nothing last forever, and there’s many other great adventures on mspa forums. Prequel is great, but its just one out of many adventures.

      • Trevor

        How in God’s name are the updates not easy? Kaz just has to look at entered commands, and slightly modify some previously done templates of the chars over a generic washed out background.

        • Look at the qaulity of his drawings, it is the artwork that is the hardpart. I make adventures too, and it is the artwork that take hours to do. First his animations are smooth, he makes an animation by drawing one fully detailed picture at a time using graphics gale.

          Making qaulity drawings and animations such as these are definately not easy. Before you comment like that, you should try making your own drawings or your own adventure. I bet you wouldn’t even get 10 suggestions on mspa forums.

          Now, stfu & gtfo.

          • insightfulfuck

            he doesnt do animations for every update

            you’re a twat

        • Nirassi

          Well, when Prequel first started, that’s all he did, and the updates were frequent. However, now, he makes each update long and filled with Flash animations, which is why he takes longer now.

          Although I have to admit, this particular update is taking a lot longer than before. I wonder what’s keeping Kaz so busy.

          I’ve tried my hand at Flash animating before, and let me tell you, it’s NOT easy.

          • Dagda Mor

            I’m normally one for quality over quantity, but the time it’s taking for updates is getting a little ridiculous. I think Kaz can cut back on visual quality just a bit.

          • You also gottaa understand that new years was just 3 days ago. tis the season.

        • dude

          Kaz has even said before that he could just do it but does he ever NO. I think that if you are going to do something in the future why not do it earlier if there is nothing blocking you from doing so…and no videogames is not a good enough excuse Kaz!

    • Ikearat

      Not even my “please work the New Years Eve Night Shift” boss was this pushy.

  • dude

    Can you play Oblivion again so you remember what inspired you and then are again re-inspired. It’s a good game so it wouldn’t waste your time.

    • Uzi_Man

      Or give a quick, but nice ending to Katia’s adventures.

      • Lesair

        NONONONONONO. This webcomic has to last for another 30 years,atleast

        • insightfulfuck

          30 years later, only 2 updates with the third being delayed

          • You guys need to stop posting negative things, you don’t wan comments to be disabled. Be happy that you had a nice story to read so far, and be happy that it is not over with yet.

            You guys are being narcassistic and selfish, you have no rights to this story.

          • dude

            Wah wah Blezmo!

  • Mr. Rational

    7/28/61: Watched Halley’s Comet with robot wife. Will update after heart transplant.

  • Dumpsterrat

    “Sorry, been holidaying. Story will resume in a little while.”

    Wow, I bet you could teach Katia a thing or two on the subject of PARTY HARD. I really don’t expect to see an update until some time in February and that’s all riiight, duuuuuude.

  • The Gray Fox

    I just checked his mspa forums profile and it seems that Kaz’s last visit was on the 6th of Jan 2013 so that probably means he’s beginning to get things rolling again.

  • Cyberpolice

    Seriously, you have some obnoxious fans, Kaz. They’d probably chain you to a desk and whip you to draw Prequel if they could.

    BAWWW I DIDN’T GET MY FREE UPDATE FOR A WEBCOME I LIKE WAHHHH. Get a fucking hobby to pass time instead of whining for not getting an update. I’m pretty sure whining does quite the opposite effect, in fact.

    • Trance

      I fear the day Kazerad will finally say “Fuck this, it’s too much stress”. I know I would have by now, if I was in his place.

      Now and then people forget they’re interacting with other human beings.

      • Uzi_Man


      • Araph

        Kazerad already is incredibly patient with the unpleasable section of his fanbase. I’m guessing most people would have given a stiff middle finger to the comments and ended the comic long ago. I can’t speak with certainty for anyone else, but I know I wouldn’t have made it anywhere near this far.

        • xKiv

          Most people wouldn’t even start.
          And of those who would start, most would get past 30 strips (or is the magical number 100?).

    • Like

      For people who like literature, there are many other stories to read on the internet. You can check out other adventures/comics at mangareader comicvine and much more. People can also get outside of their dwellings for once and do something.

  • RedthePuppy

    Talk to Tavia! She may have supplies or resources you could use, and even if she doesn’t, a merchant is probably the best person to get information from, since she’d need to know about her clientele.

  • CharBulbSquirt

    “as soon as you try to pound one of the fasteners” Shouldn’t it be “tried”, because the event happened in the past?

    • xKiv

      Hmm. Or at least make it agree with the other verb there … “As soon as you try … hammer snaps …”, maybe. I *think* that’s valid in a narration.

  • Kaze’aze

    There really should be a threshold on when the update complaints can start. For me, that threshold should be a month at least. Don’t start complaining until the 16th then. Most things in the world cost money, and most people don’t realize that money is a means to an end, not a goal. While a donate button is advisable, you get what you pay for, and this is free. Getting something for free, (or for this matter, not,) isn’t something to whine about.

    • durr

      Thank you for being the only person to rationally why Kaz doesn’t update every day.

  • Jazzerad

    There’s nothing like some smooth jazz to soothe down some angry comic nerds.

    Replaced k with j and and added another z.

    • stupidjellyfish

      Kazerad’s smooth ass, mothuh fuckin’ twin bro.

  • Husk

    Dayum…i even went to other websites and there’s so much hate and drama going on besides this upset moment about late updates! O.o its like the web is very upset about small things. Like someone got upset about a Youtuber being a day late for not posting his funny vids for just one day. I understand this is more than one day but patience is key towards RL situations, money issues, and idea building.

  • IamTheLaw

    Can anyone tell me why there are so many references to elder scrolls 4 oblivion ? i don’t quite get it

  • NinteNerd

    just want to say that you have some AMAZING animation skills, kazerad. so natural and smooth.
    or maybe i’m just a sucker for silhouettes…

  • Bewarethecarpenter

    When she was talking about getting a key from Steaven, I thought she was thinking of pick pocketing him.

  • Mzuark

    looked like she was forging something in the third panel.

  • Dragon

    Kazerad, I’m just wondering whether you actually know anything about weaponry? Not that I do (because I most certainly don’t) but you certainly seem to know what you’re talking about.