Nov 212012

Kofiman wrote:
Geez, Kitty, what do you weigh?

Wow, rude.

  • ikearat

    Yes, rude indeed.
    No real man asks a female her weight. It causes a fail-rift throughout the Galaxy which hurts all men.

    • Dovahkiin

      Same with age. When you ask that by very nature of the question women age a decade, thats why they spazz.

      • Champion of Cyrodil

        How does it feel to be a shitty hero?

        • Dovahkiin

          What happened with the offer of a strawberry pie? You used to be cool.
          I guess not all of us can become a mad god. Some have to be content being an overpower immortal vampire lord who eat dragons for breakfast.

          • Champion of Morrowind

            The “Champion of Cyrodil” calls himself a “mad god”. I’ve killed gods.

            The Dovahkiin thinks of himself as immortal. I’ve killed immortals.

            You puny heroes are like the waves of an ocean and i am the eternal shore, cash upon me and break.

          • Cyric

            Who’s a mad god?

          • Leri

            Actually you killed a House Lord that found immortality and was conveniently stripped of it before you fought him. He was far FAR from being any kind of god, despite the mortals insisted upon the title. Granted, you cured the Corprus virus and that was pretty badass, but when the Oblivion Crisis came around you jumped ship for Akavir of all places, where you were probably killed by hordes of demons.
            The Champion of Cyrodiil killed a Daedric prince, and that is more equivocal to being a god, and also killed Umariil. Between the two, plus being the reason Martin was able to stop all hell breaking loose and enslaving all of Tamriel, it’s much more impressive than killing one guy.
            Dovahkiin killed dragons single-handedly, which is unfathomable by mortal standards. Not only did he show mastery of the Thu’um to surpass that of Tiber Septim (who, may I remind you, is now a REAL god), but he killed the harbinger of the end times. He literally went toe-to-toe with the destruction of all Nirn in living form, and killed his ass.
            Nerevarine, you had possibly the most captivating, interesting, and magnificent life of anyone to walk Nirn. In your prime you were considered immortal, even a savior to all of Morrowind. But tread lightly, you walk among those whose impact on your world will echo long after you are but legend.

            (As an aside note, I’d like to mention I have played and completed every single Elder Scrolls game, even the third-party games that nobody seems to know about. To clarify, I have an endless love for Morrowind and still play it. The Morrowind and Oblivion heroes seemed to have little impact in comparison to what Doahkiin did by stopping the total annihilation of Nirn. Who would win in a fight is still up for debate…)

            P.S. I love where Prequel is going. On a scale of 1 to Awesome, this is a Sir Patrick Stewart.

          • Seedling

            I’d like to see the Dovahkiin take on a real dragon though. Not those wussies that get shot down by a camp of bandits, but dragon gods like Shinryu from FFXIV or Bahamut from FFXIV.

          • Gaenor

            ALL OF YOU SHUT UP AND GIVE ME 1,000,000 SEPTIMS!

          • cheesybob1

            @Leri: Don’t forget, he fought Hircine’s aspect too. And the Champion of Cyrodiil didn’t kill a Daedric Prince, he just helped the person who did.

          • WickedestFox

            You don’t think you’re the only one….? He was the first. Dragonborn!

          • Charles

            But no heroes are as impressive as katia fucking managan.

            She almost killed a slaughter fish… kinda

          • Leri

            @cheeseybob1: Sorry for the mislead, I was referring to the Shivering Isles expansion where you kill Jyggalag. Which is actually more impressive than defeating Hircine, considering Jyggalag was so powerful that all of the other Daedric Princes had to band together to turn him into Sheogorath.

          • Broseidon, Lord of the Brocean


          • bibbi

            one does not simply kill a god. all the times that a god or prince is killed they are simply removed from that plane for a short time. when martin septim became akatosh, all he did was the devine equivalent of pushing dagon through a doorway and slamming the door in his face. the aspect of hircine is a watered down version of the second least powerful daedric prince, and therefore doesn’t count. when you “kill” Jyggalag he also doesn’t die, you’ve simply stopped the greymarch. sheogorath was created to stop jyggalag and be a punishment for him. sheogorath is fighting for control even after his death, and rebirth. meaning you are only fighting the difference in the power from sheogorath to jyggalag. basically, basically in the internal battle for control, you were the rock that jyggalag slipped on.

          • bibbi

            and @ cyric, the madgod is sheogorath, the daedric prince of madness. if you hadn’t gathered it already

          • Every Immortal NPC Ever

            Kill a few Daedric princes, a dragon here and there, some wannabe usurpers to the realm. Hell, conquer the Shivering Isles for all I care. You’ll never bring ME down. Knock me one on the head, chop off all my legs, sever my spine. I don’t care, I’ll just wake up from it literally thirty seconds later.

            Dovahkiin, Neravarine, Champion, you’re all little bitches compared to what I do.

          • Azathoth

            *beating of vile drums*
            *thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes*


          • Cyric

            Bah. Your Sheogorath didn’t write a book that made anyone who read it believe every word it contained, and then read it himself!

          • Sheogorath

            Enough of your petty mortal squabbles!

          • Alduin

            Uh oh.
            Perhaps I should come back later.

          • Talos

            Ladies, Please.

          • Linn

            Cyric’s comment

            bibbi’s head

          • Linn

            and @bibbi, if you hadn’t gathered it already the joke is that Cyric is ALSO known as “the Mad God”. It’s Forgotten Realms stuff, man. Go look it up. πŸ˜€

          • Lord Vivec

            Dear fellows, why have I not been invited in this talk?

            By the way, sorry about that little accident with Morrowind and the volcano… My bad.

          • bibbi

            @Linn, thank you for clarifying. I will admit that I don’t know much about the forgotten realms backstory, and what little I do know has nothing to do with the local divinity.

          • Creation Kit

            I own all ya’ll. Just sayin’.

          • Link

            And I’m just dicking around, cutting grass for money.

          • Imperial Agent

            Punny dreamers. Fighting between each other to prove who is more powerful when they can’t even realise they are just a small piece of the Godhead.
            Behold! For I can Break the Dragon and warp reality at my will, as I did on Daggerfall in the closing years of the 3e, a feat of far greater magnificence than sucking blood, being a dragon-designed soul gem, mantling a backstabed warlord or simply being mad.

          • warp

            “Cash upon me and break.”

            Don’t mind if I do!
            I’ve got two twenty-dollar bills I need broken down into five-dollar bills.
            Also, I need five of those dollars to be broken down into quarters.

          • Miraak

            Bah, all you have done is slay a few dragons. I was Dragonborn before it was cool.

          • Iszara

            I’d love to see you losers actually FIND me and say that to my face.

          • Everblight

            Oh yeah well I spre- Wait, wrong series of games that involve dragons at one point or another.

          • Master Chief

            I killed the killer of a race of gods… by activating a thing that would wipe out all life… while saving all life in the universe… and im considered an immortal demon by a few species of aliens… beat that you pussies

          • dude

            @ Miraak, man that is just way too mainstream for me now
            \ /
            You-“before it was cool”
            \ /
            \ /

          • Thagrosh

            Master chief, I lead armies made out of the mixed blood of me and dragons, put together with corpses.

            You can’t say you’ve done that, bitch.

          • The Luggage

            *Sapient pearwood glares from atop hundreds of tiny feet.*

          • Twoflower

            I need some coin, Luggage.

          • Dagda Mor

            Keep in mind that in the Bloodmoon expansion, he kills an aspect of Hircine–which is at least equal in power to Alduin and the Champion of Cyrodiil never kills anything even resembling a god, he just staggers one long enough to get Martin past, who drives said god back to his plane of Oblivion.

          • Sonic

            I stopped the space-time continuieum (shut up, Tails) from collapsing. twice. at the same time. at two different points in my life.

            Why can’t sega put me in a good game for once?

          • Luigi

            I beat King Boo twice. Why don’t I get recognition?!

          • Dragon

            …W-wait, what?!

        • Nerevarine

          Sup gaylords, enjoying your chim?

          • The Sleeping Godhead

            I swear, if I have to get out of bed to break you idiots up…

          • cheesybob1

            Aren’t you the Champion of Morrowind too?

          • chimericWilder

            Why are you targeting me, now? :C

          • Caius Cosades

            LISTEN GUY, without me, you’d be NOWHERE.

          • Artemis

            @Caius Cosades: Ajira of the Thieves Guild here. I didn’t care about your problems. I just came to you for septims and then I ran off. Also I stole your drugs.

          • Fargoth

            Hey, screw you, Nerevarine. I can’t remember a single game in which you didn’t kill me. = |

          • Dagoth Ur

            Look, we need to talk.

          • Vivec

            Fear Muatra!

          • NEREVARINE!



            Hmm. Are you being honest about The Grand Champion being gay? Because that would be _Perfect_

        • The Agent

          Remember me! I existed, too! Right, guys? …. Right!?

          • The Eternal Champion

            Pff, faggot. Who remembers you? You weren’t even the first.

            (also kickass webcomic to the person who makes this)

          • Cyrus

            Pfft, at least I have a name.

          • The last Battlemage of the Spire

            And how far do you think you’d have gotten without ME, “Eternal Champion”?

          • Player Character

            It should be noted that I either WAS all of you or kicked all of your asses.
            Just saying.

          • Akatosh

            Children, children.

          • Strokend

            Player Character… You’ve also lost a hundred times to them (or were a failed version of them) for every success. To be any of those heroes means you didn’t die at all during the quest.

            Having infinite lives pales in comparison to actually doing something with the one you have.

            To you, heroes who did not die, I salute. Wish I could join your ranks, but I’ve died countless times already.

          • Mudcrap


          • Sleeping Godhead

            All these… things… awaking me. LET. ME. SLEEP! Otherwise, all you deem as part of this world will be erased… forever.

          • Urbul gro-Urkulg

            Hmph. BIG hero like her needs a BIG weapon!

          • The Apprentice

            I think it’s worth mentioning that I fought hordes of daedra and then proceeded to beat Mehrunes Dagon…by myself. Not sure why I’m not in the running for ultimate badass…

          • Shyvana

            Meh. I carried mid once. Suck it.

          • Shen

            Only because I solo topped.

          • Rammus

            Ninjas don’t kill people. I do.

          • Shen

            Yet, you have a ninja skin. But regardless. We should taunt our way through the top lane together.

        • Saint Jiub

          I killed some birds, can I be a hero too guys?


          • Cliff Racer

            ΰ² __ΰ² 

          • Krekker

            This whole thing=Best sequence of comments ever!

          • You are a hero, but you’d make a damn good author, too. Maybe you should write a book about your life. An adventurous autobiography!

          • Koravel

            According to Elder Scrolls lore, Saint Jiub was in Kvatch during the oblivion crisis while making his autobiography. I have yet to see 1 scarred Dunmer going by the name of Jiub. Hells, the guy’s personal holiday whas happening when Katia arrived in Kvatch. The hells is going on here? srsly.

        • LtBartram

          “SUK MI DYCK!!!”

        • dude

          How about we start a poll on who is better? Only out of the Champions though.Let us soon decide a time for the polling and when it will end.

          • Strokend

            I say that Vivec guy. I don’t know enough lore to know anybody else.

          • dude

            We need to have an appropriate time

          • Katia is hawt.

            The Nevarine… he gets to fly. Can’t be a proper super hero if you can’t fly. Otherwise you’re just a regular hero. I think its a rule or something.

          • dude

            I vote the champion of Cyrodiil not that bitch up there ”Champion of Cyrodil” notice the one i, this guy is obviously fake.

          • Totally-not-the-Nerevarine,-for-real

            I’d say the Nerevarine above the Champion of Cyrodiil and the Dhovakiin. Because of the three, he is the only one CONSISTENTLY able to kill, for example, an average member of the nobility. Or the head of a town mage’s guild. Clearly the greatest threats in all Tamriel! Maybe in all the planes of Mundus and Oblivion, or even beyond! I’m sure anyone reading this comic would agree with me. He even has experience dealing with opponents who have obscene levels of luck.
            He can also fly, use weapons whilst swimming, and is the only one of the three to figure out that, sub-optimal though it might be, when you’re out of charges and magicka, you CAN always just use a magical staff for whacking stuff. Clearly, minor feats such as ‘being a god’ or ‘saving Nirn’ pale in comparison to such power.
            Yeah, I know I’m late. Fortunately, you never ACTUALLY specified a closing date :P.

        • The Lone Wanderer

          Guys, guys… or girls… whatever.

          We’re not getting anywhere with all this arguing about who’s the best. Besides, I think we can all agree that my Elder Scrolls game was the best Elder Scrolls game.

          Sure the writing was pretty weak (don’t tell that Courier I said that), but I didn’t need any stupid magic to take the fight to the Enclave, and I sure didn’t need any ancient enchanted armor to kill all the Deathclaws living in Old Olney. Sure, we had “wizard’s staffs,” but they didn’t shoot any lame fireballs or anything like that. You know what the wizard’s staffs in my adventure did? They launched tiny pieces of metal that made people’s heads explode. Let’s see the Nerevarine or that Dovakiin do that with their arsenal. Hah, I’d love to see those clowns fight their way through the Enclave or a pack of Feral Ghoul Reavers with their swords and puny magic.

          … What’s that? My adventure wasn’t even an Elder Scrolls game? Don’t be ridiculous; it was made by the same team, and everyone seems to call it “Oblivion with guns.” Just as buggy, too. If that doesn’t say “Elder Scrolls,” then I don’t know what does.

          • Vault Dweller

            Nigga please.

          • Todd Howard

            Please, please, everyone calm down! I love all of my creations equally. That’s why I made you like Skittles: each their own flavor of crazy badass.

          • Vault Hunters

            Sure, you have tiny pieces of metal which make heads go boom.
            We have the same thing, except ON FIRE. Or ELECTRIC. Or EXPLOSIVE. We take your wimp-ass adventure, take out all the ways that it is a utter piece of skaglick, then make it FUCKING AWESOME.
            We have GRENADES that turn into MORE GRENADES which are GODDAMNED FLAMETHROWERS!!! We have guns that shoot in a SMILEY FACE PATTERN!! Is this impractical for actually hitting things? YES! Is it SWEET? FUCK YES!
            All while being respectful to women, BECAUSE THAT IS THE MOST BADASS THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY DO!!!
            Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go uppercut a shark IN A BOW TIE! You may be wondering who is wearing the bow tie; me or the shark. THE AWNSER IS YES!
            – this message courtacy of the Hyperion Transdimentional Messaging system. Edited by Mr. Torque.

          • Dovahkiin

            Hey, I can do this:
            Your move dude.

          • Vault Dweller

            Fuck you, Todd, you ain’t my dad. You only made the Lone Wanderer.

          • Courier

            Excuse me? You’re confusing me with a certain Nobody from the DC wastes. … oh. Oh, i’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you from someone who actually did something.

            Bad writing… You don’t know what bad writing is. Do you know who Obsidian is or were you born yesterday? Next thing you’ll tell me that

            *FalloutNV.exe has stopped working*

          • fallout three

            Rock-it-launcher!!! kill them all with basket balls and milk bottles!
            then finish them with a SHISHKABOB!!!

          • The Chosen One

            You guys are a bunch of fucking casuals.

          • The Prisoner

            Anyone remember me? At all? Nobody?

            Oh right, my game was cancelled.

        • Dyus of Mytheria

          Just kill me already.

          • Haskill

            I feel more cheerful already, just knowing that you still live and suffer.

          • Gyub, Lord of the Pit

        • Mudcrab Merchant

          Suck it, I’m rich!

          • Gaenor

            Say… would you give me 10,000 septims?

        • The Courier

          Uh, I have a gun that shoots miniature nuclear bombs. I also kill deathclaws and eat their young in an omelette.

      • Anonymous #69105

        You don’t ask a female’s age. It is 21 or less.

        • kool kitty89

          . . . and in this case, it’d be 19, as Katia already mentioned. (more or less, with the 413 birthdate -it’s 433- and “19 years” of screwing up her life)

    • SabreCat

      But all commands are her own brain jabbering at her, so there’s no man involved here at all!

      • Psijic monk #5

        Hearing voices in her head? Hmmm, seems like Sheogorath’s been hear before.

        • More Katia’s inner monologue?

          It all makes sense now… none of the divines will listen to me beacause I’m housing a daedric prince of madness…

          That explains my magic requiring bad puns and life patterns that make no sense!

          The Divines have forsaken me because Sheogorath has embraced me! It’s the only thing that makes sense…

          I have to embrace the Madness to suceed! Maybe if I tried to fail at something? Then I’d have to suceed! I must plan now! I need cheese!

          • Dalen Vreth

            Just go a little crazy, and everything you do will turn to gold.

          • Sheogorath

            Good kitty! Just kill my other half and you can be my successor!

            Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go drink baby tears while riding a dolphin sleeping in a honeycomb.




    • DeanCota

      My dad asked my girlfriend her weight. At the dinner table.

      I was branded since a kid that you never ask a woman her weight, or her age. My dad just flat out asked her right then and there. Quite the huge wtf if you ask me.

    • ikearat

      My thread got all weird and stuff and shit.

      • and somehow none of it was due to me.

      • ChasingWagons

        “My thread got all weird and stuff and shit.”

        That quote’s goin’ in the Awesome Book.

    • Pat

      Ah screw this “no asking” business. We’ve got whole industries dedicated to playing on these weight/age insecurities. Listen, if they were racial insecurities, surely we wouldn’t be lambasting people who were ignoring racial conventions and speaking frankly about race, would we?

      As for convention, I say screw it too. Conventions were made to be convented.

      I mean, broken. Broken. They were made to be broken. Yes.

      • Pat

        Also, since when do women get to define what constitutes being “a real man”? If they get to do that, do we get to define what being “a real woman” is?

        • David

          Men have been defining real women forever, that’s why feminism.Convent the brokentions!

          • Sheogorath

            Are you one of my followers?

            *throws cheese at you*

            Try it! It’s to die for!

    • FiveForty

      Skimming over the comments, some people seem to be confused about this update. I just want to clarify(basically for my own sanity, even if no one will read it(and not directed at any particular person)). Ilden did not ask that question, it was a player command. And the implication was not that Katia is fat, but rather too small to properly handle a club.

      • DinoCzar

        Ok, I THOUGHT I was right about that.

        Thank goodness SOMEONE caught onto that…

        • M’aiq the Liar

          M’aiq thinks Katia is purrrfect. But Katia is too skinny to handle the club. M’aiq thinks Pretty Kitty Katia is more suited for short blades, maybe staff.

    • Uriel Septim VII

      Deja vu…

      • Jagar Tharn

        Why are YOU here!? I thought you were supposed to be in Oblivion!

        • Uriel Septim VII

          Well, you see, there was the whole incident with the Eternal Champion. Are you sure YOU aren’t the one who shouldn’t be here?

    • Sithis

      Absolutely. Even I know that.

      Also, everyone, there’s no need to fight. In the end, all of you and every single one of you will come to me.

      Bring some nachos and RedBull on your way to the Void, please…

      • Sheogorath

        No one brings ME nachos and RedBull…

    • Slowpoke

      Hai guys, what’s going on in this thread?

  • Kodyack

    Katia weighed a lot of stuff back in Hammerfell. She had the best set of scales this side of Tamriel.

    • nocbl2

      Those triple beam balances were spectacular.

      • George Takei

        Oooooooooh Myyyyyyyyy

    • Satoru

      Yeah, I’m sure those scales saw a lot of moon sugar, amirite?

      • Burgrus of Corgi

        But she’s allergic…

        • Automated voice message

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          • asshatmcgee


  • Derp

    Her face is perfect. I lol’ed

  • Halbean

    Haha, very suave~

  • Dovahkiin

    And there seems to be a area of the skybox that is the wrong colour.

    • Kodyack

      I think its intentional, looking at previous panels, the blue color appears to be buildings off in the distance that aren’t really “rendered”, with the lighter blue being the actual sky behind it.

    • Sheogorath

      I couldn’t be more proud!

  • Bizarre Monkey

    I know this cant happen via post-canonical plot armor, but boy it would be awesome if Katia eventually got fed up, became hella competent with a weapon, and started a rampage on Kvatch Jack Noir style.

    Right now she is too impotent but it would be really interesting if she just… oh how do I say this? Flipped the fuck out.

    Also I’ve really been drawn into this comic, it invents its own sort of running gags and has its own quips, sure there are references to Homestuck but they are executed as such that you don’t have to have read the comic to understand whats going on.

    Nor do you have to play much of Oblivion, any exposition that’s needed is there already for a basic understanding. It’s really amazing how well this is all written, and it has inspired me to improve my writing skills should they be needed.

    I like where the plot is going, some self defence could certainly help, and after only helping out and trying to be a good kitty, it certainly would be cool if Katia got some revenge.

    Everyone save an elf ghost, a lizard, a now dead necromancer, a couple wizards in Anvil and a big bald perve mad jazzed for Kittencest has been either a complete dick to her or just done things out of pity. I’ve wanted to hug her so many times when she’s been feeling down, she’s a very real feeling character.

    Multiple times during the comic I had to fight back tears, thankfully I had some fore-warning with Sigrid’s bullshit.

    I’ve been theory-crafting, and a few things sort of jump out at me that she may be ill mentally, as in, a subconscious barrier is in play, Quill-weave seems to know her well, many a page back, during the Necromancer’s intermission, it was mentioned that Quill Weave was nearing tears and was explaining Katia wasn’t always like this. Now if this is the first time they’ve met how would she know, its also been hinted that Managan feels sort of like she’s been in some places already.

    Her old name is also never mentioned, perhaps her past in Hammerfell is an illusion brought forth by subconscious defense.

    Perhaps shes suffering from memory phases, where she does or is part of something horrible, miraculously survives, and her memory resets, it might have something to do with her dreaded fear of royalty. But she has been unaware because the only time she has a chance to reach into her subconscious its been a guarded by that she feared as a subconscious measure to protect her from the terrible truth.

    When she communed with the big King Dude, he was actually pretty cool, even using skater sort-of speak.

    Reminded me of Wheatley from Portal 2, the way he spoke. I thought it might be a voice from the outside but she awoke alone, the only communicable person was too busy sweeping.

    Far-fetched, but after reading or watching quite a few things that focus on subconscious-based concealment, and the hints of Deja-vu and those few words by Ms Weave could certainly see it palpable.

    • Kodyack

      Well she is hearing lots of voices in her head telling her what to do n’ stuff, so mental illness is definitely a possibility πŸ˜›

    • Daniel

      This theory is fantastic! If you intend to write your own fiction (or theory) please share with us. I envy your awesome writing skill, and would love to read more of this. (Same for Kazerad’s work. He deserve some flatter as well.)

      • I forgot to mention this in my previous writing, notice how Katia has a bandaged eye…

        Jack Noir had either a slashed or bandaged eye, and they were ALWAYS on that side.

        The air is thick with foreshadowing. I digress however.

        @Daniel: Well, I can’t say I wasn’t inspired by this comic, I hate to plug but will be sunk under an absolute tsunami of comments shortly anyway.

        Its not as well written as this, and its certainly not as tragic (I suck at hopeless characters insofar) but you can click the website link which should be provided in this post alone if your curiosity fancies it.

        • Iorah

          I see no such link. This saddens me

          • z

            Click his name. It IS the link.

          • Bizarre Monkey

            Yeah, sorry, I didn’t know how it worked either, the name is the link, fairly subtle.

    • Kenneth

      I just wish I could put my Nord assassin in there. All Katia would have to do is the Black Sacrament and Sigrid would disappear…

  • Norkkom

    haha like she doesn’t get enough crap from the world already, poor Katia.

    flawless face btw

  • Legends13

    such a great update.

  • Curris

    Katia –> Time to get aggressive! You Know how to fight! You don’t need patronage . Let your emotions get the better of you! Let it out! Let your anger guide your capacity for violence! YOU KNOW HOW TO HIT THIS GUY! FIGHT DIRTY!

    • Sagredo

      One does not simply “get aggressive” when one has spent one’s whole life avoiding confrontation and neglecting self-control. Any fundamental change takes at least long as it lasts.

      Also, turning to the dark side is not a viable option here. The man’s helping, for land’s sakes.

  • Sheesh… She’s trying to get back on her feet! dont push her back down!

  • MrSammich

    Oh gods, there is NOTHING worse than a sad kitty-cat, somebody get her a lollipop or something quick!

  • kotekzot

    making cat jokes makes her burn shit, maybe making fat jokes will make her wallop shit.


  • Kest

    Maybe he should train her with a weapon more suited to her nature. Like a whip.

    • OldSchoolRPGDude

      Or a whip with little feathers on the end? And jingly bells? πŸ˜€

      • lp

        Laser pointer.

        • Niveon

          You win.

    • tech

      Oookay. Awkward…

      • OldSchoolRPGDude

        I think he was going for a “cat woman” (a la Batman) pun.

        • Chorizo

          It works on a few levels, which is the best (maybe also the worst) part.

    • Lux

      A cat o’ nine tails perhaps?

  • OldSchoolRPGDude

    If your goals are so important, why are you getting distracted by silly thoughts / comments like this? You have work to do!

  • hostergaard

    Do you even lift?

    But its true, blunt weapons might be slightly less effective given how lightweight she is.

  • Music-chan

    This was one of the best. Seriously, I laughed really hard. I mean, all the comics are great but this one just has the right timing and expressions to make it truly hilarious.

  • The Whicher

    Never ever ask a lady about her weight πŸ™‚

  • M

    Who the hell would think Katia’s fat though?

    Anyway she’s a pretty itty-bitty kitty, I’d guesstimate she weighs only around a hundred pounds.

    98-pound weakling probably describes her pretty well. (Which is why bulky clubs probably aren’t a particularly suitable weapon for her. Even with a good swing, having some muscle behind it is quite useful.)

    Still being so lightweight and feline, Katia COULD try to learn to put that low weight to good use by becoming fast and acrobatic. That’s alot harder if you’re build for heavy duty combat. But her build is very suitable for it.

    • Satoru

      This. It would totally make for more exciting fight sequences, especially if she got to grips with spells, and it’s in her feline nature to be small and agile. Providing that it’s tastefully illustrated (Which it obviously will be), that would be an awesome direction to go with.

      • Kenneth

        I could definitely see Katia becoming a nightblade or a spellsword.

  • k9mouse


    He does not really care about her weight, he asked that to get her mad and put her heart in the training more. A teaching style some trainers use.

  • Just pace yourself. No need to consume so much knowledge of warfare. Find you’re groove. Swing one way and try another until you get a knack for a certain form. Sword play and such has been believed to be a form of art. Like dancing. Dodge,Attack. You can do it Katia.

  • CopperCheetah

    Nice hit! That looked like he had to start putting some oomph into blocking it.
    Now, when you swing, instead of just putting your foot forward, start with your right foot back and “step through” the swing, letting your arm circle like he taught you to come from behind, up, and over, and then as your right foot steps into it, you bring it down crashing on his shield.

    He told you that you get the club going and then let it do the work. You’re starting to do that. Keep it up!

  • Alliion

    Hmm… I’ve been wondering something for a while now. katia, to a regular person, probably looks like a pathetic little stray cat who is nothing more than a weakling and will never amount to anything. but to someone who is closely watching her, they will see that she is MUCH stronger than she or anyone else knows. i noticed this first when she was in the chapel after she broke the beer bottle and incinerated the liquid. she actually managed to cast a powerful spell through an amulet of silence, as though she over loaded it. there are master mages who have been unable to do that and yet she did it without even thinking. i also noticed this when she was with sigrid and she put the charm spell on her. the redguard says that when sigrid came to kavach she visited every person in town to say “hello”. but i think she was putting a charm spell on them all instead, thats why the town thinks sigrid is a hero when shes actually a thief. she even tried to pull the same move on katia but somehow she managed to snap herself out of it, something that (as far as we know) no one in the town has been able to do. makes ya think a little differently about the girl

    • In terms of Katia having surprisingly strong magic, I think I agree. They implied something to that effect when she was at the other mages guild.

      However, in my mind, Katia is strong not because of some preexisting magical affiliation, it’s because she keeps trying. No matter what problems she comes across or however many setback, be they caused by others or herself; she might cry or angst or become depressed, but then she picks herself up, takes the best looking option available to her, and just goes for it. Again and again. It’s that determination and persistence that impresses me about her.

  • piq

    Weight? We’re all a little insecure there.

    She’s probably more annoyed by the “kitty” self-reference.

    Time to break out the mental spray-bottle & rolled-up newspaper!

  • Vins


    I lol’d πŸ˜›

  • Ransom

    This was hilarious to see. If you plan on random short updates between large ones I’m all for it!

  • Your Everyday Dragonborn

    Eeee! Katia is doing so well. I’m so happy for her. I have a bad feeling about her plan to take her stuff back from the Mages Guild, though.

  • Some fan

    Really kazerad? Really?
    I was excited about the update.

  • Zeldanigma

    Anything is possible with some steroids u know. XD

  • I don’t think you weigh much do you Katia. He barely flinched at that. Maybe if you tuck down, and get your legs in line with the mass of the branch and the swing of the weapon, sorta leap into the strike, it’d help? Also, your target isn’t his shield, your target is him! Good luck fuzzball!

  • RoteKatze

    I watched a movie once where there was a lady who’d ask someone what they weigh… before sleeping with them.

  • poop

    I never quite noticed it before, but…. . Does anyone else think the eye patch looks really good on her?

    • ikearat

      Not me. She looks lots better to me with both eyes open.
      She needs to heal that thing before the dance competition starts. Bandages look bad on competitors and depth perception is actually quite useful.

  • Chubby Kitten Fan

    Aww…don’t worry Katia!

    Chubby kitties are cute!

    Though honestly, you are a tad scrawny, perhaps you should find a way to hone your muscles? Or perhaps take up swordsmanship, lithe and athletic builds excel at swordplay. Usually.

  • Kyrl Kyber

    Use your hatred for the jerk-side of your subconscious to create a rage-fueled attack of bone-shattering strength!

  • MSB


    I’m not sure a club is the best weapon for Katia… Not when you consider what she does with pineapples! *Snickers*

  • Jabber

    “whats my weight?” Gee it’s a little hard to tell, but i maintain this figure through constant starvation; mainly caused by constantly being robbed naked by everyone I meet.

  • You know what I am thinking. I liked the 2d transitions with the stair case but why not do full webkit 3d in a training fight scene or possibly the dance competition. I wonder since you can style svg with css3 that leaves it open to 3d transforms as well and you can then grab points in the svg easily using paperjs allowing you to make completely amorphous 3 dimensional objects completely in a browser window.

    besides you need to do something to top the last few animation scenes that were done.

  • Sam

    hmmm, yea back to the important tasks at hand. Should still probably refrain from asking him more otherwise make him feel uncomfortable about your current status. Right now your making yourself look like a mugger.

  • Kaze’aze

    I’m so glad to see the comments are off the TF2 tangent and back to Elder Scrolls.

    …and I’m of course glad to see the update underway. There’s always that.

  • DragoTheWise

    How rude indeed!

    I’m a new reader here, but I wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading this interesting story and how it has unfolded thus far. I look forward to more of this in the future! Keep going Katia! Remember this: Up from the ashes, grow the roses of success!


  • Willhelm

    Bet she’s not that heavy because cats are light on their feet. so if she is lying down, would she weigh more? That Makes sense right?

  • DD

    Hahaha! Love it. The mini update just to answer a rude voice in her head made me laugh as it was. But then I read the comments too XD
    Cliffracer facial expression ftw!

  • DD

    Hahaha! Love it. The mini update just to answer a rude voice in her head made me laugh as it was. But then I read the comments too XD
    Cliffracer facial expression ftw!
    (forgive if this is a duplicate- my net connection spaced out)

  • Niveon

    It’s a ‘That 70’s Show’ quote, by the way.

    Kitty Foreman.

  • Wolf

    Wow, good thing nobody asked about her height or eye color. That would be, like, totally rude too and stuff!

  • Dynablade

    But wait, the way it’s said…

    Is it rude that her ‘psyche’ called her skinny? I thought girls liked to be told they weren’t heavy..

    • kool kitty89

      It was more than implying she was skinny though . . . more like scrawny and weak (though she’s not really short of stature). That and calling her “kitty”

  • Herp

    Take it easy, Kat. Don’t let that get to you. Just take your time to find your pace, you’ll get it eventually. (Though I don’t see you as the type of Khajiit who runs around swinging a giant, heavy club.)

  • bobucles

    Maybe you should try a running start? Get a little intertia going.

  • Usagi Shinobi

    >Pretend the shield has Sigrid’s face on it.
    >Pummel with all your might.

  • Reptoslayer of Remnants Enclave

    I rofl for like 5 minutes but to my point. Katia you are a young beautiful khajit dont let anyone tell you otherwise now get you some freaking pizza chill the fuck out and hit that guy in the face ( like a boss)

  • Shirtlizard

    To be fair to Katia, whose weight is no one’s business but her own, Ilden -is- a dude who can backhand trees hard enough to break heavy branches out of its foliage. Even if her swing is less-than-forceful, she’s up against a professional, and also she has no particular experience with clubs (as yet.)

    Hang in there, kitten – You’ve got a good teacher.

  • JakBlak the BlakJak

    Tingle flippy Kaada shukomShuka gurudan sa…. I come to trim your FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUR

  • motherfucker

    This update is shitty :V 1 pic, two words.

    • Niveon

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      • stupid bitch

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  • Chayton The Third God

    Ok Katia how did we get here?

  • Orc-Thief

    Focus, Managan, focus! Concentrate on learnin’ to smash shit!

  • Thraxus908

    Whelp, the bad news is that i’m current on this 100% amazing comic. The good news is that i can now start on the 5 page paper due in a few hours…

  • Do you even lift?

  • Bluecat

    Try not to step on your tail Katia while your swinging away with that log. . . AND FOR THE LOVE THE 9 KEEP A FIRM GRIP ON THAT LOG, don’t want to take anyone’s eye out!

  • carmeops

    disregarding the rudeness issue, this is a team fight right?

    maybe the most useful would be to learn to dodge and taunt.

    you know, to distract the opposite team, occupying them while your partner does the work.

  • Baurus

    With that kind of swing tou will never be a member of the blades, maybe you should try a dagger little kitty

  • M’Diriel

    It’s okay Katia!If I can be a khajiit,be scrawny like you,AND not be offended so easily(I really do get offended easily,I just murder them in my sleep!Already killed LuLa! )then you can be like me!

    Stay strong,don’t break,and keep moving forward!My mother told me that when I was just a kitten!Follow the words,and you should have a good life.

    Plus,don’t drink anything but water and milk(No cat puns!(I hate them too! )).A puddle is fine too,just check it for dirt,sniff it to check if it is old(Kvatch has a cool climate)and make sure nobody had stepped in it.Is it on the sidewalk or road?Don’t drink it.Is it clear,clean water in a natural basin within the earth?Hell yes!Gulp it down!

    See ya,little kitty.Break the shied for me will ya?


  • Uzi_Man

    Damn it, Kazerad! This update is too long. You need to separate the walls of text.

    Now, leaving the irony, I still like it.

  • Husk

    Hey, it could be a compliment. πŸ˜› maybe he’s saying that you are light? Maybe not? Who knows, just think that he’s saying it as a compliment.

  • Judging from the new trailer for Etrian Odyssey IV, there appear to be some Prequel fans over at Atlus USA…

    • KidKuru

      Haha, I didn’t realize you had beat me to it. I posted the same link right under your comment! I love this series, and seeing this is awesome.

    • Champion of Cyrodil

      Oh gods, I have to get this now.

    • The Whicher

      I lol’d xD
      Now Iv seen almost everything

  • KidKuru

    The trailer for Etrian Odyssey IV is out and there’s a rather interesting character name shown during the battle scenes. Look for it around 35 seconds. You won’t be disappointed. I had to bring it here as soon as I saw it.

    • stupidjellyfish

      Saw it myself. Pretty awesome.

      • Kaze’aze

        Looks like someone at Atlus is a fan of a certain web comic… πŸ˜€

  • Bonzohazard

    Answer: “The same thing she weighed a week ago when this single-picture-lack-of-dialogue-or-story-progression post was made.”

  • Infinity_Warrior

    Katia, smash the person who said that, and keep going; you’ve got a schedule to keep, and an ass to kick.

  • Mallow

    I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but..Katia jumped ship from Hammerfell and finally got to experience a real life. Hell, she lived a good 19 or so years on booze, table scraps and sleeping in random beds.

    The only nourishment available sense she stepped into her little adventure was Quill’s goldfish, a watermelon, bread, a toasted apple, more bread (with dipping magical dipping sauces) and very much earlier she experienced having a banquet (with the addition of a pineapple, some wine, plus ale and more ale).

    Poor thing didn’t even know what cake tasted like…

    As if she has the option to rip a leg of mutton from someone’s, she does not.

  • Uzi_Man

    Katia’s model looks different.

    Some months ago, her eyes looked kinda chinese. Now they look.. more american?

    • dude

      Oh, you mean when she had just set the church on fire?

      • ChasingWagons

        Comment of the Year Award goes to the guy right above me.

        • dude

          I just want to thank the guy above my first comment for giving me the opportunity the post it.

  • dude

    Okay everyone the funeral is Saturday at ten.I heard that he was “sick” or “had personal problems”. That and putting up with the stress of this comic and it’s readers caused the death.

    • stupidjellyfish

      As vague as the situation is, I oddly feel like crap now.

      Condolences to him. πŸ™

      • Kazerad

        I’m not dead, he was joking D=

        He didn’t even give a classy fake funeral location for maximum trollin.

        • Trance

          Heart skipped several beats there. Not cool, dude, not cool.

          • dude

            Are you saying dude as in my name or dude as another thingy refering to me as a guy?For all you know I could be a girl.

          • Trance

            If you were a girl, you’d be a dudette.

          • dude

            Shut that stupid mouth of yours!

        • dude

          You’re dead how do you know?

        • dude

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  • bobucles

    Perhaps Katia would show more proficiency wielding a pineapple and a bottle of gin? The talents of drunken martial artists are not something to be underestimated.

  • Garjahn

    No offence, but you don’t seem the type to be swinging maces or battleaxes around.

    The heaviest thing i’d use if i were you would be a longsword, but i think you’d be better off with a couple of daggers.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fan Art Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a clean version of what could possibly be the “pineapple trick”. Don’t take me for granted though, the pt could actually be whatever Kaz wants it to be,

    I appreciate fanart but I feel like this is slightly pushing the de-facto PG-13 rating we’ve got going on here. -Kazerad

  • Stanley

    This is pretty much how I feel about the comic. I mean, I want things to start looking up for the poor little kitty, but I have a feeling that this is going to go horribly wrong somehow.

  • As the author of a tabletop rpg system, I have to appreciate the decision-making process that goes into making Katia who she is, and the group contribution to as such. Katiahas been made an addictive individual. (To the point where my wife seems to be running a knockoff of her in my groups current campaign). Kudos to all of you.

  • nocbl2


    And dat kat needs some muscles.

    • Uzi_Man

      I agree, she had more muscles in the early updates, but they didn’t make her look masculine. In fact, she looked more feminine.

  • rua’iri

    She is Katia “god damm moderfucking” Managan at the updates will come out when they come out. Put down the skoma pipes and go outside till they do, go chase a mudcrab or bother a Elf. Bah these kittens today have no patience at all.

  • fatblackidd

    New updates on December 1st? Dude, it’s December 1 already…

    • Trance

      The blue message at the top was added on Dec. 1st; that’s what that date means. Sometime this week, there will be an update.

      • fatblackidd

        Oh… thanks.

  • wolf

    Kofiman, I think you forgot to ask if she was pregnant, whether she’s Quill Weave’s mother, if she minds being so short, if she gets fleas…
    Yeah, there’s a whole load of offensive questions, now that I think about it.

  • wolf

    If you’re a butcher, the answer is meat, and if you’re a sailor, the answer is anchor.

  • Uzi_Man

    Kazerad singing:

    Does anybody remember it?

    • AD

      I don’t think that’s Kazerad singing.

      • Uzi_Man

        I just figured that. l read the author’s comment, she’s not kazerad.

        • Kazerad

          I can’t actually sing very well at all.

          • Bonzohazard

            I really hope not…. that was terrible, lol… besides, I thought you were a dude…..bro…..

          • Trance

            He is definitely not a dudebro.

  • Anon

    You know I think she might be a witch. Someone get a duck and see if the weigh the same.

    • Villager Todd

      But someone broke Sir Bedevere’s scale after he left for Camelot!

  • Calypso

    12/1/12: Sorry for the delays again, updates should resume as normal this coming week.
    Oh, so randomly after a bajillion delays. That week was normal, too, ya know.

  • Bonzohazard

    Still waiting….. of course. Good thing Dragonborn came out today! XD

  • wolf


    • Intern(et/al) voice in head number 3523

      Katia’s weight is zero kilograms. This is because she is a being of (projected) light and (digitally stored) energy.

      I hope you enjoy your answer.

      “Did you know humans frown on weight variances? If you want to upset a human, just say their weight variance is above or below the norm.”

      • Gytisout

        Actually an image can wheigh something, it is small amount but it’s still there.

  • Dudette

    Yep seems like this is the normal type of week for updates.

  • that one drunk argonian

    hmm, girl you seem to be having trouble, with everything. but take heart, at least the hearts of your enemies and consume it! where was I going with this?!?!?!

  • Bonzohazard

    Still no update eh? Back to waiting months on end…

  • John Doe

    I love the new update.


  • stupidjellyfish

    Patience, ladies. Kazerad’s a busy man.

  • Kaze’aze

    Don’t make me bring Lass out to find out what happened to the update. πŸ˜€

  • Smaug

    Do you even lift?

  • Zeldanigma

    I keep thinking this is kind of like when you send a long text that took you time, and then you just get back a “Kk”.

  • arf blarfle

    Her face is my face every time I check this site and see it still hasn’t been updated.

  • GrapeSoda

    “12/8/12: Or a bit longer; some animation techniques I was trying didn’t work out.”
    Gettin’ real tired of your shit Kaz.

  • heidtmare

    geez, if i wanted the pictures to move i’d play Skyrim…

  • John Doe

    >geez, if i wanted the pictures to move i’d play Skyrim…
    >Gettin’ real tired of your shit Kaz.

    I agree with all the above.

    Don’t shit the bed failing at new animation techniques, Kazerad.

    We come here *not* for animated gifs, or fancy flash movies or games, but for a story.

    So please, give us that story. Seeing as how the animation stuff is delaying you, why not drop it?

    Oh and yeah, might as well just say “12/8/12: Sorry, delayed again. Maybe next week.”

    *leaves, whistling innocently*

  • Blu Spy disguised as Katia


    what r u doing



  • Ellert

    Hey, don’t be rude people. He is making an awesome comic for your enjoyment for free. What you come for and expect is irrelevant, he has even gone as far as to refuse donations to make it absolutely clear that he is not doing it out of profit and most certainly not because he owes you lot anything. So be nice and appreciate it or keep your complaining to yourselves.

    Can’t wait to see the next update myself, it will come when it will come, just give it time.

  • ikearat

    When free stuff is slow in arriving, people bitch.
    When people buy a thing, they defend their choice by praising the thing and overlooking delays or problems in quality.

    I would buy this thing you have created. Do you have a Paypal account?


  • Araph


    Kaz makes this for free. He’s trying new stuff, and that’s his business; don’t complain about receiving something for nothing later than you wanted.

    Alternatively, have you all considered trying to make a webcomic of your own? Go to a hosting site and start drawing stuff. Try and make it funny and dramatic and entertaining. Then read a crowd of assholes alternate between ripping on how terrible it is because they don’t like it and complaining about how you’re not working hard enough for their benefit.

    Remember, in this example YOU ARE THE ASSHOLES. Yes, you. You know who you are.

    • Araph

      BTW, Kazerad, this comic is awesome. Just wanted to say that.

    • Bonzohazard

      Silence your face, clown…. the moment one’s product becomes popular, one can expect a demand for more of said product. Free or not, the man has gathered a following, and the better part of maintaining this popularity is to keep it coming. All this animation crap not only slows production, it contributes almost nil to the overall picture. Kaz can draw, that’s what he does. Up until he began his little foray into the world of animation, there was a consistent stream of entertaining plot, dialogue and pictures to give it all some color. Now….. we wait forever for an entry so he can include some absurd animation that in prior posts lacked any progression in storyline…. period. How long did that lame dream sequence last? What relevance did it have to the story again? So again, close your face hole… Lancelot, Kaz doesn’t need a knight in shining armor, he needs to continue what he does best, drawing.

      • Araph

        Seriously? “Silence your face, clown” followed by random ellipses? I thought you were joking until I got farther through your comment. But anyway, I apparently have nothing better to do right now than feed the trolls, so here it goes.

        Because this comic is free, it doesn’t matter what you or I think. You could say “oh, the animation is useless”, but seriously; Kaz doesn’t need to pay any attention to your… well, not really elegant or verbose insults, but you get points for trying on those matters. Unless you’re offering Kaz money (which you’re not), you can spend your days getting a rage-boner at him for not updating at a pace suitably to your royal and ineffable tastes without it bringing ruin upon him in the slightest. Personally, I like the animations. Without the animations, we wouldn’t have Asotil doing a Captain Morgan pose on a servants head. If Kazerad wants to test out ideas and, sure, spend some time on a product that went astray and won’t be used in the comic, that’s just fine. You know why (rhetorical question, here. I don’t really care whether or not you know why.)? Because it’s what he apparently wants to do. Speaking from experience, it’s a lot better to have an artist who enjoys making something than one who does whatever is necessary to appease the fans when the results are displayed freely. They tend to stick around longer.

        (Also, I may have just typed out a giant paragraph against someone who was being sarcastic. Are you serious about the ‘lame dream sequence’ and ‘animation contributes nil to the overall picture’? I’m having trouble telling when they’re typed next to me being called a clown and knight in shining armor. Clown has got to be one of the most absurd insults I’ve ever received.)

        • Araph

          Dammit, I used variants of ‘serious’ three times in as many paragraphs. This is a grave transgression against my writer’s instincts.

        • Bonzohazard

          Thank you, Araph, for the superlative use of the language. I’m not a troll, I’m a reader like yourself…. if not quite as evidently passionate about it. I simply responded to your insinuation that my impatience makes me an “asshole”, which was far more juvenile than calling you a “clown”. As far as Kaz and this whole project goes, I stand by my point, as your argument just doesn’t hold water. That dream sequence made no sense whatsoever, and had no bearing on the plot at all. We’d wait months for some stairways and some flaming demon thing. No, he’s not paid to do this, and even I’d pay for a finished product. But waiting on silly animations over his incredible talent he was using before them is just frustrating. At any rate, please take this as a personal affront, and by all means try to prove how smart you are with your thesaurus by throwing big words at an English major.

          • Araph

            The thing is, we don’t know how plot relevant that dream sequence will be. Katia’s fear of royalty has been set up already, and, depending on how the plot progresses, the nightmares could be foreshadowing something about Martin Septim and her interacting. It could be leading up to her facing down her nightmares (they start off minor, get worse, then something happens that leads to the end of her nightmares and improving as a person). Whatever the case, Kaz is a good enough writer that you can be sure it won’t be pointless.

          • Another Challenger Enters the Fray

            Or… what if like some artists and creators…
            Kaz is using this comic merely to practice, hone, and expand his skills? At which point, all the flash work, animations, etc. are serving what is exactly the purpose of the comic (and all of us being entertained by it is merely a happy side note to the true goal of the project, which is Kaz expanding his skillset?)

          • Guest

            English major? There are cheaper ways to become a housewife.

        • Evil Argonian

          OH SNAP

          Okay, but seriously. This post was ridiculously ignorant and self-centered.

          First of all, the dream sequence was amazingly well done and to me it seemed very plot relevant and foreshadowing. The foreshadowing making up a large part of it’s relevance.

          Also, it’s not like you have nothing else to do but wait for Kazerad to update. Seriously, go read another adventure for awhile while you wait. If you really have nothing better to do than hate on Kazerad for wanting to improve the quality of his(?) story, than you should really try being more productive. Or at least less unproductive. Productive, in this case, meaning supporting the work of the artist who provides it freely with no substantial motivation from others, or you know. Literal productivity.

          So seriously, maybe consider how ridiculous you are being before you post. Your argument is irrational and selfish, and your argument is invalid because it is only an opinion, and not even close to being the majority, which, by the way, supports these wonderful animations as well as Kazerad himself. Please consider being more rational. That, and ignore the fact that I had to indulge myself by starting this post with that. It was too tempting. }}:^)

          • Evil Argonian

            Crap. Clicked the wrong reply button here. Imagine this is one column over…

      • Uzi_Man

        A product generates money. This is a HOBBY, that Kazerad likes to share with public. He is winning nothing but praises from people due to this fantastic comic.

        Lets put it this way, so you understand me better:

        Day 1 – You like a dog, but the dog has neutral feelings towards you.
        Day 2 – You start feeding the dog with sushi
        Day 3 – The dog starts to like you.
        Day 10 – You run out of money, so you stop feeding the dog / don’t feed the dog as much as you did before
        Day 11 – The dog starts to hate you.

        Was it necessary to feed the dog with sushi? NO. It’s because YOU WANTED to feed the damn dog with sushi, NOT because you HAD to.
        Was it fair that when you wanted to stop feeding the dog, he started to hate you? NO. You gave him privileges even though he DIDN’T win them, The dog was a VERY ungrateful bastard.

        If we apply the metaphor on-topic:

        You are being the dog, and Kazerad is the guy who used to feed you with sushi. Hey, be a good dog, and try to understand that Kazerad cannot feed you all the time: even if it’s for personal reasons, or because he WANTS to stop feeding you.

        • And especially if he’s trying to add some extra flavor to the metaphorical sushi. Like nutmeg or something. And hey, you might not like nutmeg in your sushi, but if Kazerad wants to put it in there, then he’s trying to help you out. I frankly love the metaphorical nutmeg in my metaphorical sushi. I also love extending random metaphors to ridiculous lengths for my own entertainment, and it’s possible that that’s the only reason I’m writing this, but still.

          • Uzi_Man

            The nutmegs are the extra animations and flash resources.

          • Evil Argonian

            And it’s especially thoughtful because he doesn’t just buy his nutmeg at the store, he grows it himself. In his own backyard, the same one that the metaphorical dog with metaphorical sushi flavored with metaphorical nutmeg metaphorically plays in every time it feels like it. Metaphorically speaking.

      • Trance

        Everywhere on the internet, if there’s something being provided for free, there are people who just don’t get it. This isn’t a trade of any kind, Bonzo. You don’t get to demand anything of Kazerad. This MSPA is a labor of love, and if other things in Kaz’s life take up his time, who the hell are you to impose your selfish impatience?

        A few people in the past have expressed the desire to compensate Kazerad with money for providing this excellent MSPA. I’d like to do the same, but the moment I do that, PREQUEL becomes an obligation. I suspect that this story requires natural stretches of free time to develop, and if that means I have to wait, I’ll gladly wait.

        Just remember the next time you bitch that you’re bitching at another human being, who doesn’t exist solely for your entertainment.

        • Katia ( Care ! still taking this name ! Katrina is my 4the name anyway!)

          The thing is, were addicted to this ! Its like you give someone a really tasty icecream, and once you are happy with it, you slowly start pulling it back ! Ok this is a gift ! we get it ! but we don’t need all the extra flavors, just let us continue to lick our icecream ! we’re addicts ! =^.~=

          • Trance

            Thing is, this whole story ultimately belongs to Kazerad. It’s being done every bit as much for his own enjoyment as for yours. Practicing new animation techniques may give him satisfaction. And I think, once he successfully employs these techniques and shows them off, everyone else may get satisfaction as well.

            Trust me, I’m as glued to this MSPA as the next person, but I always keep in mind that Kazerad, for all his talent and skill, is one guy with his own life, doing something cool for free out of personal motivation. I can’t think of many things more deadly to personal motivation than a hobby turning into a chore. So I manage my addiction, and though I go back to this page a few times a day, I never press him to hurry up with my fix.

          • Nicolai Syn

            I agree entirely. I consider myself a unpublished writer of decent skill. I don’t know if I’d like being published because as things begin to get more popular, there gets a demand for it. Fear of my happy little stress relieving hobby of writing Horror/Fantasy stories will become quite the opposite, a stressful chore that I am forced to do to appease the public. One should always do something they like for a job, but a hobby should never feel like work. Especially in Kaz’s case, being he gets no money for the time and effort he puts into this story, with all the same rushing and impatient readers.

  • Vins

    I just noticed (call me a slowpoke if you may) that apparently the blue undershirt Katia had in the winning armor entry was not taken into consideration by Kazerad and disregarded, since in that panel we can see her painted bra.
    Now my Vegeta drawing has no sense anymore! D:

    • Bluedragon

      Funny you should mention that. I’m working very hard on a Skyrim armor mod to look like her new outfit and that blue “undershirt” (though mine is a modified blue bodysuit) is an integral part of it. If I ever get the talent to get it done (having to learn a helluva lot to create it!), I’ll certainly nudge Kaz to put it up in the fanart, but I’d be heartbroken if the design got too changed now! Great thing is that these “delays” make it more likely she’ll be wearing that outfit for a nice long time to come so my work might still be appropriate before her next catastrophic overhaul.

    • Bluedragon

      Ack! I just noticed that no blue shirt has been in place from day 1 in the cannonical version! Ok, so now they’re just blue pants. Revisions, revisions. Hey Kaz, if you have any reason to show her from the back side somewhat, could you do so? I’m guessing those strappy-things on the original design across the back are prolly gone too. Frankly, it makes my work much easier if so, but I Must Follow the Kaz In All Thinks Katia.

    • Bluedragon

      Sorry to harp on something so insignificant to most, but I just re-examined every frame I could find as well as the original design submitted on the fanart page. Look under her right arm in the top frame of and there’s a very definite blue shirt there. Then, after rechecking the original, there is NO sign of the shirt directly from the front save for a small hint under her extended arm. So we can assume it’s more or less a “wifebeater” sleeveless deal with apparently a very low front neckline that doesn’t show. The straps may in fact be quite thin across the shoulders, or even be attached directly to the pads without any other cloth going over the shoulders at all.

      In fact, it’s a bit contradictory in the original design as it appears to go right across her neck like a “normal” T-shirt from the back, but there is absolutely nothing at the neckline in the front. In fact, it looks like Kaz is just following the design as closely as he can given the somewhat contradictory original. So I think you can assume there’s some sort of blue undershirt there, but that you can’t see the straps from the front.

      So my blue bodysuit is back and I’m going to assume the straps are in place as well, even if we may never actually see them – but I will have to significantly change my front neckline of that blue undershirt regardless.

      • Nicolai Syn

        Looks to me like the undershirt you pointed out is the continuation of the blue line that is connected to the symbol on her chest. You can’t see it now, because her arm is covering it.

        • Bluedragon

          I was thinking that at first, but there’s a black line between the blue and tan which isn’t the case for the blue “embroidery” type line, which indicates the blue is not a continuation of that line but a separate garment underneath it. (Wow do I care about this waay to much to be healthy!)

  • Uzi_Man

    Kazerad, l don’t think l’m the only one thinking about this, but.. can you remove her eye-patch in the next updates? It’s annoying… l mean.. it’s been there for months! And It’s making us forget Katia’s face, which removes her cuteness by 30%..

    • ikearat

      I pestered Kazerad over and over about that eye patch and I would like to think I was the only reason he did in fact remove the patch. Ok, so it was off just long enough to get a look at Katia’s blood-shot and painful looking eye and then the patch went back on.
      It’s been months for us in crap-time (my personal name for real time) but only days for Katia. I also think she looks much better without the patch. But its a better story with it there and we will see it gone soon enough.
      I imagine it is tough being the creator of so popular a character, rest and let the creativity flow over you and when you start to want, go back and reread the story from the start. Works for me πŸ™‚

    • yarr

      Meh. I too used to think the eye patch looked bad, but now it looks kinda awesome. I’m all for pirate Katia

  • R3d_Schuhart

    It’s a truly great story!
    Thank you for the effort, that you put into it!

  • Triphlx

    Just wanted to say I love the comic Kazerad! Been reading for a long while now and have enjoyed every moment of it.

    Take your time with the new stuff you are trying, and please ignore any whining from the peanut gallery. So far every new thing you’ve introduced has made the comic nothing but better, and I look forward to the results!

    • Kenguru

      I just read the whole webcomic (this far atleast) in like one evening (and night) and just wanted to come here and say that I second this. Keep up the good work! This might well be the best webcomic I have ever read.

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    Did someone say dragonborn?

    • Urist McNoble

      No, i dont think anyone did. Why do you ask?

    • dude

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      2) They are very stupid and have a mental condition

      • Bonzohazard

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  • Kogan

    Can you please use less animation and fancyness? It’s all great and everything I’m sure, but my phone resists magical animationness, and there’s no nice summeries for it, and it seems to be causing a rain-delay…

    • Bluedragon

      You know, I was thinking that too. I wasn’t a big fan of the dream sequences. But then again, you can’t deny that the Excelsior game was just awesome. How long must that have taken? So like everyone else, I’d sure like to see a nice, long and advancing update soon. But creativity takes time and life adds its own interruptions. (I think the Dragonborn comment before was a suspicion that perhaps Kaz has found the latest Skyrim update and it has become a time-sink.) Sometimes you need a break to get your interest back so that a project like this doesn’t become drudgery.

      I do think though that Kaz is missing a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra pin-money from selling some Managan-swag somewhere though. I really don’t think anyone reading Prequel would think any the less for a bit of capitalist renumeration for his work! I want my K. Managan t-shirt (and know that some $ goes to Kaz in the bargain.)

      • Bluedragon

        renumeration -> remuneration. That’s what I get for using a $10 word with a $.05 brain.

    • dude

      Just because you are reading it on your phone doesn’t mean you should try to lessen the splendor of it all for us.

  • Kogan

    I don’t think you were thinking what I was thinking. I was thinking “Thank goodness there was a summery for that flash game I couldn’t play so I wasn’t totally clueless, but what the heck happened in the dream sequence? And why didn’t I see the fire start when the bottle was smashed on the ground? MY PHONE SUCKS! He delays his stuff for things that I can’t even appreciate? Damnit, being a minority sucks.”
    That seems greatly different from what you seem to be describing.

    And yes, I can deny excelsior is awesome. It’s easy to deny things you never experience.

    • Bluedragon

      Ah, I see. Well then, in the words of the immortal Emily Litella, “Oh! Well that’s very different!… Never mind.” (And “I pity thee!”)

    • Kenguru

      I have a solution to your problem: only read this comic while on a PC

  • Nikki

    Oh hush, it’s fine hon :3 Just take your time, have fun, and make it so YOU think it looks good. (BTW I read all of Prequel in like 2 days, LOVE IT!)

    As for Katia, A word to the wise, even if you’re training, NEVER take your eyes off your target/opponent. Even if you’re not stronger, you might be faster, even if you’re not faster, you might be able to outwit them. Battle is an ever changing challenge. A giant golem, strong and slow, could be bested by something rather small, like a wolf, if the wolf could outsmart it, or be able to dodge anything the clunky golem could throw at it.

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    20 and counting.

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    Oh you Kazerad, you so silly.

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    new name for this comic ” the comic that was never updated”

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    Nah, kidding. You’re not getting any ‘UPDATE FASTER DAMNIT’ rage comments from me. Take as much time as you need! Better take time on the big updates.

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    • Kazerad

      Not dead, I’ve just been a little busy!

      • The Man Who Waited, Forever

        Kaz, I really hate that this is taking forever and you made this one picture update as response in the /co/ thread, but you are still the best ever. You are the most bro artist ever, and I’m glad you respond to your readers. But please, no TF2 this week.

        • ChetBetera

          Actually, it looks like Kaz only played 0.3 Hrs of Skyrim these past 2 Weeks. Good on you Kaz. Good on you for working – even though we won’t see the results for quite some time.

          Actually on the subject of unseen content, could we see the animation techniques which “didn’t work out”?

  • rua’iri

    Katia “fucking” Managan is alot like like Bill “fucking” Murray ,we are always dying to see what he they say next, yet they both appear randomly and sporadically sometimes in unsual places and we usualy find ourselves doubting we ever saw it at all πŸ˜› ?

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  • heidtmare
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    That’s okay. The apocalypse is coming soon anyway.

    Maybe it’ll be the heat death of the universe. Or aliens. Or simultaneous super-volcano eruptions. Or maybe all at once.

    Happy holidays!

    • Bluedragon

      One thing that keeps me going every time I return to see that expression on Katia’s face again is that she’s not looking at the person who asked her what she weighs, she’s looking straight at Kaz himself with that expression. Not hate, not anger, just… repeated disappointment. Can’t really help it you know! We all love Kaz as the great Creator, but disappointment is disappointment regardless.

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    Its final exams week and next week is finals too. Kazerad is prolly a college student and so am I. He might be too busy to update until after next week, which is when finals are over.

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  • Love the comic. :3

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    I just started reading Prequel yesterday and I’m really enjoying it. I think it’s because I feel like I can relate to Katia in some ways. Not least of which, we both have just recently started our lives over in new places – her in Cyrodiil, me 500 miles away from home in a new city where I don’t know anyone. She’s really inspiring to me, to be honest.

  • Generic Person X

    Sometimes focusing on flashy gimmicks of animation is detrimental to a good story and narrative. It wouldn’t hurt to review the early days of this wonderful serial and appreciate the simplicity of form and the value of humor to overcome that simplicity’s possible failings.

  • Blezmo

    Yep, Kaz is focusing too much on pretty animations. The images don’t have to be *that* great, they’re already beautiful as it is. The main thing here is about overall qaulity. The prettiness of the images does not always eqaul high qaulity, because other factors go into the qaulity too, such as the storyline itself, emotions of characters, tone of the story, qaulity of the words, and last but not least, THE UPDATE PUNCTUALITY.

    But I can understand though, jujding from the timezone of this website, Kazerad must be british because of the timezone of this website. Unlike Americans, the British tend to be more laid back when it comes to time. they are not as speedy and punctual.

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    Brace yourselves, the comments from people bitching about update speed are coming

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    • Generic Person X

      I am not even arguing for more constant updating. I just prefer the humor and story of the earlier period. The pithy little jokes are growing less frequent I find. I am merely arguing that the author needs to not let the desire to master a new animation overshadow the essential story. In other words, a balance between animation and story needs to be maintained. Otherwise, we might as well watch a Hollywood action film. So I don’t mind if we have to wait so much, as long as the updates are as clever and witty as the early work.

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