Jun 162014

Right then.

Jad wrote:
First things first, get rid of everything you know about magic. Sit, meditate, clear your mind of any distracting thoughts.

Brussel wrote:
Katia, realize that there is a force acting against your own attempts at telekinesis that will forever pull that peg and everything else down.

Brussel wrote:
The peg is a peg that does not do anything on its own. You cannot bend the peg. You cannot move the peg. You can only bend the force that pulls the peg down.

Rakadishu wrote:
Well. . . I know I’m looking at this wrong too, but perhaps try. . . well, not lifting the peg, so much as. . . make it stop falling? I’m all jumbled up here, but see, gravity’s keeping this thing down.

Scrambles wrote:
Aggy’s been saying a lot of logically contradictory statements, but what if that’s the key? What if he’s talking about contradictory states of being for objects, and instead of changing the object, you change the rules governing how it exists?

Scrambles wrote:
Concentrate on the magic around you, shaping it like you did when making a fireball. But instead of moving the peg, move its rules. Lifting a peg might be hard, but what if it’s not being held down?

Scrambles wrote:
What if you changed it so it’s being held where you’re looking? If you can focus on that rule, use your magic to hold that rule in place over the “natural” ones, all you’ll need to do is

Scrambles wrote:
look up.

I… I did it! I… did the thing! I’m… telekinesising it! It’s floating! I’m telekinesising it and it’s floating and… eeeeeeeee!

I followed the magic and I could see, like… things about things! Like a skeleton behind the world! And I could move the bones and… and… did you see that thing I just di-

Whoops. Sorry about your face. I forgot I’m, ah… holding it with my eyes. How am I holding it with my eyes? No, wait. How much magicka is this using?

The ghost says that with close-range telekinesis like this, probably none at all. You’re not actually burning magicka, or doing anything a silencing spell would stop. You’re just holding a simple chain in place. Heck, with practice, an Atronach like you could even use it as a siphon.

O-oh, you say. That’s… that’s shockingly not-bad. Huh.

Right. I… think I’m kind of getting this. I’m gonna… not flip out, and solve that puzzle now. I guess. With my mind.

Shouldn’t be hard. Just have to… get this turned the right way. To get in the little hole.

Additional resource credits:
Cider – some inking and also all the
huge animations that would have only
been 20 frames without the snow.

  • Unclever title

    Lol. This is a little truer to the mechanics of the game than I was expecting.

  • Vincent Vasquez


    • Psithief

      Having a heart attack? Oh well, at least you lived long enough to see this done.

  • 4n0nym0u5


  • Yazuaru

    It’s every thing I ever tried to move in Oblivion… right down to trying to spin it on the edge of the table. OwO
    I laughed until I peed. TwT

  • Sir Gawain

    Oh, god. Yeah, that’ll never work- I’ve knocked over enough cups in Rosethorn hall to know that much.

  • Guest
  • tronn

    It’s funny ’cause it’s true. I love her frustration face in the last panel, it’s the same one I would make.

    Picking up things – not even once!

  • QbertEnhanced

    Quality update

  • Ransom

    YES YES YES!!!!

    And yes, hilariously on point as to game mechanics.

  • Siveon

    Well that was funny as hell.

    This is certainly set in Oblivion, with that kind of…erm, “telekinesis”.

  • Kazerad

    This was supposed to be finished in less than a week, but stuff came up and it took a month. Sorry about that.

    • Psithief

      We’re used to it.

      Well, those of us with RSS Readers aren’t bothered so much.

    • Rob

      Life lesson #13: shit happens.

      And usually there’s not shit we can do about it.

  • ZizZazZuz

    Holy cow.

    …Go Katia! Sketch time!
    *brandishes wacom tablet*

    • ZizZazZuz

      Uh, also, not sure how this sign in thingy works.

  • Vitriks

    Damn awesome animation. Another month to wait now =(

  • Nopon

    Hmm… not only is the writing funny but the art is some of the nicest in the entire comic. It also happens to be entertaining if only by reference to mechanics :). Thanks Kaz & Cider for the work you put into this update.

  • kotekzot

    Is this the point where Katia becomes competent? Please let it be that point.

    • philip

      If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.

  • Psithief

    Every player character in Oblivion could do this, so that’s one more box Katia can check towards becoming a ‘hero’.

  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    So, did Katia just discover the ‘Z’ key?

    • Psithief


      (What button was it on Xbox?)

      • Daemon

        I think it was one of the bumpers.

    • Ashley the Magic Fox

      Pretty sure the telekinesis spell in Oblivion worked like this, too.
      Just longer ranged and stuff. Tho it’s been a few years since I played
      that one.

    • LP

      It sure does act like that useless floppy key.

  • Ravan

    Wow! Katya magical abilities as much as 13! Single Well, let’s try to decipher them …
    So …
    On the eye:
    1. NightVision
    2. Eye of fear
    Region of the heart:
    1. Power Atronach
    2. ???
    3. Summoning magic
    4 .???
    Region of the abdomen:
    1. Telekinesis.
    2. Pyrokinesis
    3. Time control?
    4. Graviity?
    5. Focus?
    6. ???
    7. ???
    Interesting …

    And! I also noticed that she had damaged her magic… body.

    • BattulBruvaCat

      “Regen” in eyes is just Eye Of Fear.

      • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

        A heart with a EKG like line behind it as Eye of Fear. So it’s referencing the fact that when one is scared, their heart starts racing. That makes sense.

  • Sninjo

    Walk those well earned steps closer to everything You Deserve..Katia.
    Keep going and just don’t stop.
    We’ve got your back.
    If you can do this you can accomplish much much more..

  • Rob

    Called it. Literally this afternoon. Yeah.

    Maybe I just have to make a comment predicting it, and it happens?

    • Vissia

      now you’re thinking like a witch hunter!

    • Unclever title

      As long as each prediction is accurate, it’s foolproof!

  • Lu Cacik

    i love you.

  • SpaceKing

    D… Did she just access the console?

  • mist42nz

    getting it in the hole is always harder than it sounds…
    …ask any golfer…

  • Rob

    The distinct feeling of euphoria I’m experiencing right now is somewhat concerning.

  • vorxil

    I must admit, listening to this at the tenth panel is awesome. 😀

    I also request a wallpaper of the seventh panel.

    • Rob

      Now that you mention, I’m gonna use this.

      Slightly pixelated still but I en’t doin all that by hand. And I don’t know how else.

    • Daizarin

      I’m so making this a video.

    • Daizarin
  • ravager

    this reminds me SO much of moving objects in any elders scroll game XD

  • CinnamonSalve

    Katia has hit new levels of ADORABLE.
    I think I might overdose from all of this…

  • Alex Franklin

    Who else enjoys this comic partly because they relate to Katia?

    • Recursive Sweatpants

      I’m pretty sure a lot of us relate to Katia immensely.

  • Darkoh Grubb

    heheh, stupid peg, these updates never disapoint

  • I must say, even with my unbridled enthusiasm for her, even I had my doubts about Katia being able to use telekinesis. Or, change the laws of physics.

    …I think I might send a command to Aggy now.

  • Daelnoron

    Updaaaaaate! 🙂
    Why can I see her walking around with a peg locked in her Eyesight for the next day? 😀

  • Nanafu

    All these crazy magicka pattern thingies reminds me of something Mike Kirkbride would do.
    And I love it :<

  • Streetwind

    What potentially amused me most about this entire “chapter” is how it subtly feels like Kazerad was waiting/stalling for at least one or two updates for (enough of) the readers to “get it” with their commands… 😛

    (I didn’t get it either, though in hindsight it was so obvious! Gah!)

  • hostergaard

    Awesome! You go girl! Anyway, great to see an update, been waiting! Love the the mundane method she is using to solve the directional problem.

  • skello

    Those last two images – perfection.

  • night

    what if ghost puns involve telekinesis


    Why is it written in first person?

    • Seajay

      This is written in second person.

  • alekksandar


    Where’s her beard??

  • BattulBruvaCat

    New game where you try to turn pegs right way.

    Also, Katia is achieving CHIM because she is apparently changing how things around her work.

    • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

      No CHIM yet, just normal Tamrielic magics.

      According to this CHIM is, “the process of reaching some sort of epiphany about the nature of the universe and one’s place in it…” and, “allows for escape from all known laws and limitations.” In this case it would mean Katia becoming aware of being a character in a webcomic. And then using this awareness to affect it in ways that other characters can’t do or even fully understand. In this case I think it would be by Submitting commands to the other characters in the webcomic.

      Of course there is the danger of zero summing which apparently causes a person to evaporate. In Katia’s case, I think this would be from the way that breaking the forth wall is hard to pull off successfully. That is, if Kazerad were to have Katia become aware of the nature of the comic there is a risk of alienating fans. Then maybe, lacking the support of those fans, Kazerad stops updating the comic; and Katia disappears into the forgoten regions of the internet.

      Granted, this is the forth wall breaking version of CHIM. There are more in-universe ways of understanding it. I just like this one best because it seems like it would be so hard to pull off.

      • Irrevenant

        With Katia’s luck, she’d probably just zero sum.

  • M’aiq the Liar

    M’aiq is pleased with this development. It reminds M’aiq of old stories of great heroes who moved objects around by staring at them and use this great power to place buckets on peoples heads. Many goods were stolen in those days.

    • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

      JJR remembers these time, though he never took advantage of shopkeepers in this way (preferring honest night burglaries instead). Of course the shopkeepers eventually learned to fight back with hired thugs who always seem to manage to sneak up on this one.

      (Also this one will be writing more like a Khajiit from now on, no matter how silly it makes him feel at first.)

  • Era

    That last frame is like the best one in the entire comic.

    I knew it was headed this way, with all the comments about ‘telekenisis you can do with an amulet on’… But I didn’t think of this. It makes me very happy.

  • The Wealthy Aardvark

    “The ghost says that with close-range telekinesis like this, probably none at all. You’re not actually burning magicka, or doing anything a silencing spell would stop. You’re just holding a simple chain in place. Heck, with practice, an Atronach like you could even use it as a siphon.

    O-oh, you say. That’s… that’s shockingly not-bad. Huh.”

    Fascinating stuff. Thanks for the new page!

  • anddill

    So she can hack the matrix now…

    • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

      She’s beginning to believe.

  • Irrevenant

    “Like a skeleton behind the world! And I could move the bones”
    The Earth Bones. Kaz knows his shit.

    “Heck, with practice, an Atronach like you could even use it as a siphon.”
    lawl, the telekinesis exploit. Get that Mysticism up, Katia.

    One of those symbols looks a lot like a computer.

  • cake

    I love how quickly this turned into a reference to the nightmare we went through when we were trying to decorate that first home we bought in Leyawiin.

  • Dovahkiin

    It’s like when you pick stuff up without putting it in your inventory in Skyrim.

  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    Katia keeps on getting Oblivion PC powers. She can already get into and out of clothes really fast, has an inventory bar and a quest log (though she doesn’t want to look at the second one ever again), Now she has discovered the power of ‘Z’. So now she needs to learn how to judge her magicka/stamina/health levels, shotgun potions in the middle of a fight, and gain that innate sense of direction that Tamrielic heroes got just before the oblivion crisis (Before then they had to really on directions from the people that they were trying to help).

  • Holy hell!

  • Kitty

    Katita ==> Lift the table, grow the beard

  • That was awesome. Why is it that I just lose my shit and discard all my annoyance with anything when Katia manages to do a thing.

    Also, I loved the animation panels and the magic infrastructure, hells of rad.

  • PK

    Oh lord she’s manipulating the Earth Bones.

  • Mark Holley

    I guess this explain why its so hard to place things in the elder scrolls, they’re all using telekinesis.

    • SrLupinotuum


  • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

    Sometimes a natural philosopher will tell you that something is impossible, according to the laws of physics. When that happens it’s time to Make your own law off physics.

    Nobody can tell ya;
    There’s only one way of thinking
    They may try muzzle ya,
    ‘Cause it hurts their head
    Can’t understand like you

    And you’ve gotta make your own law of physics
    ‘Press the peg on along
    Make your own law of physics even when the cynic
    Seems far too strong

    You’re gonna be knowing
    The witchhunter kind of living
    It will be rough goin’,
    But you are driven
    It’s time to get going.

    And you’ve gotta make your own law of physics
    Flank puppy amulet
    Make your own law of physics because the cynic
    Is inadequate

    So if you cannot use your paw
    Just use your eyes and magic
    It will instill awe

    You’ve gotta make your own law of physics
    Tell the doubter so long
    Make your own law of physics because the cynic
    Is simply wrong

    And you’ve gotta make your own law of physics
    ‘Press the peg on along
    Make your own law of physics even when the cynic
    Seems far too strong

  • SkellyBeans

    That was spectacular.

  • Alex Franklin

    Now that she sees that not even the basic laws of nature are the only option, does she still really believe her only choices are playing into a creepy priest’s hands or coming home a failure? Let’s see Katia apply what she’s learned!

    • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

      What is the third option then? Go get a guard maybe, accuse Sigrid of robbery. Confront Sigrid under the Beacon of Justice that cannot be silenced.

      • AndyW

        Sadly, I fear Sigrid has what it takes to douse any Beacon of Justice. A smile at the right person, a word in the right ear, a purse of coin in the right pocket…

        Even if Gaius was immune (possible, given his upright and paranoid nature, but unlikely), he’d never be able to make anything stick without most (or all) the rest of the guards plus the Count backing him up.

        That doesn’t mean there isn’t a third option, though. Use telekinesis to plant some incriminating evidence on Sigrid? Make it look as if Stephane has robbed her to divert attention from herself? Break into the horrible locked room and find something that nobody could ignore?

        Many possibilities. Many chances for disaster.

        • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

          Well turning Gaius against Sigrid might be as easy as pointing out her cult of personality. Making him like Katia is a different matter though. This one can think of a whole bunch of clever witchhuntery things to use against the power spooning of Sigrid, but only in terms of Katia interacting with Sigrid. Getting allies seems much harder, but maybe that’s like the telekinesis thing. It only seems hard because JJR does not yet know how to do it.

      • Alex Franklin

        Don’t try to solve the puzzle; change the rules of the game so that it solves itself. That’s the witch hunter way! We’ve been assuming a bunch of things about the innate conditions of our situation; maybe one or more of those things is actually withing our power to change.
        Assumptions we might try to change:

        •Nobody will take our word over Sigrid’s.
        •Nobody is suspicious of Sigrid.
        •What Sigrid stole is essential to our goals.
        •We have no allies here.
        •Sigrid has every angle covered. Her power is unstoppable.

        If we can find a way to undermine any of these assumptions, new options will arise.

        • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

          What she took is not essential to our goal of delivering Hirtel’s response to Quill Weave since we already got another letter from him. Call this the minimal victory, JJR wants more.

          We have one ally here, a barely sane Dunmeri ghost; maybe Stephane in time. If we can get our paws on Sigrid’s store of bug musk we might be able to get people to listen to us, this one assumes that Sigrid sleeps in her personality enhancing magic items. Of course now that we can change the rules that govern the relationship between objects I have some ideas about what to do about those. As far as her power, it seems more like a single well crafted spoon that she uses to make people like her, if we subvert it she may not have a backup plan.

          I think that maybe trying more official channels should be our first plan, though that certainly means talking to the count. Then we have to change the rules of the legal game; This one thinks that what Sigrid did is technically legal, like that rock we can throw at people or vomiting in someones plants. That technically part is the thing we have to change.

          • Alex Franklin

            One other possible ally is the Anvil Mages Guild. Archmage Traven or whoever really seems to hate Sigrid’s guild, and now that we’ve mastered a second spell we can join there.

  • NoctisCorvus

    I’ll admit, I got a little emotional when it finally worked.

    • Time Squid

      Damn right! You go Katia! C’mon people! We’re the voices in her fuzzy head! Congratulate her!

  • Will

    @10th panel: HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!

  • AndyW

    I wonder… in the short time available before the dance contest, is it possible she could learn to control her fireballs with telekinesis? Now that could make for an awesome dance!

    Or perhaps a kitty frantically leaping, flipping and diving in an attempt to dodge her own fireballs – which could be awesome in its own way 🙂

    I know in-game telekinesis didn’t work on fireballs, but is there an in-lore reason why it wouldn’t?

  • DemiserofD

    Haha, this update was epic! First I got all excited, then I squee’d, and finally I laughed.

  • Raptoral

    Fucking center of mass

  • Mini Drachin

    She did it. I’m so proud of her :3
    And the Art is amazing. all the blue lines and the expressiona. It’s awesome:D
    I really love this 🙂

  • migck

    I’m intrigued by the blue line diagram. My understanding is that she replaced “gravity” with “perception” or “sight” as to determine the peg’s resting place, thus linking it to her. What are the other rules or earthbones surrounding the peg then, and those surrounding her heart and eye?

  • Vissia

    nO yuo dubm fkat u got to flip it turn-ways http://s29.postimg.org/5qt67qgh3/010.jpg

  • Oh cool so you can bend the rules of physics?!?! Do you know what that means?!?!?! You Could Become a GOD!!!! O0O

    • Ja’ Jarsha Rovandi

      Katia the Furry! Katia the Ever Erring! Katia the Inconsolable! To you we give Advise! We are but voices crying out over the internet! While you have floated up on a river of your own tears, and now live with the Atronach! But you were once a mortal Khajiit! Aye, only nine lives to your name! But even as a cat you could say, “Let me show you the power of Katia Managan, born of Hammerfell, where Katia’s tears spring forth. This one cries now in cannikin and refills these cups which are yours. Katia does this for you, Thirsty People, for Katia is a helper!” Aye, a helper! Even as a mortal failure, Katia Managan was a helper.

  • FokkerBoombass

    She’s kinda missing her silencing amulet in the first pic o_o NOW THAT’S DOING MAGIC

  • Skrembles

    Awesome! Seeing Katia succeed made my heart jump. Seeing my comment in there was also cool! (Though I miss-spelled my name as Scrambles)

    I guess Kazerad massages the answers? “Scrambles” wrote something much similar to what I submitted, only it’s been changed for the better.

    By the Nine, I love this comic.

  • Unbal

    Is it just me, or is Katia being drawn bustier? I can’t help but notice whoever drew the one frame, when she’s excited about having lifted the pag, gave some attention to the arm-boob-squish thing there.

  • DrX

    Oh god, this is awesome. And cute as hell. Yeah scie- I mean magic! And it’s hard to belive how much logic is behind EVERYTHING, how true everything is to mechanics from the Elder Scrolls world.

  • PlayerThree

    Does the second to last picture irk anyone else? It looks like Katia has a snout/muzzle instead of the intended nose in that panel. I forget the word.

    Reminds me of the ages I spent in the Source Engine rotating an object to just the right position. It was a huge pain when all you had were flat walls and smooth floors and the only way to turn it was to juggle it mid-air.

    First panel is missing the necklace!