Aug 232014

You are now the Khajiit.

You were already the Khajiit, but now you are her with resolve. With gusto. Things like that.

For the first time since your visit to the Kvatch Mages Guild, you feel like things might work out. You might have a chance to set everything right; a chance to show Quill-Weave you are a capable and trustworthy individual. Sure, it’ll be dangerous, and you might mess up a little (more) along the way, but… if there’s a chance things will work out – a chance that Katia Managan can take control of this situation – then you’re going to chase it with everything you’ve got.

And you’ve got a lot right now. You think.

Redkittyfox wrote:
Um, you know that you might have broken the string of what held the Amulet of Silence, right? Shouldn’t you go ahead and try fixing it?

Look, we’ve been over this: the amulet has a Drama Clasp. When you give it a dramatic tug, it just comes undone. Then you click it back together again and it’s good to go.

Seriously, if this had a normal clasp you would’ve broken the chain at least a dozen times by now.

SkywardStrike wrote:
Sorry to dampen the mood, but how is this magic going to help you explain to Quill-Weave about how you screwed everything up?

The magic isn’t going to “help you explain to Quill-Weave about how you screwed everything up”. Because after tonight is over, you won’t have screwed anything up.

You motion for your assistant to hand you a pointer.

There is no assistant. That was telekinesis.

Quill-Weave is counting on you to bring back a package from her friend at the bookstore. That package happens to currently be in the possession of a wealthy, evil sorceress with a lifetime supply of mind control pheromones.

That is a problem. But it’s not an impossible problem.

Dawoc wrote:
Remember, you have the key to the Chapel undercroft, which you can use to sneak in instead. Because, I mean, you did pick it up, right? You didn’t just leave it lying on the table, did you?

comkiller wrote:
Time to be clever. You’re still really limited in your range of options so you’re gonna have to get really creative in your witch-hunting.

FlyingTurtle wrote:
Katia, before you go running to take down Sigrid, think of a plan. First you might want to find something to plug your nose to stop that bug musk perfume from taking control of you again, some napkins might work.

You have the key to the chapel undercroft. You didn’t want to take the key, but it was shiny, laying right on the table, another Khajiit was watching you… it was a whole thing.

Point is, you have it now. If Sigrid’s maybe-lackey is to be believed (which is still up in the air at this point), the undercroft has a secret passage to the Mages Guild. You could use that passageway to break in, retrieve Quill-Weave’s package (and anything else you want), and get out. Technically, it wouldn’t even be stealing, since Sigrid is a total bitch.

According to Stephane, Sigrid will be asleep at 4:00 O’Clock AM. If he’s telling the truth, this whole thing should be a piece of cake. If he’s lying, or this is a trick, or she wakes up or something, though, you’ll need some kind of fallback plan. A mask might protect you from her pheromones, and telekinesis might be enough to protect you from her magic, but your best option is still to remain hidden and get out unseen.

If you can.

Right now it’s about 1:06 in the morning. Since a break-in is one of those rare things where you’re not supposed to show up early, that gives you around three hours to prepare, gather supplies, and come up with a plan of action. If you’re lucky, maybe a store or barrack will still be open and you can find some way to earn or trade for any equipment you’ll need.

You have gotten a few new barterable things since your last trip to a store. Some spices, a bit of bread, and…

You guess this is ectoplasm.

Razik wrote:
Katia: Try using telekinesis on your own body. That’s essentially all levitation is anyways.

Redsteel132 wrote:
Try to levitate!

While levitation would certainly be cool and help you out with this whole break-in thing, you can’t find the right… handles, you guess, on yourself? This stuff is all Akaviri to you, but the magic swirly things on your own body look like they’re locked in place pretty hard.

It just feels different than the inanimate stuff you were moving before. Maybe it has to do with having a soul? Do Khajiit even have souls? You don’t know these things. You probably should.

Whillikers wrote:
Can you pick yourself up? Your clothes? Will either let you fly? Try it.

There is about a 95% chance this will not aid you against Sigrid.

B0BSAN wrote:
Now you need resources to hunt the witch find a weapon than use it to kill her in her sleep. or put your silence magic amulet around her neck, tie her up gag her ransack the place for evidence (Steal a sack full of gold for yourself)and turn her in too the authorities.

Yeah, like you said, you’d rather avoid an actual confrontation. Magic-absorbing Atronach or no, you’re not ready to go toe-to-clawed-toe with a guild-trained mage – let alone one who can charm people with her very presence.

But you have been thinking about it, and… if you can get in there while Sigrid is asleep, you’ll have plenty of chances to indirectly cause her harm. You could take a bunch of her money, break all her expensive stuff, or maybe even find some piece of evidence so incriminating that even her pheromones won’t be able to protect her from the law. You’re a witchhunter; you’ll find some way to put Sigrid where she belongs. But your top priority is still to get Quill-Weave’s package and get out alive.

You know. Do something right for once.

For now, though, you have a break-in to prepare for.

L27 wrote:
Now that you learned some tricks, re-check the quest log

You, ah…

You’ve actually kind of been disregarding your Quest Log and adding whatever came to mind.

You should probably ignore it and just do one of those things you mentioned up above.

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