Sep 182014

Sekugami wrote:
Create magical snow weaponry and armor to fight with

UnidentifiedBA wrote:
”Make a snow weapon” fell out of the box. If you are going to do that, you have a very limited window of time.

You should’ve probably just ignored it.

SomeRandomDude wrote:
No young lady you are not going to just ignore that quest log. It is a very important and useful tool for adventurers and you are going to at least start to get a handle on that mess.

CrimsonMage wrote:
Most of that stuff is pointless. Fun, maybe cool, but pointless. You can do that stuff whenever you want but it shouldn’t clog up your MAIN OBJECTIVES. So let’s start over. Your main objective is to GET THE PACKAGE FROM SIGRID. That comes first. You have the pure essential(s) for that: The key and a plan.

Yeah, this Quest Log could probably use some… anything. For starters, a way to separate what you’re actively doing from what you’re vaguely considering.

Right. That should be enough to get you started.

Eating wrote:
Walk around and try to find someone who is awake. People are usually helpful.

You’re…. not sure how much you believe that anymore.

Ever since you arrived in Cyrodiil, you’ve been looking all over for people who would be your silver arrow and offer you opportunities that would fix everything. But for every person you’ve met who was actually helpful – like Quill-Weave, Asotil, or the ghost – there have been just as many who were only interested in your money, or your possessions… or your blood, in the case of that one lady who was totally a vampire.

And even if you put those two groups together, there’s a lot less of them than people who just don’t care. Innkeepers, merchants… even Stephane, who you’re not sure if you can trust, is at best using you to further his own agenda. As far as these people are concerned, you’re just a tool.

No. This time, you’re going to stay in control. The world is your tool, and you are its… tool-wielder person. No more wandering, no more begging. From now on, you’re only going to be accepting help from people who genuinely have something you need.

Tommo96000 wrote:
find clothes that won’t make much noise e.g. lots of metal will clank.
I don’t think you would want to risk the noise or try to sneak in nude.
Not much but hope it helps

Shadow426 wrote:
Try and find something to soften the bottoms of your feet so their quieter.

Noc wrote:
You’re no savage barbarian type anymore, Katia Managan. You fight with finesse, solve problems with cunning, and see the world through the eyes of a witchhunter. I think it’s time for a wardrobe update.

kagato23 wrote:
we need a sweet thieves outfit for this. Or at least a hood.

Stompy boots, clanky pauldrons, and slappy leather flaps probably aren’t ideal thiefwear. You need something that will help you actually stay hidden, not give you away. You mark it down on your list.

wisdom wrote:
acquire some health and magica potions.

Even if you can scrape up some money, potions are going to be a little outside your price range. They usually were even when you were growing up – something as simple as a watered-down healing elixir costing over 50 septims. That invisibility potion Quill-Weave trusted you with probably cost at least two hundred.

But… maybe you can find something that will work? Even some food with minor magical properties like you got from Sigrid or Lenka might help out.

Anonymousse wrote:
I can’t spot your lockpick, do you still have it ?

SlashKamei wrote:
Still have your lockpick?

Jack wrote:
Make sure you’ve still got your lockpick!

Look, this is another thing we’ve been over. The lockpick is gone. You lost it when Sigrid confiscated all… your…

This should probably worry you more than it does. You’re just used to it by now.

You add the lockpick to your inventory list.

Whimbrel wrote:

Luckily, it looks like the lady from the general store is awake.

Hey, you call over to her. Are you open? She says it’s like one in the morning. You point out that that isn’t an answer. She sighs and says sure. Her bedroom still has stray imps squatting in it and hardwood floor doesn’t make a great sleeping surface, so she might as well stay open all night.

Okay, you say. Cool. Thanks.

Fungo wrote:
Go Telekinesis fishing! Slaughterfish are the worst fish, but they still die if you make them leave the water. Their scales are worth more than everything you have, and it would let you know if you can use telekinesis on living things.

Some bread scraps and ectoplasm aren’t going to sell for much. It might be enough for a shitty cloak and small dinner, but hardly a properly-equipped break-in.

With your new telekinesis, though, you might be able to take care of those slaughterfish. You could throw something at them, or haul them up, and instantly have a meaty dinner and some marketable slaughterfish scales. You’ve heard those sell well.

Unclevertitle wrote:
So you’ve practiced defense with your telekinesis, let’s try attack.

That pointer looks mildly sharp. Try having your “assistant” fling it forth like an arrow.

Well maybe you can still haul them up and let them flop to death on the ground.

UnidentifiedBA wrote:
There is a lot of wood around you now. Maybe you could make a fishing pole with it to get the slaughterfish? Using snow as bait because slaughterfish love water.

You already tried fishing them out with stuff like that! You tried for hours yesterday. The fish chewed through every rope, bucket, or stick that you got near them. Not to mention Khajiit aren’t exactly known for their fishing abilities.

Except that one, apparently.

Additional resource credits:
Cider – professional flashback
artist and twig flopper