Nov 092014

Contrast wrote:
Ask her about Sigrid. You need all the information you can get.

Sickle wrote:
Mention the “good-wizard.” Find out what “odd jobs” said good wizard may have had this khajiit do before. That could be important!

NoOneCaresAboutMyName wrote:
Ask khajiit why she calls Sigrid “Good-Wizard” in an attempt to glean information on relationship status and background history.

You try to step the conversation back a few… conversation steps. She said something about “good-wizard Sigrid”?

The Khajiit nods. Sigrid is a good wizard. She got rid of all the bad wizards. She is loved by all, makes Kvatch a better city to live in, and is well-known for her generosity.

The two of you are… close, then?

No more than others. The Khajiit explains that when she first came to Kvatch, she didn’t have much. When her food ran out, she looked for work. Sigrid was different from the others in Kvatch. The Khajiit tells you that Sigrid was also one of the first townshumans to give her a job that used her particular abilities.

The elves and men of human lands, they would always assume Rajirra would climb and jump and hunt, just because of fur and claws. But good-wizard Sigrid, she was different. She made point to listen, hear what this one could do, and serve me as I served her.

You point out that, technically though, all the people who assumed she could jump and climb were right. So like, by listening to you explain the same things everyone else assumed, Sigrid wasn’t really…

I am being really super racist, aren’t I?

Yes, the Khajiit says. Unerringly and without respite.

You tell her that you’re going to go now. She says that is probably for the best.

Sargentmayhem wrote:
Try to take care of those imps! They’re a pretty small threat to a tough adventurer like yourself, and your natural spell resistance, dexterity, and fire magic should make quick work of them.

Well, that excursion was a huge waste of time that didn’t even get you dinner.

As is, it’s looking like your best option will be seeing if the shopkeeper will pay you to help with those imps. Your last encounter with imps didn’t go so well, but… well, you think you’ve come a long way since then, especially when it comes to dealing with magic. You can imagine things going a bit better this time.

Or not.

But on the other hand, you also have better control over your fire powers now.

You’re realizing everything you do would be a lot simpler if you had discovered latent ice powers instead of fire.

Keyboard-Ninja wrote:
his would be the perfect time to test whether or not your telekinesis can affect living things, murder some imps, and possibly nab yourself some good-will and a reward. You’re armed and largely immune to magic, so this should be a cinch!

The problem is, you’re not armed. You have some tiny claws, fire magic that’s too dangerous to use inside, and one little fear spell you can cast with your weird Khajiit eyeballs. Imps, judging by your last experience with them, have larger claws, as well as lightning magic they can use at no risk to themselves.

You need supplies for the break-in, but you also need to stay safe and not die in the time before it. Imps are dangerous magical creatures; if there was just one then you could scare it away, but if there’s any more than that you might not be able to…

ABiteyOne wrote:
It’s dangerous to go alone. Take her!

Additional resource credits:
Cider – dramatic flashbacks