Nov 272014

Sans-sanity wrote:
Oh, hey, so her job and livelihood is basically being the town Kajit, which certainly explains why she has been so stand-offish (bitchy) towards you. It’s doubtful one town has enough business to support two Kajit whose basic skill sets can be summarised as ‘is a Kajit’.

Does 1am strike you as a sensible time for a spot of spear fishing? No, that it the time that someone who is so worried about some stranger muscling in on her gig runs ou into the snow without any shoes goes spear fishing.

Reassure her by casually mentioning that you will be leaving town soon, and also mention that before you go you would like to take care of the imp job that the store lady has, but need a partner as it it too big a problem for one Kajit alone…

Hey. Hey! So, are you doing anything tonight?

The Khajiit, who you think third-personed herself as “Rajirra”, tells you that she’s not in the market for a relationship.

I, ah… neither am I. But, like, I was thinking about you, completely platonically, and I’m guessing maybe you feel kind of threatened by me, since I’m sort of going and trying to infringe on all the sort of Khajiit jobs you do with your… Khajiit skills but…

…I am blowing this aren’t I?

Rajirra says she still isn’t entirely sure what you are trying to do, but, yes. Yes. Whatever it is, she is confident you are failing at it.

Imps! The shopkeeper has some imps in her attic! They’re keeping her from getting to like half her store, and she’d probably pay someone to get rid of them. Were you planning to help her?

Rajirra says that she’s not a fighter. Imps and such are dangerous magical creatures, jobs better left to the Fighter’s Guil—

But what about us, together? We can both do the scary Khajiit eye thing, and you have this big pointy stick thing, and I can make telekinetic shields and stuff, and… we could make a lot of money! We could totally take that job right from under the Fighter people’s noses! With our magic and Khajiit skills!

I gravely dislike everything about you, Rajirra says.

Me too, you say, but… we could both benefit from this. So… what do you say? Imp fighting team, and split the reward fifty-fifty?

Seventy-thirty, she says.

Oh, that’s… okay, yeah. That’s probably more fair. Do we shake, or is there some kind of Khajiit thing we—

Stop talking and shake with hand. Then we go to store.

Right. I’ll… I’ll meet you there, and we’ll do this thing.

Yota wrote:
At risk of sounding extremely racist, she kinda looks exactly like you! Maybe a bit older…

Yeah, it’s pointless to beat around the bush. She looks exactly like you in every way.

Murr wrote:
She’s… awfully pretty.

Thanks, you guess?

Additional resource credits:
Cider – professional castle-drawer