Apr 162019

Eight wrote:
Acquire a delicious freshly grilled breakfast from street vendor.

Whiskers wrote:
Not to forget everything else, in a mad dash to collect something utterly delicious. But, maybe a nice succulent grilled SOMETHING is a good way to go? A little treat to reward your resolve and tenacity to stay on course.

Ordinarily you’d be all over the idea of getting a fresh-cooked meal from complete strangers, but you literally just ate a slab of raw venison about thirty seconds ago. And that’s after eating a gallon of mashed imp organs, an unusually large potato, another slab of venison on your way down into the ritual chamber, maybe a few spiderwebs, half a sweetroll, and an entire fish. Honestly, you’ve gotten so fluent at wordlessly eating everything you walk past that it actually might be time to reel this once-useful survival instinct back a little.

Anyway, you are on a mission. You came in here to get Quill-Weave’s package back, not be distracted by every trivial thing that pops into your mind.

Modesty wrote:
You could probably put your shirt back on now.

HaroldStrongplate wrote:
Katia. Your clothes. Put some on.

Ah, although, there is maybe one itsy-bitsy sidequest you can justify.

Your purple thief duds are still tucked away in a barrel outside, so you’ll pick them up on your way out. But if all the things Sigrid took from you the other day are still here, that means somewhere on this floor is-


Okay, wow, this is actually way too much clothing for once. You stow the invisibility cloak in your inventory for the time being; you’ll figure out some tasteful way to combine your outfits later. For now, you are on a quest to get Quill-Weave’s package back, and nothing will stop you.

Nalle wrote:
Go find Quill-Weave’s package and never separate with it again.

g wrote:
Acquire phat lewt, by which I mean your robes and the package.

Travorski wrote:
Commence the victory looting montage!

Huh, nothing stopped you.

I mean, you didn’t want something to stop you, but at this point you were kind of expecting it. You guess everything is just back on track now.

Lijosu wrote:
…Huh. No horrific start to the day or chastenising fire puns of the back designation? No action packed, thrilling, degrading and absurdly unlucky chain of events to send us into a spirally cycle of emotional self harm and substance abuse?

Woah woah woah… Does this mean that we can just… do things without worrying about accidentally slipping on a puddle of blood, flying out the nearest window and impaling ourselves on a particularly spikey fence stake? Colour me sceptical.

You’re somewhat conflicted over it. On one hand, things are going eerily well and you don’t trust it. In your experience, moments like this only exist to raise your hopes up long enough to dash them, or cause you to fall into super-obvious traps due to overconfidence. Narratively speaking, you’re basically fucked.

But, on the other hand, all the things happening to you right now are actually pretty… normal. Someone who learns magic would usually end up in the Mages Guild and be given free room and board. Someone who helps a wealthy sorceress out of a mind-control spell would usually be given a big reward. Someone looking for a package while knowing the exact room it was stored in would usually find it. None of these “strokes of luck” are actually that lucky; they’re just kind of what would happen to a normal person in your position. Assuming that the universe is actively out to fuck you over might be overestimating how much the universe actually cares about you.

Or worse: worrying that this is some ominous sign of impending doom might be sapping all the joy from what is essentially you achieving all your dreams.

You explain your feelings to the daedra and ask what she thinks. She says this topic is a little heavy for her, and she was actually hoping to head down to that barbecue. She saw some corn cobs out there, so she was gonna go demonstrate an X-rated method of making popcorn then disappear back to Infernace before the Nirn Police can get her for public indecency. You thank the daedra for her brutal honesty and tell her this conversation has provided a new and uncomfortable perspective on how you probably come across to others.

Katia’sGuidance wrote:
make sure to place a mental note:
whenever you have enough mana and free time and a safe place, try to explore the outside skies of magic on your own and make sure to map it as much as you can, no one knows how often you may end up having to call for help from somewhere outside of Nirn.
and do please try to minimize your interaction with whatever creatures you summon okay? because these creatures are strictly summoned to help out or to fight, once they are done they go back home.

You’re hardly an expert on conjuration, but you don’t think you’d get much from just blindly exploring the skies with your magic-vision. The only reason you were able to reach the Soul Cairn was because you knew the exact six stars to look at and how far to follow each of them along their… length? And even then, it wasn’t as though you were just flipping through a four-dimensional stack of planes connected by star-tubes: each star was like its own coordinate, and you were perfectly able to find planes that were at the same position along five of the stars and a different position along the sixth. You can barely wrap your giant cat head around the sheer scale of it, but one thing is for certain: probability of finding anything out there by chance is extremely low.

But… you probably should study conjuration a bit more now that you’ve learned the basics. On the off chance things do suddenly go horribly wrong and your entire world comes predictably crashing down around you, it would be pretty handy to have on-call protectors you can just pull to Nirn whenever you want. Plus, you’re in the Mages Guild now. After you pick up a new copy of that grammar book and take it to Quill-Weave, you guess reading books and learning to cast spells all day is… basically your job?

There is also a lot of non-conjuration magic you could study.

Additional resource credits:
Squiggles – clutter
AMKitsune – stars