Apr 282019

Bad wrote:
Go get some popcorn

wataru wrote:
go get some pop corn!

Acquire popcorn


spazmagoog wrote:
Don’t forget your bag of gold.

buttpolice wrote:
Allow yourself a small flicker of hope.
Request a city guard to assist you back to Quillweave.
Return to quillweave.


You doubt the local guards would be willing – or allowed – to abandon their post and escort you all the way back to Quill-Weave’s. However, Asotil did say they’d have a copy of his patrol schedule. If you understand right, he travels back and forth between the two towns every day, so it will be easy to join him on the trip as long as you know when he’ll be arriving at Kvatch.

Of course, before you leave you still need to buy Quill-Weave a new copy of this grammar book you defaced, and you still probably have at least an hour before the bookstore opens. If nothing else, though, a solid plan begins to form in your head: visit the bookstore, get the patrol schedule from the town guard, and head back to Quill-Weave’s. It feels good to have everything back on track.

Jinx wrote:

TFW wrote:
Speaking of reading, even though you re-wrapped that book really well, you might want to open it up again and peruse it really quick, since even a minor healing spell would be useful.

Unless of course that would, like, drain the book of its magic somehow? I don’t know how spellbooks work.

I mean, you’re honestly pretty proud of how well you managed to re-wrap Quill-Weave’s package, and don’t want to do your usual thing where you mess stuff up once it’s good. Plus, Quill-Weave is an author, so she probably likes to get her books super new and unopened so she can do the thing with them. You know, the bendy thing. Book people do it.

If you want to read the book, though, there’s literally another copy of it right here on the shelf. You take Principles of Restoration and add it to your inventory, since you’re a Mages Guild member and can do that.

You’re starting to get what Sigrid was saying earlier. If you were a violent and evil wizard, you kinda feel like the sheer convenience of the Mages Guild would deter you from working against the Empire.

mathi14811 wrote:
Also take some of that shiny tempting gold >.>

DarthVader wrote:
Is that a spell book of Sparks that I see on the bookshelf?

… huh, yes it is.

In the spirit of evil wizards, you go ahead and take the book on how to do zappy lightning fingers.

TheKingWaffle wrote:

UrielSeptimVII wrote:
Take the gold!

Bigforehead wrote:
Nab those shiiiiiiny coins.

Dunc wrote:
Find a suitable bag for our bag o gold, which we will never lose and will always keep us safe.

Lestes wrote:
Claim your precious gold!!

You, ah… guess you do have to take a bunch of gold before you leave. Like, that’s totally a thing that has to happen.

It just feels weird. Like, you’ve definitely got your insatiable Khajiiti instincts telling you to grab as many of the shinies as you can carry, but they’re buried beneath layers and layers of social training telling you that you should feel guilty about that and you will go to jail if you touch it. But, you also have a signed contract telling you this is 100% okay and to just… have at it. It is perfectly fine for you to follow the instincts. This is a thing you can do.

You confirm that, yes, you do have a signed contract telling you this is okay.

You’re gonna do it. You’re gonna touch the money.

You just… have to find the right angle.

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Squiggles – clutter
Makkon – uncomfortable/sidebar katias