Sep 082019

Questionablethoughtprocess wrote:
You’re in the mages guild with a ton of alchemical ingredients, books and equipment. Make some potions. Lighten the load while learning

You wouldn’t say it “lightened the load” since you’re carrying the exact same amount of grass and also a glass bottle, but you are now the proud owner of a poison resistance potion. Should some nefarious fiend ever poison you, you can just pop the cork off this baby and… slowly die while you struggle to shake the glob of grass and foxglove nectar off the bottom of the bottle. In retrospect, you were probably supposed to add water.

But whatever, it’s still the first real potion you’ve made and you’re proud.

semiafro007 wrote:
hey, don´t forget about your stuff you left in that box

RageSponge wrote:
Using your new found conjuration skills, why not try summon things to you. That way you can leave it somewhere safe and retrieve it any time.

TemetNosce wrote:
Before I do anything else, I take a small portion of the monies and separate it into a smaller pouch. Just enough to fulfill my previous calculations of what a “fair amount” was. This came out to a little more than 300gp. Once I have this pouch I will make it one of my main priorities to stash this somewhere safe while invisible; Preferably buried next to a distinct tree/rock/marker that only I will know.

Already done! Your sneaky purple outfit and broken armor are safely back in your inventory – which, by the way, has been culled down to a tidy eighteen items after meticulously tallying up your every thought about what should and shouldn’t be left behind. By popular demand, you even split them into three categories: “miscellaneous”, “clothing”, and “actually important”.

(The “miscellaneous” category also has the map of Cyrodiil you forgot was tucked in the grammar book. Taking inventory is hard.)

With this new, streamlined inventory, you were able to make off with 628 septims – about a 30 pound bag. On top of that, you stuffed an extra hundred septims in the leather coinpurse and hid it in a SECRET PLACE in case you somehow lose all your money again. You know that sounds like a euphemism, but it’s not. You stuck it under some rocks in that hatch leading to the chapel undercroft.

As for using your newfound conjuration skills to summon money and items to you, you’re pretty sure it doesn’t work like that? You haven’t read up on all the details yet, but when you connected to the Soul Cairn, it wasn’t as though you were reaching somewhere far away. It was like they were right on top of you, just… in a weird direction. If there’s a way to magically reach out to items somewhere else on Nirn, you expect it’s different – and harder – than reaching things in the Soul Cairn.

Though, they did say that summoning with them gave you a complementary savings account.

You aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do with this.

Toadssalsa wrote:
Don’t think of how much alcohol you could buy with your newfound wealth

The quantity doesn’t exactly matter much in your case. After one drink you’d somehow end up getting more drinks no matter what, and still manage to burn through all your money regardless.

But, you do acknowledge that it would be completely possible to go get a celebratory drink right now. And you’re completely planning to, you’re just putting it off for a bit while you focus on a few more immediate priorities, such as checking when Asotil’s patrol reaches Kvatch, traveling with him back to Anvil, delivering Quill-Weave’s package, moving into the Mages Guild and becoming a successful wizard, and living happily ever after for the rest of your life.

You reassure yourself that after that you’re totally gonna get blasted. But, priority one: getting Asotil’s patrol schedule.

MagicMax wrote:
You should probably go and get Asotil’s patrol schedule and get BACK ON TRACK!

Someone in the guard barracks should hopefully have the-

Oh. You were kind of hoping to go into this encounter with more planning.