Aug 082019

ItsOnlyKaren wrote:

Agoodidea wrote:
Take ALL the shinies!

jackemled wrote:
You may have taken a bit too much.

Gia wrote:
Can you even carry that much?

Huh. It turns out a large bag full of small metal pieces weighs as much as a large metal piece. You aren’t exactly sure what you were expecting there.

Baki_Tree wrote:
Take a moment to collect yourself. you kinda overindulged in Kajiitiness. Well, more accurately you became the living embodiment of it. You should check and see if your gold is even carryable. If not… well you’ll have to put some back…

Kavro wrote:
Now take money out until you can actually lift the bag

Usually you’d be ready to accept that the world is out to screw you over and nothing good can ever happen, but you’re medium-high on life right now and not ready to give up on your giant bag of money.

You’ve never had so much money that you had to think about its weight, so this is new to you. But, maybe you can find some creative solution, elaborate magic spell, or deceptively simple and obvious idea that will help you carry it?

There has to be a way.

Staanthorpe wrote:
Eat a coin
Coins are made of gold, gold is mostly inert, ergo eating a coin should do little to no damage
So, eat a coin

Sauer wrote:

PriestofAlkosh wrote:
Finish your transformation and swallow the gold so no other Khajiiti paws may touch it.

GODHEAD wrote:
Try eating a coin, you subhuman kitty.

It occurs to you moments too late that eating something will not actually make it lighter than carrying it normally.

On the bright side, you now know that money tastes awful and you should never do this again. On the less-bright side, there is a sharp diamond somewhere in your digestive tract and you should probably avoid any strenuous rolling and dodging for a while.

Cobalt wrote:
Now that you’ve taken some gold, it’s probably best to take inventory, and see what gear you could use while on the road.

Pencilfred wrote:
Now that you’re all equipped with that conspicuously large bag of gold, you should dispose of that keyring that you stole.

Actually, thinking about it…

Now that you’re in the Mages Guild, you probably get some kind of locker in the Guildhalls where you can leave stuff you’re not using. Instead of leaving behind half the bag of money, you could probably just leave behind some of the other items in your inventory.

You obviously want to hold onto Quill-Weave’s package, the invisibility cloak, the contract confirming your Mages Guild membership, and the key to the Guildhalls. Some of this other stuff might be less important to carry on you at all times, though, such as the lightning spellbook, the guide to healing magic, the unborn potted plant, the broken walking stick, the bent piece of metal, the four

wolf teeth, the handful of regular grass blades, the old paintbrush you found, the defaced book about cross-cultural grammar differences, the neck gaiter that came with your thief outfit, Sigrid’s pen,

the skeleton horse plushie, the promotional pamphlet about the Soul Cairn, the soul gem, the alchemy book for blind people, the six copies of the same conjuration

spellbook, the cotton eye bandage, the lockpick, the second page of that letter the vampire left you, the key to the Chapel of Akatosh, the key to the Chapel of Akatosh undercroft, the key to Sigrid’s meat cellar, the top half of your broken hatchet, any of the eleven silver daggers, the six alchemical retorts, the six alembics, the three iron calcinators, the two mortars and pestles, or the leather strap and coinpurse.

But what if you find yourself in a situation where you need a handful of grass blades?