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Q&A (by Kazerad)

Q: So what exactly is the goal here? Like, if you want 500 dollars, we’ll just GIVE it to you.

A: This isn’t really about the money. My goal is to try and win this contest by the most preposterous, overwhelming, and absolutely excessive margin imaginable and strike fear in the hearts of my opponents. And possibly draw attention to Prequel when people try to figure out how/why I did it.

Q: Isn’t this against the contest rules?

A: No, actually! Asking for votes is perfectly within the contest guidelines, and even encouraged (I asked).

I’ve never been a fan of winners being decided by popular vote, since it always tends to favor the person with the largest following – a position I’ve never been in until now. I’m thinking if we can utterly steamroll this contest and its followup, we might inspire WLF to change their rules regarding this. Or if not, I’ll get a fuckton of money and become everything I ever hated. I’m okay with either outcome really.

Q: Isn’t this against the spirit of the contest?

A: This is a contest about Villains! I am the only one who is abiding by the spirit.

But seriously, I’m trying to be thematic about this. I didn’t enter the Protagonists portion of the contest, and for my Villains entry I intentionally chose a villain who has a large, organized army. If I make it to the Protagonists-Vs-Villains portion of the contest, I’ll do some villainous monologues about how the heroes don’t stand a chance against my unfathomable numbers.

That is like my childhood dream.

Q: But this is pony! What if I don’t want to support something pony?

A: Then think of it this way: by helping me win by a landslide, you are ruining the point of the contest and depriving the prize to someone else who probably needs it more than I do.

Q: What will YOU do with the prize money?

A: Have a celebratory dinner at my favorite Mexican place, drink like two margaritas, and put the remaining 460 dollars in my bank account to be ignored.

Q: Someone already gave me the password and I’ve already seen the Quill-Weave update! Should I still vote?

A: Yes please! The QW update was fun and only took about a day and a half to make. If I win this contest, I’m going to make another QW update to draw votes for the next round. I’ll even make a deal: if my entry somehow gets over 1000 votes, I’ll show Katia and QW’s first meeting.

Q: I love you and I’m going to go vote for your contest entry now and tell all my friends to vote.

A: I know, because I am the one writing both sides of this. I love you too, Kazerad.

  • Steve Potluck

    I am the 500th comment

    • Kazerad

      I don’t know how to feel about this as a “first” claim.

      • Steve Potluck

        The word you are looking for is “defeated”. Possibly “shamed”.

    • In the spirit of shameless self promoting I’m going to ask any people here to take a look at the poetry blog I made recently and tell me what they think of my work.

      • Kazerad

        I feel like I should consider this spam, but I’ll let it fly if you write a poem about Prequel, MLP, TES, lizards, or villainy. You have 24 hours or I mark the comment as spam and it disappears.

        • Here’s a Sonnet for ya.

          There was a story made by Kazerad
          About a useless cat named Katia,
          For every thing she tried to do was bad
          And people shouted, β€œwhat is wrong with ya?”

          She tried to start anew in distant lands,
          And then got drunk off her ass more than once
          Despite the promise to not lay her hands
          On more drinks like an alcoholic dunce.

          She lost all her belongings once or twice
          But she discovered that she’s magical.
          So she’s got something that’s a little nice
          Despite her life that’s been simply awful.

          So now we watch and hope that she’ll not fail
          and slip back into life that’s ruled by ale.

          And here’s a complimentary pick-up-line haiku

          You know Kazerad
          Men who draw great webcomics
          Are really sexy

          • Kazerad

            Your advertisement will remain here forever.

        • L333t

          I think, although I am prequel’s biggest fan, that this is just a dirty scam.

    • Inferno78945612

      Wut just wut

  • My path finder is telling me that you’re doing something very strange here, Kazerad.

    You already have a huge fan base, with like thousands or millions of readers.

    Who else are you competing against?

    You’re not seriously competing against MLP, are you?

    Also, what if someone else’s entry gets more votes than yours? I simply don’t see the real purpose here.

    • Deimos

      Well fuck, anything is better than MLP, even Prequel.

      Also, shouldn’t the spam test be changed to “Quill-Weave”?

      • egg brother

        hey, now there are (probably) alot more bronies here other than me

        • linktoreality

          Indeed! Great show, and I’m glad to see a few of my favorite things in the same place.

        • Kagji

          Scootaloo is best pony

          • Ch’marr

            Gilda is totally best pony.

          • jistuce

            I’m pretty sure Grimlock is the best pony.

          • Nex

            Ch’marr is best pony

          • Grimlock

            Charles Barkley is best pony.

          • Edgecutter

            A pony on the barbeque grill is the best pony.

            (Benelux FTW!)

          • SilverEnderwolf

            Pinkie Pie is psychotic, deranged, mentally unstable and throws the most outrageous parties I’ve ever seen.

            I like Twilight Sparkle. :3

          • Ch’marr

            Nex: I am _not_ showing you my cutie mark.

          • egg brother

            YOUR ALL BEING IRRATIONAL! It is obvious that Chrysalis is best pony.

          • HoochieKookoo

            Spike is the best pony.


          • Horrordar

            Do you have any idea what kind of catalyst you are?

          • Caerdwyn

            I am best pony.

          • Pony

            Pony should pony pony

          • Kelroe26

            If guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Does that mean toasters don’t toast toast, toast toast toast?

          • The Voice of Truth

            Hecarim is best pony

          • L333t

            Do ANY of you ever stay on topic?

          • Jirky-Kake

            C-C-C-COMBO BREA- oh damnit…

    • I don’t like MLP either ( its still massively popular though) , but I just don’t see the purpose of this.
      I like Kazerad and Prequel. But it seems odd for him to try to “grab” more readers to his website.

      • Asterai

        Nope, never is.

        You want Kazerad to make more Prequel? Then (s)he needs to make money off of it. Enough money to support this as a job, maybe even a career. Which, one way or another, means more readers.

        Plus, I don’t know if you’ve ever made any major art projects. They start out fun, usually. But soon you realize how much hard work is involved. Enough to exhaust you. Enough that it’s hard to work on them after a long, tiring day of “real” work.

        You get some satisfaction, too, don’t get me wrong; seeing something good and thinking “I made that” is a very satisfying feeling. But it’s still hard work. Every bit of reward you can get for it helps. And hearing other human beings say “That’s awesome, I’m so glad you’re making this” is one of the best rewards you can get. “This story really means something to me”, “What a beautiful picture, you really captured his personality”, “This is so creative, I don’t know how you come up with this”. It salves the weary soul, it helps you remember that people are listening to you, people care what you have to say. And the more readers, the more of these comments you get, the more voices remind you that you are doing something worth the effort.

        There is ALWAYS a point to more readership. Always.

        • That makes a little bit of sense. Since every body has to eat though.

          But I still get the feeling that I missed something. Still doesn’t make %100 percent sense. Maybe this is supposed to become the next homestuck or something.

        • Ch’marr

          I think Kazerad just likes messing with things, and a pony-related contest is the new target πŸ™‚

          And, hey, triple update! New “standard” prequel update. New “hey, here’s a new thing” update, plus a
          “side story” update…. all at once!

          Plus I got to fiddle with some more javascripty stuff for the site. IM HELPING! WOO!

          • Alex

            Oh yeah, thanks for including edit/delete buttons! ^_^

          • Ch’marr

            Alex: those buttons were all Kaz (and elite downloading skills). I’m the magic behind the “reveal the hidden update” thingy, including the overkill-use of cryptography.

        • SilverEnderwolf

          I write stories, so I know how it feels when more people read the story you’ve put a lot of hard work into.

          • Actually, Come to think of it, I decided I will vote for Kazerad. Since he’s doing all this stuff for us, we should all do something for him in return.

            And yes, I’ve wrote many storied before too. Not just the ones on mspa forums.

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      Well that parts easy. If another shirt gets more votes…we failed. And he’s not seriously completing. He’s megalomaniacally competing.

      • oh okay, still doesn’t really make sense though.

        No offense, but I sorta think it is for the money. He’s just being subtle about that part.

        • butteredbandits

          There’s nothing wrong with wanting some extra cash and more readers.

    • Big-J

      “thousands or millions”

      Well that escalated quickly…

  • I voted for you

    >It takes like a fucking rock
    I think that’s supposed to be “tastes” or “takes it”

    • Kazerad

      Woah, whoops. How does a typo like that even happen? Fixed, thank you!

      • Pumpkins

        *takes it like a rock*

        • Kazerad

          I have to admit that is way funnier.

  • dr. batman

    so how exactly is this comic going to be distributed? something about password? question mark?

    • someone

      I don’t think it’s going to be made public. Unless Kaz has a change of heart about it. Maybe once the WLF contest is over.

      • Rambo Dash

        oh. ohhhhh…. ohoHOHOHOHOHOHOHOiseewhatyoudidthere

  • Deimos

    Woops, didn’t read the directions and I accidentally gave it a 1.

    What a shame.

    • Noby

      You did bad and you should feel bad.

    • Kelroe26

      How could you? ;_;

    • Riot Starter

      This is the moment we’ve been saving our bricks for!

  • Thesis

    This was fucking beautiful. Those suggester names are awesome and I loved the touch about Jesan Sextius’ roleplaying groups. I honestly like your Tamriel more than canon-Tamriel.

    Now please, have a heart and let Katia secure a victory.

    • Thesis

      Pretty, pretty please, Kaz.

      • Thesis

        I voted for your stupid pony shirt. Can’t you at least let Katia finish her courier mission??

  • Woundedkneecap

    QW used tongue-fuck!

    Was not effective.

    Good one, Kaz. Despite losing my muse to create fanart, I still enjoy the updates. I hope you win.

    • Kazerad

      Why do I get the impression this comment is going to cause more people to vote than any of my action reasons would?

      Either way, thank you! And don’t worry, your fanart is always lovely, but your readership/enjoyment is appreciated even more.

      • SkyrimImperial

        It’s totally why I voted.

    • Exeres

      Yes, that was… quite the kiss.

      I hope Kaz wins the contest as intended. I keep think of Les Grossman’s rant in Tropic Thunder.


      • KingKaor

        Yeah, I don’t know why, but I was compelled to save the panel of QW tongue-fucking the Lady Stone.

  • egg brother

    uhh, which one is yours? there are so many. are you still kazerad over there?

    • Kazerad

      The link takes you straight to it! It’s the green silhouetty one by N.C., pictured in the comic.

  • stupidjellyfish

    Silly Kazerad! This isn’t a side story of Quill-Weave. This is just an out of character Quill-Weave advertising something! πŸ˜€

    • wrincewind

      if you put the name of the t-shirt from the contest, you unlock the /real/ side-quest. it’s quite fun so far, and features argonians and makeouts!

    • Plus it makes Wuill-Weave seem less real when she says ” I haven’t had screen time in over a year!”

      Even though we all know she doesn’t exist in real life. It makes her look like an actor for a character, and not a legitimate character herself.

      As for the thing about argonians making out, its kind of funny how readers of this webcomic made Quill-Weave into a more sexual character who happens to be lesbian for Katia by using their fan art.

      • stupidjellyfish

        Of course, the author wouldn’t DARE commit to any form of fanservice. Right?


      • Thesis

        Quill-Weave isn’t a lesbian because the fanbase wanted it. She’s a lesbian because in the game she periodically visits a woman named Casta Scribonia, with whom she shares a bed.

    • stupidjellyfish

      Well cover me in chocolate and call me tasty, I didn’t know anything about the “entry-name-password-thing” until I read it a second time. Now I have seen a REAL Quill-Weave.

  • Gavinfoxx

    QW: Those stones are probably waiting for someone with just the right type of obscure protagonist-type heroic person blood in them, the type that comes along at most once in a generation, if that, to come by and simply activate them by touching them. You know the type, the people that end up with the title ‘hero of ‘ at every place they happen to visit, that happen to be able to achieve things in weeks that take normal folk years? And can get people to do whatever they want? Annoying jerks.

    • C0Mmander

      Well I guess you can please yourself in knowing he’ll be touching a stone full of argonian saliva.

      Speaking of wich… I don’t think she had to use the tougne. Could probably have been a normal kiss.

      • Geary

        It would be rather hard for her to do a ‘normal kiss’ on anything, given that Argonians don’t have lips. You know, given that they’re reptiles.

      • Trikotomy

        Go big or go home.

  • egg brother

    ok i voted for it. sorry i am very bad at following directions

    • Kazerad

      It’s nothing to apologize for! Your vote is appreciated.

  • _Horrible_Roleplayer_

    Forsooth! Does mine eye spot a word in error?
    “cooped up in your house pouring over old historical documents”
    Mayhaps it is be that you mistook “pouring” for “poring”, gallant weaver of stories?

    • Kazerad

      Stop being real, _Horrible_Roleplayer_! You’re supposed to be a fictional caricature!

      But seriously, wow, I admit I never actually knew that was the proper spelling. I have been educated, and have adjusted the line accordingly.

  • sabata2

    “Your friends already poke fun at you for handing out charity like a priest of Mara hands out religious pamphlets, but really, you’re just a sucker for happy endings. Not that you’d ever let your peers in the writing community know that.”

    Good to know.

    Kaz, I assume there’s no way we can submit commands for this “perspective” right?
    It’s just a side story that will take off when you win, right? (There is no doubt that you will win)

    • Kazerad

      That is correct. It’s just a one-shot thing, and another will happen before Round 2 of the voting.

  • Sparrow475

    This is so very immoral. I love it!

  • Sundancer

    Am I stupid or is there nowhere to put in this password to see the side story?

    • Kazerad

      It’s up in the middle, directly below where it says “enter that name below”. I probably could make it more obvious, though…

  • Cray Moonfeather

    I voted for your thing. I don’t even like MLP that much. I’ll even go and vote 1’s on a bunch of the other ones.

    Now could you give Katia a break? :c I know the subtitle for all this is ‘Making a Cat Cry: The Adventure’, but she’s already cried -blood-, for the Nines’ sake.

    I enjoyed the side-comic, though.

  • sonicanus

    Only voted because of my intense hatred for ponies.
    I hope this means I don’t have to witness anything mlp-related anymore on this site.

  • ColorfulHorse6

    You are a cheating monster, jerkbag. Nice webcomic though.

    • chimericWilder

      You forgot to check the timestamps, i think

  • Zeke

    So I’m rather new to this comic, I’ve seen bits and pieces here and there but when I finally decided to read it a few days ago I couldn’t stop laughing. So I kept reading and long story short I voted, then proceeded to laugh uncontrollably for like 10 minutes straight. So worth it to vote.

  • KickAsh13

    Very amusing. I like your shirt design i might even buy one. And i hope you reach your goal of notoriety and fortune.

  • Kodyack

    I voted and might even wear your teeshirt, should have hidden the website link in there before you submitted the design. πŸ˜›

  • MWK

    “However, you do pride yourself the historical accuracy of your work.”

    Hmm, it seems like a preposition is missing here…

    Should it not be “pride yourself (‘over’ or ‘with’) the historical accuracy of your work”?

    Anyway, I love that you’re giving them a taste of what it’s like to decide by the majority, which is sadly how every ‘democracy’ is run. Let your malevolence know no bounds!


    • Kazerad

      Dang, it’s like writing a writer causes more typos or something. Fixed the word omission! Thank you, and thanks for voting!

  • Ben Kenobi

    “Quill-Weave” -> “Why is the Rum gone?”

  • Motherfucker

    I keep forgetting this comic originated from the homestuck fandom and that means it shares a lot of the same fans and therefore a lot of the same terribleness.

    Though it speaks of your skill as a writer of slow webcomics that the promise of new content actually prompted me to even consider viewing the site.

  • EveryZig

    I have the strangest urge to ship Hero!QuillWeave and Damsel!QuillWeave…

  • Sickeny

    Disregard previous stupidity, do the markings on the ruins mean anything? Maybe mark them down and maybe show them to someone later to see if they mean anything.

  • Yay! The 581th five rating!

  • Eiruto

    You know… i had no problem with you until this moment. I hate MLP and i believed you were different, i really did!

    • Link

      Yeah because liking something you don’t makes Kaz a horrible person.
      You hear that Kaz, stop being such a horrible person, just look what it does to poor Eiruto!

      Really though, MLP isn’t something I’m interested in either, gave the show a chance to see what all the hype was about but nah…
      Doesn’t mean I have a deep hatred for people with a different opinion, and neither should you.

    • Caerdwyn
  • bydlo

    MLP is fine, it happened to be my getaway from anime to western cartoons and I ain’t regret nothing.

    Plus, Kaz’ design is actually pretty clever and subtile. It sure will appeal to many voters, Prequel fans or not.

  • Is this another way of analysing your fanbase? Testing how many fans are at your command? Perhaps you are going to use this analytic to guesstimate how many loyal fans will carry over to your next work? This tinfoil hat isn’t coming off Kazerad!

  • Timothy

    I voted on every single design.

  • furnut

    Voted. Love the comic πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait for the results!

  • Kaze’aze

    Voted, why not. I’d say you’re doing it right.

    • Kaze’aze

      For maximum evil, I gave everyone else a 1. It took about 10 minutes to go through all of them. Bonus points, yes?

      I’d edit my previous comment, but so far that new feature is screwy.

      • Ch’marr

        Totally bonus points! It would not surprise me if they had some kind of weighting mechanism that your “5”s are worth more if you voted on other entries with “less than 5s”.

        Well, that’s how _I_ would do it πŸ™‚

      • needsomemiracle

        To be fair, most of those designs do deserve a 1. I’ve gone through almost a hundred so far and only about a dozen looked worthy of a 3 or higher to me.

  • Ralen

    I would love to see the side story but that website is shitty – I tried to register but they have never sent me registration email and now they denied me to re-register and I refuse to waste my time on website I’ll never visit again.
    Hey Kazerad it is wrong of you to blackmail us this way. πŸ™

    • MrXler

      It will arrive now, they said…
      Then there will be fun, they said…
      I know that feel bro. πŸ™

  • Salahir

    Ha! I know that feel of drawing attention (haha, bad ambiguity joke πŸ˜€ ) through a contest. Art Contests are everywhere. They’re even hunting my freakin’ dreams! I will call it Katia-Syndrome.
    But since when do you stick with ponies? Not that I want to judge you or something, but are you sure you’re drawing the right attention? The pony haters gone mad and stuff as always, especially when you surprisingly focus on ponies in a complete different area. Not worth it, I guess. You never got a giant at hand to kick this hater guys airborne when you need to πŸ˜‰

  • NachtMusik

    All I have to say is….. Awesome. Whenever I’m having a crappy day, I can come and re-read Prequel and think it could always be worse (then I feel bad about Katia), and then this comes up (VOTE 5 PEOPLE! OR ELSE…. well I don’t know) and it makes me crack up. Keep up the awesome work Kazerad! Also updates make me want to sing or something πŸ˜€

    on a side note, QW’s archery skill supersedes all others.

  • hostergaard

    That rock kiss is both sexy and horrifying at the same time. I don’t know what to feel. Those teeth, so many sharp teeth…

    Anyway, I hope to see the rest of this!

  • Tormuse

    I clicked the link, all excited to vote and then hesitated because it’s asking me for… my name, address, and phone number? I know Kazerad says it’s a reputable site, but suddenly I’m suspicious. 😐 I dunno… I’ll have to think about it before deciding whether to vote or not.

    • Jamaris

      It’s no different from the myriad of store sites out there. you’re making an account for a store, not a rape service. πŸ˜›

  • Ch'marr

    What’s really funny is that Kaz is replacing every instance of β€œentry name” in the comments with β€œentry name” Haha! πŸ™‚

    Tormuse: They use the address as your “default shipping address” in case you want to buy something. The site IS reputable; I had no issue giving them my real address. If you really REALLY don’t want to enter that, just fake an address. Don’t fake the email address, though.

  • Prophetlord

    I never realized how truly disgusting and terrifying an Argonian kiss is.
    I have learned something new today.
    Thanks I think.

  • Voted 5, and I wouldn’t have voted 5 unless I actually thought it was deserving πŸ˜› Seriously, I think I’d actually buy that shirt and I’m not even much of a MLP fan. Nice job πŸ™‚

  • Kagji

    Wow… Kazerad is a brony who also loves Elder Scrolls (or at least Oblivion) as much as I do? Coolest. Person. EVER.

    • Gaylord

      this is the worst thing that could happen, god the authors of everything i like always get boners to a show for little girls.

      • Edgecutter

        Says the guy with the username “Gaylord”.

        • Kazerad

          When I was growing up, my dad had this umbrella he got while working at Gaylord Hotels. It was a regular black umbrella, but with “GAYLORD” printed across the front.

          When it was raining he’d always take the plain black one and leave me with the Gaylord umbrella. I hated using the Gaylord umbrella.

          • Normally I would just go “I refuse to vote based on popularity over merit, Mr.-Guy-Who-Updates-Maybe-Once-A-Month-Yet-Still-Manages-To-Convince-Readers-Something-Epic-Is-Looming-Despite-Katia-CONSTANTLY-Spinning-Her-Wheels-In-The-Mud-Wow-This-Is-Way-Longer-Than-I-Planned-When-I-Started-Coming-Up-With-This-Name” and move on, but then you raised the point about applying to the villians side of things and going about it “villainously”, and I love it when authors/artists of stories I like find a way to tastefully slip some pony-based references in their work, and this may be the closest Katia ever gets.

            So yeah, okay. I’ll do it. This reminds me of all those stupid Deadric quests in Skyrim that I only did because there was no other way available to resolve the quest.

            Also this Gaylord story amused me greatly, and Changelings are pretty cool.

  • Pumpkins

    This is too much of a pain in the ass, what with all the signing up BS and everything. May I just give you a blowjob instead?

    • Some Dingus

      Yeah, the sign-up stuff is some difficult stuff (took almost 2 minutes!), but trust me, the comic is very much worth it.

      Quill-Weave gets some nice…exercise, and there’s some ‘tongue-to-rock’ action if you know what I mean. I was seriously amazed how skilled she was at handling that stony erection. She hopped right on top of it and even shot on the head a couple of times, all the way through night.

      (And if you’re wondering, YES there are ladies involved. And a few chains, if you’re into that.)

  • nemryn

    Unfortunately, I find myself unable to take this contest seriously, because they put Iron Will on the ‘villain’ side. He’s not a villain, or even an antagonist! New Fluttershy was the antagonist in that episode.

    • Graknorke

      Really just all of Fluttershy was a villain.
      “I want my money back because I am not satisfied with you teaching me what I wanted to be taught.”

      • nemryn

        If she had lied about being unsatisfied just to get her money back, then yeah. But as it is, he made the offer, and it’s entirely reasonable for her to take him up on it.

  • Daniel D

    I’ve never felt more rewarded upon giving my email out to a website for a reward until now. XD

    Slight hint of sarcasm aside, GREAT comic today. We need more QW. Argonians ftw!

    This little bit of comic strip is going to be continued at some point, right Kazerad?

    • Ch’marr

      Well, he _did_ promise to provide some hot Argonian and Khajiit action [1] if we got to 1000 votes, and we have certainly passed that now!

      [1] Okay, it was “Quill-Weave and Katia’s first meeting” … but a guy can dream, yes?

  • Link

    Dear god, that kiss xD
    Argonians are truly the sexiest lizards =D

  • Nimrod

    Your shirt design is gorgeous, I’d vote it 5 even if I didn’t read your web comic, I hope you win because now I want a shirt like that. And speaking of your comic, both the original and side side story are awesome.

  • Aquilus

    Just checked the contest page after voting. You have 1142 votes! Looks like you are making that page agout Quill-Weave’s and Katia’s first meeting!

    Also (for grins and giggles):
    QW: Try increasing your fame. Sometimes those only work if you’re well-known enough.

  • stupidjellyfish

    Holy nut balls. My garbage reading skills made me miss the whole thing about getting an actual side story with freaking Quill-Weave! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!

  • DJ Pantheris

    Maybe you have to touch the side of the stone that actually lines up with the constellation for it’s power to work? I dunno, worth a shot.

  • Owl

    Wow, you had one of the best, if not, THE best design. I would really love to have this as a shirt!

  • PersonPerson

    I like this idea, it is humorous. I have to say though, the only reason why I am voting at all is because the design isn’t obviously “pony”. I legitimately think that the shirt’s grey/light-green design is good and isn’t as cringe-worthy as so many of the other entries are.

    • Graknorke

      I think that a lot of the entries didn’t grasp that a good drawing does not make a good t-shirt. Most people do not want a well-drawn pony emblazoned on their chest. They want something more stylised.

  • theplunderking

    kaz… you can ignore my dream of seeing that ork dead… just please, avoid the first meeting of katia and qw. i’m pretty sure we have a good enough idea of what happened. you’ve done a good job of keeping the site clean… don’t fail us now because i’m sure that their first meeting will either scar me forever, or make me freak the f*** out about that freakin ork again.on a side note I don’t know how you did it, but between sigrid and that ork you have engineered the formula for rustling my jimmies forever.

    • theplunderking

      oh yeah, and as for the shirt… its decent. I mean It almost takes all the sting out of the fact that their are ponies on it! I dont really like MLP but its still a cool shirt

  • Couldn’t anyone just give out the name of the submission after they make an account?

    Pff, it’s not like any of the fanbase would do that… right?……… right?…

    • andwhyisit

      It would kinda defeat the point of the entire exercise, so no.

    • Link

      You can try it if you want =P
      Just type it here in the comment section for all to read, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the result =D

  • Dovahkiin

    I’ve voted. But, but, where is the password?

    • theplunderking

      the name of the shirt is the pasword. just follow the instructions on the page

      • Ch’marr

        And the password is the name of the shirt! The two are intertwined and one cannot exist without the other, like space and time, but with more ponies, and it’s greener.

        • theplunderking

          oh my…

  • Dovahkiin

    heh, stupid me.
    Found it.
    Use the TU-UM, shout for all your worth, if only in desperation.

  • Drauka

    Voted…best reward for a zerg vote I’ve yet seen, keep it up.

  • weesh

    Whatever his/her intentions, I’ve been through well over 100 entries on the site, and Kaz’s is very strong. One of probably only 6-7 that I gave a 5.

    It makes me happy when ponies bleed into my other hobbies…

    Also, is this the side story in full, or will there be more to it?

  • Inacio

    Password doesn’t work for me πŸ™

    • Ch’marr

      Write me at chmarr at with what you think the password is. I’ll help you out.

      • Link

        Ch’marr, you furry thing you ;P
        So hairy it even takes over your email address =D

        • Pumpkins

          That’s an email address?

          • Link

            He typed his e-mail address in a way that it can’t be clicked (or picked up by spam bots and the like for all I know) it’s not that hard to see if you know what an “at” is =P

          • Ch’marr

            Link: given I got a bizarre email from someone that was Pumpkin-related, I think the incredulity was furry-org-au-related, rather than puzzlement over the anti-spam concealment.

            And, really, I don’t know why I bother trying to hide it. I’ve had that email address for something like 15 years. It’s likely in every spam database ever.

          • Link

            Ch’marr: Ahh, of course =P I guess I’ve seen enough odd email domains in my time to not react to it xD

            I don’t really bother hiding my email except when sites demand it (as in refuses to add posts with a full email so I have to type “at”) but it seems gmail is quite amazing at singling out the spam as I’ve yet to see one outside my trashcan =)

            Also, lol, bizarre email =D

  • Soa’s Reaper

    For those who still don’t know, the pass is indeed, in all caps. The other stuff, figure out yerself.

    • Kazerad

      (it’s not actually case sensitive!)

      • Ch’marr

        (it might be spelling sensitive, though!)

  • ThirteenGoat

    “Q: Someone already gave me the password and I’ve already seen the Quill-Weave update! Should I still vote?

    A: Yes please! The QW update was fun and only took about a day and a half to make. If I win this contest, I’m going to make another QW update to draw votes for the next round. I’ll even make a deal: if my entry somehow gets over 1000 votes, I’ll show Katia and QW’s first meeting.”

    1502 votes now… inb4 fanservice! Also, 5000th comment.

    • Noby

      Never underestimate the power of fanservice… or what the fans HOPE will be fanservice. For if you underestimate it…

      You WILL lose.

  • Hides-Her-Heart

    Hey Kaze, I really want you to win, but I think you should make this thing’s banner a bit more noticeable!

    It’s all black and white, I almost glanced over it! I’m sure lots of people did, though.

    • Kazerad

      I don’t want it to be too obtrusive! While I certainly want the banner to be noticeable, I also don’t want to draw too much attention away from the pictures and text on the left.

      You’re not the first person to say I went too subtle on it, though. I’ve got a few weeks until the contest voting ends; I might play with it some before that deadline, trying some more obvious colors and placements.

  • Nex

    i think i found a typo, ”you are the queen of jumping. It’s you”
    i think it should be who instead of you, unless im reading it wrong again

    • Graknorke

      No, that makes perfect sense. And is also a MSPA reference.

      • Ch’marr

        We might need a “” wiki, akin to explain-xkcd.

        • ronin1337

          We just need to redirect that, to the MSPA wiki’s “running gags” section :D.

  • Frosty35

    Your will be done, master!
    and in return, grant us the power of the dark gods more updates.

  • Pumpkins

    OK, I signed up and voted for you anyway. May I still give you a blowjob? What about giving negative votes for all the other entries?

  • dude

    Okay everyone, I’m going to explain something.
    Kaz wants to win and he wants to win by a lot, so that everyone else that worked hard feels bad and maybe then they will look at Prequel. If I did this I would do it just to win by too much.

  • Machre

    Welp. Worth voting.

    Hell, if that shirt passes, I may buy one.

    • Ch’marr

      I certainly will… even if only to wear it as a “badge of honour” for this nefarious scheme!

      Kaz and I are cooking up a little “thank you” gift to prequel readers that end up buying a shirt… _if_ the shirts get produced! πŸ™‚

  • xKiv

    Well, I am not getting any activation emails, reregistering says “account with that emal already exists” and “forgot your password” says “there is no account registered to this email”. That was “fun”.

    • Alex

      You too?

  • Another Matthew

    Voted! Still wish you had a paypal button on your website. I don’t lend a hand (comment) often, so I always feel a little upset that I’ve done nothing to show my support. I got a lot of entertainment out of your webcomic and still wish I could pitch in $5-10, or even $20, to show my thanks.

  • Alex

    Kaz, I tried to vote but my account is screwed up. Will this comic ever be made public?

  • Goldcat99

    You are an asshole.

  • Jix

    …Well, that kissing image just increased the like hood of (more) QW rule34 happening by roughly 150%.

    Speaking of t-shirts, you should totally have a store selling prequel merch. Or just a donate button somewhere. I want to throw money at you, damn it!

    • tronn

      Merch isn’t going to happen, since all of Kaz’s work is based on Betheseda’s IP. As long as it stays within boundaries of fair use they don’t mind, but if he tried to make money off Prequel he would get cease-and-desisted within an eyeblink.

      • Jix

        No it wouldn’t. It would literally be impossible to prove that Kaz’s drawing are in any way of form related to the TES series, none of the drawing are even remotely close to anything in-game. I guess you could argue about the use of lore but even that is quite twisted and distorted to serve the story and there’s very little of that used in the comic. Prequel is simply fiction inspired by TES series, it’s Kaz’s own creation and it would be ridiculous if anyone actually contested that.

        I mean come on, you can sell high quality digital paintings of TES stuff and get away with it (on a small scale, at least). While the copyright laws are murky and unclear at best regarding this, most companies approve of it since it’s essentially free advertising.

  • Haggis McKinsley

    So, there will be more to this story, right? It doesn’t just end here?

    • Ch’marr

      Kas has promised us another “zerg-vote encouragement update” should there be another round of voting, such as the combined Ponies/Villains thing.

  • Khelt

    Lol, I was expecting Quill-weave to end up in a full suit of Bound Armor.
    Damn you Doom stones!… no pun intended

  • andwhyisit

    “This design received 1990 five ratings!”

    Seriously guys, it’s like you’re not even trying. :p

  • Lynx

    … thanks. I’ll just wait for the monthly update. xD

  • jen

    I want to vote but I can’t register! Tried three different email addresses and never received a validation reply on any of them. What am I doing wrong? πŸ™

    • MrXler

      Country “United States” and State “California” with “Los Angeles” as the city, an proper zip code and “Los Angeles” in the final gap did work for me.

  • Holy cow. Were you expecting ninja hackers to go after this page just to bypass getting the title of the tshirt?

    I must ask though why have such high security as AES using inputval as the key if inputval can be brute force decoded with a SHA1 decoder and then purge any results that aren’t all uppercase?

    Save some configuration time and simply use the SHA1 hash or the AES but not both.

    also why bother hashing the first if at all? You could have left it completely plain text
    if ( sha1 == “308ee1e17c421a3ebb0746ab19f4dada32fa7cdf” ) {
    jQuery(“#magicsubmit”).val(“What? No! Go to the WLF website, doofus!”);

    instead use
    if ( inputval == “ENTRY NAME” ) {
    jQuery(“#magicsubmit”).val(“What? No! Go to the WLF website, doofus!”);
    Just think of all the wasted cpu cycles, millions that will never be seen or used again, gone forever.

    • Ch'marr

      just think what you could have been doing rather trying to decode the purpose of the javascript? πŸ™‚

      • panoz

        I know I almost took up the challenge of brute forcing it buuuuuut decided murdering even more cpu cycles in the name of uselessness wouldn’t be useful and it becomes exponentially harder to hack things when you’re sleeping.

        • Ch’marr

          I find it much easier to hack things when one is sleeping…. unfortunately, the results don’t translate well to the waking world.

          Like… hey…. what happened to my ability to fly?

          • someone has been falling asleep to reruns of hackers …. and we still don’t have a 3d filesystem mixed with a flight simulator yet. I will name this new mashup Microsoft Combat Floperating Systemulator, where you can have a choice of carpet deletions, precision deleting, or dive deleting that will put your skills as a bombardier to the test. (Yes there will be del *.* but it is sold seperately as the MAD addon which incorporates cold war era tech rather than just ww2). Thats not all, enter real dogfights with rogue processes, unleash a hailstorm of stop requests and crash them before they crash you. Outmaneuver real virus day zeros and apply layered walls of fire against incoming fleets in the pacific stack theatre.

          • Ch’marr

            Wasn’t that called WinFS ?

          • Close WinFS was cancelled as its data relationship function not only created good relationships between data but sometimes data disagreements. When the different data sets could not come to a mutually beneficial agreement or when one started acting like north korea they would turn warlike so WinFS was terminated in 2003 and very quietly became WinCFS. This was silently placed into the longhorn project which later turned into Very Insufficient Software That Aggravates or VISTA for short. WinCFS was appeased by giving certain data their own cpus and plenty of ram to hog for themselves and windows did the quick thing of slapping a new name on their os Windows7. This was short lived and we can actively see the effects of an entire decade of warring data with Windows 8’s desktop, tablet, startmenu 3 way wrestling match. We can say thanks for all this mayhem to Windows Combative Future Storage.

          • Ch’marr

            Gamification taken to a whole new level!

          • Yes but I think Microsoft terminology for “Gamification” is “Feature Rich”.

    • Alex

      Having sha1 actually made it easier to crack. There are a lot of programs out there that do attacks on the sha1. Some even use GPUs.

      I would have loved to do it the legitimate way, but WLF refuses to send me the confirmation mail. And cracking the hash is more fun anyway πŸ˜‰

      • I know if it was all done through AES it would have been way more secure and saved potentially zillions of cpu cycles and wasted bits (assuming there really is that much traffic flowing through this site over the next hundred years or so). I actually got the code correctly first then went ahead with my cracking effort which lived up until i had to actually crack the code and decided, against my own will, to fall asleep on my keyboard.

  • Kita Rouge

    After all of that, you never once did the ‘Boom-Shaka-Laka’ dance.
    Not even once.
    What kind of researcher are you ma’am?

  • I voted for someone else

    I made you a haiku kazerad

    I need more prequel!
    My appetite is never
    sated, so make more

  • Reeven

    I voted. Does that mean I’m part of Team Evil? (please say yes)

    • Kazerad

      Yes it does. Stop by the back to pick up your black cape and red contact lenses.

  • jeoel

    Would you ever consider making a line of Prequel t-shirts?

    • Ch’marr

      Someone willing to draw the cast of Prequel in the artistic design of MLP? πŸ™‚

    • Fancypantsman

      This. I would buy all the shirts. Layer over layer. No problem. Summer in the Netherlands consists completly of rain anyway.

  • Nobody

    Give us naked pictures of you and Katia and you’ve got a deal!

  • Salahir

    Spare the ones from Kaz. Pics of Katia will simply do :3 Come on, Kaz, bribe us like the evil boss you are πŸ˜‰

  • Galen-Ra

    Well, I think that you might just win, Kaz, With WELL OVER 2000 VOTES!!!

  • Hunts-in-Long-Grass

    You know, not even as a fan of the comic or a personal army drone for Kaz, but the rest of the entries are pretty fucking terrible. I don’t think you needed to call in a nuclear airstrike like this to win.

    • Ch’marr

      We’re excessorizing!

    • andwhyisit

      Yes, but the point of this isn’t just to win, it’s to win by the most excessive margin possible in a spirit of unfairness that befits the villain theme of the contest. Nuclear airstrikes are mandatory.

  • theplunderking

    and after reading down the comments we see exactly what people are looking for in the first meeting of katia and qw. my previous comment stands. prequel is under attack by the evil forces of gannon. it is writen only kaz can defeat gannon

  • m is for wolf

    Oh, now I get it. colorfulhorse6. MLP characters are colorful horses. And maybe there are six of them? I don’t actually watch it.
    Still was a cool shirt, though.
    Kissing magical rocks at midnight is always the answer. (Rawr, sexy tongue action!)
    Oh, and now you have to bribe a few townspeople into helping you out with the whole “damsel in distress” scene.

    So you’re kinda crazy if you read all that and you still don’t want to vote. I know, I know, it’s My Little Pony, (I cringed too) but registering is just filling out your personal information– I didn’t even use my real last name, so you could probably get away with a made-up address– and activating your account. Then you have to actually go on, but all you have to do is hold your breath as you log in, look at the name, click the symbol 5 on that big grey square in the top-left corner, and close the tab. Besides the registering part, which is just filling out forms and activating accounts, it should take fifteen, twenty seconds. Thirty seconds tops. And it’s just T-shirts.
    Think of it not as helping a pony shirt win a contest, but as making all the other pony shirts lose. Somebody’s gotta win; it might as well be Kazerad.

  • Mr Duck

    Its not called cheating. Its called winning.

    • Ch’marr

      It’s not wether you win or lose, it’s how you look playing the game.

      And if you were sporting that snazzy, vivid green t-shirt, you’d be looking “mighty fine” indeed.

      (Haha! See what I did there?)

      • Mr Duck

        AWW YEAH!

  • FourthWallStu

    Center your cursor on the damn thing and “press E.” That’s how I always did it.

    • FourthWallStu

      By the way… at the time of this post your design is at 2613 five star ratings… BRING ON THE FIRST MEETING!

  • Salahir

    Yeah, it is a total Kazerad-style nuclear missile launch, that will (I hate me for using this abused meme, but it has to be done) blow the other competitioners…to the mooooon! Hope he features his evil future plans and a unique evil laugh after that.

  • Kelsier03

    Kazerad, you crafty bastard. This is GENIUS!

  • Mr Duck

    So Quill-Weave hopes katia isnt doing anything stupid and yet shes got some tongue action going on there.

  • Ch’marr

    We’ve been caught out!

    A comment posted by WLF staff member Christyjoy: “I have to admit, I literally LOL’d going to your prequel site about the contest. I love fans who promote the crap out of themselves in contest. Good Job!”

  • ronin1337

    I registered on that stupid site just so I can read the bonus comic…*sigh*. Oh! and I gave a bunch of other shirts 1s and 2s to weaken the competition… which was totally unnecessary considering you have 20 times more votes than anyone.

    • kgy121


  • Kyoulkoa


  • Confetti

    When Quill-Weave is wearing the shirt, she should have been giving a thumbs up and saying “woo”, implying that you would be rad if only you wore that shirt.

  • Not a Commenter

    I don’t normally take bribes for votes. But you make a pretty good argument about being thematically appropriate and maybe forcing WLF to change the policy that says this is okay.

    You’ve got my vote.

    • Ch’marr

      Given the comments from WLF staff, I think this is perfectly okay by them. Even getting into the “pretty awesome” realm! After all, they just got a bunch of advertising for their site, right? πŸ™‚

      What would perhaps be “not okay” is offering something of numismatic value for the vote.

  • Sorry, I refuse to vote for anything to do with coloured horses.

    I’ll be looking forward to the side comic though, good luck.

    • Kazerad

      The side comic is already there, behind a password! You don’t have to look forward to it because you can look at it. Which I guess is technically looking forward to it, but in the more literal and nonchronological sense.

  • Also #100

  • lacklusterpelican

    I voted, Kazerad, now give me a kiss, baby. ;*

  • Aldyhm

    I really want to see the side comic and I also really want to vote, but I registered at the site, but they’ve never sent me the authorization link… What should I do?
    Also sorry for my bad english (I’m not a native speaker).

  • pikajens

    Umm… did you name the art after a Yu-gi-oh card on purpose??

    No offense or anything but I’m wondering if you were trying to drum up an additional layer of nostalgia or fandom or something.

    • TechSmurf

      I’m pretty sure the phrase was around before the mid-90s.

      • Ch’marr

        Wait, what? There is no way English existed before Saturday Morning Cartoons.

    • Kazerad

      It’s actually a very common English phrase! It has been around since long before Yu-Gi-Oh.

      Don’t feel bad. I once had someone accuse me of stealing the word “chaos” from Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • Exeres

    Do you know how many votes you’ve received so far? I’d like to know how close we are to seeing Katia and Quill-Weave’s fateful encounter.

    • Fancypantsman

      When you click the link again, you see how many votes Kaz bribery has awarded. 3094 right now. Considering Kaz has a fanbase between 6000 and 12000 readers this means 50%-25% took the time to vote!

      What? You are saying not all the votes are from Prequel readers? Ofcourse they are! Kaz needs his legion of lackeys just as much as we need him πŸ™‚

      • Ch’marr

        Well, before the incentive was posted, Kaz’ entry had about 250 votes and at about third or fourth place.

  • Fancypantsman

    Is there a way to see the top 10 shirts or something? You obviously won, but I want to know how far behind the competition is. I’ve seen a few with a couple of hundreds votes, but that’s all.

  • deathnerd117

    it’s a shame great and funny stories like these are quick to read. i personally HATE waiting for updates. this entire prequel story’s REALLY good, though. i’ll be sure to reccomend this to some of my elder scrolls loving friends πŸ˜€

  • egg brother

    hope you win, cuz now that site sends me a new email almost every day

    • Ch’marr

      Well, I get nothing from them. Did you leave the “please spam me lots” button checked when you signed on ?

      • egg brother

        idk, I did a quick sign in just to vote, so probably.

  • Wise Man in the corner

    A first issue had been dealt with after no stars shine appon doomstone, but one must accomplish greater fame to draw the power that lies within.

  • H

    I just going to say it, Would someone just send the code to me if I gave them my email? Welovefine is just being to much of a dick and if I have to have one more website add clutter to my email, I’m just going lose my head.

    • Anonymous

      H, have you tried using mailinator? That’s what I use on throwaway accounts.

  • Dagda Mor

    I can’t help but feel that you’re more concerned with getting your design accepted than with the money. Not sure whether you care more about that than making your point on popularity contests, though, since the tee actually looks pretty good, and the point would be made more obvious if you just made a really shitty tee.

    • Another khajiit

      Really, his design is good, but the best part is that it is simplistic as hell. It’s a single color with flat sillhouettes. There’s all sorts of detailed works in there, and still kaz is leading it all with a little army of Draugrs. [us XD]

      I voted today, not even sure if it counts, but count me in to vote more if necessary. Glad you keep rollin’ and trollin’ on the site, you’re doing admirably well.

  • adoring fan

    Wow. I went to the site, registed, and didn’t get the freaking email.

    So I looked at the comments and the title is literally said just a few down.

    And people were trying to -hack- that… anyone read ‘the art of deception”? The weakest security element is the humans operating it.

    …Kazerad, if we get it to 10000 5-votes, will we get lesbian 34? Cause it -will- happen if you promise it.


  • so who won?

    • ronin1337

      Kaz, obviously. No other design reached even 500 5-ratings, and he has more than 3000. If we keep voting during the other rounds too, we’ll steamroll the whole competition with ease.

  • Granidas

    Hey there.

    I just got sent by Atryl and… Oh my fucking god, I love you.
    Even though Atryl is a great artist, one of my personnal favourites to be exact, you just manipulated him so well, tickling his “white knight” sense and making him fall in your trap… That was so well done, I’m just grinning since half an hour.
    I don’t have to explain it more than that, you most likely already know what’s gonna happen with him in the future. He’s gonna do just what you want, even though he doesn’t want to.

    This is so devilishly awesome. Great job. I’m not gonna vote, though. I’m gonna stay as a spectator, watching this from afar whilst sipping on a margarita.

    I take my hat off to you and gonna getcha some kudos.


    PS : Hey, that’s a nice webcomic ya got there πŸ˜€

    • Kazerad

      Hahaha, thank you. Honestly, I don’t think I’m manipulating Atryl here; I think he’s just playing the role I suggested. Like I said in the DA message to him, my goal is to make this less of a forgettable contest and more of a legitimate “ponies versus villains” showdown. A White Knight is pretty much the best thing he could be for that, and I think he knows it. It’s all fun and games, but that’s no reason for either of us to break character… you accursed horses!

  • Sonar

    I like how everyone here is a bunch of fucking tools while you want to bring a product to welovefine that almost no one who voted for it doesn’t even want, completely destroying the reason to even have the contest. Fuck you, man.

    • prot

      but it’s great design no matter what and i’m gonna buy it

  • denbigh


  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely shameful. Cheating your way to the top by using propoganda to upvote your own design when there are other designs out there playing by the rules and letting those actually interested in the show vote on the design they like. Did you ever think that since this is a design for the fans the true fans should get to decide what they want to buy? And way to go, cheating the real pony artists out of their own chance to make their own fandom happy.

    I get you’re trying to be thematic by being the “villain”, but that doesn’t mean you should cheat. You’re a jerk. Plain and simple.

    • Honk

      He is not breaking any rules. It doesn’t say under the rules section that you are not allowed to ask people for votes. He even asked them and they said it was fine. He is legally obtaining votes, just as whatever that jealous artist’s name was is legally (though quite rudely I might add) asking people for votes to not let him win. So essentially, the ‘contest’ has degraded into whoever is able to garner more attention rather than the design. Your ‘artist’ is doing exactly what you Kaz did, but I don’t see you getting angry at him.
      You claim that only people in the fandom should be allowed to participate. What defines someone in the fandom? Is there a threshold of art they must create? An amount of episodes they must watch? Fairly certain Kaz is only being excluded because he isn’t a ‘brony’ artist and doesn’t draw porn of colorful horses for your sick enjoyment.
      And as for people who claim Prequel fans are tools for doing what Kaz wants, aren’t you tools as well for doing what that one artist wanted?

      • AnotherAnon

        I really like how you blindly lump an entire group of people into a minority that “enjoys porn of colorful horses.” Rude.

    • DragonRockDragon

      So how exactly is he fucking over everyone?

      Oh right, be encouraging his fans to vote for him? Is he forcing them? Is he threatening people to do that? Oh wait some of you idiots said “bribe” LOL. Oh noes, he’s going to be more popular if he wins…darn?

      And how the fuck is it a free pass? He spent the time and effort to get votes in. And oh look the design isn’t even that shabby either, …I hate heart shape things…a shape of a fist on the other hand :]

      In any case, I got here after my friend was telling me how this one guy is being harassed by fans of a show who suppose to tolerate and be kind to one another. Not speaking to the whole fandom here hah! But you guys should know better.

  • Ranbrodash

    You’re an utter wad of shit and I hope welovefine disqualifies you so that someone who actually deserves it will win. You fucking shit-tard. Go to hell.

    • Kazerad

      Please don’t bother WeLoveFine about this! Like I said up above, I checked with them beforehand that my actions here were okay. They know about it, understand that my goal is to fill the “villain” role, and have sent me compliments on my methods.

      Throwing insults, swearing I will be stopped in the name of justice, and rallying ponies against me is acceptable and encouraged! But WLF is neutral, meaning my flawless victory (or narrow defeat?) will have to pan out in classic Heroes-versus-Villains style.

      Anyway: you will never defeat me, my army is unstoppable, yada yada yada. I’m busy eating a gigantic (evil) cake right now so I can’t do the full-on villain act.

      • Flamma Man

        So, wait, they know that you’re bribing your fans in order to gain votes?

      • Ranbrodash

        Doesn’t change the fact that you’re a wad of shit. Shit wad. PS, I did “bother” them about this. Cause shit-wad’s don’t deserve to get by in life with a free pass of “it’s okay for me to fuck over everyone.”

        • Mr Duck

          Oh no its the internet police! DON’T SHOOT DON’T SHOOT!

        • Lorventus

          Yes, way to make Bronies look like tightwads. πŸ˜› As a Brony and a reader of this comic (And one who voted for da shirt) I think this is brilliant! It of course would be slightly more so if Kaz posted more quickly, but at this point I’ll take what I Kaz delivers.

          Also, I’d like to note that Kaz’s design is better in more than just the visual design sector. It’s also notable that most of the other designs were large solid shapes. Large solid shapes are printed with shirt paint (i dunno what it’s really called, you get the idea) all over the large design, making a thick cloying spot on the chest. Whereas Kaz’s design is open enough and sparse enough to breath. I prefer my chest not be sweating in air conditioned areas thank you very much.

          P.S. Please stop with the hate guys, Kaz is doing just what every other artist did, he just has a larger audience and the ability to /bribe/ said audience. You think any of the other artists didn’t immediately go down their friends lists and such to bug every friend on it to vote for their shirt(s)? Newsflash they totes did. Mellow out, srsly.

  • theplunderking

    wow people are getting really direct with this… don’t. promise. anything. you don’t need that kind of following kaz. I know I dont need to tell you but seriously. some people are a little to into this comic.

  • P

    i do not agree with any of this,
    i have rewrite this comment so many times at this point because i do not know what to say.

    so i will not say anything, you do not deserve to win.
    you are using this as one big fucking joke to gain popularity and that sickens me.

  • Wroth

    Wonderful! So full of Drama! Like a proper villain!

  • Talia

    You know, if you had played fairly and hadn’t rigged the contest just for the sake of screwing other artists over and inflating your ego, I probably would’ve given your shirt a good rating. But nope. Nope nope nope.

    Oh, and by the way? Your little “villainous act” might be working, but not the way that you expect. About 200 angry letters to WeLoveFine about your dirty little comic propaganda and counting have been written. I don’t expect you to get much out of this except a lot of haters giving negative press about your work and a hangover from your little mexican fiesta. Don’t let a car hit yours on the way out of your drunken spree.

    ….Or, on second thought, that’d be fun too. Maybe you could use the rest of that 460 that you say you’re going to selfishly ignore, instead of the other artists who planned to give the winnings to charities.

    • Statistica

      If Kazerad had “played fairly” by not asking for votes, he would have lost to Atryl, who WAS asking for votes. When Kaz first posted his voting link, the contest had been running for a while, and Atryl had only a 100 or so vote lead, despite having a 700-note Tumblr post advertising his entries. It makes you wonder who would have had the lead if nobody was asking their fan bases for votes.

      • Flamma Man

        Asking for votes IS playing fairly but BRIBING for votes is not.

        • Actually he is not “bribing” for votes really since anyone could have simply logged in gotten the name and left.

    • ronin1337

      You know, there is NO such thing as negative publicity. By coming here and posting negative comments you do the exact thing that Kaz wanted, so you’re not muchdifferent from us, who comply and voted for Kaz. And IMHO Kaz’s design IS the best one in the competition(I checked ALL of them, so don’t come at me saying I didn’t), Most of them are utter sh*t.

    • DragonRockDragon

      He already checked with Welovefine, and they said it was ok…sooooo? about those 200 emails…

      Oh wow so now he needs to do some charity with the money if he wins? That’s not up to you or anyone to decide or measure what he does with it.

      And seriously wtf with that little rant about some drunken party?…take your meds?

  • Luke

    You are not a villain. Villains are interesting. You’re just a piece of shit who so desperate for cash you made a mockery of some lame ideal that you think your preteen followers will find appealing because they are going through their rebellious stage.

    Why don’t you just admit you are ashamed of making your mom pay for your food while you live out of her basement, and want some cash to do your own grocery shopping for a change? At least then I wouldn’t feel so bad for you.

    • DragonRockDragon

      …Actually villains are suppose to be evil and downright nasty…not “interesting” Where the fuck do you get this idea from? hell EVERYTHING is interesting! Even the bullshit you spew out is interesting to me, because this is good practice for me to insult people. It’s hard insulting people if the people I hang around with are smart.

      OH god forbid he’s desperate for cash and he’s doing something that’s actually ok with the contest holders! WTF! and preteen followers? Did you went out and start checking out preteens! HOly shit dude…or dudette or…dawg or whatever species you are. Oh wait “MARE”?

      Oh lol now going for family. Hey here’s an “INTERESTING” thought. Your mother apparently didn’t raise you right, because you think anyone who’s actually working hard to get “votes” in is considered cheating. Or you can be just an absolute stupid ass and your mother is a sweet woman who regretfully had you for an offspring πŸ˜€

  • Tobias King

    I’d vote for you, Prequel Guy, just because Artyl is not only a sore loser, but an emotionally manipulated piece of garbage and a disgusting excuse of a human being. Just look at his Tumblr! Even when he’s pretending to be the bigger man, he’s a real scumbag! If this thing is still going on, I’m voting for you just because you’re not Artyl.

    And by the way, if you think some little “thank you” comic is bribery, you’re a fucking twit.

  • Another khajiit

    There have been so many hate comments… Don’t worry, Kaz, it’s the drama, the brony hate building up and the like. It happens when you do something crazy. I friggin love this. All of it. And I’m not even into internet drama or trolling in general. This is just gold.

    Oh, and congrats on upping your speech skill πŸ™‚ haha, bribery~ You seriously won my vote just with the whole villain act, no need to even give more comic – Also, have more cake.

  • ronin1337

    MLP fans are so sensitive. It’s hillarious. Good job Kaz, you totally became a supreme villain XD.

  • HR

    I feel dirty just from reading that. Ugh.

    Like, I get what you’re doing, and I don’t have any inherent qualms with the methodology, but something about this still skeeves me out.

    I checked in on Prequel every once in a while before, but I don’t think I will again until that dirty feeling goes away.

  • Exeres

    I voted 1’s for all of the other entries, but I don’t know if it would have been better or worse to just leave them blank.

    Is there somewhere to see how many votes everyone has? Some people seem to know just how much Kaz is winning by already.

  • Zel

    Not trying to sound like an ass but the bonus story wouldn’t be much of a bonus if it take months for the real story to get an update. The updates used on the “bonus” story could been used on the normal story.

    It is a lose-lose deal. We either help him to get updates only for a different story or don’t help him and give him an excuse to be lazy.

    If you ever had a little brother/sister this would be like as if you give him/her candy to stop bugging you. The person will get what he want either way while you will get nothing out of it. You would only be supporting a bad habit. I personally just got the passcode from elsewhere, at least make the best out of a bad thing. Get the side story without supporting his bad habit.

  • Your plans appear to moving along smoothly. Soon it shall be time to begin the next phase.

  • Pepsidude

    I think all of this is completely hilarious.

    • kgy121

      Indeed. This is the EXACT thing that is in the first… four inches of the panel?


      You are a cheating monster, Jerkbag.|||

      As the attempt at getting a rule change for contests in the future is listed under goals, people complaining is probably a GOOD thing.

  • Max

    /mlp/ here, this is genius, good work and I hope your design win, if only for being original and not overtly pony.

    Sad for Atryl, as the guy has some real talent, but you clearly have the superior writing, and it shows through this and your comic.

    Here’s for the win!

  • Neutral


    This whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth, for many reasons.

    To many it’s a game, to some it’s an excuse to bash on a group of people they don’t like, and to others it’s something equivalent to a hate crime. To me it’s nothing but a joke being told to the wrong audience.

    Look, I like your comic Kaz, you have good story telling skills and I feel invested in the outcome of the characters you write. I also happen to like Atryl, not just cause he’s a good artist, but because he’s actually a really nice and humble person who enjoys doing what he does and works his ass off to make a manageable living.

    Listen, the guy you’re trying to act out this little “good vs evil” thing isn’t just some other “actor” so keen on getting in on the act. The guy Kaz is pitting himself against is so far down to earth that the whole reason he even responded to Kaz’s little “invitation” was because he was taken aback by Kaz’s attitude and felt that you were genuinely insulting him with your routine. He wasn’t “emotionally manipulated” (p.s. fuck you Tobias) he was an unwilling participant being forced to a circus act.

    Man if there was ever a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, this was it. You basically threw him into a no win situation. The guy is foreign, so really, can you expect him to be able to perfectly write responses capable of outwitting the opponent given the circumstances? Too many people misunderstood him when he tried to explain the situation and now he’s forfeited all together because there’s nothing he can do.

    I don’t know how to feel. If it had just been some other person, I wouldn’t have cared. I might have even laughed along with the whole thing. But you truly took it away from someone could have benefited from it more, and not only that, left him feeling dejected and humiliated. He’s even trying to ask the WLF people to remove his entry from the contest because he feels too ashamed now for having asked people to vote for it to help him out (which they were totally willing to do because they WANTED to support him.)

    I don’t know what you really wanted out of all this Kaz, but I sure hope it was worth it.

  • Prophet Lord

    I feel as if I’m missing out on some big development here. What happened that caused all these angry posters to flood the page?

    • Prophet Lord

      K, nevermind, figured it out.
      First of all, is it just me, or does Kazerad seem a lot like Handsome Jack in that “message to atryl” post?
      Either way, I must say I’m on Kaz’s side on this fight. Mostly because this guy see’s that he’s going to lose so instead of being a good sport about it, accepting defeat and helping put on a show, he starts complaining and whining before just giving up entirely. Then he just seems to cry in a corner.
      If this guy can’t handle failure with any sort of dignity, maybe he doesn’t deserve success.
      So yeah.
      Go Kaz.

      • ronin1337

        Where and what is this conversation between artyl and Kaz I keep hearing about?

      • Zeromuse

        Ugh. I just. Ugh.

        Okay, okay, okay, let’s start by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment. After being suddenly confronted in such a demeaning and scheming message, would you actually go along with the plan and willfully be someone’s puppet by “helping put on a show?” What even? You have that kind of time to waste? To help someone who just gloated directly at you?

        Think of it this way. What choices were available? Do nothing, and go quietly into the night? Make a ruckus and still lose? Because really, where are you going to rally people anyway (Even if we suddenly turned this into MLP vs. Prequel, realize the major news sites are WLF affiliates and certainly wouldn’t fool with their own contracts for a personal squabble)? Do what you said and help promote the guy who just spat in your face by “playing along?”

        In the option you have hinted at, you have to realize there is nothing to gain. This was a lose/lose situation from the start.

        I mean look at the guy you’re heralding so highly in a reply above: “Honestly, I don’t think I’m manipulating Atryl here; I think he’s just playing the role I suggested.” What a contradiction. And don’t think I’m heralding Atryl either. In my eyes the ball was fumbled, tripped over and thrown into the crowd accidentally by both parties.

        The only correct answer was to not play at all. Unfortunately, I assume they do not have time machines so instead they have to make mistakes and attempt to learn from them.

        • Prophet Lord

          Honestly, I was in that situation, I would love to play along. First of all, it sounds fun. Also by playing the game next to someone of such an obviously larger fan base, I have a chance of marketing myself to their fanbase as well. He had an opportunity here, and he seems to have just passed it by and burned the bridge.
          Is what Kaz is doing in the moral grey area? yes. Is he breaking any rules whatsoever? No. Does it change the fact that he’s rather good at his artistic endeavors? Not at all.
          In fact, I may be even more of a fan of this new Crazed Madman who makes this sick little comic. Just because of how he is handling this whole situation.

          Oh, and Kaz thinking that the guy is just playing the role may just be him being optimistic about this guy’s personality. Honestly, I think it’s just false hope though.

          • Kazerad

            (Is it false hope? Check the “following” list on the side of his Tumblr and you’ll notice a certain blue butterfly)

        • ronin1337

          Well, Atryl, put out a screencap of Kaz’s first message to him on his tumblr, and after reading it, I have to agree with Prophet Lord. There was nothing malicious or mean in Kaz’s message as far as I can tell. If I were in is shoes I would’ve totally played along.(though this might be atributed to my love of melodrama.)

    • Its nice to see you hear, Prophet Lord, fan of Deeprise.
      We should be friends on mspa-forums. Your avatar is pretty cool.

      I never was angry. I was just offering criticism. Plus, I already voted, eventhough I didn’t like the idea at first.
      I was offering criticism because I am a hardcore elder scrolls fan.

  • Max

    One thing though, Kaz.

    Do you even watch the show? I mean, it’s totally okay (and the way to go) to hide your power level and all that, but if you did just for the fame you should let pony stuff to the fans.

    If so, well, good luck for season 4.

  • Prophet Lord

    Kazerad has a Tumblr page? Great. More stuff for me to have to keep updated on.

  • not someone else

    Not a bad design, cute site, rated you 5 because your pitch was hilarious. Kind of wish I could rate you 5 again for giving us a peek of pony fandom drama.

    Remember to use your fandom-prodding powers for good… or in the spirit of this challenge, at least for awesome.

  • Fishing4Food

    Oh my god, the tumblr comic about all the brony rage is beautiful, voted because the design is good and those two comics alone are the best thing I have seen.

    • Wroth

      Where’s all the brony rage at, I kinda wanna see it.

      • It’s everywhere in the comments, even here, just scroll up and find some.

  • Bluedragon

    NOW I’m offended. How COULD you do this to me, one of your willing minions, dutifully doing his part to ensure world domination? Then I read and google for this Atryl guy and find this:

    Yes, it’s Quill-Weave! In all her glorious villainy, leaked by the power of your pen onto a site I DIDN’T know existed!

    From now on I want, nay, I DEMAND notice of every possible QW or Katia image that has ever found it’s way onto a hard drive. Deny this and your power base will be reduced by 1! (But really, that’s hilarious and you should put it up here somewhere. So really, Long Live QW! And I’ll definitely be buying your T-Shirt when it wins. I’d really love a Katia or QW one, but I understand that has… difficulties. So this in return for your long and pixellated work! And my daughter likes Ponies too so I’ll have to get at least a couple.)

    • Rule 34

      Are you sure you want to know about every QW or Katia image?

      • Bluedragon

        ACK!!! NOOOOO! Thanks Rule, that was a Terrible, HORRIBLE omission on my part. JUST those originating from Kaz, PLEASE! (Besides, I already have all the others. ^_^)

        • Aulakauss

          Yeah.. Don’t tempt the Internets. Rules 34, 36 and 63 will make you very insane very quickly.

          • Kazerad

            I admit I hadn’t heard of 36 until this post.

  • Some dergon guy

    Kaz, you made all the bronies on tumblr mad because you’re a “douchebag” and did “mean things” to Atryl. πŸ™

    I bet you touched him inappropriately too, DIDN’T YOU


    +50 internets to you.

    • Some dergon guy

      Also, I just have to say that you and Atryl really are the only people with decent designs on there, in my honest opinion.

      And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like MLP at all.

  • DragonRockDragon

    πŸ˜€ good luck in the contest!

  • Bluedragon

    I think the contest is over. Link goes to “unavailable” now. As apparently all submissions are not available to vote on anymore. So time to revise this page or lose it entirely. One thing that is bothering me though – what’s the deal with the Guest Judge? Is the winner NOT based on who gets the most votes? Anybody know?

    • ronin1337

      Apparently, judges choose the winner from the finalists. I imagine, when there are less voters, scores are much colser and that’s why they have judges. Nah just kidding, they probably have judges so they can choose whatever the heck they want from a few chery picked entries. I wonder wheter they’ll choose Kaz’s design, even if it wins by a landslide on the popular vote. Hmm, probably yes, since so many votes, to them, would indicate that there’s a huge market for that design and they can sell a f*ckload of t-shirts.

      • Kazerad

        It’s a separate prize. The voting winner gets the largest prize (500 dollars for this round). The judge-decided winner gets a smaller prize of 300. Three runners-up in the voting get 100. All five move on to the second round.

        • ronin1337

          Ah, sorry then, looks like I misunderstood. Now I feel stupid ._.

        • AnotherAnon

          The cash prizes are nice and all, but I think the main prize I’d be interested in is the possibility to join the WLF artists. It’s a pretty difficult thing to get into without winning one of the contests or having some sort of “in.”

          What’s your plan if they offer you a spot Kaz?

          • Kazerad

            In one of the emails they asked me a number of questions about whether I still did art or if I had a current gallery, and what properties I was interested in other than MLP. I think they might have been scoping me for the Mighty Fine Artists thing.

            Of course, I don’t actually have a gallery and most of the non-contest art I do is for game design, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t impress. I’m not too upset about it, though; I’m mostly doing this for fun and advertising.

          • Where by “fun” I’m sure Kazerad means “poking a sociopolitical ecosystem and seeing what happens.” πŸ™‚

            Haha! SCIENCE!

  • unknown

    Welcome to the herd Kazerad. I know deep under that hating exterior you’re truly a closet brony just trying to get out. Why else enter a pony contest? I mean you claim its for the money but I know its so you can make your art and your fans won’t think you’re one.

    • Kazerad

      I don’t think it’s like a huge secret I watch the show, it just never comes up since most of what I do is game design and Elder Scrolls stuff.

      • Ransom


        But yeah, I sortof gathered that.

        Looking forward to the bonus comic.

      • Kelroe26

        You, my friend (if i can call you that), are beautiful

  • Wewec

    Just letting you know that I discovered your webcomic thanks to the outrage over this contest. I like your style and I think you’re funny, so I subscribed and voted for your desing. I mean, it’s also quite clearly the best one.

    Anyway, now I’m actually reading the comic and it’s very, very good. You got yourself a new evil minion, Mr Kazerad.

  • Kelroe26

    Does anyone in this comic succeed? So far both Katia and Quill have failed at their goals… Where is the optimism?!

    • kgy121

      Nope. It’s the prequel to Oblivion. Oblivion HAS to happen, so NOTHING can go right for ANYONE.
      (The optimism is that eventually the Hero of Kvatch will emerge like a beautiful duex es machina)

      • Kelroe26

        Ok…. Considering the plot of Oblivion, I suppose you’re right!

  • WooooHoooo

    Friendly reminder: “if my entry somehow gets over 1000 votes, I’ll show Katia and QW’s first meeting.”(HINT: it did)

    Also would’ve loved to see that Atryl guy’s face when he red your message.

    • Let’s pressure Kazerad for that after the next main-story installment! I’m dying here!

      • Ch’marr, are you on mspa forums?

        • Ch’marr

          I am, but I hardly post. Sometimes I hardly exist, even!

  • How do I comment stuff before you make the next page

    • Ch’marr

      1. Invent time machine.

      2. Who cares!? You just invented a time machine! Whoo!

  • Asoyna

    + 101 with the spots to the “friendly reminder”!
    Kazerad! Be strong! Be brave! We believe in you! Meow!

  • jay

    wait wats with all the negativity y are bronies bieng offended im one and im not so whats the big deal?

    to many comments to read ._.

  • Killerfish

    Why is the link to this page gone? 😐