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Q&A (by Kazerad)

Q: Didn’t you already win this? I remember voting for this exact same design a month ago.

A: The contest had three parts: one for designs involving My Little Pony protagonists, one for designs involving My Little Pony villains, and a final part where all the winning designs compete for a grand prize. This is that final part, and if you guys can help me win, I’ll get 2500 dollars. And by “help me win” I mean “help me get ten times as many votes as everyone else”.

Q: Isn’t this against the spirit of the contest? Using your entire readerbase to get an insane number of votes?

A: Excuse me, but the contest is Ponies versus Villains! I’m merely giving them a terrifying villain worth fighting against.

Q: Did you ever get those margaritas and tacos you were planning to get with the Round 1 prize money?

A: No, since I didn’t get the grand prize most of it just went toward covering the buttons I sent out last month as prizes for the runner minigame. But hey, it was fun, and that’s what matters.

NEW! Q: Can I still view the Quill-Weave update from Round 1 somewhere?

A: Yes! For the time being, the Round 1 page is archived here. The directions on that page will still work (or if you want to save time, the password it asks for is “Change of Heart”). Note that the update there takes place chronologically later than this one, though.

Q: I love you and I’m going to go vote for your contest entry now and tell all my friends to vote.

A: Awesome, I love you too. <3. Now let's crush all who oppose me.

  • Shinden


    • Poetic badass

      The battle seems over

      Bodies in the feild cover

      Stories of the dead ones’ distant lovers

      Whom weep at distance ’cause the Killin’

      Of our loved and evil villain

      He who is unfinished dealing

      With those recovering and healing

      He must stop their reign once more

      By winning a contest by obtaining a higher score

      But hopefully his voters will begin to pour

      Or the contest judge will show him to the door

      So help him win to read more about the khajiit whore!

    • Facename

      Just needs 3700 to have more votes than all the others combined, now.

    • khan

      So we sit here scheming.
      men of little virtue,
      demagogy seeming,
      the right way to victory…
      Through bribes of little value
      to doting fans in throngs
      does kazerard the clever
      shape the world to be….
      he wins contests aplenty
      through rigging most profound
      and seals the hearts of many
      with Katia’s lilting sound

  • stupidjellyfish

    Battles won, land reclaimed.

    Not enough hectors to fan the flames.

    Espy yonder, across foot hills.

    Fuck poems, I’m voting, flills.

    Nonsense word added to complete painfully incomplete rhyme – The Moderation

    • Tavis

      I would have recommended “shills.”

      • Zackwell

        Fuck poems, I’m taking pills.

        • RampantSeaTurtles

          I’d just run for the hills.

          • Rogan Josh

            I’d have dropped my glass and had “the spills”

          • Ghnaggi

            Seems like an epic battle of wills.

          • Irrevenant

            Spirits tasked with maintaining and repairing time are referred to as “Jills”.

      • Reharl

        We’re helping Kaz pay his bills.

        • Poetic badass

          Yet sine the last fight, the battlefield is tilled

          Before it was clean, dead bodies made it filed

          Of kaz’s enimies splattered across the hills

          But now the battle is on again, and our villain needs more kills!

          • Zackwell

            All of these poems are giving me chills.

          • Mikhos

            Heh, just being evil gave me all the thrills.

  • Protip: A single vote will make more words appear. But it’ll take several (15-20) votes for the next image to appear! Fun!

    • stupidjellyfish


      That must have been a total bitch to program (that is, unless, it’s done by hand each and every second by the author/you).

      • Oh hell no! We gotta sleep sometime! ๐Ÿ™‚

        It’s all automated, baby. I use electronic minions… Kaz deals with the meat and bone kind ๐Ÿ™‚

        • man you must be using some server side script because unlike most subscription news papers i cant just remove the div saying “register to read this” aaaaaand your images do not have any obvious number pattern either …. this leads me to possibly a much much easier way of hacking than trying to get into secrets …. would it be tooooo evil to make an auto voting script using 5000 forwarding email addresses from my servers? did you set wordpress to upload items from the media uploader to wherever you want them to go or are you manually placing them in the correct folder?

          I am curious if you are manually uploading and linking images via ftp or similar or if you are using the built in media uploader or if its some plugin you have that lets you upload to a specific folder?

          niiice This design received 666 five ratings! woot

          yep that cant possibly be saying anything hehehe

        • Miauw

          What? Makers of webcomics SLEEP?
          I tought their entire life was devoted to updating webcomics for their masters, us, the readers.

          • Goldcat99

            Duh thats why were all the ones voting!

      • I don’t think he specifically -meant- for images to take 15-20 votes. It’s more, “the code for inserting images is about as long as 15-20 votes worth of words”. It’s a lovely scheme.

        • Squeegy


          Do you know how coding works?

          • The html “code” of , that is. Except the url is probably a bit longer, and probably has some other stuff in there. I’d find your comment offensive, if my previous comment did not indeed imply that I’m some sort of incredible noob with no knowledge of these things other than what CSI has told me.

          • Squeegy

            Okay, yes, that makes more sense. Sorry to offend.

        • Dragomok

          I second that theory. I happenned to see a half-finished SGML [I mean: &code;] that turned into an apostrophe.

    • Shinden

      Ch’marr you sly dog you…

    • Urilikya

      Hmm…. and if there’s lots of words (Dang it, Quill Weave and you being a wordy person who writes things), there must needs be many votes….

      Well, considering the page thingy says there’s 3500 votes needed, I’m going to assume (and you know what they say when you assume) that that’s how many votes are needed to uncover the entire comic. So. The minimum number of pictures would be 3500 – w = p/20, but the maximum would be 3500 – w = p/15. Seeing as not every picture is equally valued, though, we’ve probably got an equation that looks more like: 3500 – w = p/((20+19+18+17+16+15)/6).

      Happy mathing, peoples!

      • andwhyisit

        You forget that the text is revealed at 1 character per vote as well.

        If we work on the basis that when Kaz said “60-panel bonus update” there were exactly 60 panels/images then there is a range of 900 (60*15) to 1200 (60*20) votes dedicated to images. That means 2300 to 2600 votes are dedicated to text.

    • lluoc

      Ha ha, worked the damn thing out. Nice job.

      First, you have a server side script that updates the JSON file periodically. The thing that changes when the number of votes increases is the key field and the start field. The JSON file also refers to a long list of hashes.

      These hashes represent 5 encrypted characters. Starting at the ‘start’ point in the list, the script uses the ‘key’ to decrypt the current hash back into html code. The html code is then joined with the key and a new key is generated. This new key decrypts the next hash in the list and, once decrypted, the key for the next hash is constructed and so on. In other words, the key to decrypt each hash is the product of every hash before it.

      On the server side you have pre-calculated all the keys in this process. When the number of votes increases enough for more text to be release you the lower the starting point and update the key accordingly (so clients generate every key that we have seen so far).

      So, even though we have each hash, we would have to crack a SHA1 key for every 5 characters of html code. Admittedly there might be some weaknesses to exploit from the fact that each key is a product of all previous keys and we are slowly being revealed but I can’t be bothered with that.

      The images themselves might also be accessible as they seem to have just had a random number added to their file names. Again, can’t be bothered.

      Again, nice job.

      • andwhyisit

        Seems like overkill when you could just do 90% of the work serverside and have the json file already include the truncated html. Though I suppose it saves bandwidth since the encrypted file will be accessed only once and cached.

        • Exactly right!

          And the frustration of having the entire comic loaded and not being able to get to it is a bonus ๐Ÿ™‚

          • LoLbuster

            did the page break? the votes have gone up by 30 and still no update wierd

  • xZaebos

    So in the five minutes it took to vote, a new image appeared. I feel pretty cool.

    • You are cool and you should feel cool!

  • catchTwentythree

    A vote for a worthy cause. ‘Cause seriously first off that shirt is ballin’ but more importantly Quill-Weave.

    • Insane Randomness

      And defeating ponies! Don’t forget that!

      • catchTwentythree

        Well, yes, obviously. Kaz’s is the only one someone who’s not a huge fan of ponies could actually wear, too. The others are all pretty obviously pony characters. I like that his is ambiguous and isn’t necessarily a huge brony beacon. Granted, I don’t like the show enough to wear a shirt based around it anyway. It’s not a bad show, but I don’t quite get the big deal.

  • Merth

    Our dark lord once again calls upon us; may his unholy will be done. This time we shall not fail, for our lord’s plan is even more devious than the last time.

    • Bob

      Fuck Sithis, praise to Kaz.

      Our villianous overlord ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Merth

        May his dark embrace guide us to swift victory.

      • stupidjellyfish


        *dies* I don’t not feeear death?!

        • Kaor

          So you DO fear death?

          • stupidjellyfish

            I do fear typos.

            I guess nightmares do come true.

  • This page is genius. Not only do the images have a random string of numbers after them to prevent accessing future images by following the naming pattern, but the JavaScript source is telling me I’m both awesome and nosy for looking at it.

    Ch’marr, you have just earned even more respect from me.

    • :thumbsup: I’d put a thumb’s up thingy here if WP would do it ๐Ÿ™‚

      And you haven’t even got to the best part, yet… you have a complete copy of the comic, right there in your browser cache! Can you find it? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Grimgrin

        Okay, so I found the control file, (It is so awesome) and it points to a list of what I’m pretty sure are encrypted URLs for the various elements in the story.

        My abilities fail me there, because while i think you’ve had to put the key to decrypt them into the code there I am nowhere near familiar enough with the relevant java-script encryption libraries to decrypt the URLs and reconstruct the story.

        I’m also probably going about this the wrong way.

        Still. Very impressive work.

        • Kaz almost had a heart attack with the information tidbit I mentioned above. So… no more clues until it’s all over.

          Then I’ll happily document the whole thing!

          • TheTurnipKing

            FWIW Kaz, I think most people would probably vote before poking around the source anyway. Most of us will still have accounts from the last time, so it’s by far the path of least resistance,.

          • Kazerad

            My entire concept of security revolves around imperfect information. The idea Ch’marr is acting by, that people can understand a security system and still not crack it is very foreign and scary to me! I’m more comfortable with mindgames.

          • HomicidalDonut

            If videogames have taught me anything it’s that the path of least resistance usually gives you less exp and loot.

          • Dammit now I’m going to poke around some more after my extreeeeemly feeble attempt at bypassing it the first time.

            also there is understanding the security but “understanding” is not “getting into”. These are rather different things. For example I do know how to make a website moderately secure but I am rather novice at hacking into one myself as I have only enough knowledge and tools to set up security but I don’t have the knowledge or tools to crack it open.

          • Dekker3D

            Had a bit of fun poking around. Apparently the key in the control file changes whenever the number of votes updates. I’m guessing the json file is updated using a serverside script that we can’t see, so it might be difficult/impossible to actually see the whole comic by simply fooling Javascript into doing it for us.

            If nothing else, you sure did provide an interesting puzzle to the more curious among us, Ch’marr.

          • well i was looking at it and I rescind my first statement about server side I think its all local.

          • it looks like you are generating the json with a python script possibly called key selector.

            then you are combining sha1 hashes with the next 5 html chars to be the key for the aes strings you are parsing and looping. Problem is there is no way to quickly tell what the first sha1 hash is that kicks off this pancaked ball of security crazyness since every single eas key is the next not-yet-revealed sha1 hash + the next 5 html characters which have yet to be revealed.

            its a neat script with over 4300 keys while being relatively simple in design and being a huge pain if you were to try hacking it brute force.

            and kaz subversion is hiding the front door behind a bush and the activation button is on the other side of the building to open it. This is leaving a really big obvious to use steel door with a 4300 pin tumbler lock on it.

          • my edit didnt take oh well.

            with the key selector script it probably has some predefined keys to select or simply ones to skip as to avoid having half a tag show up in the html or half an image load, this also makes sence considering pro tip #1.

            now if it is truly slick the selector script would be able to parse the html and deliver it where the closing p would not land in the middle of some other tag or an img url and that means no human screening necessary. Basically it would look of an opening < or the start of a and then not generate keys till the > or a happened. This would allow the closing and opening p to be hard coded.

          • psst. a secret. the reference to “key selector”… I know where you got that from, and its totally fake ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • RampantSeaTurtles

            Bah! I want in on the fun of decoding it, but I know next to nothing about coding. The best I’ve done is find some file labeled in my cache. I’m not even sure that’s anything. Oh well. Much to learn.

          • I was wondering that because the script was still working with that error. and i also tried that key with it nearly everywhere. But im not going to decode ~2000 sha1 hashes just to piece together the whole thing unless ofcourse there is a deficiency of votes then my sli gfx cards will be getting a workout. but there is no way to figure out what that first sha1 hash is so this is relatively secure simply because of the sheer number of pancacked sha1 hashes you would need to decode. Basically to go after this you would need to crack the line0 aes code then the whole thing would unravel as it would then be silly to go through that many sha1 codes.

            for anyone wondering how this whole thing works here is a flow chart (im assuming on some of the stuff but it is pretty neat)

            server side encryption script
            coded page human readable –> hash script that takes every 5 characters if there was an open else takes a block of characters till there is an open and encrypts them with aes –> the aes keys are made by adding the previous aes message and key together then encrypting this with sha1 to make the new key for the next aes hash –> writes aes hashes to giant txt file (in reverse order the hash at line0 is the last bit of html code) –> writes aes keys to giant text file also in reverse order –> writes aes salt to json file or passes this to the json creator script

            server side json creator script
            script goes to and collects current number of votes –> uses votes number to determine which aes key to use from the aes key list –> saves the line, array number, or the position of the selected aes key –> writes the aes key “k” the position of the aes key “l” and the current number of votes “v” (possibly also the salt “i” as well depending on how that is handled from the previous script) along with a message controlled by the admin that is not linked to any code according to the admin and some other key value pairs that seem innocuous and possibly a subversion.

            client side
            downloads website html scripts etc, json file, js file, and incredibly long txt file –> runs js file –> grabbs the data from the json file –> places number of votes from json file in the html –> stores the salt as var iv for now –> takes the txt file of aes hashes and parses it into an array of separate hashes which then gets sliced at the aes key position –> this is stuffed into a for each loop that starts at 0 and runs till the end of the array of aes hashes –> the loop function is also given the aes key from the json as well –> the key, the salt, and the hash are then used to produce some of the html which is prepended to the cts array via unshift –>the aes key and the newly decrypted line of html are added together as a string and sha1 encrypted –> this hash is then saved as the new aes key for the next aes hash in the for each loop –> once all aes hashes are decrypted the cts array is joined and the comic is displayed up till the position cutoff.

            (hacker notes: you can change this position number to 0 to start at the beginning of the txt file but the aes key will not match the aes hash at the 0 position. unfortunately i have not found the master list of keys they are in one of the locked out or possibly unknown folders, my guess though is its somewhere in the 400 awesome request folder, Unfortunately what we have in cache does nothing to help us with previous keys since the js script simply adds and there is no way to subtract an unknown string from the current hash to then be left with the previous sha1 hash. This leaves us with only the aes hash at line0 to play with and if one can crack that and get its key then the whole thing unravels)

            stuff i have not found
            where or how the json file is made
            why the html is coming out unbroken and is closed with the correct closing tag. wpautop runs before all the js and so would not have anything to do with the open ended p tags that should be at the end of the revealed comic. The cts array does not contain a closing p and it does not have one added while it is joined. This might have something to do with reload_comic though.

            anyway I’m done fiddling for now neat script.

          • that file you linked to is the website. Very very important all data is there the whole thing beginning to end except in its current form its nearly useless. Crack the eas hash on the very veryfirst line and it will give you the aes key which is essential in decoding it.

          • JnZooer

            I did see for a tiny bit a </ on the screen, right before the command started to show. I assumed this was either a line break or the end of a paragraph that was not fully loaded yet.

          • Reharl

            So, you’re saying trusting other human beings is scary. Valid.

          • Flamester

            I did some poking with a web developer addon for firefox, and found something.

            // Reveal Wizardry (c) 2013 Chris Cogdon
            // Placed under GPL2 licence.
            // You are awesome! (Also nosy).

            function fetch_and_set(url, target, votes, domadjust, scrollto ) {
            function pd(data, start, key, iv) {
            var C=CryptoJS, cts=[];
            iv = C.enc.Hex.parse(iv);
            key = C.enc.Base64.parse(key);
            jQuery.each(data.split(/\r?\n/).slice(start), function (i, v) {
            var ct = C.AES.decrypt(C.lib.CipherParams.create({ciphertext: C.enc.Base64.parse(v)}),
            key, { iv: iv }).toString(C.enc.Latin1);
            key = C.SHA1(ct + key);
            return cts.join(“”);
            jQuery.getJSON(url, function (data) {
            jQuery.get(data.f, function (ct) {
            jQuery(target).html(pd(ct, data.l, data.k, data.i));
            if ( votes ) { jQuery(votes).text(data.v); }
            if ( domadjust ) {
            if ( scrollto ) {
            setTimeout(function(){jQuery(window).scrollTop(jQuery(scrollto).offset().top – 200);}, 0 );

            Hope this helps!

    • 1337H4x0r

      400 Bad Awesome request?


      • 1337H4x0r

        Wait we need to get 4124 votes, not just 3500?

        • Mck

          the sum of “l” and “v” steadily decreases, possibly because of linebreaks/spaces/other extra stuff. so I’d trust Kaz and Ch’marr on the 3500.

          also, love ya too Ch’marr! this was a great little extra adventure into the site code, though I may have wasted a bit too much time on it.

  • thehandsomeone

    Woah, liking the beginning so far, hopefully the flood of fans will happen soon enough that I can see the whole thing tonight. Good luck, Kazerad!

  • Bob

    Dear god the bloody scribble line.

    Its practically TEASING US D:<

    • stupidjellyfish


    • i know it really needs to be ajaxified to auto grow as more votes happen.

  • SkyrimImperial

    Are you sure you won’t get disqualified for cheating? Because I’ll be honest, I truly do like your shirt better than the others.

    • Dealbreaker Jones

      What are you talking about? Cheating? Preposterous!

      He is merely getting the attention of his fanbase to vote for his product.

      What? The comic? I’m fairly certain there is nothing in the rules that says anything about brib- I mean rewarding your fanbase with a nice little comic.

  • Mikhos

    AAAAALLLLLLRRRIIIIIGHT! Round three is final here!

  • Unidentified BA

    So you’ve gone the extra distance to make people ruin their F5 key? Impressive.

  • Lowblock


  • McFrugal

    Hey, it doesn’t say not to vote for the other designs. Should we not vote for them? Obviously, if we were to give them ratings, they should be fair ratings, right?

    • Rogan Josh

      If you vote 5 for any of the other designs you’ll void your vote for this one. The object is to get more 5’s than the rest.

      Of course you should vote how you feel and nothing’s stopping you voting 4-1 on the other designs.

  • Gotta admit, Quill-Weave is bringing sexy back here.

  • If Kaz already put the effort into making it, he will hopefully release the whole thing regardless.

  • A Different Crazy Cat

    Voting completed.

    Whoo! Quill-Weave’s return even though it’s not canon to the story! Although it would be nice to see her again. Without having failed our mission. One thing right would be lovely.

    • Kazerad

      It’s canon! Or the grayscale “Quill-Weave: Take Control of the Situation” part is canon, at least. The evil castle and voting plea isn’t.

      • TheTurnipKing

        I dont care as long as Quill Weave keeps wearing that outfit.

  • Sninjo

    Praise be to Kaze our unholy Overlord whom of wich We devote our everyday lives to.

    and LOL @ the Guy’s face.

    When will Katia Arrive? I must refresh every 500th of a second.
    I’m over here Fangirling.
    And I’m a Guy.

  • I can’t wait for 60 panels of QW and some guy staring at each other! OH BOY!

  • Oh man, that guy’s face! I find it very funny ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Eating

    >”Screw this, screw you”

    Good move, that game wasn’t really going anywhere. Get wasted and buy random pieces of fruit from the market. Like grapes or a pineapple. In case someone needs one. Or something.

    • A Different Crazy Cat

      And watermelon, can’t forget watermelon. In case someone needs one. Or something.

      … I hear fruity totes are in season…

  • This scheme is perfect. There is absolutely no way we could possibly lose this.

  • Nits

    Voted 5 for your submission, 1 for all others (except for two that were actually well drawn, even though I don’t like pony stuff, they got a 2).
    Then went to go make a thread on /co/ to inform the masses, and to my surprise, Kazerad had been posting in a thread that someone else had already made, not to mention that I fucking love this side adventure and that DM already. Its been a pretty good night,

  • Call Now

    I’m not registering to vote for ponies, jesus fuck

    • stupidjellyfish

      Don’t vote for ponies. Vote for Kazerad. Give me the dollar he deserves.

      • stupidjellyfish

        Him*. Sorry.

    • Rogan Josh

      Go ooooooonnnn…

      you know you want to. Do it for Quill-Weave’s cleavage if nothing else.

  • Jix

    Prepare yourself, the butthurt is coming.

  • MrXler


    • MrXler

      Well, actually it would be

      • Link


        I’m assuming he was referring to Kazerad, who is a man-creature =3
        But I guess it could also have been directed at QW, even if I find that less likely…

  • anon

    The bribery update should ping RSS, or else many might miss it.

    • Jeizar

      Agreed !

  • Dynablade

    This unit is programmed to obey all Quill-Weave’s commands. This unit will amass other units to vote.

    Sentinel Force, destroy the competition!

  • Saga

    I don’t normally go for the pony stuff, but eh. It’s for a good cause. Villainy!

    Is the Quillweave strip from the first voting campaign archived somewhere? I don’t think I ever saw it. >_>

    • tronn

      Yes, there’s a link to it on the contest page.

  • Prophet Lord

    Congrats on still having the best design. There’s only 2 other designs that even come close. The rest just wouldn’t look good on a shirt.

  • Prophet Lord

    Having the words cut off is the most frustrating thing in the entire world right now.
    THIS is evil…

    (Also, I like the how the comic loading wheel is a rolling Katia.)

  • Jokes on You

    Wait, is Kazerand a broney (I think thats what its called). Im not really into it myself but he deserves to win :). Seriously, I don’t even have the motivation to draw something simple, let alone to do it for 2 years for people ive never met ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I shall vote and reblog this to everyone I know on tumblr so they shall vote and then their friends shall vote and their friends shall vote and keep going on until there is no more!

    • Ch’marr

      That’s the spirit!

  • Unclever title

    I approve of both this evil plot and its execution in the comic reveal system.

  • SomeShadyGuy

    When Katia eventually returns from Kvatch, Quill-Weave should be LARPing with her friends and she should be wearing that outfit.

    • Faceless Mook

      This. Yes. This should happen. That outfit needs to be canon-ized.

    • Graknorke

      Maybe that way we’ll see it canon by 2020 (if the world hasn’t ended multiple times by then).

  • Bluedraggy

    Wow – just amazing. When I checked it on Friday, Kaz was losing. Now, a bit of help from QW and Kaz is over 1050, with the nearest at 324. And every time I recheck, there’s MORE added. Some may accuse me of cheating, to which I respond in a drunken slur… “Maybe….” but NO, I did NOT vote multiple times with my infinite number of email addresses possible by owning your own domain name. That was my spouse… and my daughter… and my dog… If you think it’s hard to get a dog to login to WeLoveFine and vote, you should have seen the problems I had getting that fly that flew in to vote. Damn legs kept breaking off when I tried to push a dang key. Still, Flyie McFly voted too!

    • Kazerad

      For the record, I don’t encourage cheating! We can win this easily with legitimate votes, so I’d prefer if people don’t do multiple accounts or anything.

      I can assume Flyie McFly voted of his own free will, though. Flies love graphic design contests.

      • Bluedraggy

        Aww, stop being a mopey, aquatic stick-in-the-mud. I didn’t really, but I thought about it! Though you’re right – doing that would potentially invalidate your entry and that would be a bad thing – esp. when it will win anyway.

      • Bluedraggy

        Aww, stop being a mopey, aquatic stick-in-the-mud. I didn’t really – but I thought about it! On second thought though, you’re right. That potentially might invalidate your entry when you’ll likely win without it. I’ll be a good Faceless Mook.

  • LoLbuster

    The squiggly line is evil… EVIL! EVILLLLLLLLLLL!!!

  • xZaebos

    The reload comic button is broken ๐Ÿ™

    • I hate to suggest this, since I’m just about to tell you to do something I want people to avoid doing but…. try reloading the page; you probably got caught in the middle of me fixing things.

      • xZaebos

        Haha, I mean, I wasn’t screaming helplessly. Just thought I’d point something out, since if you put something in there, I’m sure you’d like it to work ๐Ÿ˜›

        Which, means that you’d rather that be used than F5?

  • woundedkneecap

    This is great, I’ll be sure to check in every few hours.

    Nice job, Ch’marr and Kaz!

  • Knightmaresoul

    I love the loading icon

  • MrXler

    For me it just stopped by the word “pineapple”. Global pokerfacing may begin!

  • Rambow Dash

    Even if you don’t like bronys, think of it this way: We’re kinda just screwing up their contest and stealing their money

  • Rambow Dash

    I feel like we might be about to get some exposition the legendary pineapple & yoyo thing

    • All under the guise of some o’ that sweet sweet Japanese censorship!

  • Bob

    Truly am convinced that Ch’ marr is using black magic and sorcery to create this witchcraft.

    • panoz

      more like a lot of flying circus in the background possibly some silly walks and even a little spam spam spam spam spam spam eggs and spam.

  • that’s odd; since when was quill weave an alcoholic?

    • tronn

      Since like always, did you read the comic? She worries about her alcohol intake at the countess’s party, for example.

  • Nullreff

    I think I may have figured out how it works:

    • I think Nullreff may have figured out how it works, too!

  • xron

    So that’s how the pineapple stuff begins.

    • ZizZazZuz

      I think I see where this sequence is going.

      • ZizZazZuz

        Holy fuck. That did not disappoint.

  • kgy121

    Solution to the puzzle?
    Press stone 3, 1, 4, 1, 6.

    • I’d rather have some pie, thank you!

  • I love how Katia enters on the the vote count of 1337.

  • Darkmaniac2283

    I swear if I don’t get to see the end of this, I’ll get angry and then GET CHEESE CAKE!!! Not much else after that except for a bit of depression.

    • LoLbuster

      and suicide…

  • Curtisimo

    Not only did I rate our shirt a 5, I rated all the other ones a 1.

  • Gavinfoxx

    Oh dear. That just got real intense, REAL quick… we have a drunk katia!

  • I voted and then refreshed. Drunk Katia appeared. I was not disappointed.

  • Irrevenant

    My vote is yours, master.

    Or whatever.

  • That doesn’t really sound like Katia. I’m guessing we have another naked, drunk Khajiit running about. Or maybe a hallucination.

    • Ransom

      Well we’ve never actually seen Katia drunk, so, yeah.

  • Furnut


    wait…i can just draw it. >_>

  • So… Is this where we finally get to see the pineapple thingy? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Oh lord, we finally get to see drunk katia for once. I can’t wait to see what happens XD

  • Bob

    This comic is nice. Interesting story though and




    • TheTurnipKing

      OK, so this is… some time ago? I mean, no painted on underwear.

  • xKiv

    And I continue to not receive their activation email(s) …

    • KirovReporting

      Did you check the junk mail folder? ‘Cause that’s where it was for me.

  • Prophet Lord

    Day 1 isn’t even over yet and we’re already half way there.

    Also, I think I may like Drunk Katia better than Sober Katia.

    • Prophet Lord

      I realize now my maths are wrong.
      Point still stands.
      Lots of voting.
      Pretty crazy.

      • MATH IS HARD

        It has, like, numbers and stuff!

  • Thesis

    I feel like I’m being left out of an excellent adventure. Would any kind soul want to help me figure out how to access the site code everyone’s going on about?

    • Thesis

      Ha! Never mind! Found it myself!

      • RampantSeaTurtles

        Help a poor soul out?

        • RampantSeaTurtles

          Wait, nope. I found it too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nega

    Prequel: the only webcomic that compels me to vote for something that I am entirely against!

    • Bob

      What cheating or ponies?

    • Payback

      ditto, why is kaz in a brony contest anyway
      i forgive you for entering a brony contest kaz, but i don’t know if i can forgive you for making me give them my contact information

      • AJS

        Better question: why do you people fucking care? If Kaz/other readers like the series, let them like it. Sit back and enjoy your damn webcomic.

        • Satoru

          Better question again:
          Why do YOU care that others care? Tastes are subjective, and it seems like you’re the one who’s mad about us disliking something, even trying to stigmatise the readers? We’re just having some banter about the ironic circumstance in which we have voted.
          You should be ashamed of yourself, flaming readers like that. Sit back and enjoy your damn webcomic.

          • egg brother

            better question:
            why are we arguing over this?

  • Crorad

    If and when this comic is revealed completely, will the first black screen before ‘you fucked up’ be replaced with this story, or will there at least be a link to it?

  • lluoc

    You have a problem server side. Check the JSON file.

    “msg”: “ZeroDivisionError: integer division or modulo by zero\nError in key selection function\nl:0 v:9001 k:Tm8ga2V5IGhlcmUuIEknbSBmdWNraW5nIHdpdGggeW91IGFnYWluIQ==\n”

    • Oh no! There’s a bunch of crap there in a ‘k’ parameter. I wonder what it could be? I hope noone decodes it!

      • esven

        i: seems to be the iv and k: seems to be the key.

        If I can decrypt k:XUkMfuNkgNnR2KWckpPDTA== I think I can get to the comic even though the key is changed with every update.

        I’d rather not brute force a base 64 AES key if I can help it though. I imagine voting will be over by the time I get a solution.

        Hmm, let’s try a dictionary attack…. It’s not katia or quillweaveisawesome… I give up. Tell me when the pineapple gets involved.

      • Ichabod_Clay

        There doesn’t seem to be a key there. Are you screwing with us again?


        Definitely fun to pick this little puzzle apart. There’s an issue that I ran into though when trying to port code over to C# (my language of choice). It seems CryptoJS allows non-standard key sizes to be used. The symmetric algorithm classes in C# don’t allow this though and I’ve yet to find an answer to what happens in CryptoJS to accommodate keys that aren’t 128, 192, or 256 bits long. So color me stumped on that.

        Also, while I was digging for an answer to that question, I found that there’s an issue with using the same IV for all your encryptions. There’s some sort of sorcery you can apply that can derive the key if the IV stays the same, but that’s beyond me.

        Aside all that, I can’t applaud you enough Ch’marr for all these nifty things you’ve done. You’re definitely a Super Cool Dudeโ„ข and I can’t wait for the next update!

        • Thanks for the compliment! Every time I do something new for Kaz, I learn a new thing, and get to contribute to something that is itself very cool. Alas, I expect the next update will be less bound to wizardly technology ๐Ÿ™‚

          I believe that CryptoJS just truncates the key down to the size it needs. I.e., I fed it 160 bits, so it selects AES128 and truncates the key down to that. Don’t quote me on that, though.

          You’re right about the IV (Initialization Vector). The IV is usually selected randomly so that the same key and similar input doesn’t generate similar output. Since you still need the correct IV to decrypt, it’s stored along with the encrypted data, usually right at the start. Using the same IV over and over weakens the encryption somewhat, but not in any practical way for this application.

          If you haven’t yet discovered this, if you feed CryptoJS a string, it will generate a Key/IV pair using pbkdf2 (I think). Since I’m effectively creating my own CBC (Chain Block Cipher), I’m doing the Key/IV thing manually.

  • Uyoiou

    I made a thing to help get a vote or two from some friends, thought of putting it here.

  • andwhyisit

    Well I think QW’s having second thoughts.

  • xron

    Okay I’ll be the first to say it.

    Dem pixels.

  • Dan

    I am disappointed with drunk Katia.
    I’m not sure what I was expecting from someone who black out after half glass of booze, but I wasn’t prepared to this. She has no dignity, even by incoherent naked drunk standards.

    Do not get me wrong, I still find this all very funny, but I am a little sad for her.
    Tronn must be beaming.

    • tronn

      Actually, I feel kinda sad now that I’ve had to downgrade my opinion of Katia. I hoped even a disappointment like her to have more class than this.

      I know, I know, but what can I say – I’m an eternal optimist.

      • CaeDares

        You do realize that she’s drunk, correct? I hope so.
        This is what drunk people do, except Kazerad added some funny to it.
        So you’re basically saying you’re disappointed with about 70% of the world, excluding me.
        Welcome to the club.

        • tronn

          There’s doing stupid things while intoxicated, and then there’s sitting spreadeagled on a bar counter completely naked trying to exchange sexual favors for more booze. That’s the difference between a person and a bipedal slut animal, really.

          • Gavinfoxx

            You do know that Lord Sanguine curses people to do stuff like this? Right? Right? So she might literally be under a supernatural curse!

      • Dan

        Even you think this is too much! Sorry man.
        I was hoping you would put things in perspective with one of your awesome evil ideas.

    • Omicron

      This is precisely why she is running away from her old life. Presumably, back where she grew up, she did this almost every single evening, likely for many years and starting younger than would be socially acceptable in our world (it was her way of blocking the nightmares, remember). What kind of reputation would that leave her with? Her saying that she disappointed her parents (who gave up everything they had for her, too) and other such things is not just an expression of a lack of self-confidence, it’s a hard, soul-crushing truth. While we may grin at her antics here, we should never forget that it’s the portrait of a life ruined to the very core.

      Stay strong, Katia Managan. You are not that Khajit anymore.

    • Kofiman

      To be honest, I’m very satisfied with this update so far. Katia drunk could be done terribly, but this seems to be both accurate, highly consistant with what we know, and doesn’t provide any easy solutions for her problems via some kind of drunk superpowers.

      That said, I do need to question her weight again if she can literally walk on someone’s head without them noticing.

      • Derrath

        Well, Khajiits do have high Acrobatics~

  • FuzzyZergling

    Katia’s drunk-blush is adorable :3

  • Sninjo

    Katia is still Katia to Me whether she is Drunk or not.

    And tbh if I was there I’d probably try to ya know..Cover her up or something.
    Just *Ahem* out of Kindness. ya know.

  • Omicron

    How evil! You already promised to show us how Quill-Weave and Katia first met if we reached 1000 votes in the first round! How dare you go back on your word and offer the same prize again in round two, you villainous villain!

  • Jaktheferret

    am i the only one who is hitting the reload button over and over again ? I did it the first time and got extra text and was happy then i went crazy with it mumbling under my breathe.

    • JnZooer

      Yes you are, because the rest of us are using that reload comic link under the comic as to not overload the server.

  • indonesian gentleman

    awww snaps, 503 service unavailable on both comic pages! Too much traffic it says, which means your bribery worked. But how can we bribee-to-bes view our bribes?

  • /pco/-friend

    I knew this comic would turn out to be really good.

    Just saying…

  • Bob

    Status report: looking at the other entries, looks like a good few have ragequitted the competition and decided to wait for season 4 of ponies instead seeing that we’re the Only entry in the 1000s.

    As for 2nd place though looks like its gonna be that nightmare moon shirt. Dunno why bronies choose that since it looks Gaudy tbh. Preferred the discord one though or crystallyis sillouette.

    • Dergon

      Honestly, I didn’t like most of the entries.

      Kaz’s shirt actually has a simple, but quite nice design.

      The only other shirt I voted 5 on was the Discord one. Because while I don’t really like MLP, I like Discord. Because John de Lancie.

    • egg brother

      I gave the Chrysalis one a four, but that was it. kaz deserves a five.

  • Roaper

    I’m number 1735. Yay me.

  • Elzipper7

    โ€œYouโ€™ll find something I can do. Andโ€ฆ I wonโ€™t be a completeโ€ฆโ€

    This line, or rather what was almost said, speaks volumes.
    Even while drunk, she’s trying not to be worthless.
    This is to say, even when at the lowest of lows, she’s still trying to rise up and make something of herself.
    The others may be disappointed by her inhibitions here, but I find this little but here to be somewhat inspiring in its own sad way.

    • Derrath

      I thought the same exact thing.

  • Elzipper7

    โ€œYouโ€™ll find something I can do. Andโ€ฆ I wonโ€™t be a completeโ€ฆโ€

    This line, or rather what was almost said, speaks volumes.
    Even while drunk, she’s trying not to be worthless.
    This is to say, even when at the lowest of lows, she’s still trying to rise up and make something of herself.
    The others may be disappointed by her inhibitions here, but I find this little bit to be somewhat inspiring in its own sad way.

    • TheTurnipKing

      What’s really impressive is how far she’s come by her own “Take Control Of The Situation”.

  • TheTurnipKing

    KATIA> Solve the DM’s puzzle. Push his buttons.

  • chimericWilder

    You win again, Kaz. And also Ch’marr.

  • Mokiki

    The yoyo metaphor made perfectly sense to be honest.

  • Satoru

    You’ve played on my two greatest weaknesses, my love for drunken Katia’s escapades and my hatred for ponies.
    Sir, you have my vote every time.

    • mrmrhi

      Aren’t YOU the one who told us not to discriminate tastes in comment #41?

  • OH! You wouldnโ€™t know it looking at me, but Iโ€™m actually pretty good with a yoyo….Also penises.” – Katia Managan

    Katia Managan for president everyone. I’d vote for her.

  • Nodzilla96

    I feel like this is that dead pool moment where dead pool is telling High Moon about how he got 15 million hits the weekend his game announced, and it cuts to him at a computer refreshing, counting. I’ve made 3 accounts with all my emails, counting one million one, *click* one million two, *click*

  • EMPeace

    I put my vote in for your entry :D…

    Also I couldn’t resist putting a vote in for a few others….

    Please don’t be angry with me ๐Ÿ™

    • Miauw


      • EMPeace

        HA! NICE TRY!

        You want to burn me? I’m a dunmer so BRING IT ON!

  • oliva

    Where did that yoyo come from?

  • Rhaz

    You can create fake accounts and vote by using REMOVED

    Don’t do that, guys. Just tell friends, please! -Kazerad

    • Geddoe

      Would evilness know boundaries ?

      • Satoru

        Certainly not! Evil just wishes not to be disqualified for rigging the vote!
        Right, Kaz?
        …You haven’t gone soft on those horses, have you, Kaz?!

  • LoLbuster

    when Katia returns she should find quill-weave completely wasted and should stop her from doing shit she is doing right now. it would show her she isn’t the only fuck up drunk.

  • Nodzilla96

    u just have to find sโ€ฆ something this worthless whore is wood at and Iiiiiโ€™ll work that tab away!

    kinโ€™ earra-sistipple, and wโ€ฆ we donโ€™t know eachother well enough for you to leave forever yet.

    โ€œYouโ€™ll find something I can do. Andโ€ฆ I wonโ€™t be a completeโ€ฆโ€

    Oh God. The feels are too much. What the fuck happened to this girl?

    • Satoru

      I feel dem feels, man. I had a sad.
      Her words are so hopelessly self-reassuring and transparent.
      Cue the drunken hilarity to make us feel better somehow!

      • Nodzilla96

        From what I gather, she thinks she’s worthless, she had a lover or something like that disappear forever, and she thinks she is a complete…. Loser perhaps?

        • Derrath

          Is this your first exposure to the character???

  • Mr Duck

    I thought the line at the bottom was kazerads way of saying to the fans “you just crossed the line”

  • SkyrimImperial

    I don’t know what I find more interesting, the ridiculous amount of coding expertise it takes to confound like ten fans decent at hacking, or the fact that there are fans trying to hack this.

    Either way, there are some seriously smart individuals in this fanbase who could make a lot of money in the programming industry. Perhaps they already are.

    • semotus

      All the important code is being processed server side, so it’s not that difficult to keep us from knowing what’s going on (we’d need to hack the server before we could get at the code). The client side javascript is just laying it out, from what I can see. Good on him still, though.

    • panoz

      semotus is correct. the code is as ch’marr said deviously simple yes very secure. its not hard to hack it it would just take lots of time. Either one would have to find a kink in this wordpress site to inject some code that will spit out a list of files and their contents to your server or email. or you need to brute force the hashes either the aes ones or the sha1 ones.

      to be honest if you wanted it more secure you would simply have a json script look for and retrieve newly updated code from a php script that would break the code at predetermined points. or if you wanted it automated the php would determin the breakpoints itself possibly waiting for an open tag of some sort like a . The awesome part is all the little easter eggs and stuff that was used to throw people off like the custom 400 page or the unnecessary junk in the json file.

      • Ch’marr

        Finding a kink in the WP site wouldn’t have helped. Your browser has all the information needed to produce the comic, except for the key to decrypt the first (and subsequent) blocks. Those keys are not stored anywhere on the WP site, but only on MY personal site, and they’re not even stored in the Web directories. There’s a program on my site that polls the WLF site for the current number of votes, compares it to the target, and then selects how many comic chunks to skip (the ‘l’ parameter) and the key to decrypt that part (the ‘k’ parameter) towards the end. Since the comic is stored in the “crypt” file in reverse order, you’re actually decrypting from a point towards the beginning.

        Cracking the SHA1 hash wouldn’t net you anything other than the mixed contents of the previous key and content. So, yeah, you get an extra block of content (maybe) a bit early. Now, finding a key to crack one of the AES blocks, preferably the first one, would net you the entire comic early, plus a lucrative job at the NSA ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I call this one, crayon quillweave
    Its a portrait of quillweave, nothing too special, did it while i was bored.

  • Soadreqm

    Kazerad. That GM is you. You wrote yourself into a story as that GM. Jesan or whoever.

    …Is the orc playing a wizard supposed to be Ch’marr?

    • Bluedraggy

      Oddly enough, the same thought ran through my head. The only pics I’ve ever seen of Kaz has him in a vesty-like thingy and the hair isn’t too different either. I think Kaz pulled a Hitchcock! (and considering where this is heading, not a bad analogy – I have a feeling we’re soon to see some looks of shock, horror and revulsion at something occuring off-screen.)

  • Bob

    Woooo! We hit 2000!

    Just 1500 more to go ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Togvhr

    How exactly does one make absinthe from only pure ethanol?

    • Occam

      Very carefully?

  • lhsc

    Don’t be so high and might Lizard. just wash that cat’s mouth with some water and soap and get yourself some sexual drunk cat love, because let’s be honest, you are not getting any other love tonight. Damn, even you are not in the mood to show some love for yourself-you are the portrait of the self hating lizard that will die alone and unloved in a bar . just grab the cat now and let the regret to later. the worst that can happen is you buying a drunk cat some cheap ale in exchange for drunk sex as replacement for the true love you don’t have in your pathetic life.
    Yes, look at that naked cat: she must be the most daring creature you ever crossed paths with, she must be the master of her own fate, oh yes, that cat must rule her own destiny with naked drunkenness and live a fulfilling life, having legions of lovers that worship her waiting for her in every city she visit. She must have the most fucking amazing life ever. Trust me, like, i would never ever lie to you. Get that cat, you will fulfill the emptiness of your life with that wondrous naked drunk feline. And it is better than crying yourself to sleep – alone- again…

    • LoLbuster

      dude its call rule 34

    • wf

      da fuq

    • Mother duck

      In a normal situation this comment would be burned at a stake by Peta, but because we’re talking about comics here this comment oddly fits in

    • Actua

      naturally—~y. Alone again….naturally~~——y

    • LoLbuster

      For some reason I read this with a Christopher walken voice. It sounds funny though so try it

  • Hammey

    I wish you would do commissions, That be rad. I just love your style

  • Crassius Curio

    The suspense is killing me! Will they, won’t they, will I learn what the pineapple trick is…so many questions.

    • tronn

      They won’t and you won’t, respectively. Both are kinda obvious, really.

  • And so Katia once again pits Atrylfags vs Katia lovers… who will win? Who will fall? Will we ever see Queen Chrysalis saucy pinups with Katia and Quilweave?

    Stay tuned!

    • Salahir

      Yeah, reward us with porn! Wait, what?! That wasn’t me, some inner bad spirit voice. Or something like that…

  • Ransom

    Quill-Weave is slightly racist! Update TV Tropes!

    It’s weird, like we’re getting updates a little bit at a time.

    • D’Varoc

      I’m pretty sure Quill only said that as another argument against hooking up with Katia, especially considering that most of the stereotypes about Khajiits are also applied to Argonians.

  • someone

    It’s kinda rude to walk down a lesbian while talking about penises.

  • MrXler

    Where that mouth has been? Well, in my mu…actually, no. This pun wouldn’t turn out well.

  • Salahir

    This is so evil, like giving you a little bit of tax decrease for voting a dictator. And if he wins, he dances on the ruined losers and sings a drinking song with all his minions. Hey Kaz, do you need a disciple? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Recruit1


  • FuzzyZergling

    ColorfulHorse6 is my spirit animal :3

  • LoLbuster

    “She could totally be into ladies too! Youโ€™ll never know unless you approach her about it”

    is the next image to pop up going to be the moment she decides to give katia the legendary pineapple of kinkyness?
    pleeaaasssee be it im so annoyed of waiting

  • meow

    I have the weirdest boner right now

  • Actua

    …The competitor closest in terms of votes has 440…damn….I mean just damn.Thats not even fair.

    • Irrevenant

      Evil doesn’t play fair.

  • justsomeguy

    Of all the things I was expecting out of this comic, the last thing I was expecting was confirmation that Quill is in Lesbians but not with Katia.

    So, if I’ve been following this correctly, she went to visit a female friend in another town who made moves on her which lead to some sort of falling out. In the event she was attracted to said friend, that would explain her moping in a bar. She thought it was just a friendship, friend went a bit too fast, and things were just too awkward to stick around.

    Still surprised that Kaz had Quill say anything about it. I would have figured he would have played it as ambiguous as possible just to mess with the fans. Unless….he’s planning on having Quill and Katia get it on later in the plot to satisfy the fans, only to make it the most depressing sex ever where they both end up crying or something.

    I’m watching you Kaz. I’m on to you!

    • Actua

      Hehehehehee… said plot!

    • LoLbuster

      them just crying as there doing it? for some reason that seems hilarious!

      … im a bad person ๐Ÿ™

      • Actua

        Go to your corner. You know which one. Don’t give me that look. I have to, otherwise you wont learn that there are conseqenses for your actions. Im not happy about it. I just wish you would do better. I wish you would be more constructive with your time. I wish I knew how to reach you!

    • stupidjellyfish

      That’s… weird.

      Very weird.

    • Ransom

      Seems he’s making fun of the various commands he receives and the fandom’s obsession with Quill-Weave and Katia as a couple despite Katia clearly stating she isn’t gay. Each of the fake commands represent annoying command tendencies.

      There may be an element of deliberate “ship sinking” here too. Not that that will stop anyone.

    • Prophet Lord

      In the actual game, QW does take regular trips to visit a lady friend in Chorrol once a month. Which is a 36 hour trip. Spends the whole day with her. And then they sleep together in her bed for the night before heading back to Anvil the next morning.
      While she doesn’t right out say, “Hello, I’m a lesbian” in game, It’s definitely implied.

  • theplunderking

    well the contest does seem to be attracting some people anyway… but from the way the comments are going it seems to be the wrong kind of attention. gotta admit, a little creeped out by the recent comments. :/

  • Kvatch Guard

    STOP criminal scum…

    and vote for KAZ!

  • Mr Black

    Ignorant pleb here, what does the red pixel on the fourth panel do?

    • Bluedragon

      Wow. Just… wow. I found the red pixel! Woot! I think it does nothing. It’s just a pixel. It… glows mainly. Red.

    • Interesting red dot, I must say, I would never have seen it until someone mentioned it.

    • Shiggidy

      I feel like you all are just F’ing with me.

      [EDIT] AAHHH I FOUND IT. Just why.

  • Skittish

    So I don’t want to make fake accounts, or even make extra ones with my other emails…but at the same time, it sucks to vote once and then have no way of affecting the pace. -sigh-

    • Teh Sora

      Regardless, at this rate, we might be able to see the end of this update. Faith must be kept for the followers of the Kaz.

      Also, multiple emails is a disgraceful way of forcing it. We might be villains in this case, but I respect you for not wanting to follow that path. Honor among baddies is the way I see it.

  • annoyeduser123

    imo it sucks slightly that one of those command boxes cost 20 votes

  • LoLbuster

    Quill-weave has Lesbo vision? WTF!?

  • draconianwrath

    Before Voting: “You switch”
    After Voting: “You switch on your gaydar”

    LOL, was not expecting that. Must be a hidden Argonian racial ability…

  • Nodzilla96

    Gaydar? Wha-, Whaat?

  • J

    You people are all a bunch of gullible stupid fucks… Bunch of censored Katia tits and you eat it all up, desperate idiots…

    • A Different Crazy Cat

      Well, aren’t you a treat…

    • LoLbuster

      You seem like a swell guy ๐Ÿ˜€

    • tjk

      If we wanted to see Katia’s tits we’d go to find some nice antialiased ones elsewhere. (Heh, Elsweyr).

    • TheTurnipKing

      Dude, she’s a khajiit. I’m pretty sure that deep down I’m at least a little bit racist.

      She is an absoluely adorkable person, though.

    • xZaebos

      Have you freaking considered that MAYBE, just MAYBE we’re interested in the humor and style? Oh no, you haven’t. You assume because there are sexual themes, we’re all here for sexual reasons.

      Arrogant prick.

    • Nega

      You must be fun at parties.

    • DickRichardsOnaStick

      If you actually read the comic you’d know that despite occasional nudity and sexual themes, usually revolving around Katia giving into alcoholism, the series does not do fanservice. Katia’s drunken sluttiness is played purely for laughs.

      I’m actually surprised that there has not even been a Lusty Argonian Maid joke. Not a single one.

  • Ragnvaldr

    Oh, that gaydar is amazing. To make it into an actual ability. And awesome panel work. This whole page has been great.

  • Faceless Mook

    I KNEW something was wrong with this Evil Quill Weave! Where’s her Skull Throne? Kaz is getting lazy. (yeah, like drawing a 60 frame contest teaser is lazy… well… yeah, there is that…)

    • Kazerad

      The skull throne is really tedious to draw!

      Also probably uncomfortable.

  • Squeegy

    Does the gaydar detect bisexuality, though?

  • Bob

    Ha, fist bumping guard cameo ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ransom

    Kaz’s not so subtle message: You can cool off with the fan art guys.

    And dang Katia. Just dang.

    • Occam

      Oh, please, you can’t go on the Internet–even with the most innocent of things–without expecting fan art, yes, of every ludicrous pairing imaginable. If you get a lot of it, well, that means you’re a success! At being popular, anyway.

    • TheTurnipKing

      Really? All I’m seeing is an awesome joke about how Katia eventually ends up sleeping in Quill-Weave’s bed. Repeatedly. And sharing it at least once.

      But I’ve got no Quill-Weave and Katia shipping agenda, myself. If it happens, it happens. If not, Quill is still the closest thing Katia has to an actual friend.

      • Ransom

        I’m kindof making a weak attempt at a joke that seems to have fallen flat. To be fair, the joke about her ending up in her bed hadn’t been revealed yet.

  • Angua Dvorak

    I wish I had gaydar like that. I wonder if it takes the Kinsey Spectrum into account? I want to see big, gay rainbow of people in my Argonian Gay-O-Vision.
    Also, despite knowing it is not meant to be and will never happen, I can’t help wanting QW and Katia to have some sort of…drunken lesbian escapades. My heart hurts for both of them. DAMMIT KAZERAD.

    • TheTurnipKing

      Gaydar is not an intrinsically Argonian ability. Everyone has it. Some better than others, admittedly.

      • Geddoe

        Well, do you ?

      • xKiv

        But it’s easier to tell which people light up pink if you are normally colorblind.

        • Blackie

          … That was a clever answer

  • MrXler


  • Stankloid

    Fun fact: All of us gay people are born with a natural magic gaydar ability such as the one above that we must keep hidden at all costs. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must flee the country…they’ll be coming for me…

  • Galen-Ra


    That got me pissing myself laughing! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Glitter

    Of course Katia doesn’t show up on gaydar.

    She’s bi, not gay!

    Continue with the adorable Quill-Weave/Katia pairings, Internet.

  • Khelt

    Oh dear, a Pineapple.

    • Dyco

      I have been curious about this scene since i started reading this comic.
      It better not be a cop out. XD

      • WF

        Honestly I hope it’s never actually revealed. It’s one of those fun things you wonder about in a story, that’s what makes it funny. :3

        • needsomemiracle


          I want unsubtle hints, not a detailed depiction.

  • Augur

    Sober: Run up some stairs then trip, fall, and throw your backpack full of expensive junk at the one stone in the immediate area.

    Drunk as hell: Hang off some chandeliers like a spider-cat while drinking more alcohol.

    If only we could coax her latent alcohol-fueled ninjitsu without drinking…

    • TheTurnipKing

      Actually, you may have forgotten but Katia’s “feline agility” was how she managed to get away from the imps in the first place, and she just chased Stephane around half of Kvatch.

      Even the best skilled person can have a critical failure from time to time.

      • Augur

        Oh yeah, you’re right. I still find it’s funny that she dropped all those bottles on that one stone. I have moments like that almost every day. Like I dropped my guitar pick while playing, and of course it falls on its side and rolls far under this heavy oak desk I have covered in a bunch of tech. R.I.P. favorite yellow pick! xD

      • sabata2

        Your comment makes me wonder if Kazerad has a d20 that he rolls at critical moments to see if Katia will fuck up or not, leeway given based on the favor in the commands thread.

        • Soadreqm

          He has a d20 with 1 on every face.

          • Derrath

            Hm…I just can’t see Kaz being named “Luke” for some odd reason…

  • lhsc

    wow, Katia is not gay. That ruin all those 8.390.000 pages of fanfiction I wrote where she and Quill get married and live happily ever happy, having natural born lizard-cat babies, in aberrant disregard for all laws of genetics and reproduction at the same time.

    • LoLbuster

      you too!?

      • Actua

        Gaydar doesn’t detect bi. At least not normally. You can get an upgrade is you live in the city of brotherly love, but in general it only picks up opposite charges.

  • Panzer

    Is San Francisco just a big blinding pink blob with the gaydar?

  • Man of Mer

    I just now realize what’ll happen to the pineapple.

    • What?

      • Bob

        My fear is what the bartender said before: “I’ll have to JUICE a pineapple”.

        There’s your hint.

        • needsomemiracle

          Oh no.
          Oh no-o nonono.

          That is too extreme.

  • TheTurnipKing

    Oh god, the unicorn. lol.

    I guess he’s not merchandise yet, but by the look in Katia’s eye I don’t think it’s going to be long.

  • LoLbuster

    is the absence of colour in the comic disorienting anyone else?

    • Nope.

    • bob


    • Satoru


  • xron

    Is Kaz trying to tell us something with that gaydar in reference to the guy that looks like him?

    • Actua

      Don’t think so…but if he were queer we’d still be here.

  • sabata2

    So, Kaz… What’s the plan if we don’t make it to 3.5k?

    I seem to recall us bottoming out at ~2.5k at the last vote.

    • Jumza

      This will never happen.

      Prequel > Ethical Behavior

      • sabata2

        I hope we don’t resort to that. I don’t want Kaz to lose out on the prize because he was accused of cheating.

    • sabata2

      I should have more faith in the fandom… we’re only a few hundred away.

  • Rhaz

    In the latest part of the comic,
    “Iโ€™veโ€ฆ Iโ€™ve this got great party trick”

    Should be “Iโ€™ve got this” ?

    • kgy121

      Note: She is drunk as fuck.

  • Blezmo

    so now we know that the “gay racist fucks” (the elves from the bar/restaurant) aren’t actually gay.

    • Squeegy

      Actually, they weren’t in view when her gaydar was on.

      • Augur

        I now kind of want QW to look at the elves with gaydar-o-vision and get nearly blinded by the purple lens-flare.



    • Actua

      I think you mean up in THERE!

  • TheNoobzTubez

    I clicked 5 unquestioningly. Then I made all my friends sign up and do it as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kelroe26

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  • Link

    This extra comic just keeps getting more and more amazing =D
    Love how Katia just walks all over poor mopey QW =3

    In other news: it seems the “Reload comic” button at the bottom has been borked, it’s just text now. Not that F5 doesn’t work, but still =)

    As for the voting, I voted fairly for the others, none got more than a 4 though =P
    There were a couple of other really good submissions though =3

  • Bluedraggy

    It had to be done. If not by me, someone else would have…
    No sweat – completely work/family/child safe.

    • Jeizar

      The link seems to be broken.

      • Bluedraggy

        Hmm. works for me. Well anyway it’s up at the facebook fan page anyways. Probably a better place for it anyway.

      • Bluedraggy

        Ah.. caching issue made it look ok to me. Sorry for wasting space.

        • socksthefox

          Nope! People just need to copy/paste the URL instead of visiting directly. It’s FA’s anti-hotlinking system.

  • xZaebos

    I think the gaydar thing was to push past the idea that Katia is gay so the plot can continue…because I really don’t wanna get hung up on this.

    Unless it’s funny.

    • Actua

      No one cares what it was “supposed” to do. Gaydar doesn’t work on bisexuals. It is known.

  • Uhh…

    Hate to burst your bubble, but I REALLY don’t think you’re going to get to 3500 votes..
    It seems like the thing has stalled out at 2.5k, and hasn’t budged all day..

    What now? ๐Ÿ™

    • Conroe

      You get to tell all of your friends about it to get them to vote. Or just never see the entire comic.

      • Actua

        You shut yer whore mouth.

        • Conroe

          Kids these days. Straight to insults when they don’t like the situation.

          • Actua

            That was not an insult. That was schtick. If I wanted to insult you Id point out that you missed something that obvious like an idiot…though I could have added a smiley.
            Besides, where in the rules of the internet does it say that I must be nice to others?

      • That’s exactly what I did. XP

  • Caesar Salad

    Can we get a “jump to the bottom of the comic” link at the top of the page?

  • Blezmo

    on that last panel u didnt place the pixel blur correctly

    I can see her nipple-less left titt

    • Actua

      You are confused good sir.
      Nipple-less left boob.
      Titt or rather “Tit” is a corruption of Teat refering to the nipples specifically, whereas boob refers to the entirety. Within art, some refer to brests without nipples or those covered by fur to be booblets. To be sure this is not a connotation of size but rather that they feel unfinished, the image being raw rather than a full detail drawing, as with drawing shapes as a basis for a rudimentary characer skeleton.
      Tune in next time when we’ll tackle bottoms. Butt or Booty? And should it clap?
      This has been Actua, with Names of Anatomy!

      • LoLbuster


  • das

    meh, ‘first’ since the comments moved

  • Neo

    Don’t think you’re out of this just yet, Kazerad! Sexuality can develop over time ;D

  • Anybody else having problems with opening the comic using google chrome? I can’t seem to load the page although my javascript is enabled ๐Ÿ™ I can only view in with Internet Explorer

    • TheTurnipKing

      I’m afraid not. It seems to work as intended on Chrome (Version 28.0.1500.95 m) here

      • Hmm it’s working now. Thanks anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lhsc

    “No, you are perfectly content to stare at this wooden countertop until itโ€™s Gettinโ€™ Plastered Time. You harbor no curiosity regarding the nonsensical sequence of events that have transpired around you.”
    hahahaHAHAHAHAHA…no. See Quill, we are the voices in your head, the ones that wake up you at 3 A.m. and torture you with doubt over things like “is the front door open?”, “there is a monster hidden under my bed waiting me to sleep so it can eat my face?”, and we want to see the cat doing drunk cat stuff with the pineapple. So if you want to sleep again in your life, pay attention to the cat. Also, you like nude female bodies, everybody knows, so shut up and look at that ass, is free. Also we, the voices in your head would like to point out that the barman knows you have the hots for the cat. Murder him.And call him a racist.

  • I voted ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kasaru

    I’m sorry. I can’t bring myself to even look at anything Pony… not for Quill-Weave, not even for Katia… well, we’ll see how long I can contain myself…

    • TheTurnipKing

      DO IT. We need more votes!

  • DarknessAverted

    I just checked out the competition. No one except this one has more than 500 five ratings, and this one has over 2600. This is just… TOO evil XP

  • Geddoe

    Well, the number of votes seems to be stuck around 2700 or so and only quite slowly grow.
    I’m beginning to wonder whether we shall see the rest of it and if that’s the case, when.
    After all, as others do point out, we’ve outmatched everyone else, speaking in terms of votes.
    It may be safe to say you’ve won, Kazerad, yet it is less likely that we’ll reach 3500 votes by the next few days.

    Will there be, as I hope, a limit of time (as for example the duration of the voting rally) until the entire page will be unraveled, if perchance our votes can’t completely unravel it on their own ?

    • Prophet Lord

      I’m pretty positive that he’ll reveal the whole thing once the contest is over. I think he’s banking on his obviously crazed fanbase to want to see it early though. Even if he’s guaranteed a victory, I’m fairly certain many of the people here would rather take to the streets and beg for votes rather than wait the entire length of the contest to view the ending of this comic.

      • Faceless Mook

        Probably so Prophet Lord, but Kaz does enjoy playing with mass psychology. Getting us to vote is easy, he did it last time. Just reveal a password by some method after you vote. But that’s not the game this time. This first few days was easy and expected, but I believe that the main goal with the slow unraveling is NOT to win the contest (though certainly an important part), NOR to get YOU to vote. Both of those he could accomplish with the prior password method. No, this is deeper than that. The goal is to get YOU to go find OTHERS – to vote AND to promote Prequel. You won’t do that till you feel pain. The fanbase is just now finally starting to feel some pain. Now is NOT the time to reveal the rest – nor is it in his best interests to even say he WILL reveal the rest after it’s over. In fact, it’s probably even better to NOT EVER reveal them – though I bet he will anyway. No, you gotta feel pain first.

        • Geddoe

          I don’t think any eagerness to see the following parts of a yet to be continued fiction would draw me towards feelings such as pain and I highly doubt that’d drive me to do anything in my power to see aforementioned parts. I only feel mild annoyance but still more than enough satisfaction checking it once a while and realizing a few bits were unraveled.

          If anything, I’d say Kaz is teaching us how to be patient and slowly enjoy his work instead of indulging in immoderate reading without any thoughtfulness for his efforts.

          Anyways, it does sound better than artificially drawing new readers, plus he only invited people to vote, not to read the story, and there’s no obvious connection between his design for the contest and Prequel. Many people voting probably don’t even know about it.

          • Prophet Lord

            “If anything, Iโ€™d say Kaz is teaching us how to be patient and slowly enjoy his work”
            I think he already does that by only updating the main comic every month and a half.

    • xKiv

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Kazerad expected ~2700 votes and planned the unveiling to cliffhanger before pineapple meets yoyo.


    KAZERAD! people think that Samba’s “Luna Galaxy Silhouette” is YOUR design. THEY ARE VOTING FOR THE WRONG DESIGN!!!

    • TheTurnipKing

      What? Why would they think that?

    • Some Person

      Just here to second this observation. If you look at the comments for the images, there are comments form people saying they’re voting for Katia under the Luna Galaxy design.

    • Mikhos

      What an interesting mishap, no doubt these must be the new readers.

    • sambaneko

      MWA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!! …. Yeah, you seem to have a few confused minions. Might wanna clear that up, otherwise I might get, like, TEN EXTRA VOTES from you guys. That would be horrible.

      • Just another Vigil of Stendarr

        The vigils will have your head.

        • sambaneko

          Aww man… Would somebody who’s played an Elder Scrolls game provide me with a clever, contextual reply to the good Vigil? I’m a little short-handed here….

          Thanks in advance.

          • Chocolate Cake

            Isn’t Stendarr the MOTHER F*CKING GOD OF MERCY!?!?
            Wait, I think he’s also the god of justice…. Never mind.

          • Nohvakiin

            So when does the contest end? How much time do we have to get those last 200 votes?

  • Geddoe

    Suddenly seeing an opponent to Kaz in this contest rising, although for silly reasons, does strike me as funny and interesting.
    That’d provide challenge, as we wouldn’t know in advance who’d win with thousands of votes over the other artists.
    I don’t know whether ’tis true and to what extend, and it probably isn’t much of a problem, but that does appear to me as amusing.

  • Dapper Hat

    Try clicking Quill-Weave’s face at the bottom for a surprise.

    • Actua

      Click it really fast.

      • byrd

        I love this.

    • JnZooger

      I dont get it, nothing happens.

  • mmist

    She should kiss the drunk girl. Girls who kiss girls in bars often get brought free drinks. (even straight girls. …especially straight girls)

  • A Different Crazy Cat

    Whuh oh. The Horrible Roleplayer is at it again…

  • Calypso

    I cannot stop clicking the Qull-Weave spinning head at the bottom. One click, one spin. Two clicks, quick spins. Lots-o-clicking? Wheeee!

    • TheTurnipKing

      I feel like her eyes should keep spinning after her head stops.

  • Kal Tol’Roth

    Horrible Roleplayer got it a bit wrong. The quote is “An object at rest tends to stay at rest, while an object in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon by outside forces.” Newton’s Law, though, is “When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either is at rest or moves at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.”

    Though we all knew what he meant. (the Newton’s Law bit I had too look up, so my Geek Card isn’t as shiny as I’d like..)

    The suspense is killing me! I’m at the edge of my seat waiting for the rest of the comic.

    • Marvelous TK

      You’re looking for accuracy from… Horrible Roleplayer. … ‘Kay.

      • Kal Tol’Roth

        Not really, but my inner anal retentiveness sorta came out when I saw that. It doesn’t help that there’s a commercial that gets the phrase wrong also, and they show it constantly around here, so I’m already a little annoyed at people who get the quote wrong. Once and a while wouldn’t be bad, but I’m tired of it happening so often. It’s nothing major, I just felt compelled to point that out.

        Now, back to waiting for the rest of the comic. :3

  • DickRichardsOnaStick

    So this side story is canon, right? So that means that shady priest and Queen Bitch were there that night?

    • Prophet Lord

      Different City. This is taking place in Anvil, not Kvatch.

  • Erik

    Your wish has been done, Mistress.


  • Only 492 votes to go! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • comkiller

    I’m disappointed how long it took me to realize that the commands were not real people…

  • Mikhos

    Argh, so close…so freakin close!

  • Rengyan

    Lizard boobs

    • tjk

      I… What?

    • Zzzzzx

      They actually wouldn’t be lizard boobs, since mammary glands are only possessed by mammals, not reptiles, and so Argonians would be scaly mammals that just happen to look like lizards
      The End.

  • Actua

    All that glitters is not gold. We have edible body glitter for that. Unfortunately for the both of them, this is going to turn straight to merde.

  • tjk


  • Mermaid Man

    Ha 3000 votes. At this point just comparing them to the other entries this is not fair. it’s evil. KAZ EEEVIIILLLLL!

    What ensued soon after:

    • Mikhos

      Whilst doing it all for the lolz.

  • theplunderking

    wow… so katias “trusted friend” is the one that compounded her problems with the damned pineapple. I hate to say it but M. night would be proud!

    • tjk

      This was revealed when Katia first met Quill-Weave (while sober, I mean).

  • Quill-Weave’s gone…

  • Sninjo

    Oh no.
    Quill is now in possession of the Pineapple.

    Katia Don’t use said obvious Party Trick!

  • Ransom

    She has a pineapple!

    First new art panel in awhile. She looks hilariously awkward.

  • LoLbuster

    VOTE!!!! SOMEONE VOTE!! were so close :(. PLEASE FOR HE LOVE OF AKATOSH (thats the time god right?), SOMEONE VOTE!!!!

    please…. i want to see the pineapple

  • Menen

    Holy crap that Male Argonian in the new panel is SO HOT

    • SS

      That was actually my first thought too.

  • Actua

    I reiterate, it will all turn to merde.

  • MaximumCarnage

    The pineapple is in play, repeat, the pineapple is go! All hands to emergency stations!

  • Emberage

    This was the plan all along! Nobody else will vote, and so we are only left with a pineapple in Quillweave’s hand! We’re still left with the noodle incident! I mean, pineapple incident!

  • Lolwut the Khajiit

    326 to go…………………

    • Actua

      4 panels left….

  • zeke

    “Not interested” you thought… “A bit racist” you thought. Never gonna happen… And the result of those arguments?

    “Here’s a fucking pineapple!”


  • Sninjo

    For the love of Akatosh
    We’re about to see the Moment in which the party trick is used.

    Though it is a bit saddening and somewhat inspiring to see how Katia was and IS drunk.
    (Inspiring in a sense of how even when drunk She tries to not be a Failure)
    Though I guess i can relate somewhat.

    Our Khajiit has come a long Way since this moment.


  • Ruinous

    Bah, we all know we’ll never know what that trick is. Whatever that is, it must be somewhat explicit.
    Last panels will probably be Quill’s horrified face as she stares into the abyss of feline depravity.

    • Bluedraggy

      You have to admit, anything depicted would fall far short of expectations. Imagination is much more powerful that reality. A look of disgust at something occurring offscreen is expected but that’s ok! I’m just wondering with such a short bit left to go if there will be any explanation of how she ends up in QWs home with GroUpp(sp?).

      • Ruinous

        I dunno, I can’t think of many interactions between a pineapple and an orifice.

        • Ransom

          Cartoon physics and rule of funny my friend. QW is gonna look horrified, then get handed a glass of juice by Katia.

  • Contrast

    Is that Hauls-Ropes-Faster? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cheesybob

    That panel where Quill bursts out of the door with a pineapple is the best thing I have seen on the internet, ever.
    I love when things go totally bonkers.

    • Bluedraggy

      I couldn’t agree more completely!
      Hey… what’s that thing on Katia’s head? It looks like… well, it looks like… no, I won’t say. It would skew other’s perception. What does it look like to you? I have my own opinion but surely it’s just my depraved mind.

      • Irrevenant

        Looks like a g-string, to me.

        • kgy121

          So she came out of the bar wearing MORE clothes than when she went in.

      • Graknorke

        I’m pretty sure it’s an eyepatch. Since she is stood right next to a chiseled sailor looking type.

  • Chocolate Cake

    thats it. everyone break out your extra accounts.

    i am joking. except only half.

    • Mikhos

      That my dear friend depends, there comes I time and place in every man’s life…oh wait wrong quote. There is just a certain line that evil cannot cross, and this is that line. Lest you succumb to your own avarice, I would advise against crossing that line…yes the line at your feet, don’t cross it.

      • Chocolate Cake


        … wait, when did I get feet?

  • Deedee

    Well. only 275 Votes to go. Lets rock this!!

  • lhsc

    ” I want to see what the hell you could possibly do with a pineapple”
    and that’s how Quill found the love of her life.
    or a new horrifying fetish.

  • Still not voting because of the coloured horse nonsense you decided to go with, on top of that, I just realized it’s a t-shirt which is taking that crap to the general public.

    However, again, I love your comic and good luck.

    • Chocolate Cake

      Why do you hate this comic and it’s entire fanbase?

      • Lolwut the Khajiit

        *and the majority of its fanbase

        Personally, don’t like the show, and the more loud-mouth bronies who watch it. (By this I mean the ones who give it a bad name, the rest of you I can deal with.) But if it means seeing a drunk and naked Khajiit do probably unspeakable things with a pineapple and a yoyo, so be it.

        • Chocolate Cake

          I was talking about prequel.

          • LoLbuster

            But phrozenfox was talking about bronies

  • Shadow Wolf

    Quill Weave in Shadowknight/Evil Overlord gear makes her look stunning as a femme fatale..

  • Gorbash

    if you save the page for offline viewing then open it in firefox with certain dev tools on and some addons I wont specify that let you stop scripts from loading on their own but let you step by step allow them and the one that gives you a description and full info on what each script is doing as you let it progress you might just be on the right track to viewing the cached full page >.>

    This did not go where I thought it would, and my perverted side is amused but not entirely satisfied with where it ended up.

    • Trout Face


      • Gorbash

        bah, it would have been something awesome if I had managed it right after this started, instead I wasted all that time to what? Shave off a night at most before votes take care of it.

      • Ruinous

        Bastard? He’s being more villainous than Kaz himself. He should be congratulated.

      • Trout Face


    • Ch’marr

      Except… I know my stuff.

      All you would have ended up with is trying to crack AES decryption which, if you could do so, you’d be offered a very lucrative job at the NSA ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ransom

    “I can totally make all the friends.”

    Somehow that sort of snapped me back to the realization that this is, fictional and absurd as it is, about a drunk woman publically humiliating herself. Quill Weave looks like she’s regretting her choice now. It kindof adds new dimension to Katia and Quill Weave: QW feels intense guilt over her own actions, hence her eagerness to give her a chance.

    • LoLbuster

      I hope when katia comes back she finds quill-weave completely wasted and has to keep her from doing things similar to what she did. It’s be both hilarious and sad at the same time ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Chocolate Cake

    150 left. vote if you haven’t

  • Mysterious Stranger (No Relation to Cap. S)

    I have joined the legions of bored readers/voters, who all undoubtedly watch and wait to see what pineapple-related escapades await!

  • Heart of Anequina

    you scallywag! it’s actually working! XD

  • kamper

    99 to go at time of posting

  • Chochi

    Mister McBartending had enough shit for today

    • Mokiki

      Well not entirely. He is still kinda there ;P

  • bobucles

    I’m only voting in the vain hope that one day we’ll finally figure out what happened to that LUSTY argonian maid.

  • Kazerad is still not going to show the pineapple trick, is he?

    • Ruinous

      Of course not, it’s the job of dubious artists of little virtue.
      Though some already drew their interpretations.

      • Nodzilla96

        Oh God. I looked it up, and it’s…. well, lets just say young prequel readers stay away.

        • whoop de doo.

        • Ruinous

          Let’s be honest, it’s more of less what we all have in mind.

  • Ben Kenobi

    Kaz is also just 70 shy of having more votes than every other entry, combined.

  • 83 votes more… And still no sight of the pineapple trick

  • tjk

    What happened to frame #14?

  • Kaytavo

    25 to go

  • Actua

    I just realized. They arent going to have enough shirts.

    • needsomemiracle

      So villainous!

  • Ichabod_Clay

    I’m just as excited to find out what Ch’marr used as the starting key to encrypt this side story as I am about the actual end of the story. If it’s just some randomly generated string then I shall be sorely disappointed. Multiple fists will be clenched and shaken at the sky in faux anger!

    Multiple fists!

    • I’m so glad you asked ๐Ÿ™‚

      The key to unlock the entire comic is XNjc/JAgC9B49VXjqrc/rikgN3g=

      Which is the BASE64 encoding of…

      The SHA1 hash of…

      “Noses on dowels.”

      • Ichabod_Clay

        String to SHA1 hash, then to Base64 for safekeeping. Deliciously ingenious.

        But “Noses on dowels.”?


        • Ch’marr

          You’re right. It really should have been “Ha ha! Noses on dowels.” ๐Ÿ™‚

          And, “in” before anyone suggests that I should have PBKDF2’d the key along with a salt: That’s only important if I intend to use the key anywhere else. Which I won’t, obviously.

  • Furnut


  • Tettix

    I just now realized that even the eye on the Mages Guild sign is watching. Can’t decide whether hilarious or creepy as fuck.

    • Wow I didn’t see that until someone said so ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ganelon

    Katia’s stunt is so impressive, even the Mage’s Guild sign can’t look away.

  • Actua


  • tjk

    Aaaand it’s done! That was great. Good job everybody!

  • tronn

    There’s Mysterious Fluid on the ground…

    • Actua

      Thats noodle sauce. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tjk

    Good job guys! Can’t believe it – 3,500 people. Very nice!

  • weesh

    So glad you left it as a noodle incident…

  • Furnut

    yay! congrats! goal accomplished! ๐Ÿ˜€

    *gives everyone pineapples*

    • Actua

      I want to thank the academy! I want to thank the little people-the Smurphs.. They were always there for me when I was blue. I want to thank Dole. Great pineapples! And finally Katia! We bothknow where this thing ha been…that takes some real dedication and I love you for it! Im just completly blown away lik your about to be-FUS-RO-DAH!

      • Furnut


        • theplunderking

          เฒ _เฒ 

  • Wabajack the staff

    curent rates anybody?

  • RiverMend

    Whoooooo 3500 votes! Booze o’ clock time!

  • Mokiki

    Brilliant Ending ๐Ÿ˜€ and grats to 3500 votes!

  • stupidjellyfish

    Great stuff, Kaz. Ignited the child in me who awaited new episodes of Dragon Ball Z every week.

  • Bob

    Hurrah we’ve done it my fellow minions and zerglings!



    • theplunderking

      what a pro ๐Ÿ˜€

    • FuzzyZergling

      Wait, there are other zerglings here?
      I thought I was the only one!

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    Ugh, I’m glad it’s finally over. Let’s not do this again anytime soon, please?

  • Teh Sora

    That damn orc just standing in the background. What a punk.

    • theplunderking

      when i look at him it reminds me of the episode of futurama where they go back in time and kill hitler.. if only that worked right now
      Giant lizard: kill ork

  • God

    The only reason I’m doing this is because I love cheating, and this is cheating to vile monstrous degree.

  • Ruinous

    I’m sorta disappointed how the last panels are more or less the same. It feels a bit lazy.
    Otherwise that was a fun arc.

    • Nah

      It’s subtle, but they are different.

      Everyone is reacting to the pineapple trick, which is still in progress at the end.

  • SoulEchelon

    I was hoping the whole “pineapple” trick would’ve been some sort of twist. We ALL assume probably the same thing about what’s happening offscreen, but wouldn’t it have been hilarious if it was just a really zany trick? Or maybe something that has to do with her latent magical abilities, and she can only do it while drunk? I absolutely love twists like that.

    Still, the ending was hilarious and now we have insight into both how truly outrageous Katia can become while drunk and Quill-Weave’s own problems.

    • needsomemiracle

      Probably the same thing? I honestly don’t know where to let my imagination flow so that the trick would be crazy and indecent and at the same time wouldn’t bring about terminal injuries.

  • QV

    Ch’marr: You’re awesome.

  • Ransom

    As a wrap up: Looks like Quill Weave’s attempt at being more fun loving backfired. So did she drink her guilt and horrifying memory away till she passed out and slept at the tavern? And that’s why she wasn’t home to see her place get occupied by said drunk Khajit and Orc? Who knows?

    I wonder if we’ll see Wilbur again? Barkeep counselors are great. Heck, create a Cheers/Elder Scrolls style spin off. Has there ever been a fantasy setting Cheers parody? As big a fixture as taverns are in DnD style settings there should be.

  • justsomeguy

    Not bad once it was finished. I liked it for two reasons. First off, I finally understand QW’s motivation in regards to Katia. It’s a mixture of wanting to prove to herself that she isn’t a stick in the mud, and shame in helping Katia degrade herself in front of most of the town, triggered by the comments Katia made while drunk, and Katia’s actions and words while sober. She feels like she accidentally screwed over Katia socially while Katia is trying hard to not be a social outcast like she was back home.

    And second, because Kaz spelled out plain as day to all the shippers that QW and Katia will NEVER do anything together. Slowly hammered out over a few days, to insure the message got through. Now we can get back to making the cat cry.

    My only complaint is that updates are already irregular and sporadic as it is, dragging one out over a few days just makes it feel even more glacial. While I do support the idea of picking on MLP fans, I much preferred round 1’s method of revealing the comic. It’s not like there was any competition that would require 3500 votes to win, and dangling the comic bit by bit most likely encouraged many to create smurf accounts just to unlock it quicker, which only gives the judges a reason to disqualify the entry.

    Ch’marr, don’t let Kaz talk you into this sort of thing again. Next time he says “It’s Javascript time!” you scream “NO KAZ NO!” until he puts the belt down.

    • justsomeguy

      Forgot one thing. Thanks for taking /co/’s suggestion about the eye on the sign. It really fits well.

    • andwhyisit

      To be fair every time someone suggested the idea of voting multiple times they got dissuaded from doing so by Kaz.

      Second of all the first method of punching in the name of the shirt can only be done once. The first method encouraged you to register to reveal the name of the shirt voting after that is a one-click action. Most of everyone had already registered and the shirt and description are available from the Round 1 winners list without having to log in. Fact of the matter is that you have nothing you can use for a password that isn’t publicly available if you want to repeat the first method.

  • MsMeow

    Ah I knew you guys wouldn’t show the actual trick, sadly. ๐Ÿ™
    Overall was a really good short comic though the ending seemed a little lazy, since they were mostly the same panels….
    Oh well. Have fun with your monies and other winnings Kaz ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kamper

    Lol Still voting for the hell of it.

    Who knows maybe Kaz will give us a bonus > bonus page for crushing them under our boots

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    oh Ch’marr, even after the voting has ended you still fiddle with js on the comic page.
    the spinning dizzy QW is awesome!

    • Galen-Ra

      I am so happy aboout the fact that Kaz (or Ch’marr) added this feature! YOU LISTENED! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • TheTurnipKing

      Me too. Spinny eyes!

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    Looks like Kaz won’t outnumber all the pony voters combined. He’s about a percent short – 49 percent Kaz vs 51 percent pony. His total lead is also just under 3k.

    • Gene

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    • catchTwentythree

      That assumes no duplicates, though.

  • Octane

    I feel like there should be a spin-off to Prequel that deals with Quill. Either runs parallel to the main story like the previous comic, or otherwise.

    • Bluedraggy

      As canon, I’d reject any not made by Kaz, and his time’s already taken up with the main story (I’d die if it took any longer!). However, Evil Quill Weave and her alternate universe is RIPE – esp. since she may never appear again. Furnut made a damned good start here: if you’ve not been following the fanart comments.

    • TheTurnipKing

      Legally, Quill-Weave is complicated by the fact that she’s actually a character in Oblivion.

    • needsomemiracle

      We already switched protagonists in Prequel a couple of times. Who’s to say we won’t get to ride Quill-Weave at some point?

    • name

      A… pre-quill, as it were?

  • cuntfart

    Voted all 1’s because not even bribery will make *any* of those designs good. Sorry Kazzy.

    • You cuntfart..

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      • Wabajack the staff

        +1 speechcraft

  • Dynablade

    So they announce the winner today, as if it’ll be any surprise.

    What will Kaz do with the money, that’s something I’ve never heard..? Rent/food and more artsy stuff?

  • Shaun

    “What does “Exacerbate” even mean?!”, I would ask.
    “What happened just now, that’s what “exacerbate” means”, would Quill-Weave answer me.
    “Oh”, I would say. And I’d fall silent, comprehending. I would think about offering everyone a Cornetto, but I wouldn’t want young Ms. Managan there to do the same pineaple-trick to the Cornetto. No, I wouldn’t offer anybody a Cornetto.

    I would await the next turn of events with a lot of interest!

  • Wabajack the staff

    hey how contest ended?I am paranoid fucka and when they asked my for address i lost my courage to vote so can somebody tell me kazerads score?Is he first?

    • Dovahkiin

      That was optional

  • Jara

    Victory! Proving that a Pony Zerg for a villainous Overlord/mind is just as effective as…any other kind of zerg for a villainous Overlord/mind.

    Although upon looking at the number of runners-up, with small cash rewards for quality artistic work and considering the free publicity they recieved I am forced to conclude that We Love Fine is the most villainous of all. Well played, evil schemers, well played.

    (As an aside, any chance the comic could be posted without the javascript now that it’s over? My computer or web browser doesn’t like it. And I do have javascript on.)

  • Actually, Kazerad has said that he requested for the money to be spread out. Something about wanting to be a good sport and that he wouldn’t have been able to drink $2500 worth of margaritas anyway.

  • Graknorke

    I am actually kind of concerned just how much more competent Katia is while drunk.
    She could probably pull a Sigrid at the correct level of drunkenness. I mean, for a drunk she’s pretty alert and aware of what’s going on around her. And she can still pull some pretty good acrobatics so her motor skills aren’t too impaired. Besides that, she managed to persuade at least one person to give her more alcohol without any delivery of sexual favors.

  • The_Rippy_One

    I came too late for the contest – any chance to see the rest of the comics? (Or, are they displayed along with the previous set?)

  • Guest

    Hmm… fuck it, I’m gonna go ahead and speak my peace.
    Quill-Weave makes kind of a sexy villain, all things considered.
    I could see her being the leader of a cult, she pulls it off well.