Mar 192011

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> Welp


acerbicAves wrote:
> Make inquiries about the nice lizardlady’s name and occupation

You nervously sidestep the topic and attempt to do introductions instead. Hi I’m Katia Managan, what’s your name and what do you do I guess. Sorry.

Oh gods, awkward silence. You should’ve jus-

She introduces herself as Quill-Weave. She’s a novelist, and mostly writes stories about the gritty, merciless struggles of the lower classes. She admits that might be why she finds you interesting; you have basically introduced her to a whole new level of lower-class. You thank her, but aren’t really sure if it was a compliment.

You go ahead and explain that her room is pretty much totaled. There’s paint all over the place, several punctures through her wall, a broken window, a shredded bedsheet, a defaced book, and a pimped-out unicorn prowling around. You also apparently killed her fish. She tells you not to worry about the fish, though. She actually hates all pets, and only gets them to watch them die. She says it’s a writer thing, you wouldn’t understand.

You tell her that you’re willing to do whatever you can to make the damages up to her. Maybe you could clean up? You’re also okay at painting, maybe that could come in handy? She subtly implies that she isn’t ready to trust you with paint, but says she may have something you can help with…

She’s leaving tonight to do some research for her next book, but needs this letter delivered to the nearby city of Kvatch as soon as possible. All you’d have to do is travel to Kvatch, deliver the letter to the local bookstore, and then return with the reply. While you’re there, you could pick up a new copy of the book you defaced.

She’ll give you money for the new book, as well as enough for you to spend the night at Kvatch before you head back. She’s willing to trust you with the money, since she needs this letter delivered quickly and she’s found no one else available.

At most, it would take two days round-trip. She is confident that absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong.

You are ecstatic. You promise you won’t let her down and that you will be the best and swiftest letter-deliverer Cyrodiil has ever encountered. Quill-Weave uncomfortably chokes out that first she’s going to go buy some clothes for you and your orc friend. What do you usually like?

You ask her what she means.

She wants to know what kind of clothes you like to wear. She wants to help you get back on the right foot – that is to say, properly fed and clothed – and she has never actually seen you when you weren’t naked. Maybe you could just, like, draw how you like to dress? She could try to find something close to it.

This is the first time in your entire life anyone has ever asked what you like. Regarding anything. You have never thought about it before.

  • Bobbyis

    Ohohoh, I just got done with the quest where Quill-Weave was trying to kill off some animals, and was re-reading this. Hehee.

  • Doug


    Oh shit.

  • xwinnor

    quill-weave is one of my fav’s in this story(and the game)

  • Vorlice

    Kvatch… oh lawdy.. here we go…
    Also in advance I feel sorry for her ;_;

  • George

    who finds a friend, finds a treasure… =)

  • Damon

    There’s a typo after the fifth picture. It says “She’s willing trust you with the money”. There’s a “to” missing.

    Love the comic so far by the way, just noticed this and thought you would wanna know.

    • Kazerad

      Oh man, I can’t believe how some of these things can avoid detection for so long. This one has seriously been in there for over a year without anyone pointing it out! D:


    • grimSAGEly

      This revision was posted on my birthday.
      How very fitting.

  • Michael

    Ah, I think Quill-Weave was in…Bravil, right? If, not, then probably Anvil, if the whole “port town” thing is still game-accurate. ^^

    I’m probably confusing Quill-Weave with City-Swimmer anyway. 😛

    • Zyra

      City-Swimmer was in Bravil, Quill-Weave was in Anvil, yes.

  • “She tells you not to worry about the fish, though. She actually hates all pets, and only gets them to watch them die. She says it’s a writer thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

    She’s a sadistic kind of writer.

    • tech

      Innat Poe?

  • egg brother

    1. is Quill-Weave an actual writer in game? if so what book

    2.this is actually an accurate drawing of Quill-Weave’s house if you’ve evr been in it

    Good job!

    • A Different Crazy Cat

      The books Quill-Weave writes are not actually accessible in-game, though she is canonically a writer. She meets up with a fellow writer in Chorrol every now and then.

  • Tygrahof

    Know every wolf and mugger from Anvil to Kvatch. She’s history…

  • Thomas

    Quill Weave/Katia forever.

  • runa

    good quote for quill weave,i am a writer,not serial killer