Mar 212011

Plagorath wrote:

You always dreamed with something like this.

Noel wrote:

She kind of accidentally into a pirate somewhere along the way.

greyscaleScavenger wrote:
I support Noel’s design. > >

You have the best idea. There’s going to be armor and jingly bells and rocket boots that shoot lightning and a fake beard and wait this is stupid and unrealistic. You start over.

How’s this, on the right?

Quill-Weave says she should have no problem finding something just like that, since this is a seaside town. She also throws in a nice compliment about your drawing skills, which brightens your mood a bit.

She’s been meaning to buy some new outfits for herself anyway so she’ll be back in an hour or so. She’ll answer any more questions you have when she gets back; until then feel free to help yourself to whatever’s in her kitche-

Hello ladies.

Has anyone seen a pair of red trousers?

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Katia: Ask Quill-Weave to handle the Orc.

Quill-Weave quickly says something about how she’s confident you two can work this out on your own okay see you later.

  • Suraru

    SURPRISE! buttsecks!

  • NuVanDibe

    Those eyebrows…

    • Worm Anchorite


      • Djinnfest


  • Anon44

    The size of the censored area makes me uncomfortable…

    • Hurrington of durr

      its smaller than you think. also zap brannigans voice.

  • Kaza

    Anyone read that in the Old Spice Guy’s voice?

    • tech

      I’m on a horse.

    • Edmond Dantés

      The voice i heard it in was Sean Connery voice, actually.

  • Latencess

    What is that green thing he’s holding between his fingers? Pea?

  • Karnewarrior

    Do you think Quill-weave left because of the fact he’s a gigantic orc holding a pea or because he’s buckass naked and she’s not into his type?

    • A Different Crazy Cat

      Pretty sure it’s a mix of him being a naked man-orc and her being kind of gay.

  • Mani

    “Katia: Ask Quill-Weave to handle the Orc.”

    I’d like to handle that orc, if you know what I mean… *giggity*

    • runa


  • Fruckert

    Minor typo alert!
    “How this, on the right?”

    • Kazerad

      Oh wow, how has that been hiding there for so long? Gone now! Thanks.

  • George

    i don`t like the orc, but is a good antagonist … weird things… anyway… things happen =)

  • Kaze’aze

    I’m quite surprised no one once made a comment here about the fact that you can draw a straight line from Quill-Weave’s eye to censored orc junk.

    • egg brother

      same with katia -_-

      • A Different Crazy Cat

        Actually, Katia’s eyes are pointed more towards his luscious, steely pecs. At least until the next page.

  • MrXler

    Stupid Sexy Flanders! I mean…look at the size of that thing, resistance is futile…

  • That orchid is a champ

  • Orc

  • nightghost

    Quill-Weave absconds like sh!$ just hit the fan >_<

  • runa

    both homestuck and prequel are fucking amazing