Mar 222011

Zaffa wrote:
Hollow out watermelon, tie tapestry through it as a strap. Wha-bam, instant fruity tote.

Metaflare wrote:
Tie up the blanket tapestry into a bag

Aryogaton wrote:
>So… what was the weirdest thing?

Look, it’s not important, okay? You made mistakes, you know that. That was the old you. You’re trying to leave that behind so you can focus on more productive things.

Like this nifty hobo bindle you just made!

It turned out way better than your Fruity Tote. That was a pretty terrible idea.

As an added bonus, one of Quill-Weave’s brooms has been turned into a much more serviceable scrub brush.

ShadowoftheLotus wrote:
Katia: Oh god oh no, those poor flowers in that vase. Mourn.

Alas, these poor flowers appear to be another tragic victim of Quill-Weave’s inadequate pet care. Any water that was once in this vase has long since evaporated, leaving the innocent plants to die of thirst. There was no way for them to escape their fate, but at least until the very end they had eachother.

You hope they find their way to flower heaven.

They’ll receive a proper cremation next time she lights her fireplace.

Wessolf27 wrote:
Katia!: Try checking that rather large pantry/freezer with a candle on top of it

Sounds like a plan.

The other door is stuck. Maybe something sticky spilled over there? You grope around the other side a bit but it just feels like some more bottles.

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

    Yeah, great hobo “bindle”. Maybe it should be hobo “bundle though…

    • KidHellion

      Look up “bindle” you pretentious fuck.

      • NoriMori

        Do you feel better now?

      • tech

        yessss… let the hate flow through you…

  • JustSomeOtherRandomGuy

    actually the word is bindle justsomerandomguy

  • AThirdRandomGuy

    Those who speak loudest know the least.

    • Woundedkneecap


      • tech

        WHUT AM “STUFF?”

  • YetAnotherRandomGuy

    What’s with all the watermelon?

  • eternity08

    “to escape their fate, but at least until they very end they had eachother.”
    Missing a space Kaz?

    • Kazerad

      I do that in some other places too. I am slowly and quietly fighting to make eachother a more widely accepted spelling.

      • Fight the good fight. Grammar self-determinists such as ourselves must band together; for instance, I am trying to suggest supplanting the possessive “its” with “it’s” and the contraction “it’s” with “it is/has”.

  • George
  • Rebookah

    When talking about the flowers, it says “at least until they very end they had eachother.” This should be “at least until the very end they had each other.”

    • Rebookah

      Okay, EDIT: just read the comment above mine on the eachother/each other bit. But the they/the bit still stands.

    • Kazerad

      Typo corrected! I have no idea how that could have managed to go unnoticed for so long. But now, it will never go unnoticed again… because it doesn’t exist, and can’t be noticed, I guess. Whatever, it’s gone. Thanks!

  • Samuel McAfee

    I found a typo “nifty hobo bindle” should be bundle kaz

    • Synnie

      years later and you didnt read the first comment

  • An additional random

    It’s funny that the pantry opens like the actual ones in oblivion do